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  1. I bought my truck in Yuma in April and all I had to do to avoid Arizona sales tax was to sign a statement that I had not been in the state for 7 months out of 12 (along with some other criteria that wouldn’t apply to me). I had been there 3 months at that point, so no problem. I don’t think Arizona requires the out of state delivery any more (California does still require it).
  2. The Rite Aid in Blythe is an Amazon locker location, though they don’t have real lockers. You’ll get an email with a bar code, take your phone to the Rite Aid, they can the bar code and hand you your package. I spent a lot more money last winter once I found out about it...
  3. Thanks for the information, I learned something here. I couldn’t figure out where the $1.05 charge came into it, whether it was something new. I changed my address a year ago but did it in person. Now I know. Thanks!
  4. The weather prediction for Phoenix on Monday is for showers, hope they make it over to Quartzsite. It did look dry and dusty 2 weeks ago. Good luck over the next two days, I’ll be so glad when they are over and it cools off.
  5. I think you could do it, not sure how much money you would actually save though. It depends on where you stay, how much traveling you will be doing (higher fuel costs with a Class B compared to a small car), things like that. Some people would not be able to do it nicely - depends on where you are going to go and what you plan on doing once you get there. You’ll need to dump your holding tanks and refill your fresh water tank - while there are free dump places out there, much of the time there will be a fee. I know some people will just plan on staying at a campground with hookups once in a while to dump and refill, perhaps to top off their batteries if their solar/generator options aren’t quite keeping up with things. And don’t forget about the cost of the storage unit - mine is fairly expensive since it is air cooled (located in Las Vegas). And insurance for an RV is more if you are full-time, something to add into your figuring. Go for it - it would certainly be a better view!
  6. I had a minor mistake yesterday - I’ve been between addresses (long story) and ended up putting in a forwarding request last week, hoping it would be sent out Friday. The address I used was a UPS store (one time delivery, don’t need to rent a box), and I asked them to ship it 2 day UPS. Because of the hurricane (I assume), they scheduled it to be shipped Tuesday (Monday being a holiday). They shipped it FedEx instead of UPS - didn’t thrill me but that should be OK. I don’t think the UPS store will refuse it.
  7. I love Ruidoso and could be easily talked into going back. It’s more interesting to me than Show Low, and wish I were still there right now instead of Phoenix, where my AC is running most of the time. I’m just starting my second year as a full-timer and am discovering new, unexpected challenges that need to be met. Life is quite different when one doesn’t have a home-base anywhere. I hope that you are doing well, and that your house closed on time. I just spent the month of September helping my sister move out of her house in Vegas, it closed the end of the month.
  8. The question of new vs. used is an interesting topic. Most of the time people on forums are looking at it from one point of view, looking at the maintenance problems of similar models, what’s cost effective and so on. I decided to look at it slightly differently. My travel trailer is almost 5 years old now, I ordered it with the options I wanted so I’ve owned it since day 1. It’s had it’s fair share of problems, but a lot less than many other RVs. I’ve been a long-timer and now a full-timer, my trailer has a lot of miles (over 50,000 miles) on it. I’ve maintained it well, everything works perfectly and there’s no glaring problems with it other than a couple of scratches I put on the decals a couple of days ago. I’m planning on keeping it for at least another year, perhaps longer. But it’s now a 5 year old travel trailer. It has a few honorable war-scars - rub marks inside the wood drawers, the above scratches, a window blind that needs to be restrung. Would I buy mine now if I were in the market for a travel trailer? No, I wouldn’t. That was sort-of a revelation to me, that if I were looking at my own trailer to buy today I wouldn’t buy it. On the other hand, I would happily order the same model with the options I wanted all over again. Does that make me a fool for wanting to get a new one? Probably.
  9. For 20 years I lived in a rural area and worked full-time 75 miles away in a big city. Our local post office was small, it serviced around maybe 5,000 households (?). If I received something that needed a signature or an oversized box, I had to go to the post office to pick it up. That meant I had to go to the post office during the 1 hour they were open on Saturday, or else take time off from work, so I could get it while they were still open. If they were to close that post office, I would have had to drive 50 miles to get such things, and probably in the opposite direction from where I worked (I lived in a different county than where I worked). I would rather have had mail delivery 3 days a week rather than lose our rural post office. I also preferred using USPS when I lived up there - I was more likely to get my mail after a storm than if something was shipped UPS or FedEx - they would delay delivery because of snow while the USPS driver was local and had chains for their vehicle.
  10. Looks like an awesome spot! I’ll have to keep that in mind next time I’m up there, thanks!
  11. The first thing that comes to mind is to find somewhere in California that would allow you to have a lot with hookups for the intention to park an RV there. It will certainly not be around any city or town, not sure you could find any county that wouldn’t have restrictions against RV living. Arizona and parts of Nevada are much friendlier to this type of thing than California is. And if it’s not near a town, then you’d need to have land that has water for a well (not always a sure thing), pay for the electricity to be brought to the site (can be expensive, depending on how far away the electrical main line is) and put in a septic tank (check codes to see if they are allowed). I suspect you’d be better off getting a solar array for power and be off-grid as I would imagine that anywhere that would allow you to do what you are talking about is way back from the main road. There might be some places in the Kern County mountains you might be able to do it, just not too sure about Kern County’s zoning. Another thought would be somewhere in the Owens Valley, though I know nothing of their codes and zoning laws. If you need it to be in California, I would think you would be better off getting a long-term site at a campground that also offers RV storage, moving it between a site and storage as needed.
  12. Congrats on a very successful first trip! It was fun following along with you, I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your big adventure with us. Now you can start planning your next trip. Go find all those little interesting places you always wanted to visit. Spend some time doing it. Head south for the winter, like so many of us. Just have fun with it.
  13. LOL! Reminds me of the scene in the movie “The Jersey Boys” where they try to steal a safe. It’s a great analogy for why someone with a travel trailer would want to use a WDH. This photo would work, too.
  14. It’s going to be interesting to see if Quartzsite will be the same as usual this year. Driving around today I’m thinking it will be very similar. There are a few people out in the LTVAs even though the weather is still triple digits. Silly Al’s Pizza looked as popular as normal last night when I picked up my take-out pizza. There were a few folks erecting tents in the Tyson Wells shopping area, so at least some of the vendors are going to be in front of the big tent. RV parks aren’t empty by any means but there’s more empty sites than filled one everywhere - I think that’s pretty normal at this time of year? I’ve never been here this early before so I don’t know whether conditions now will indicate a “business as usual” year or not.
  15. In addition to the ones listed above, you might look at the Lance 1475. They made 2 models, one without a slide and one with a small slide. The more recent ones (I want to say 2019 and later, but might be off a year on that) can be ordered with a 4 seasons package (heated, insulated tanks) and a lift package that would help with forest service roads - earlier ones did not have either option. 26 gallon holding tanks, dry bath. Overall length is 19’8”.
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