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  1. Howdy Dennis, I started out going to share a similar experience then forgot was I was going to say, it'll come back to me, sometime, somewhere, maybe.................... Dave
  2. Howdy All, After talking to Roxanne, at Miller Insurance, I have gotten a hold off an appraiser and am now in the process of getting the truck appraised so I can get an insurance quote for an AGREED VALUE. I'll let you folks know how this goes. Dave
  3. Howdy steiny93, Well I guess I had better push the envelope a bit further, I drive the Smart pretty hard at times and have never had it do any kind of automatic braking or traction control type of thing. I'll work on it. 😁 Dave
  4. Howdy Randy, THANK YOU for this post. I have never had a total loss so I admit I don't know squat about how it works. What I do know is if some arse hole were to take off a front fender and Hood of my truck while pulling out of a truck stop or rest area the cost to replace those items would probably have the darn insurance company totaling my truck. NOT knowing what I am talking about I ASSUMED that to buy back a truck or trailer would cost close to what the insurance company paid out in the claim. I know that I could part out my truck and get quite a sum for the parts, a good core C-15 engine is going for over 10K, mine has had a Platinum rebuild and the paper work to back it up that engine alone could probably get me 15K+ if I wanted to sell it. The 18 speed Eaton-Fuller Auto-Shift transmission is another very valuable item that I am sure would fetch a good price, this is a very rare transmission. Dave
  5. Howdy Glenn, I have an older Smart, 2013 Barbus Sport Edition. Don't have any of the stuff like your talking about and wouldn't want it, my Smart is FUN to drive and I like it that way. Kinda like a two person Go-Kart, with air conditioning. 😀 Dave
  6. Howdy steiny93, I don't know it for a fact but I seriously doubt that any insurance company that pays "actual cash value" in case of total loss would pay anywhere near what it would cost to replace or replicate my truck. I searched the internet and other sources for over a year to find this particular truck and had the cash on hand to do a fly and buy when I found it. It's not some run of the mill fleet truck but a costume ordered built to spec truck for an individual original owner/operator. My truck was never in a fleet, I am the third individual owner/operator, I have been in contact with the widowed wife ( team driver ) of the original owner/operator whose build plaque is still on the dash. I have among the documents the original build spec sheet. I had personal contact with the 2nd owner/operator who traded this truck in on a brand new Pete, who told me of all the work that was done before the trade in. If I were to be paid double what I have invested in this truck ( less then 50K ) I'd have one hell of a time finding another like it. Dave
  7. Howdy Doug, Be there in a heart beat if I were attending this years National Rally. HAVE FUN. Dave
  8. Howdy Kevin, As others have said the temps your talking about should not be of any concern and are normal for the condition's you have described. The sound your turbo makes is more of a whistle or whine that will increase as boost rises, the fan will make more of rushing noise that stays about the same until it kicks off. If you don't have a full actual gauge setup, I suggest a product called a "SCAN GAUGE" https://www.amazon.com/stores/ScanGauge/page/832A6739-284D-4572-B658-9CB5BFCA1450?ref_=ast_bln This is EASY to install and will display ANY information your ECM is programed to monitor WAY more the your stock factory gauge setup. I have 23 real gauges in my truck but still use the scan gauge to display things like horse power being used, real time fuel mileage, average fuel mileage and boost as my boost gauge is hard to see with the steering wheel. you can easily change the four items displayed on the gauge to other items your ECM monitors, just push a button for the other items stop when you get the one you want. I would suggest using the gauge to display engine oil temperature, if it goes up higher then the water temperature SHUT DOWN, they usually move pretty much together with the water temp being the higher of the two. You can't have to much information when it comes to driving one of these beasts. Can't resist, this is what a my truck dash looks like. 😁 This was taken the day I bought the truck, the Scan Gauge, now sits on the right hand end of the top row of gauges. Dave
  9. Howdy Randy, I am getting my insurance through Miller, in Oregon. They had me with National General until the rates were jacked they then placed me with Progressive where I am now. I did not know a person could strip the truck and trailer before turning it over, to me that sounds not only reasonable but it should be illegal for the insurance company to TAKE from you items NOT compensated for in the policy. If I understand your post correctly one would have to "buy back" the truck and trailer, in able to do the stripping, to me that again sounds like legal THEFT of personal property. In a buy back situation one would have to pay to have the hulks towed to your home or someplace where the stripping could be done and labor to do the work if a person couldn't do it themselves, all of this would not be compensated for by the insurance. lawyers and insurance companies, the only real winners in today's society. Dave
