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  1. Would the amount of power going from the truck to the trailer through the 7 pin connection be enough to keep a big battery bank full of power? My own experience with a small travel trailer is that the amount of power that the truck provides to the batteries is fairly small - the wire size that truck and trailer manufacturers use is small and there’s significant voltage loss. To add to the comments and confusion about whether a truck will provide power to the trailer for house batteries - newer Ford F150s have a sort-of hand-shake procedure you have to do to activate that circuit. I had to ask at a dealership to find out about that. My current SuperDuty truck doesn’t need that - it provides power as soon as it’s turned on. I know my Norcold absorption fridge is pretty efficient as a cooler - I often travel with it turned off and use blue ice bricks. I used to use the penny on the ice cube but now have a fridge temperature sensors to keep track of what’s going on.
  2. It’s a really cute trailer and I know a couple of people who own them. The one person I met who was full-timing in one was single and was towing with a Wrangler - it was about the biggest trailer that would work for her. She was quite happy with it. I full-time in a trailer that’s bigger, but not huge by any means (16-1/2 foot box, 21’ overall). It has a transverse bed like the TAB does and while it took me a bit to figure out how I was going to make it work, it’s not that big of a deal to keep it made up. I know of several couples (younger than I am) who don’t mind the crawl over aspect, though at my age, if someone else was in my life I would have a trailer with a walk-around bed. As has been brought up above, it really depends on the two people. They need to spend some time in it, trying out how to live in it, where to put their clothes etc. I have a storage unit and visit it a couple of times a year to swap out seasonal clothes. I have the storage unit for other reasons - I would not want to pay for one just to keep seasonal clothes in it, but since I have it, using it to store off-season clothes works for me.
  3. I think there are more smaller TT than most people see or realize are out there. They tend to be harder to find, at least the better quality ones are. I like the NuCamp trailers I’ve seen. Lance ( Lance ) still makes small TT as well as truck campers, though they now have models that are about 30’ overall (NOT small!) that are selling well. I think their best seller is still one that’s 23’ overall, and they make 4 models that are 21’ or less, one without a slide. I was going to add the specialized Black Series to the small TT list, because the couple I’ve been in seem small. I knew they were heavy but didn’t realize just how big they really are until I looked at the specs. They are longer than they look inside, so don’t fit into the small TT category.
  4. I didn’t speak up before because the OP said no towing. But I full-time in a 21’ (overall) travel trailer, GVWR of 5500 lbs, so there are some people here on this forum who want small and light. I recently went to the Las Vegas Camping World for a sail switch and their lot was full of various RVs. Some of them were used, and while they did have a few smaller trailers (among the used ones, two were brands Camping World doesn’t carry), the vast majority of units were a lot larger than I would want. Maybe the reason salesmen will try to upswell you is that they have a lot more inventory of large RVs.
  5. I have, bought lumber at the Ace Hardware that was located near where my house was. They had the regular indoor store and then they had a yard that had lumber, wood trim and such things.
  6. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one - the website makes them look interesting. The larger one (the Terra) looks like it may be the one you ordered (?) and could indeed be towable by a half-ton, though it would depend on the particular half ton - not all half tons are created equal. The trailer’s GVWR of 7500 lbs is within the tow rating of many half tons. It doesn’t say whether the tongue weight is “dry” or an estimate of what it might weigh out of the factory with options. I might be concerned about tongue weight when loaded, if the weight given is out of the factory (and definitely if it is “dry”). Looking at the design (very nice from the photos), I think the tongue weight would run heavy because the trailer is built over the tongue. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as far as towing is concerned, but might be an issue for some half ton trucks if they are low in payload. I’d like to see one sometime, it’s one of the prettier designs I’ve seen recently and the floor plan looks very functional.
  7. Different parks have different policies, and sometimes they differ even though the parks are within 2 miles of each other. I once talked to a park about staying for 6 weeks. I had figured what the cost would be based on their published rates for 1 month (I was going to arrive the 1st) and then 2 weeks at their higher weekly rate. When I talked to them, they said they would charge me the higher weekly rate fro 6 weeks - no monthly rate available unless I were going to stay there indefinitely (I asked about staying for 2 full months). I ended up staying at a different park not far away and paid the monthly rate for 2 months (and ended up staying the full 2 months, really enjoyed it).
  8. I got a text yesterday informing me that some of my data has been compromised - name, address, phone number and DOB. They go on to say that “NO information indicates that my SSN, personal financial or payment information, credit/debit card formation, account numbers or account passwords were accessed.” I’ve been a T-Mobile customer (pay monthly, not prepaid) for years, they were the only cell service where my home was for a long time. I’ve been very happy with them. I don’t have a credit freeze, but there is a possible fraud alert. Almost a year ago I had thought I had fallen for a phishing text, but later found out that it was legit. There were two different systems involved and the two didn’t talk to each other, making me think I had gone somewhere I shouldn’t have. I left the alert on my account. Data breaches seem to be inevitable - my data (some sort of it) has been involved in at least 3 or 4 big data breaches.
