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  1. But, if I understand correctly, using a 48v mini split would allow you to run the mini split directly from the 48v battery bank without using an inverter as well as run directly off a 48 volt solar array?
  2. BF Goodrich I run these LT245 75R17 all season 2 on my f450 dually. Rotate every 5k - get over 70k on them- Great highway tires, i dont do off road, mud or snow , but if i did would look at the T/A KO2 model
  3. Have the sirus subscription with all channels , music news sports nascar nfl etc. In f450 sync 2 and escape sync 3 plus app on the smartphone or computer. Also has the travel link for traffic ' fuel weather ski and movie listing. It automatically renews the subscription on credit card think it's every 3 years. Also vehicles can connect to smart devices and can stream pandora from internet where you make your own channels. Lastly they have USB ports and we have flash drives with gigabytes full of music where I ripped all our cds too ' having hundreds from the 1980s to 2005 and any new album releases we just purchase the downloads onto the computer and then copy to flash drives . Media choices are a good thing.
  4. Yes confusing...it's a concrete parking lot with no amenities..the way it's worded seems if the rv is over 7 years old there's an up charge of 5 bucks per person...agree they probably mean it to apply to kids over 7 but they should have someone proof read
  5. So I ran across this while doing some research for the J and J rv park in Kanab Utah.... its kind of confusing...do they mean the age of the rv or a person? 2021 Rates All RV sites include 30 and 50 AMP hookups, water, power, and sewer hookups. Our current rates are: Tent sites: $23 per night + tax Back-in 40 ft. RV sites: $43 per night + tax Back-in 45 ft. RV sites: $45 per night + tax Pull Through RV sites: $49 per night + tax Additional charge over 7 years old of $5.00 per person per night.
  6. Just make sure the timer switch you select can handle the current of the heater circuit it will be interrupting
  7. Make sure the you are running the latest versions, update the apps. Heres some troubleshooting guides; How do I fix buffering problems with DirecTV? To fix buffering problems with DirecTV, you need to understand the causative factors first. Buffering issues with DirectTV may occur as a result of; Minor problems with your network connectivity. This could be due to weak signal coverage or damaged cable connections that cause an unstable network and consequently unstable internet bandwidth that ultimately brings about buffering problems. Low broadband speeds attributable to router issues. Device problems. Using an outdated DirecTV application. To fix buffering issues with DirecTV, you can use the steps below to guide along the way. Fix your home's network issues: You can fix your network issues by replacing your router with a stronger one or moving the streaming device closer to the router for improved pocket data distribution. Additionally, you can connect to the internet using the LAN cable, and when that doesn't work, you could try rebooting the router. If using the LAN cable proves futile, you may need to replace it with a new one. Improve your network speed: Low network speeds may be due to overloaded or insufficient bandwidth. Whichever the case, you can improve your network speed by reducing the number of connected devices or upgrading to internet plans that guarantee higher speeds. Update the DirecTV application: DirecTV software developers provide regular updates for the application to improve your online streaming experience. Once an update is available, support for the previous version is automatically canceled, resulting in buffering issues. To steer clear of such problems, you should regularly update your DirecTV application. Reboot your streaming device: Small problems with streaming devices such as phones or tablets can result in buffering problems. Depending on the type of device you use, you can resolve this by soft resetting the device or hard restarting it when the soft reset doesn't work. Pause and Play the playback for a few minutes: Buffering happens when a streaming program plays a video faster than downloading caches. To fix the buffering problem in such scenarios, you need to start the movie or video, pause it for a few minutes, then resume the video to enjoy it without buffering. Alternatively; You may also fix the buffering issue with DirecTV by changing your streaming device. For instance, if you were streaming via your computer, you can switch to Roku. Besides that, if any of the fixes above fail to yield meaningful results, you're welcome to contact DirecTV's customer care desk for further assistance.
  8. The 6.0 had its issues, you want to make sure it has been bullet proofed , stud upgrades and such. Once done they are pretty good motors. Avoid the 6.4 , bad design, lots of issues
  9. Replaced my stock 38 gallon with the titan  65 gallon . Did a reprogram of the computer with Forscan and the https://www.obdlink.com/products/obdlink-mxp/ so the DTE calculates properly. Uses the factory send unit Best upgrade on the f450. I also add a 4 0Z shot of opti lube summer blend, targeting 60 gallons at each fill up
  10. Coachmen RV Contact Information MOTORHOMES CLASS A (Encore, Pursuit, Mirada & Sportscoach) Chris Helton Sales Coordinator +1 574-825-8225 chelton@forestriverinc.com Scott Shinall Customer Parts Representative +1 574-825-8305 sshinall@forestriverinc.com Tim Buss Customer Service Manager +1 574-825-8212 tbuss@forestriverinc.com
  11. Did you try using the Good year tire finder application and put in your zip code? You may have to get creative and have them shipped to your location or installer
  12. TSD logistics fuel program for diesel discounts.
  13. You can go to www.sunpass.com which is Florida's site for sun pass ,sun pass pro etc. And you can order it online they will mail it to you as well as set up your account for the pre paid toll program. It should answer all your questions
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