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  1. Presume the outside system you speak of is exterior cameras... your plan of hardwired cat 5 is the way to go... to a local dvr or to a cloud hosted recording solution ...put the dvr on your network so you can connect to it remotely either computer or smart phone app... Best brand is subjective but by far the best cameras I have used are AXIS. Hikvision Model # EKI-K41D44 decent DVR and camera pack Dahua Model # C544E42 is a lower end dvr and camera pack Just be sure to use exterior rated cameras with the proper housings and such for the enviornment you are installing them
  2. Hard wired is going to be the best solution, a cat 5 cable from the camera back to a POE switch . Each cable run no longer than 100 meters, or about 330 feet. You can then connect a computer to the switch to be able to view live, opening up a browser window per camera for example. You can also connect the switch to a router and view live over the internet. If you want to record the video, a stand alone DVR can be used and you can also connect it to the router so you can view both live and recorded video over the internet. A lot of the newer "DVR" have the poe switch built into them, as we
  3. Also seems only 1 step up to bath, bed room...lots of exterior storage. Very interesting build. Looks great
  4. Uni pass currently has 18 states, mostly the North eastern ones.
  5. perhaps it was missing prior to said serious accident....
  6. 1.Proper inflation pressure per manufacture weight chart 2. Balance and rotation every 5k miles- 3. Full alignment when new tires first put on, then if you feel it pulling or see any wear get it checked at the next rotation. 4. full lube job at every oil change to keep those front end parts lubricated my 2014 ford came with bf good rich and I got 70k on the first set, sitting at 129 k currently on the 2nd set - Only getting 25k with that type of wear is indicative that they havent been properly maintained or that there is a componet failure in the suspension system.
  7. Have you tried turning TCS off to see if the fault clears? On my ford f450 , when in 4x4 mode traction control is automatically turned off. There is also a button to manually turn it off. Hopefully the fault is also throwing a code that could be read with an ODB scan tool, either the dealer or auto parts store can plug in an read the code if theres one present and that will tell you what has failed
  8. So I got the invite and downloaded the Android app that is called Fuel Card. Seems to work better than the EFS app, faster to display and update. Also got this email yesterday about out of network use and fee of $1.00 which seems reasonable. So you always want to use the app and check real time for the available discount prior to fueling. Fee Change Announcement In accordance with the original out-of-network notification you received on August 1st, TSD will implement a $1 per transaction fee for any fuel purchased at stations that are not in our discount network. This out-of-network
  9. Contact aqua soft directly for a listing of authorized mobile service technicians. Aqua-Hot Technical service departmentPhone: 800-685-4298Email: servicedept@aquahot.comHours: 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Mountain timeOur experienced technicians are available to answer any technical questions you may have, help you with parts questions and ordering and help you locate an Aqua-Hot Factory Authorized Service Center.
  10. 1.9 billion a year max for fy21 -25 that must be used for deferred maintenance at 5 different departments nps, forest service ,blm, fish and wildlife. That's some serious potential improvements and updates that could be coming in the next 5 to 10 years
  11. How about the colored sidewalk chalk sticks that my grandkids use- washes away when it rains
  12. I registered for my android the day I got th email, 9/8 or 9/9 there about but still no sign up email so seems they aren't ready for android yet for the new app. The old one is still working. Shows the ta in vero beach at 1.87 per gallon
  13. dont know hondas but in some of my older fords this has happened and it was a vacum leak , the small tubes that route to the control actuaters deteriorate and dont hold pressure causing the erratic behavior that changes based on engine load
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