  9. I guess everyone sees different things in the movie based on their life-experiences. I agree that the flow of the movie was slow, but would disagree with you that there was no decision-making or character development. Maybe it wasn’t character development in the normal use of the word, but there was definite character change to me. Compare the first scene of Fern holding her late husband’s jacket to her chest for a moment, then putting it in a box and closing the door of her full storage unit. One of the last scenes in the movie is of her smiling to her friend and saying that she doesn’t need any of the stuff in his pickup truck. The first scene is a woman grieving, the later scene is a woman who has walked through the grief process and is no longer holding onto the past. Definitely a change in character. Fern makes a number of decisions about what type of life she wants - first her sister and then Dave offer her a more traditional, stable life. She appears to be tempted by Dave’s offer, comparing what she has as a single woman on her own (sleeping in her van that night) with the life Dave is offering her. She drives away - decision made. Sorry you find the Arizona desert depressing - I love it and find it far less depressing than snow covered roofs and roads. I seem to have transitioned from a mountain-girl to a desert rat over the past 2 years. Everyone is different and this is a movie that each of us will see different things in. I saw the movie as being about grief, letting go of the past and moving on to a different life. The movie is dark, moody and slow, and many will see it as depressing. I look at the plot and the scenes I relate to on a very personal level and don’t see it as depressing as most people seem to.
  10. They don’t really talk about sites along FS 22 - but there are two write-ups from people who went to the intersection of FS 22 and FS 270, then south of 270 a bit. The two reviewers said that sites along FS 22 looked small for their rigs and others were already occupied. Both thought their respective sites on FS 270 were excellent (level, open gravel areas). I’ll probably try FR 22 first, perhaps dropping the trailer at the first site I can find and then scouting further either on foot (if the place I drop the trailer is good enough to stay at) or with the truck.
  11. While I can certainly understand how good boondocking sites might get ruined when it becomes common knowledge. On the other hand, I don’t really have a good idea how to find a reasonable spot. I’m heading to the North Rim area next week and am planning on boondocking on national forest land - but since I’ve never been there, I’m depending on Campendium to lead me to a spot that’s reasonable, at least for an overnight until I might be able to scout out a better one (I have no idea how long I’m going to stay - couple of days at the most). I’m getting way out of my normal comfort zone doing this.
  12. In general I wouldn’t recommend buying a membership resort, unless you are planning on using the home resort and understand all of the ins and outs of the membership plan and how to it will work while you are traveling. For some people they are an excellent choice, but not for everyone. A friend of mine has Coast-to-Coast and RPI, and finds that their traveling style is too spontaneous for the system mostly (they have to reserve 3 days out). They have enjoyed several really nice parks though, so they keep paying the annual fees. I wanted to buy into Thousand Trails when I first got the trailer over 5 years ago, but found all of the different types of memberships too confusing, so I held off. I’ve now been full-time for 2 years and still don’t feel that my particular RVing style fits in with membership resorts. But that’s just me. As far as other clubs go: Escapees, definitely. Excellent education/information, use their mail forwarding address and so on. I joined Good Sam right away because of the 5 cents off a gallon of gas at Pilot/Flying J - the closest and cheapest gas station to where I lived was a Flying J and I usually filled up there 3-4 times a week. I’ve hardly used it for anything this past year since I haven’t been traveling much and there’s no handy Flying J or Pilot station. I know that many GS parks give the same discount to AAA members as they do to Good Sam members, and one gave a better discount to veterans. I have Passport America. It doesn’t take many stops before you’ve paid for it. It isn’t as useful as it once was - as noted a number of parks are no longer accepting it and those that do often have restrictions so that they only accept it off-season, and usually only for a couple of nights. I recently joined Harvest Host, but have yet to use it. I haven’t been traveling much and there didn’t seem to be any on my route when I was. I’m reserving judgement - I don’t drink alcohol so wine tasting isn’t something I’m going to do, and most of the people I know who like it have been staying at wineries, enjoying sampling and buying some excellent wine.
  13. I-10 west of Phoenix isn’t the greatest, but it’s not as bad as I-40 between Kingman and a little past Williams. The section around Flagstaff used to be bad but at least the part I drove had been resurfaced. Otherwise I’d only rate Arizona’s roads as fair, at least the routes I’ve traveled. California roads are lousy. 99 was under construction the last time I went that way and many of my friends say it is now in better shape than I-5 through the San Joaquin Valley. That doesn’t include Bakersfield where it may well be still under construction. I thought the roads I was on recently in Nevada were pretty good, but I haven’t explored much of the northern part of the state. Las Vegas not so much - I can’t think of when I’ve been there in the past 25 years when there’s not been construction. It’s like as soon as they finish a road, they tear it up again. I do know that the changes Nevada has made south of Boulder sure confused my truck’s nav system’s routing for a bit. I was in Oregon recently and found the roads I drove (97, 58, with only a very small section of I-5) to be very good and the traffic not bad at all.
  14. If they are negotiable on size, they might want to also check out the two Lance bunkhouse models, the 2185 and the 2445 for comparison. They have some design features that make them close to 4 seasons (say 3-1/2? I wouldn’t want to spend the winter in Minnesota in one). The 2185 may be too small, but it’s been around for a long time so finding a used one will be easier. The 2445 is bigger and fairly new. It had some initial design problems when it first came out two years ago (or about that) so I would be a careful about a used one - research is needed more than with other models. There are a couple of other design issues I’m not crazy about, but the owners I know seem to really like them. Either one would match well with a 2500 truck.
  15. Are both you and your wife planning on doing the driving? Is your DW comfortable handling a rig that size? Which tasks are you going to do and which tasks will she be doing? There’s a lot of work with a rig that size. The reason I’m asking is that I’m active on a manufacturer-specific forum and there’s been a recent thread about whether both partners could drive and manage a rig. One member told the story about her husband having a heart attack on one of their camping trips. She had just started to learn how to drive the rig (tuck and trailer) and how to set up/break camp when she found herself having to do it all because her DH was admitted into a hospital 100 miles away. You should discuss how to handle such situations - they do happen. If your wife isn’t able to handle the rig on her own, you’ll need to discuss and agree on a different plan.
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