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  1. Howdy Mark, I rarely use the resource guide nowadays, however 7 years ago when I was first thinking about and the getting into the HDT world it was a priceless resource that I used MANY MANY times. I think its well worth keeping it going and sure do appreciate all the work it took to establish it and to continue it. Dave
  2. Howdy Exile, Over the last three years that I have been buying the occasional part that my Pete has needed I have found their prices to either be the same or cheaper then what I paid for Freightliner parts. Dave
  3. mr. cob

    Almost a bad day

    Howdy Jim, You should run out and buy a lotto ticket, sounds like you really lucked out on this deal. Dave
  4. mr. cob


    Howdy rickei, Well I can't speak to you or Randy's sanity, as I only claim to be "Semi-Sane" I figure I am good for a while................. Dave
  5. mr. cob

    Gps for hdt

    Howdy steamynachos, I have an older Garmin RV 7something GPS and like it. You can input into the GPS your setups lenght, weight and height, that will keep you off of most roads that could give you grief. A Truckers Atlas, along with any GPS is your best friend and NOTHING beats local knowledge if you really want to know what the road ahead holds in store. Dave
  6. Howdy Exile, Go to any Peterbilt shop-store, give them the last 6 numbers of your VIN and they should be able to tell you everything about the build of your truck and have a list of the parts in it. With our older trucks some of those parts may no-longer be available but what your looking for should be kinda standard throughout the years and models. Dave
  7. Howdy Friz, I had to call and speak to a lady who helped me get it downloaded, it now works but it isn't as good as the old app. The old app would let you make a route and show fuel prices along that route, the new one doesn't do that hopefully this will be updated as time goes on. Dave
  8. Howdy Twotoes, I now have the new app working, but this version doesn't have the routing capability like the old one where you could ask for a route that showed the lowest prices on that route. Hopefully this is something will be added later. Dave
  9. Howdy DesertMiner, Thanks, it took a while but talking to the lady with a HEAVY southern accent I finally goterdone. Dave
  10. Howdy All, I got the email to sign up for the new app, but it won't accept my old email ( which hasn't changed in the last 20 years ) address as my user name, tried to re-register, won't let me do it, can't find a phone number to call, any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks. Dave
  11. Howdy All, I spent a lot of time researching this issue today with representatives of the Hartford insurance company. After talking to my agent, a local agent and talking to the folks at the headquarters of the Hartford company I am satisfied that our home so long as it is our permanent and primary residence is insured so long as we return to it after our trip regardless of duration. If we have the house for sale and aren't living in it then it wouldn't be covered under the normal policy, or if we were to buy and live in a different house never intending to again live in the first house the regular policy would not be in affect. For these types of situations something other then a regular home policy is needed. With that, we are going boondocking this coming winter. Dave
  12. Howdy All, This is off topic concerning HDT's but it may concern others who use HDT's or other RV's and are away from home for extended periods. I have heard that if you are away from your home for an extended period that your insurance company may consider your home abandoned, vacant or unoccupied, thereby voiding your home insurance coverage. I have heard that the period of your being away from home that will trigger this voiding of your home insurance can vary from 30-180 days. I have heard that a person can buy special insurance that will cover your home when you are away for an extended time. We have our home insured with the Hartford through AARP, today I called and asked about this situation and was told over the phone not to worry that as long as the home that was insured was our primary residence and that we returned to it after a trip regardless of duration within the insured YEAR the policy covered that our home was fully insured during our absents. I asked if I could receive in the mail on company letter head something stating what I had been told on the phone and was told that there was nothing in writing that could be sent, as it was part of the underwriting system. So my question to the group is this, what is YOUR experience when you leave from home for an extended period of time when it comes to home insurance coverage, do you have something in writing from your insurance company spelling out that your home is covered, do YOU have special insurance that covers your home while your gone? We want to spend about 4 months away this coming winter but I am concerned about home insurance and don't want to find out the hard way that we end up with a HUGE loss if something should happen while we are gone. Any information you can share will be most appreciated, thanks. Dave
  13. mr. cob

    Off road and winter

    Howdy Nwcid, Found this, put a sleeper on the rear deck and call it good, yeah it's not as nice inside as the usual HDT used for dragging a camper but it should do what you want to do and its CHEAP. $17,500 Get Financing as low as $294.00/month* Stock #: - Odometer: - Military Trucks - EXTRA LONG WHEEL BASE- DUAL 14 X 20 DRIVE TIRES, HEAVY REINFORCED FRAME, CAB HEAT, CUMMINS DIESEL, 5 SPEED TRANSMISSION, CAB HARD TOP, EXCELLENT SHAPE, MILITARY REBUILD T... More Info Eastern Surplus & Equipment Philadelphia, PA Dave
  14. Howdy iddy, That's thinking outside the box, very cool and looks like it will work great. Dave
  15. mr. cob

    Getting closer..

    Howdy Jay, The important thing is if your truck suits your needs and YOUR happy with it that’s all that matters. We jest with each other but it is truly in jest, well all except Jim and his Western Star and Aaron and his Volvo, I camp with those folks so teasing each other is just part of the round the campfire laughter. Dave
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