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    Motorcycles of all types, travel where ever and when ever I can, trucks, Jeeps. living my life as well as I can in honor of those many Brothers in Arms lost a long time ago in a far off land.

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  1. Howdy All, I know people who had good sam, and DID have their HDT towed. That said as I though I would need my truck towed I called the person that I knew for a fact had his HDT towed by good sam, only to find out that good sam does NOT do this anymore. What really pisses me off is that I made it a point to ask good sam, if they towed HDT's that were converted to RV's and they said YES. So for the last three years we have been paying for a service that is NOT offered. That said in the last three years we have used good sam, for short tows of Donna's car to the local garage twice, had my Smart Car, opened when the battery went down and the electric locks wouldn't allow opening the door and had my bike towed so we did get our monies worth but now I am wondering what to do about getting the truck towed if needed. I have had the truck and trailer insured through Progressive for the last years, never looked into their towing package as I "thought" that was covered by good sam. I work with Miller Insurance, so I guess I should give them a call and see what they say. Dave
  2. Howdy All, Long time since I have posted on this forum, life just kinda happens and gets in the way sometimes. I have been paying Good Sam, for years thinking that they would tow my truck if needed, that's what I was told when I paid for it, now when I NEED IT, I find out they won't tow the truck. I know I can't pay for a new towing insurance policy and then expect them to come tow my truck but I need to have something for the future. Any advise will be greatly appreciated. Dave
  3. mr. cob

    Mr. Cob Birthday

    Howdy Darryl, Ah someone who can appreciate my oft times aloofness, thank you kind Sir. 😄 Dave
  4. mr. cob

    Mr. Cob Birthday

    Howdy Dan and Freda, I have a reputation to uphold and you folks spreading rumors about me being a nice guy are making that kinda difficult. As I have turned 76, I am now more then qualified to shout, "Get off my lawn............" 😉 🤣 Dave
  5. mr. cob

    Mr. Cob Birthday

    Howdy All, Thanks so much for the Birthday well wishes, they are most appreciated. Haven't checked into this forum for a while, hope everyone is in good health and high spirits, safe travels to all. Dave
  6. Howdy Chad, Ride on. When I installed the new seats in the Pete, it made a world of difference, I do envy your three heat settings that must be GREAT. Dave
  7. Howdy Rod, Our home is surrounded by trees, this is the mess we had last November about two weeks before we had planed to head south. https://photos.smugmug.com/Trees-down-on-our-house/i-rNMkftb/0/f343105b/XL/IMG_5359-XL.jpg https://photos.smugmug.com/Trees-down-on-our-house/i-mZCLPTz/0/26d848e0/XL/IMG_5364-XL.jpg We had four trees fall on the house and garage, needed new roofs on both buildings. Sorry for the links, can't figure out how to load photos the way they used to load on this site. Dave
  8. Howdy JGWALES, There has been a gathering of HDT's in the LTVA ( BLM ) camp ground a few miles south of Quartszite at the "La Posa South" LTVA, for the last 6 years. Most camp in an area about a half mile southeast of the dump/water/trash station. We have had as many 26 rigs at one time and there are usually 5-10 that spend most of the winter there. With luck we will arrive around mid December barring trees falling on our home again like last year. Dave
  9. Howdy All, A tip for all who might be interested, this place saved me a lot of money on the fuel pressure gauge I just ordered for my Pete, if your ordering parts for your trucks you might save some money with them, here's the web site, https://bigrigworld.com/ I had not heard of this shop, found them when I had spent the better part of four hours online looking for an OEM fuel pressure gauge, their cost with tax and shipping was over 80 dollars cheaper for the EXACT same item then any other shop I could find. I could have gotten a generic part cheaper but since owning my truck I have made it a point to replace anything needed with genuine OEM parts whenever possible. Some of the things I have replaced were NOT OEM for example the windshield wiper motor, the real part cost about 65 dollars more but it was nearly twice as big in diameter, 3/4 of an inch longer and ALL of the electrical components were sealed in clear epoxy where the electrical components on the one that I replaced were covered in corrosion. Now I am waiting on the part to come so I can be finished with the work I am now doing on the Pete. Dave
  10. Howdy Darryl, Thanks for the suggestion, I looked closely at the gauge and can't see anyway to get at the needle with destroying the gauge. The face/glass is enclosed in a steel assembly that is pressed onto the body of the gauge and then rolled over to attach and seal it to the body. Could probably get it apart but don't see anyway to reattach it and roll the outer diameter to seal it to the body. Dave
  11. Howdy All, Changed out the fuel filters today, easy task. Found that my in dash fuel pressure gauge is not working properly, since I have owned the truck 46,000 miles ago the gauge when the engine is running has always read 75psi but the needle fluttered a bit. When the engine is not running it reads 50psi and when running goes past the max reading of 100psi and stops when it hit a small pin just under 5psi. I took the gauge out, cleaned everything that I could, reinstalled it and it still sits at 50psi when not running and goes past the 100 psi marking and stops at the pin that is under the 5psi reading. So I am thinking the gauge has gone bad. Looking online a used gauge is going for a 100 dollars or more, hate to think of what new gauge is going to cost but I can't see replacing it with a used one that might not work or probably won't last that long. Dave
  12. Howdy All, Busy day today. Started with cutting down a 55 gallon oil drum to make an oil drain pan, if you make it 9 inches tall it will fit under the oil pan guard that runs under the oil pan that channel iron guard is in perfect alignment with the drain plug on the C15. So as I am gathering up the oil and filter, I start the engine let it run for 20 minuets. I push the drain pan under the engine poke a hole in the bottom of the oil filter and take the drain plug out, sure as poop the oil blasts out of the pan and right into the under the pan guard. Oil all over the place, after about five seconds the oil slows down to a flow that misses the guard and 99% of it goes into the drain pan. So now it's oil filter time, when I had the oil changed at the local Freightliner dealer the last time they must have put that filter on with a cheater bar on the strap wrench. I did have to use a two foot long piece of pipe on my strap wrench to get it loose, thought the strap was going to break but it held. Put in the new oil, installed the new filter, started the engine, 70psi oil pressure, no leaks at the filter or the drain plug. Tomorrows task will be changing the fuel filters, I wonder what delights that will bring to my day. Dave
  13. Howdy All, Replaced the AC/Heater fan resister and the fan motor assembly. Got some serious air movement now. Dave
  14. Howdy Larry, The saga, and the trucks name, are worthy of tales told round the campfire for ages to come. Well done Sir, well done. Dave
  15. Howdy All, I have contacted many of the folks I know who have been attending the after rally and so far none of them will be in attendance this year. They all have travel plans that will keep them away from the WCR or the after rally. Because of trees falling on our home and dealing with that mess we missed out on going south for the last winter and thus missed seeing and spending time with our HDT friends. So if anyone is planning to attend the after rally please post here so we can decide what our plans will be for that time of year. Thanks. Dave
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