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  1. What are the problems with voice? For those of you who have been using Visible, how is your experience with voice quality?
  2. Thanks NutinElse2Do! I did check my phone's compatibility and, unfortunately, it's not compatible. 😪 But, I just got off a chat with an agent at Visible and, if I want to port my phone number, they'd send me their ZTE Blade A3 Prime phone for free (https://www.visible.com/shop/smartphones/visible-A3-ZTE), I'd activate it when delivered which would port my number over, and then I'd send them my old phone back. If their chat using the app is anything like the chat using the website, I'll be happy! The woman I chatted with was helpful and informative!
  3. I'm still in research mode and noticed on RV Mobile Internet's site it says Visible is app based. Can someone explain exactly how that works? Do you have to open the app in order to make a call or to use the hotspot? If you have to open the app to make a call, how do you receive a call? I looked at the app on Play Store and it gets only 3.7 stars. While there are some good reviews, there are a lot of bad ones, too, mainly about the app crashing and voice quality being poor. What has your experience been with Visible?
  4. Cool! I've never heard nor seen a bed like that.
  5. Is this a floorplan that you drew, or the floorplan of an actual RV? The reason I ask is in the bedroom, it doesn't look like there would be enough room to bring in the bed slide before it hit the bathroom.
  6. There's a place on Visible's website to determine whether or not your phone is compatible with their service. If it is, then I would assume they'd send you a new sim card, but don't know. Perhaps their website says.
  7. I was looking at their website today and notice an asterisk on the "unlimited data." It says that the unlimited data is for a limited time only and begins on 10/22/2019. Does anyone know whether or not Visible is still offering unlimited data? If so, any idea when it might stop being offered? I'd like to sign up for Visible once our current Verizon contract ends, but that's a little more than a year away, but I wouldn't want to lose out on the unlimited data!
  8. We had a Safe-T-Plus added to the front of our Class C. It really helps with the drag when large trucks pass. It probably helps somewhat with wind, but if the wind is strong enough to start pushing your rig around, it's time to get off the road!
  9. All of those RV parks are a L-O-N-G way from the U.S./Algodones border. Sleepy Hollow, the only RV park within walking distance has been closed for at least a couple of years. From looking at the map, you might think that Cocopah RV & Golf Resort or Lucky Park Del Sur might be close enough, but you can't walk west from there to get to Algodones Road (SR-186) because of the Colorado River. You could park at the casino, but that's still an awfully long way to walk.
  10. So far, the Surface is working out. That'll save me some money which is a good thing as I have some dental work that needs to be completed over the next couple of months. 😪
  11. Quartzsite has a business where you can pick up USPS/FedEx/UPS mail/packages. Ironwood Outpost
  12. We've only been asked to fill out a form for general delivery once -- years ago at a post office in Montana. However, we've run into several post offices that will accept general delivery mail for only 30 days and then require you to get a post office box...Quartzsite being one of them. Several years ago, we had mail sent to Quartzsite. When I picked it up, I got a lecture about how we'd only be able to get general delivery mail for 30 days and then would have to get a post office box. I pointed out to the guy that they didn't have enough post office boxes for all the winter visitors that spend the winter there. It fell on deaf ears. Fortunately, for us, we were moving on and not getting anymore mail there. But we've found over the years that the people at the Quartzsite post office are very unfriendly.
  13. Thanks Bill. The sale is good until later this month, so it will give me some time to play around with my Surface to see if it will work for me.
  14. Okay...it appears that the Surface 3 charges when turned off but plugged in. When I turn it back on, it continues to charge...it just won't charge if it's already on and *then* plugged in. I have no idea why this is, but as long as I can get it to charge, I'll be taking it with us when we head south in the fall. I will continue to experiment with this situation to make sure it always charges when turned off and continues to charge when turned back on again.
  15. No, unfortunately, it did not. I turned on the computer this morning without plugging it in and updated a bunch of files. Ran the battery down to 30% then plugged it in. Got the same message...plugged, no charging. I now have the computer turned off but plugged in. I'll see if it charges while off as it has done before. Looks like I'll be getting a new computer!
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