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  1. If you will need to run the RV's furnace at night, in my experience, that is by far the greatest draw on the 12 volt system. In addition to the other suggestions, I would run the generator to top off the battery before quiet hours if any begin. Run it again in the morning if you need power before starting the engine to move on.
  2. Have had accounts at Navy Federal since 1980. Always have had good service. They closed a lot of branches during the base closure years, but it has been over a decade since I have been in a branch office. They have changed their ATM agreements a few times over the years, but have never had a problem finding a free ATM using their on line locator. Direct deposit, IRA distribution and bill pay all have worked well for us.
  3. In my experience, very few National Parks allow boondocking (dispersed camping) i,e, camping outside of designated campgrounds. They do however have a lot of dry campgrounds and a lot of sites that were designed when RVs were considerably smaller. National Forests, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and some states have lots of boondocking/dispersed camping opportunities in addition to designated campgrounds with or without utilities. In my experience, access to more remote areas is dependent on road conditions and RV factors such as ground clearance, traction (4x4, 6x6), angle of attack (which can be affected by rear overhang), width, height, etc.
  4. Any chance you can get an anti-body test? If it comes out positive, that would be really good to know.
  5. Welcome to the Escapees Forum!! As has been stated there is no set length limit for trailers in National Parks that I am aware of. Some campgrounds like Lewis Lake and Tower Falls in Yellowstone have total vehicle length restrictions. Natural Bridges National Monument requires trailers to be left at the Visitor Center Parking lot. The Mount Carmel Tunnel on the East side of Zion National Park has a total length and height limit which limits entry to the park from the East. The Going to the Sun Highway in Glacier National Park has length, height and width restrictions. I would think there may be others so check the individual park's websites "Plan your Visit" section. Again, Welcome to the Escapees Forum!!
  6. I do not know how much overlap there may be in spot beams. If there was a second ABC affiliate, I would think it would show up in your channel guide. If you can stream video and have enough data in your cellular plan, the Locast Website says it is available in the Denver area. Check it out to see if it includes the local ABC station.
  7. We were at Peace River, Manatee and Three Flags in Feb. through the end of April. They were very accommodating. No problem social distancing at all. The Walmarts and other stores had procedures in place. Limits on how many people they let in, one way aisles, cleaning supplies for carts, distance markers at checkout, etc. Many had Senior hours.
  8. Travel restrictions and closures in place now may well change by September 10 and I think are very likely to be very different by December. Some states are imposing restrictions at the county level. Things can change very quickly with restrictions put in place or lifted.
  9. We were in Florida when the pandemic hit. The biggest problem for travelling was the restrictions and quarantines put in place by state and local governments. We had a number of reservations cancelled. Some with as little as two days notice. We stayed at three Thousand Trails/Encore parks in Florida and all were very accommodating. Laundry rooms were kept clean and cleaning supplies were available. There were user limits, but we never encountered anyone else in the laundry room. People seemed to just wait their turn. The shortages at stores made it difficult to get everything in one trip. It often took several stops or days to get every item needed. Purchase limits and lack of storage in the RV seemed to increase the need for shopping trips. Many small businesses and places of interest were closed. We are hoping to be able to spend time in Florida in late winter again this coming year.
  10. It is. It is just across the highway from the Buffalo Thunder Casino. Last time we stayed there they had free limo service to the casino. Their truck stop had good fuel prices for the area also. The Casino website says the casino is closed. The Good Sam website says Road Runner is open for overnite stays call for more information. The link from the casino web page for the campground would not work for me.
  11. It seems to be very popular judging from the reviews. Never stayed there. We have stayed at Rancheros de Santa Fe and the KOA that is North on I-25 towards Glorieta. Both were adequate. It has been a few years since we have been in the area, but the last time we were there, there was a small RV park in Pecos. North of Pecos on the road to Cowles, there were boondocking spots along the river, a wildlife management fishing access area with about 6 spots and two Forest Service Campgrounds (Field Tract and Holy Ghost, I think). Have seen some pretty good size 5th wheels going up and down the road to Holly Ghost campground.
  12. I have a feeling that the boom may be relatively short lived. RV sales were going down in 2018 and 2019. If as the articles seem to indicate the increase in sales and rentals is the result of people still wanting to travel, their interest in RVing may wain as their previous types of travel become available again. In my opinion, Rving is more work than staying in a motel or bed and breakfast. There have been numerous discussions on this and other RV forums the past couple of years about RV sites becoming harder to find. Infrastructure like campgrounds and RV parks can not respond to changes in demand nearly as fast as RV production. Public campgrounds like state and national parks in popular destinations that take reservations were often booked months in advance even before the current situation. For families, facilities and programs at campgrounds and other points of interest may be reduced or not available at all. How that will work out for all the new RVers this summer is yet to be seen. There was a statement in one of the articles that most of the sales have been in small towable RVs (I'm guessing lower price point), which have always dominated production in recent years. There have been many discussions about quality control. Will that suffer with ramped up production? Will that affect the longevity of new RVers in the community? I have read statements on this forum speculating that relatively few fulltimers last long term in the lifestyle. I suspect that is also true for many vacation RVers. Like everything else about the current situation and the future, it is mostly unknown.
  13. Don't know about the HOP, but the 2020 Balloon Fiesta has been postponed to 2021.
  14. According to the COE's Cochiti Lake Website, the area is closed until further notice. There is a campground at the Isleta Casino South of Albuquerque. There is Black Mesa campground at the casino in San Felipe. It is electric only, with water and dump available. Not sure if it is open, the website said the casino is closed. Turquoise Trail RV Park is a little East of Albuquerque. Coronado Campground is North of Albuquerque.
  15. You can buy OEM and after market sensors for the GM system and install them in the trailer tires. I seem to recall an option to get a pressure monitor in the spare. However; I have no idea how many sensors the OEM monitoring device can handle, but would be a little surprised if it is more than seven which would be how many tires a dual rear wheel truck with spare would have. Another common issue with pressure monitors on trailers is reception. Some systems come with or have optional repeaters to boost the signal from tires distant from the monitor. As Ray mentioned an after market system that could read and display the OEM sensor data and additional sensors may or may not be available.
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