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  1. Nevada's roads are good. Arizona's are pretty good, too, with the exception of a stretch of I-10 west of Phoenix. It's been a number of years since we've been that way, so it may have been resurfaced by now.
  2. Our current RV came with a Girard tankless water heater which I hated. We lived with it for seven years and this year we used some of the money we received from the government to replace it with a tank water heater. People who have the Truma seem to like it. I'm not familiar with any other tankless water heaters for RVs.
  3. The BBQ itself, yes. The propane canisters, no.
  4. Ray, IN said Canada *may* cancel...just an opinion, but nothing official. However, I tend to agree with Ray...with the rapid increase in COVID among the unvaccinated, I wouldn't doubt that Canada will rethink their opening date.
  5. U.S. continues travel limits on northern border despite Canada's plan to open to fully vaccinated Americans | The Spokesman-Review
  6. As long as we're telling stories, I'm pretty sure this one was told by Stanley Miller. He was in Pahrump, NV staying at an RV park (not the SKP park). He could see a storm coming in across the valley, so put his awning up and stowed the stuff laying around outside. Then he and some others went around to the other RVs and warned them of the coming storm and advised/helped others put their awnings up and stow outside gear. One person had his awning tied down with several cinder blocks and refused to put his awning up thinking it would be okay. Well, the high winds from the storm picked up those cinder blocks and blew them and the awning over the top of the RV and they smashed into the other side of the rig leaving several holes!
  7. LindaH

    Trading Up

    I noticed they'd totally changed their website...thought I was on the wrong one at first! Here's the one for travel trailers: Travel Trailer Towing Weight Calculator - Changing Gears (changingears.com)
  8. LindaH

    Trading Up

    This may be the calculator Ray meant to include in his post: Fifth Wheel Towing Weight Calculator - Changing Gears (changingears.com)
  9. I really don't care one way or another since I never pay any attention to them, anyway.
  10. X2. Although we use a Trav'ler rather than a dome, the Pathway X2 is the only dome I'd consider if we were going to go that way.
  11. We had a Girard tankless water heater which I hated. I hated it so much that this year we took some of our money received from the government and had it replaced with a tank water heater. People with the Truma tankless water heaters seem to like theirs and I might have switched to that, but to have one installed was even more expensive than having a tank water heater installed (the Truma alone cost as much as what we paid to have the tank water heater installed).
  12. If you click on the words "Picture Posting" it should take you directly to the post. Your link takes me to what I assume is the main page of the RV.NET Photo Posting page, but no photos.
  13. Have you checked the Classified section on the Lazy Daze Owner's Group Forum?
  14. We are Dish customers and have a Winegard Trav'ler on the roof with a Hopper 3 receiver. With this setup, we can watch a program while at the same time recording multiple other programs no matter which satellite any of the programs are on. If we brought our Joey along, we could also watch a second TV, but we leave it at home. We mostly boondock, so sitting under trees that block the satellite dish isn't a problem. However, if we were often blocked by trees, I'd probably get a Winegard Pathway X2 dome satellite dish, even though that would limit what we could do (in our case, we'd have to bring along another receiver such as a Wally to work with the dome since the Hopper 3 doesn't work with domes). If I were going to stick with just a dome, it would be the Winegard Pathway X2 with the Wally receiver, like this: Pathway X2 Portable Satellite TV Antenna and DISH Wally HD Receiver Bundle | Winegard Company
  15. Another great automobile museum is the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum in Auburn, IN.
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