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  1. Welcome to the Escapees Forum!!! As was pointed out in another current post, RVing is becoming much more popular. Demand for camping sites is increasing faster than the development of new campgrounds. Here are some resources for locating free or low cost campgrounds: Harvest Hosts, Free Campsites, Ultimate Public Campgrounds Project, Boondockers Welcome, and Escapees Days End. Land managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the National Forests and Grasslands offer opportunities for vehicle camping in other than designated campgrounds in many areas. The rules vary with each m
  2. I was not trying to compare them at all. I was trying to make the point that everything one takes camping does not have to fit in the trailer. Some things like fuel for a generator are in my thinking much safer to carry in the bed of a truck. This vehicle would provide the OP lots of cargo capacity both in space and weight even with 5 people on board when the capacity of the trailer and the tow vehicle are combined.
  3. Most small trailers have a relatively low cargo carrying capacity as well as limited storage space. This is one reason that the larger SUV's and crew cab pickups with a cap over the bed are popular tow vehicles for families. They also provide the extra capacity to upsize the trailer later. A full size van can also make a good tow vehicle. A quick look at the Chevy/GM showed cargo capacity of over 4,000# and max trailer weight of 10,000# for some models. Even with a trailer that had a +3,000# cargo capacity, I carried items like the generator, generator fuel, BBQ (and propane), bicycles,
  4. My bank has already posted a message on my account that the deposit is scheduled for 3/17. In my experience, most Treasury payments generally get deposited in advance of the scheduled date. I heard some media reports that the payments would start going out this weekend.
  5. Welcome to the Escapees Forum!!! Are you fulltime? What type of RV are you interested in: a smaller 5th wheel, travel trailer or motorhome? By best do you mean quality of workmanship, construction or value for the dollar? More information will help folks give more specific answers. Again, Welcome to the Escapees Forum!!!
  6. Welcome to the Escapees Forum!!! This calculator and this article on the relationship between tow vehicle wheelbase and trailer length may be of interest to you and help in selecting a trailer and tow vehicle. SUVs are often shorter wheelbase than pickups and thus more prone to trailer sway. Hybrid trailers and rear slide trailers offer more living space while keeping the length of the closed trailer shorter. The payload capacity of SUVs and half ton pickups is often the limiting factor in what they can tow. The maximum tow rating and payload is often calculated using a 150# driver, less
  7. Payload/cargo capacity is often where half ton pickups and SUVs fall short. 10-15% tongue weight for a 7000# trailer would be 700-1050#. That leaves between 565-915# for other cargo. The payload capacity is often calculated with a 150# driver and less than a full tank of fuel. Additional gasoline at about 6.3#/gallon, the weight of the driver in excess of 150#, the weight of any passengers, the weight of any additional cargo in the truck plus the tongue weight of the trailer should be less then the cargo/payload capacity of the truck. One of the reasons that tow vehicles often perform at
  8. Welcome to the Escapees Forum!! The last pieces of information that you need are the cargo carrying capacity of the truck, its rear axle ratings, and the weight of all the cargo that the truck will carry. The cargo weight will include all passengers (except the driver), fuel in addition to whatever amount is included in the curb weight (often less than a full tank), and everything else you will carry in the truck plus the tongue weight of the trailer. The recommended tongue weight (10-15%) for a 6400# trailer would be 640-960#. This calculator may help. You can also read about the r
  9. If you can stream on your phones with no throttling, there are ways to get that picture to a TV and only use on device data. I think these are explained on the RV mobile internet website already mentioned. In my experience, a wire connection from the phone to the TV is the most reliable. It is my understanding that iphones and ipads have this capability. Some phones do not. There are a number of free streaming services like Pluto, Crackle, Filmrise, Locast, etc. Some subscription services like Prime will let you log in on any device.
  10. The Ultimate Campground Project gives the location and other information for thousands of public campgrounds including the COE campgrounds. You can download the data several times a year for a low fee. The USCAmpgrounds website includes COE parks and lets you download data by region. Both can be downloaded in a format readable in an XL spreadsheet and include GPS data.
  11. Valley of Fires State Park is not far North of Las Vegas. In the Flagstaff Area are Sunset Crater National Monument, Wupatki National Monument, and Walnut Canyon National Monument. In the Sedona/Cottonwood/Camp Verde area are Montezuma Castle and Montezuma Well National Monuments, Tuzigoot National Monument, Palatki and Honaki Ruins, the V-Bar-V Heritage Site, Verde Canyon Railroad, Fort Verde State Park, Cathedral Rock, the Gold King Mine, Jerome State Historic Park, the town of Jerome, the town of Sedona, and Schnebly Hill Road and other scenic byways.
  12. I have noticed that our two Toshiba laptops will at times wake up and restart. I don't remember where, but I recall reading that the newer versions/updates of Windows 10 do not really completely shutdown the computer when just using the shutdown in the power popup at the bottom left of the screen. That article said that to completely shutdown, hold the shift key then click on shutdown and hold the shift key until the screen goes black. Seems to work.
  13. Just read about this. Here is a link to the announcement from the concessionaire.
  14. Welcome to the Escapees Forum!! A couple of things about tires for a trailer that I did not see mentioned. There should be a factory installed plate near the front of the trailer that lists the factory supplied tire size and weight rating. New tires should be rated for this weight or more. LT tires often have a lower maximum weight rating than ST tires of the same size and load range. Check the ratings stamped on any new tire. Also check the date manufactured. LT tires may not be available in the same diameter and width as some ST tires. If upgrading to a larger tire size, check the clear
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