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  1. Howdy All, Chad wired up the LED light bars on my CAN AM, he also finished up the solar install on Dave's trailer and then he figured out a work around so that the bunks go up and down in the garage of my toy hauler. To say that Chad has been busy the last couple of days is an understatement, THANK YOU Chad. So tomorrow, the 13th, we head to Bakersfield, where will over night in an RV Park, leave the morning of the 14th and arrive later that day at the La Posa South, LTVA a few miles south of Quartszite. Really looking forward to meeting up with old friends and making new ones unde
  2. Howdy All, We made it to Chad's home about 4:PM yesterday, spent the evening eating pizza, tossing cold ones and swapping tall tales. Got up this morning the sun was shining, lite overcast but the sun could still be seen. Went for a walk to loosen the knees up, pulled out my chair and sat alongside of the trailer with the sun shining on me, what a wonderful way to start the day. I suppose I'll wander up and see how Chad is coming with Dave's solar install, the "mini rally" is going well. Dave
  3. Howdy ricky, Roger that, words of truth those are in deed. Dave
  4. Howdy rpsinc, Your words are wise and well headed. I fully realize I am not 50 anymore, I have slowed down considerably compared to what I used to be. I don't have any problems driving the truck or cars, it's the motorcycles that may have to be retired sad as that is as they have been a major component of my life for over 60 years. I have even in my wilder days always considered the RISK to OTHERS not so much to myself but I have striven to never put others at risk when doing what ever it is that I enjoy doing. I have put up with a lot of grief from my Sport Bike friends especiall
  5. Howdy Brad, Until the darn sciatic hit me real hard the knee recovery was coming along great. The back surgery went wonderfully, no back pain at all however it triggered the nerves that were cut during the knee replacements so now I am having occasional nerve pain that is quite sever and it has over all set back my walking ability, I am now using two canes but I am getting BETTER. I think getting out of this horrible damp-cold climate is going to do wonders for my over all condition. Glad to hear you enjoying yourself, I tried golf, ONCE, I was as successful at golf as I was when a
  6. Howdy Chad, good morning to you Sir. Sounds like you have been busy, took the tree out and put power in, pretty soon I'll be bugging you to adopt me. Dave
  7. Howdy Cory, Maybe on the way home we can stop by your home, no promises depends on weather and finding a place to spend the night, they weren't real happy with me when I stayed at the Walmart a few miles from you the last time I stopped. Right now the "mission" is to escape and evade the Nor-Wet ASAP. Dave
  8. Howdy Chad, Sounds like fun to me. Is there room for me to turn around up by your home and park down below like the first time I stayed at your home? Did you get that tree taken down to make the turn around easier for my ole long nose truck? Going to hit the hay in a bit, I don't know why, won't be able to sleep anyway, it's always this way when I am going someplace but especially now after being at home for so long. Dave
  9. Howdy Tim, Well, your last post changes things, if you know Chad well and camp with him often you have probably heard rumors of my inability to drive 55mph. If that is true, I will have to plead the 5th Amendment, and say no more as I don't want to incriminate myself. Dave
  10. Howdy Tim, I have the opposite problem, I can't tell you how many times people will walk up to me and start talking to me like we are life long friends, and I don't remember where or when I met them, going to a lot of different kinds of rallies over the years has that affect. I hope they remember me because of something good that I did not something dumb. I have an old truck, it meanders down the road, Chad, has the new rebuilt engine he's the one you have to keep in sight. Dave
  11. Howdy ricky, "I" for one don't plan on going to the big tent, to crazy for me even if it weren't for the health risk. I am going down there to be like snake or a lizard and sun myself on the warm sand and rocks, these old bones are sick and tired of the damp cold where we live. Dave
  12. Howdy Tim, Please forgive me, I have met so many people over the years I can't keep names straight but I am pretty good remembering faces and vehicles when I see them again. It will be fun to add you to our little convoy, I'll do my best to keep up. Safe travels to you. Dave
  13. Howdy noteven, Will do. I am going to miss visiting with many of my Canadian friends again this winter, missed all ya all not being able to make the WCR. Hoping some sanity will soon prevail in your country, I have pretty much given up on mine. Dave
  14. Howdy All, It's finally happening, getting the heck out of the Nor-Wet GLOOM, trailer is loaded, truck has been checked out, new wiper blades installed, fuel tanks are full, leaving at O:dark 30 in the AM. First stop will be over-night at Walmart in Grants Pass, next mooch-docking at Chad's home to get some LED light bars wired on the CAN AM, hopefully get the electric bunks to go up and down in the trailer then we will convoy to Quartszite where we will meet up with HDT friends and do some quality camping and lie swapping. This last year has been a rough one, recovering from having
  15. mr. cob

    Dream Truck

    Howdy All, This must be an Australian truck, note the huge fuel tank and the stone-debris guard near the bottom of the windshield. This was common on all the Road Train tractors I saw whilst down under. Dave
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