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  1. The copyright date at the bottom is 2010, so I suspect you're correct.
  2. I explained the two problems I had in my first post, above. I had an android phone, as all my phones have been. The last problem I had, the CSR recommended that I reset the phone, but by that time I was too irritated with the whole setup and didn't feel like going to all the trouble to reinstall apps -- and then I probably would have had the first problem again because the CSR on that chat had to do something on their end.
  3. I have no idea, but I suspect that TXiceman's explanation may be correct. That, of course, is only a guess. Question is -- did you ever find your package?
  4. We spent the winter of 2020/2021 near Yuma as we've done for the past several years. For the most part, we continued to order groceries online for pickup and when we wanted to "eat out" we also ordered online for pickup. Unfortunately, we may not be able to make the trip south this winter due to DH's medical concerns. If we are able to go, it won't be until sometime in December.
  5. Same here. We went for our flu shots a couple of weeks ago and DH was also able to get his Moderna booster since he has cancer. I'll have to wait for my booster when Moderna is approved for such.
  6. We've been using Charmin for years. The key, no matter which toilet paper you use, is to use plenty of water when you flush. And, of course, keeping the black tank closed until it's time to dump!
  7. That's my understanding. Pfizer is on track to be approved for a booster shot by the 20th, but Moderna hasn't gotten all their info in, so will probably lag behind. We got the Moderna vaccines, so will have to wait until the booster shot is approved...hopefully, soon. Pfizer booster likely to be OK’d by Sept. 20, but Moderna’s may lag, Fauci says (msn.com)
  8. I would never take the word of an RV dealer -- for much of anything, but particularly about this issue since the dealer is wrong. Unless you are also planning to make Montana your domicile state, docj is correct in saying that your driver's license has to be obtained from your domicile state. If that state is Texas and your rig meets or exceeds the weight requirements, then you'll need a Class A or Class B non-CDL driver's license. I think you're way overthinking this. Most, if not all of us, who have had to get the upgraded Texas driver's license have driven to the test site with whatever driver's license we currently have. I have never heard of anyone being ticked or arrested for driving to the test site with the "wrong" driver's license.
  9. It would help to change the subject of your post to something more descriptive than your User Name.
  10. We used to subscribe to a bunch of magazines, but don't subscribe to any now. The Escapees magazine is read online...I don't get a paper copy.
  11. Hmmm...what about the Ecotouch you said you had, above?
  12. My doctor's office is no longer taking temperatures before entering the waiting area. I have been asked if I've had contact with anyone with COVID (no). Masks are required at all times.
  13. I pay no attention to either the post count or the ranking. However, if both are going to be part of the forum, you'd think that they would at least match. The forum software isn't an Escapees in-house software -- it's provided by a third party. The Escapees IT department may be able to make changes to eliminate the post count and/or the ranking, but if so, I suspect they have other more pressing matters to deal with.
  14. I've heard a lot about extenders leaking. We've never used them; instead, we've used the long metal tire stems similar to these: Duallyvalve - Your dually solution! (yourtireshopsupply.com)
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