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  1. Check the official website for access and parking information. Some national parks have gone to a reservation/timed entry system for day use. I have no idea if they’ve done that with the Grand Canyon. Do you have an extra day? In your shoes I think I’d go from Winslow to Williams and stay there for an extra night (there’s a number of campgrounds around). That would give you more time at the Grand Canyon.
  2. I don’t know the answer to your situation. I would talk to your insurance company. I put my house on the market in 2019 and got an offer quickly in May. My intention had been to take a very wandering trip over the summer before establishing domicile in Texas. As far as I was concerned, I was still a resident of California until I got to Texas, I was just more or less on vacation. I was not planning on changing my plates, or insurance until I got to Texas and established residency. What ended up happening is that the original deal fell through and I didn’t sell the house until the fal
  3. There are dealers that will work on trailers they didn’t sell, but for the most part, you are correct - if you didn’t buy from them, they won’t work on it, especially for warranty work. That’s pretty much any trailer, not Lance specific. If your issue is with one of the appliances, like a Dometic stove, you can get warranty work done through Dometic and go to an authorized Dometic repair person. If it is something specific to the trailer, like a cracked skylight, then you would need to get a warranty repair done at your Lance dealer (or another Lance dealer that’s willing to work on you
  4. Towing a trailer is a skill that can be learned. All you have to do is go into it with the attitude that you CAN do it. I bought my travel trailer having only towed horse trailers 30 years before. I’m a widow and solo, and I learned how to do it - you can too. I eventually found myself loving my travel trailer and the RV lifestyle so much that I sold the house and now I’m full-time in that same trailer I bought over 5 years ago. And as my needs changed over the years, so did my TV. I got tired of always working to make a marginal TV work and upgraded after the Tucumcari to Albuquerque tr
  5. RV salesmen often have no clue and will tell you whatever it takes to make a sale. I found your trailer on KZ’s website - nice floor plan. Your truck’s payload is probably the biggest concern I would have for that trailer. 1400 lbs goes very quickly. The trailer has a similar cargo capacity to my little trailer (like your truck, the manufacturer’s cargo capacity is based on a base trailer without batteries, etc. and your trailer is unlikely to have that much) and I’ve been close to its GVWR since my second trip. So I think that using the trailer’s GVWR as a loaded trailer we
  6. How much payload does your Silverado have? Look at the sticker on the driver’s door and see what it says - often half ton trucks are more limited by their payload capacity than their towing capacity. It’s important to see what your particular truck’s sticker says because options and extras add weight (sunroofs especially, but upgraded tires, etc. also can have an effect). I’ve seen half ton trucks with payload capacity as low as 1,000 lbs and as high as over 2,000, depending on trim levels and options. The manufacturer’s published dry weight is pretty worthless in the real world - it d
  7. T-Mobile works fine in Quartzsite. There are times when T-Mobile is the better choice if Verizon is overloaded (I’ve had that happen once in a while) and it allowed use in Canada when some people I was traveling with had to pay extra for Verizon. As long as you are on the main roads, T-Mobile works well and they are constantly expanding service. There could be (but not always ) issues when you get in the boonies. T-Mobile is often cheaper than Verizon. I have often been in places where Verizon was strong and T-Mobile was non-existent, too. When I stayed in Rainbows End in Livings
  8. I was glad to see that it won 3 Oscars - best picture, best director and best actress. I thought they were well deserved awards. I did the free month to Hulu and watched it. It’s a movie that kind of sticks to my mind, and I had to watch it twice in order to take it all in (a lot of my personal emotions got in the way the first time, I don’t do grief well at all). I liked it because I could relate to it and I thought Bob Wells’ comments were interesting. Also it’s not sad in some ways - she was offered different possibilities and made her choices.
  9. Have the military campgrounds changed their policy? Back when I was in the Army (a long time ago - like the 1980s), the campgrounds on the post had time restrictions. I remember a friend stayed at one for several months while renovating a house and he had to move out occasionally before returning. Or is the length of stay something that’s post/base specific? The OP is talking about a long-term lease situation, where he can leave the RV and stay there when he’s down there. So even if he were able to use the military campgrounds, I don’t think it would work well for him, having to move
  10. I've considered campgrounds around the San Diego area (thinking about going to my 50th high school reunion in La Jolla). My impression is that there aren't all that many and the ones I was considering were very expensive (some on Mission Bay that sounded really nice). While there are parks elsewhere that would have enough room for a travel trailer/RV plus your work truck and trailer, they aren't all that common. Many parks (most that I have stayed in) only have room for a travel trailer and a tow vehicle, your work trailer would have to be parked elsewhere. Yes, your trailer can be hook
  11. Congratulations on the Wrangler! Jeep Wranglers have traditionally held their value better than most cars. They’ve always had a somewhat passionate following (me included, though my last Wrangler was a 2004, sold in 2015 - can’t tow much of a travel trailer with one). The old TJs could be a bit quirky but the new ones seem to be more, ummm, civilized(?). I have two friends who recently bought new ones and love them (and I’m envious), so it seems the tradition continues.
  12. Another thing to think about is your wardrobe. I don’t know what limitations you’ll have physically but I couldn’t lift my arms over my head at first and I only have tee shirts and jeans - I now own shirts/blouses that button in the front.
  13. Is the 22’ the overall length or the box length of the trailer? It’s possible the Tahoe could handle a 22’ overall trailer, but there’s more to towing than length and trailer weight. I found with SUVs especially that either the tongue weight rating or the payload was more limiting than the overall towing weight rating. What does the sticker on the driver’s side door say for payload for that particular vehicle (it depends on vehicle options)? I towed a 21’ overall length trailer (16-1/2’ box) for 2 years with a V6 Jeep Grand Cherokee (wheelbase 114”). My biggest limitation was the 620
  14. Good luck with this and I wish you a speedy recovery. I can’t really add anything to this discussion since I’ve never had anything done to my neck, though I’ve talked to someone in the park where I’ve spent the winter who had neck surgery recently and is doing fine. I think they live in a destination 5er. It’s possible to recover from surgery when you live in a travel trailer. I had cancer surgery 4 months ago and I’m single, living in a small travel trailer half the size of yours. I needed more help than I had expected after the surgery and was lucky enough to have friends who came d
  15. That’s interesting. I have a friend who has C2C and used it when they are traveling, but they have to reserve 3 days out and don’t always know where they will be that early. Their membership is a higher level than the basic one, not sure of the details, but I don’t think there are any zones, just different levels. They liked it the first year and used it often, but I know that they are not all that happy now because it doesn’t really fit their travel habits and they don’t use it nearly as much as they did the first year they had it. Are they going to change existing member accounts to that
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