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  1. Tom Mahood does search and rescue and on his website, he relates the story of the Death Valley Germans. It does not have a happy ending like agesilaus' ordeal, but is fascinating reading.
  2. This article is talking about people who are gone from their homes for a few hours a day, not months at a time. We used to live in Glendale, AZ (and in Quartzsite). When we left for the summer, we'd do what bobsallyh described plus cleaned out the refrigerator and propped the doors open. Canned goods, or any other food stuff that might not survive the heat went with us. There were a couple of years where we left our fifth wheel in AZ while we traveled in a truck camper. We did the exact same thing to the fifth wheel as described above plus we put Reflectix in the windows and put b
  3. Kirk's advise about checking things like air bag inflation, etc., is good. Also, have you had a front-end alignment done...preferably once it's loaded for a trip? Additionally, having your rig weighed -- all four corners -- would be a good idea to make sure your rig is properly balanced once it's loaded. Finally, what is the wheel base-to-length ratio of your motorhome? Too short of a ratio can cause handling problems.
  4. The price is at the website they mentioned. Here's a live link: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPUFzDSqHUA4FkdrmMTy8cr6iJKQVhkATtbk3jxpk8ucBD7I9VVBM1Ydi5WLpnigA?pli=1&key=cjE0LXhJTkRXXzBDRTVSWTNiN2lsM25OQk1ReklB
  5. If you already have your vehicles and have paid sales tax when you purchased them, you shouldn't have to pay sales tax again when moving to another state. About the only exception would be if the sales tax in your new state is more than that in your old state -- in that case, you'd pay only the difference.
  6. On our way back home this spring, we stopped at the Pilot station in Stanfield, OR and had to pump our own gas because of COVID. But we'd stopped there on our way down to AZ the previous November and had an attendant pump it for us. I found it strange that, during the middle of the pandemic, an attendant pumped our gas in November, but they changed their policy by the time we stopped there in March. An attendant at the Sinclair station in Jordan Valley pumped our gas in March on our way home, so it seems to be a hit and miss policy across the state.
  7. No, it hasn't gone mobile yet, but according to the FB page RV posted, Musk says Starlink should go mobile by the end of the year. We use our phone as a hotspot, too, but it doesn't help when you're someplace that doesn't have cell service. Are you really paying $40/mo for Visible? You do know that you can drop that down to $25 by joining a Party Pay Plan with 4 people?
  8. That's what the higher level of Escapees mail service does (Categories B & C) -- scans the outside of the mail you receive and then you can log into a secure website to view what you've received. It does, however, cost an additional $10 per month for this service over and above the cost of the mail service itself. Escapees Mail Forwarding Service Categories and Rates ยท Escapees RV Club
  9. I don't believe mail forwarding services are eligible for Informed Delivery, but don't know this for a fact. You can always go to the USPS's Informed Delivery and enter your address to check. However, the Escapees mail service does have a level of service where they send you an email with scans of the mail you've received.
  10. We always have our mail forwarded on a temporary basis when we head south for the winter. When it's time to return home, I cancel the forwarding and then have our mail held. If I know when we'll be returning, I give instructions to have the held mail delivered on a certain day; otherwise, I check the box that says I'll pick it up at the post office.
  11. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/04/08/verizon-recalls-2point5-million-hotspot-devices-due-to-fire-hazard.html
  12. In reading about 10S, I'm getting the impression that one wouldn't be able to download Quicken to it...correct? That's the main reason I wouldn't be able to use a Chromebook and it sounds like I should avoid 10S, too.
  13. We have a Girard, too, and I hate it much for the same reasons. We had so many problems with it this past winter that I'm just fed up with it! This summer we're going to check into whether or not we can replace it with a tank water heater and how much it would cost if we can.
  14. That's interesting...ours isn't scored.
  15. It could be that it will be only for international flights -- I don't fly, so haven't paid particularly close attention to the issue. However, I don't think airlines have instituted asking for proof of vaccination yet, but some are considering it. It wouldn't make any sense to do so now (IMO) since so few people have been vaccinated. Here's one article on the matter...a Google search will bring up others: Will You Need the COVID-19 Vaccine to Travel? (aarp.org)
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