  10. Howdy All, Enough of my whining, I'll do like I always have, open the wallet and hand over the cash but that don't mean I have to like it. Thanks everyone for giving me a place to vent, it helps, it really does to just sometimes howl at the moon or shout into cyber-space when one can't do anything else to ease the financial pain of being a responsible person. Dave
  11. Howdy All, This should be an interesting post, getting this information was an eye opening experience for me perhaps you too will be a bit surprised. To start off with, I am now insured by Progressive, through the Miller agency in Oregon. To renew Progressive, wants $1,218.00 for the truck, $626.00 for the trailer, total loss would be paid at actual cash value, no agreed amount possible on my truck or trailer, they are to old, truck is a 2001, trailer is a 2014. Total cost, $1,844.00 So I did some research based on recommendations from Progressive, they recommended these three companies. American Choice Ins. This company will not write a policy for Washington State. American Adventure. They will write the exact same policy that Progressive is offering to renew at $814.00 for the truck, $736.00 for the trailer. Total cost, $1,550.00 Brown and Brown. This company will again write the exact same policy from Progressive, at $846.00 for the truck, $584.00 for the trailer. Total cost, $1,430.00 I again called Good Sam, after it was recommended in this thread, here is what they quoted me, $850.00 on the truck, $723.00 on the trailer. Total cost, $1,573.00 Bear in mind that ALL of these companies are selling a policy backed by Progressive, with the exact same coverage, paying actual cash value in case of total loss. I did some research near as I can tell my trailer if a total loss, might get me $40,000.00 actual cash value, no where near what it would cost to replace, nothing for the brand new solar system, nothing for the upgrade to 17.5 wheels and commercial grade tires, nothing for any of the improvements I have made over the last 6 years since buying it new. I have no idea what the actual cash value of the truck would be or how it would be determined, all I know is that I would get nothing for all the work I have done to it, the Smart Car deck, the inverter-charger, micro wave, new seats rolling new bearings into the engine along with all the other details I had taken care of that cost thousands so there wouldn't be any problems down the road. As you can see the cost of the SAME policy, written by the SAME company can cost up to 414 dollars LESS depending on who you buy it from. Bottom line in my case, it's illegal and stupid to not have insurance but no matter where I buy it I am going to be spending a considerable amount of money and if I should get into a wreck or experience some type of event that results in a total loss my RV'ing days are over as I will get nothing compared to replacement cost to either the truck or the trailer. When I had a cheap truck and an old worn out trailer this was acceptable, now it's enough to make a grown man highly pi$$ed off that such legal theft is allowed but has to be endured. Sorry for the rant but it makes me sick to my stomach to pay for such treatment and be legally and morally obligated to do it. I have no idea what you folks who have new, newer trucks and very nice new or newer trailers pay for insurance but it must be a huge sum based on what it costs to insure my old truck and mid-grade trailer. Dave
  12. Howdy Dan, Gave these folks a call, they only insure folks whose domicile is in South Dakota, we are not full time and reside in the Peoples Republik of Washington. Dave
  13. Howdy Jim, Thanks for your reply, yes, 2400 bucks is a lot of money but if it will pay you a decent amount should you be misfortune enough to need it; it's heck of a lot better then paying 2/3 of that and getting next to nothing in case of a total loss. In my case I couldn't even buy the deck on my truck for what the actual cash value of a 20 year old truck may be. We don't have a fancy trailer or a modern truck but for us it was a major investment that if totaled with what we could get from insurance would end our RV'ing as we do it now, at this age no way I could afford to spend the replacement cost to our truck and trailer. Dave
  14. Howdy aknavy, I looked into Good Sam, a year ago, they told me no way they would cover my truck or any other class 8 that had been converted to RV use. Dave
  15. Howdy SS, How was "replacement value" determined? When we bought the trailer new in August of 2014, we were insured by Blue Sky, trailer as it was new was insured as "replacement value". This would continue until Blue Sky, stopped insuring RV's, since then both National General and Progressive, will only insure it at whatever they determine market value to be. Have found no one that will insure truck at anything over market value which is a pittance to what it would cost to replace in it's present form. Dave
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