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  1. I have noticed that our two Toshiba laptops will at times wake up and restart. I don't remember where, but I recall reading that the newer versions/updates of Windows 10 do not really completely shutdown the computer when just using the shutdown in the power popup at the bottom left of the screen. That article said that to completely shutdown, hold the shift key then click on shutdown and hold the shift key until the screen goes black. Seems to work.
  2. Just read about this. Here is a link to the announcement from the concessionaire.
  3. Welcome to the Escapees Forum!! A couple of things about tires for a trailer that I did not see mentioned. There should be a factory installed plate near the front of the trailer that lists the factory supplied tire size and weight rating. New tires should be rated for this weight or more. LT tires often have a lower maximum weight rating than ST tires of the same size and load range. Check the ratings stamped on any new tire. Also check the date manufactured. LT tires may not be available in the same diameter and width as some ST tires. If upgrading to a larger tire size, check the clear
  4. We are heavy users of our free public library ebook lending privileges. We use Overdrive to borrow the books in Kindle format. It requires a prime membership, but there has never been any charge. I know that some books in the system are available in other ebook formats. Reading this, I am wondering whether we will still be able to use the kindle reader.
  5. The fulltime RVers that do RV repair work that I have encountered, generally return to the same locations. If moving often, I would think that keeping up with local licensing, insurance and other requirements might be an issue. Collecting sales tax, if required, may be an issue. State and local income tax may be yet another issue. I believe there is a least one member of this forum that has a business doing RV repair work. Hopefully they will chime in.
  6. I have seen them mounted to the ladder on travel trailers and 5th wheels. Of course that is only an option if you have a ladder.
  7. Flagg Ranch is currently closed for the season and I suspect many of the campgrounds in West Yellowstone are also. The OP sounds like they may already have reservations at Flagg Ranch for four days so that would have to be 2021.
  8. We have visited Yellowstone in September a number of times. It is generally less crowded than during the summer, however; many of the campgrounds and facilities and services start to close after Labor Day. There can be temporary road closures for repairs and/or weather. I checked the park website and the dates for 2021 are not posted yet. 2020 was not a typical year, so I would not base decisions on it. As for travel from West Yellowstone to Flagg Ranch, the road through the park to the South entrance is usually good. There are ups and downs and at least one crossing of the Continental D
  9. If your Silverado has the integrated brake controller, it is likely similar to the ones in my 2007 and 2018 Silverado. The maximum braking is set with the + and - buttons. The trailer brakes are applied manually by squeezing the two levers together. The amount of breaking being applied displays as a green line in the digital dash display behind the steering wheel.
  10. A couple of other items that I have not seen mentioned yet. If the road lanes and shoulder are wide enough that you feel comfortable doing so, move right in the lane when large vehicles pass in either direction. The increased distance between the vehicles will reduce the sideways push. On two lane roads, I also always take my foot off the gas when a truck pulls into the passing lane. This helps the truck get past and back in lane quicker and I think also helps reduce the side push. Bunny hopping/porpoiseing can often be reduced by changing your speed. I have experienced some instances wh
  11. I'm confused. How and where does the plate with the small ball attach? Looking at an installation video, it appears to be attached to the trailer A-frame with the six lag type screws. Whether they self-drill or require predrilling, that would still result in six holes in the frame. Huskies website does have a model that appears to attach to the frame without drilling, but that looks like a combination sway and weight distribution hitch.
  12. Welcome to the Escapees Forum!! Proper tongue weight and level of the trailer can affect how much the trailer sways as can the relationship between the tow vehicle wheelbase and the trailer length. Here are some articles that may help. How to prevent trailer sway, trailer towing, trailer length. One thing that I did not see mentioned in these articles is using the brake controller to apply the trailer brakes without hitting the vehicle brakes. This will help straighten the track of the trailer and reduce the sway. This is the method used in some of the newer tow vehicles that have integra
  13. If I am reading the product description correctly, this devise is a Wifi adapter that connects to a computer by USB. It does not appear to be able to connect to multiple devices at the same time. It does not appear to be able to connect to a router, So, in order for two computers/devices to share the connection, the computer with the adapter connected would have to be able to share its internet connection as a hotspot or by wired connection.
  14. What devices are you planning on using? Phones or tablets may not give you any choice but to connect by wireless through a repeater. With computers, I find that connecting the computer(s) to the router or Nanostation/router combination by ethernet gives consistently better speed than using the router as a repeater. I am currently using a Wifi Ranger Spruce router which seems to have a more sensitive receiver and more powerful transmitter than my phones or computers as it consistently identifies and connects to more wifi access points than either the phones or conputers.
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