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  1. 1.9 billion a year max for fy21 -25 that must be used for deferred maintenance at 5 different departments nps, forest service ,blm, fish and wildlife. That's some serious potential improvements and updates that could be coming in the next 5 to 10 years
  2. How about the colored sidewalk chalk sticks that my grandkids use- washes away when it rains
  3. I registered for my android the day I got th email, 9/8 or 9/9 there about but still no sign up email so seems they aren't ready for android yet for the new app. The old one is still working. Shows the ta in vero beach at 1.87 per gallon
  4. dont know hondas but in some of my older fords this has happened and it was a vacum leak , the small tubes that route to the control actuaters deteriorate and dont hold pressure causing the erratic behavior that changes based on engine load
  5. DCC2560T160V MAX* FLEXVOLT® 2.5 GALLON CORDLESS AIR COMPRESSOR KIT 135 psi- portable. i also have a lot of dewalt battery operated tools, drills, impact drivers, sawzall, https://www.dewalt.com/products/storage-and-gear/air-compressors/60v-max-flexvolt-25-gallon-cordless-air-compressor-kit/dcc2560t1
  6. TSD Fuel Family - We are pleased to announce the launch of our new mobile app, TSD Open Roads. We are anticipating a lot of excitement over this launch so to avoid overloading the system, we are limiting the number of downloads per day. We'll manage this by issuing user specific invitations to download the app. To receive an invite to download this app please go to https://openroads.fueldiscountapp.com/ and register. TSD will be sending the limited invites every hour in the order they are received. If the daily download limit has been reached you will receive a message with that information asking you to please try again the next day. Unfortunately, only the iOS version for iPhones is currently available however the Android version should be available by the end of the month. If you are an android user, we'd still encourage you to follow the link and register so that you can receive your invite as soon as it is available. This tutorial video will help if you are having issues registering or using the app: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7NiybWZ22o This new app should replace any EFS app you are currently using. Thank you for being a customer. Joy J Hanson-Hickerson Chief Financial Officer
  7. Needed to fill up, use the sat radio check fuel prices app in the truck, shows a shell on my route at 1.99 a gallon, pretty good deal down here in S. Fl so i pull in. I remember that I have a discount fuel rewards card for shell, it isnt used very offten and the discounts add up over time- so i run it and my discount is $1.15 off per gallon resulting in .84 per gallon- Kicker is can only get the first 20 gallons at that price- then pump shuts off - reinsert the rewards card, now and its .05 cents off per gallon or $1.94 which still is good for down here in the swamp. Just for fun what's the best price you all have seen lately?
  8. For members planing on visiting, they have updated their policies regarding new arrivals including a waiver that must be executed, https://fl-skp-resort.org/covid/
  9. Are they both the same service plans and the same price? If not what are the differences?
  10. 2 wd drive gets you in trouble..4wd gets you out 🙂 Gas vs Diesel - One other thing to keep in mind is fueling when towing... your overall length of tow vehicle plus trailer may not be conducive to pulling into a gas station with islands set up for regular car traffic and the truck lanes will typically not have gas pumps just diesel and DEF
  11. Yup,my 2014 f450 platinum has it,use it all the time towing or not. Helps slow down using turbo back pressure and shift points so you don't have to use brakes as much
  12. palmeris


    The last email from them is below, received June 15. You should always check the app, or TSD website, for the latest prices as they can change daily....the variable ones offer the biggest discounts Our discount network is expanding! We are pleased to announce that through our partnership with EFS, you will have more options to save on fuel while on the road. Attached to this email is a complete listing of the new stations added. They are separated in 3 tabs-stations that have discounts of more than 10 cents, stations with discounts ranging from 5 cents to 10 cents and stations with discounts under 5 cents. All our current discounts are still in place. They include: TA (varies) , Petro (varies), Loves (16 cents off retail), SAAP Brothers (12 cents off retail), Road Ranger (20 cents off retail), Ambest (5 cents off retail), Kwik Trip/Kwik Star (10 cents off retail) and Cash Magic (varies). The new discounts are now uploaded to your EFS app so please make sure to check the app while you are getting approval at the pump to ensure you have the current price per gallon. Remember that fuel prices change daily and sometimes more than once during the day so use the app each time you fuel. We will continue to work on expanding to other stations while increasing the discounts on current stations and keep you posted as new partnerships come on-line. We are also working on developing our own app to use for price locations. This app will be used in place of the EFS app you are currently using. Some customers are still getting the following message "There was a problem getting locations from the server." Go to your gear icon at the far right and change the search range to 25 miles, and route search range to 10 miles. Then scroll down and hit OK. This should allow you to see the prices. Also, make sure that you tap on the circle with the price to ensure that you are fueling at the correct location. Sometimes 2 locations are so close you can't tell which station has the price shown on the locator. Thank you for making the TSD Discount Fuel Program the best in the business!
  13. SO I had signed up for the starlink beta testing, initially they just wanted a zip code but got an email this morning asking me to update with a physical address which I gave them the S&B located in south Florida.
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