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  1. For those that have sold S&B to purchase an RV I am curious if not having the collateral asset of the S&B had any negative impact on the loan process? By selling the S&B first does that impact the prospect of obtaining a loan and you now have to use proceeds to pay for the RV? Would it be better / easier to obtain a loan for the RV first, then sell the S&B ?
  2. Received an email from Kunshan Boqiang New Energy Battery Co., Ltd., having a sale on evolution power Lifepo4 battery in June. I am not affiliated with them, they are an overseas company. Promotion time : from June 8th until June 28th 12V 100AH RV Lifepo4 batteries Promotion price : $268 12V 200AH Marine Lifepo4 batteries Promotion price : $468 48V 100AH Rack-mounted Lifepo4 batteries Promotion price : $858 48V 200AH Wall-mounted Lifepo4 batteries Promotion price : $1680 Check out their websitee for details, lots of differnt
  3. Just did our annual fill up of our 500 gallon underground tank, this time it took 320 gallons and was 2.49 a gallon plus tax and fees, delivered to our S&B in south Florida. Always fill it up in the month of May , prices seem to be the lowest in this area that time of year and its right before Hurricane season starts so we are full in case we loose power and have to run the tri fuel generator
  4. For my fleet of 5 gas vehicles, we use Amex gold card, which is set for 3x points on all gas purchased and 2x on everything else. Points are transferable into many different programs. Have earned over 2 million points since I started back in early 1990’s… have taken multiple free trips all over the world. TSD is a Diesel option that we use when traveling the Interstates for the convenience factor, mostly they are TA truck stops that are easy on/off, have restaurants, stores, showers, etc. that make travel days less stressful and with an opportunity to have substantial discounts
  5. You can't hope away the math...trying to rationalize what friends and colleagues are saying to you doesn't change the facts of the numbers, and they are not the ones that will be driving the rig down the road....jinx is giving you solid factual based advice and not opinions..however it's certainly your choice to make but don't use your current life's situation to turn a blind eye on the facts..and yes that's my opinion. I wish you all the best and know those people here will help with information and support, great group here.
  6. FYI they have placed a star link dish on the latest Starship SN15 and the FAA has given them approval to use it in the next test flight of that rocket from Boca Chica TX
  7. Have you tried calling them 1-800-251-0001 or emailing them https://www.mrheater.com/contact-us with your questions?
  8. is there anti theft devices for a rig with a goose neck instead of a king pin?
  9. Sorry for the dirty windshield photo but you can see the AC and generator on the rear of this unit....would you consider this a class B?
  10. Ford pass app needs cell phone and internet connectivity to function I believe?
  11. Thats a lot smaller and should easily fit in the wet bay
  12. You tube has some excellent channels that have live video feeds from Boca Chica, they are building rockets while building the rocket factory around the rocket. The constitution has been 24hrs a day for several years, the process is amazing to watch history being made. Check out Labpadre and nasaspaceflight to see the starship program come alive.
  13. 49 inches tall 8 inch diameter for the small 1-3 bathroom model. 10 gpm.
  14. Fidelity here as well. They got the qualified accounts done in February but still waiting on the non qualified ones, saying march 15th for those.
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