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  1. I had trouble finding a park that wasn’t full when I left Ruidoso heading west toward Las Vegas. When I called the Oasis RV Resort in Vegas I had no trouble booking a site for the month of September, but they said they were booked after that. When I walked around a bit recently, I saw few smaller, more transient type of rigs - most of what I saw looked like they were long-timers/seasonal/full-timers. There’s always been more of a mix. I’ve been hearing from camping friends that right now it’s harder to find sites all over the west - between evacuees and others trying to escape smoke, there are a lot more people camping right now.
  2. You still have to do something about that. Many people get portable tanks, dum in them and then take it to the dump station. I have a relatively small trailer so will pack up and take it to the dump every 2 weeks, refilling my fresh tank at the same time. I’ll leave something at my site to show it’s occupied and didn’t have a problem keeping my spot for the couple of months I was near Quartzsite.
  3. As far as the shingles shot goes, I had the old one. Didn’t have an issue with the shot itself, but I had a mild case several years later. It wasn’t fun, and since it was a minor case, I sure don’t want a bad case. When the new one came out, I got it right away, right before a trip to Alaska. I knew I would return right before the 6 month limit for the 2nd shot. Only issue I had was that I had a strong local reaction to the first one, my arm swelled up. It was enough that I asked my doctor about it and he thought it would still be ok, that the new one was more likely to do that. I returned from Alaska and had forgotten all about the reaction, just made a point that I got the second one before the 6 months were up. I broke out with hives (systemic allergic reaction), so I’m very happy that I could get the second one in time and it’s a one-time series. I don’t have to have another one.
  4. I usually get a flu shot every year, never get the flu and rarely get a cold (I know the two aren’t related). Last year the person giving shots at my pharmacy was on lunch break when I went in for one so I figured I’d get one somewhere else later. At the time I was just starting out as a full-timer and somehow didn’t quite get around to getting the vaccine anywhere else. In late January I got sick, kept trying to say it was just a bad head cold (in spite of the fact I had a temperature) and didn’t do anything other than treat the symptoms. I still don’t know what it was - flu, cold, or whatever. All I know is that it wasn’t fun. I got my shot the day before yesterday. My arm is a little sore but that’s OK, especially if I don’t get sick this winter.
  5. The quoted paragraph from USPS only says they have to verify current permanent physical address, doesn’t say that has to be in the local area of the box. Quartzsite didn’t say I had to prove I lived there when I asked last winter. Theres also a difference about what whether they charge you for a box or provide one for free. I know someone who has a second house and has certain things registered/documented at the second property. He had a long discussion about getting a box there, and the rules about free vs paid boxes. It got very complicated.
  6. I wasn’t thinking so much about the cost of the box itself, I was thinking about how much I might spend on Amazon that I would otherwise not buy if I don’t have an address!
  7. Cool! Good to know, I may do that. It would be more convenient than General Delivery/Amazon Hub combination, even if it does mean I’ll spend more money...
  8. I did real well not ordering anything from Amazon while I was in Quartzsite last winter. Until I discovered that they had an “Amazon hub” in Blythe (the RiteAid as I recall) where they would deliver smaller items. I saved less money after that... Does anyone ever get a mailbox at a UPS Store or something like that if they are staying somewhere for a period of time? I asked about renting a PO box at the post office, but it was $60 for 6 months and I was only going to be there for 2 months, so did the General Delivery once and then had it sent to a friend in Yuma once or twice. I was thinking about finding out if there was a private mail box company around Quartzsite that would rent a box for less time (and potentially be cheaper).
  9. I know quite a few people in California, at least one person used his RV as a bug-out home when he was evacuated. I know a couple of others who are staying at private campgrounds in various places. Others who have their RVs packed, hitched/loaded and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Still others who have canceled planned trips, including one couple who was at Shaver Lake and decided to leave a day early - missing being cut off by a day. Commercial campgrounds outside of the fire areas are still open. Not all of the California state parks are closed, only those around the fires. All national forests are completely closed - you can’t be on National Forest land at all. So while the number of places you can overnight/camp has been cut down significantly, there are still places to spend the night. I am still more or less planning on going to a commercial park in the eastern Sierras area the first of October. At the moment I’m still planning on it, though there’s something that might change my plans (not having to do with the fires at all). I’m hoping/expecting that there won’t be any new fires and that the incredible firefighters will be able to get a good handle on the current fires by the end of the month (about 3 weeks away). If there’s a new fire on the east side of the Sierras I would probably cancel and try to find somewhere else relatively close to SoCal to stay for the month.
  10. I agree that it sounds like you are already sick and unable to go. When are you planning on getting to California? If it’s still 2 weeks out conditions might be better/ok. Some of the older fires are getting close to containment, hopefully the other ones raging now will be at that same point and no new ones will start. It might be possible to go without a problem if they don’t buy into your current illness issues.
  11. I don’t know of any concierge type of storage in Vegas. There are any number of storage facilities with covered (not indoor) storage for RVs, and I assume the lot at the entrance of the Oasis RV Park is for storage (not covered, fairly small lot). The only storage facility I had heard of that had concierge service was one a friend of mine used somewhere around Pismo Beach. He would make a reservation at a nearby RV park and they would deliver the trailer to the site. I don’t remember him ever taking his trailer anywhere else in the 3 years I knew him.
  12. As far as places to overnight, don’t count on any forest service areas, all forests in California are closed at the moment.
  13. It’s too early to say what roads will be open or closed due to fires at the end of the month. I’ve seen I-5 closed at 6pm (just AFTER I passed the last exit before the fire) but open at 3am the next morning when I went to work. They try to keep the interstates open as much as possible, so plan on sticking to them.
  14. I know what you mean about the heat. I’ve been avoiding it all summer, but my sister is selling her house and needs help. So I volunteered and am now spending a month at the one place I would rather not be - Vegas. This is the first time I’ve camped here in the summer - I’m used to seeing the Oasis full every night, now there’s a lot of empty sites around me. Can’t wait to leave.
  15. Wow, lots going on with you! Certainly a more eventful first year than mine has been. I had a very long talk with a guy I know who at the end of a year of full-timing realized that he needed to have 4 walls around. He still goes out on multi-month trips, but he just likes to have a home he can return to. I thought a lot about how he reacted before I sold my house - I didn’t think that I would feel the same way after a year, but I was prepared in case I did. Not a thing wrong with it either way, we are not all alike. In your shoes I might give it another 6 months, just to see how it goes with either your repaired or a different (smaller?) RV. Unless this last rough spot is the stick that broke the camel’s back type of thing, but if you are still thinking about remaining on the road, then give it a couple of months more. Good luck with your decision and safe travels, no matter what you decide to do.
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