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  1. I got an email from Yuma County last night with this information. I have it on my calendar to call them on Tuesday, 1/19 @ 1:00 PM when appointments open up to see if I can schedule appointments for DH and me. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. I did a week or so ago with no luck. I should probably check again.
  3. Got an email from Yuma County Health Department. They have no more vaccines and suggested making an appointment in Maricopa County. They gave the URL to do so which happens to be the website I've been using to try and make an appointment in Yuma County. Anyway, changed the Zip Code to a Maricopa County Zip Code -- they had 3 locations where they were giving vaccinations. No open appointments through the middle of February. 🤥
  4. Here's the 2016 Ford Towing Guide. Look up your truck based on engine, cab design, axle ratio, etc., and see what it says your ratings are. Keep in mind that these rating are for a basic vehicle -- no options, no gear, a partial tank of fuel and only one 150-pound driver. https://www.fleet.ford.com/cmslibs/content/dam/aem_fleet/en_us/fleet/towing-guides/Ford_Linc_16RVTTowGuide.pdf Take your truck and get it weighed with all the gear that will be loaded in the truck, and all the passengers and pets that will be traveling in the cab. Once you get the real life weight of your loade
  5. Congratulations! Although Yuma County is now doing people 75 & over, I've still not been able to schedule an appointment. Part of the problem is that the county only gets a small supply of vaccine, they only do vaccinations three days a week and they only have one location where the vaccines are given. I'll keep trying, but if we can't get appointments by the end of this month, because of the wait for the second dose, we'll have to wait until we get back home.
  6. Check before you head to Death Valley. Currently, the campgrounds are closed, although the park itself is open for day use.
  7. Thank you! That's the website I've been using (they have a portal to make an appointment), but I hadn't seen that particular page.
  8. No, but there should be some way of signing up for alerts to notify people when it's their turn.
  9. I assumed that, too. What I'm trying to find out is WHEN they're going to start the 1B group. I haven't found any place where I can sign up for emails/alerts from Yuma County. I'll keep looking, but they certainly don't make it easy to find (and Yuma County may not even be set up to do that since it's such a small county, unlike Maricopa County).
  10. Ordered some dates from a small burg north of Yuma...we normally drive up there to buy, but what with COVID, we've been ordering. The address where we have stuff sent while we're down here is a Winterhaven address. So the package goes from Bard, CA to Winterhaven, CA. From there it goes to San Bernadino and then El Centro -- before ending up right back at the Winterhaven post office where it is then delivered!
  11. How do you learn when a county is going to start? I checked again on the Yuma County website I gave above and I'm still not coming up with any appointment slots. Of course, Yuma County got a lot less vaccine than Maricopa County.
  12. Come to Arizona. They are letting winter visitors get their vaccines. However, at least in Yuma County, they're still working on 1A. I have no idea when 1B (the group I and DH are in) will start to be vaccinated.
  13. I selected private insurance because we have Medicare Advantage plans. If I'm reading this site correctly, they're still doing Phase 1A. We'll be in Phase 1B. Vaccine Phased Prioritization - Vaccine Portal Information | Yuma County (yumacountyaz.gov)
  14. Well, no luck. I went out as far as February 8 without any appointment slots showing up. I don't want to go out much farther because we'll want to be leaving here sometime during the first half of March. We may have to wait until we get back home to get the vaccine.
  15. Yes, it's my understanding that it is. However, the form you have to fill out at the URL I gave, above, asks for insurance information and there's a piece that I'm not sure of. Thus, I'm waiting for a call back from the insurance company.
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