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  1. Howdy Dennis, That, is one heck of a deal for the future owner, good luck in your sale. Dave
  2. mr. cob

    My Bed design

    Howdy Robert, Well done Sir, well done indeed. Safe travels to you, enjoy the fruits of your labor. Dave
  3. Howdy Mike, Welcome. I would strongly suggest attending one of the rallies, sometimes there are finished rigs for sale sometimes not but the main reason to go is to look at all the many different ways others have gone about doing what your thinking about doing. Saving up to be able to JUMP on a deal when it comes down the road is a very wise thing to do. Unless you do all or most of the conversion yourself it's often times cheaper to buy a turn key setup if you find one that fulfills your needs. THINK long and hard about what YOU want from the truck and trailer, THINK about if you want to carry something behind the sleeper, Smart Car, Jeep, etc. when buying a toy hauler in my opinion you can't have too large of a garage but you sure can have too little and regret it later when the new toy doesn't fit in the old trailer. As with everything things change new folks come into this lifestyle older folks such as myself will in time hand the keys to someone else, that's when you can usually pick up the best deals, buy a well thought out, proven setup for a reasonable price ready to fill with fuel and go down the road. The only disadvantage I can see with your plan, buying-building now but planing to use the setup years down the road, is that we never know what curve life is going to throw at us. My advise, BUY, BUILD, USE as soon and as much as you can while your younger, there's always time to get old andretire. Dave
  4. Howdy Pete, I agree, problem is I am not much of a campground type of person and when I am on my way to a destination I only need a place to stay for a few hours. That and where I go there often times aren't any campgrounds in the immediate area and I can't see adding more travel time and distance to the trip to pay 35-50 dollars just for a place to park for a few hours to get some sleep. The bums have ruined Walmart over night parking and staying at remote rest areas is getting to the point where it's more dangerous then spending the night in a truck stop. As long as I am on a rant, might as well add, "Get off my lawn" in my most sincere "Cob" ( Crabby old bastard ) voice. Oh, and don't forget the "Mr." 😄 Dave
  5. Howdy Pete, Having had a 3500 dualy Ram and a HUGE BigFoot camper with only one slide, in truth it was over loaded. You already have the perfect truck to haul your camper and still tow a trailer for toys or whatever if you need or want too, Just keep the KW you know it will do the job and it sure sounds like you enjoy having a real truck. Dave
  6. Howdy All, Well, I am NOT a happy camper, a very pi$$ed off camper would be a much more appropriate term. After all the hassle and expense of getting the appraisal on my truck, my agent at Miller insurance can't find a company that offers insurance in the Peoples Republik of washington, that will give an "AGREED VALUE" policy on my truck. So I am stuck with Progressive who will only pay in case of total loss "ACTUAL CASH VALUE". However now that I have in hand an actual appraisal of it's worth I can at least FIGHT them if God forbid something happens and I end up somehow having the truck badly damaged or worst case totaled. My main concern is when parked in rest area or if I have to spend the night in a truck stop and some jerk who can't drive pulls out and tears the front end off my truck the darned insurance company would total the truck as in all probability it would cost 10-15K to replace the Hood, fenders and all the other things bumper, radiators ect that such a crash would entail. Like I said in my first post to this thread, I don't mind paying for insurance but I don't like getting ripped off in the process. What pi$$'s me off the most is Nationwide gave me a quote that was higher then what I am paying now but was acceptable as it would have paid an Agreed Value, after seeing photos of the truck and trailer, they said "the vehicle was too large". How in the HELL are you folks who have an AGREED VALUE policy on your trucks getting it and WHO are you insured with? Dave
  7. Howdy Rick, Using the plywood as a guide is a darn good idea, however using a hole saw to cut that size hole in 3/16" steel is going to take a good heavy duty drill to drive it and a high quality hole saw that will probably be dull when the job is done, that's a lot of metal to be removed and a cheap hole saw ain't gonna do it. If you try it with a cheap hole saw it will get dull and work harden the steel, this will knock the edge off of the good hole saw you will buy to finish the job, cheaper to spend the money on a good hole saw to begin with, take my word on this, been there, done that. Dave
  8. mr. cob

    All In

    Howdy All, This must be a "thing", I sold the 3500 Ram, after keeping it around for 3 years after buying the Freightliner, just didn't use it and it was worth less every day it sat, lost $$$$$$$$$$ big time on that deal after buying it new and only putting 89,000 miles on it in 13 years. Dave
  9. Howdy Dan, You may be on to something, I would "assume" if the RV truck had over turned the camper would be wreaked and that exhaust pipe sure wouldn't be standing tall over the cab. I think there is more to this story. Dave
  10. Howdy Dan, As to the 7 month thing, we are not full time so that is not a problem for us at this time. I am "assuming" AGV, means agreed value, I am also "assuming" your talking about insuring the Class C, motor home in your signature. If these assumptions are correct we are talking about insuring two completely different types of RV, getting insurance on a Class C is EASY compared to a HDT converted into a motor home. Dave
  11. Howdy Robert, I use 12 ramps, my bed when the air is dropped it 45 inches from ground level. I use a Harbor Freight, 3,500 pound winch, at first I did the double line pulls, to slow, didn't need it and keeping the cable from snarling when winding in was a problem. I cut the cable from 50 feet to 25 and now use just a single line to pull the Smart Car onto the deck with no problem as far as winching power and the cable winds in easily with no snarling as there is plenty of room on the drum. Works for me. Dave
  12. Howdy All, An update on this continuing saga, working through Miller Insurance, very good folks, Roxanne let me know that even with the appraisal Progressive will not write an agreed value policy, she said Progressive would write the policy with a stated value of $55,000.00 but it would be an actual cash value policy meaning that Progressive would take the appraised value as a guide but would still set a value in case of total loss at what Progressive thought was the actual cash value. Long story short, they would charge me more but still bulk at paying what the truck was appraised at. However she did find a company that would insure the truck at an agreed value of $55.000.00 the company is called "Nationwide" does anyone have any experience dealing with this company? I would like to have the opinion of others who have dealt with Nationwide, good or bad before I commit to doing this, thanks. Going with Nationwide would cost me 61 cents a day more then staying with Progressive, I am leaning real hard towards Nationwide. Dave
  13. Howdy rickeieio, I am to darn gimped up to do much of anything anymore, if someone in a rest area tore off the front fender and Hood of the Pete it would probably cost more to repair then what the insurance would pay at what they call actual cash value. I am sure they would total the truck for what it would cost to repair such damage. So when I get the quote I have to consider such things. Dave
  14. Howdy All, I mentioned earlier in this thread where under the advise of Roxanne who works for Miller Insurance, that I should get a professional appraisal of my truck in its present condition as a "motor home". I just a few minutes ago got the email copy of the appraisal the hard copy will be coming in the mail. My truck has been appraised at $55,000.00 So now I am working with Miller to see what an AGREED VALUE insurance policy is going to cost, I know it will be higher then what the regular quote is but at least if something happens I should be compensated for my loss. I'll let you folks know how this goes. Dave
  15. Howdy Glenn, I am assuming your replying to my post. I have a full flat top covering on my deck, there is about 5,6 inches of clearance under the car, plenty of room to place the drain pan and use a wrench to remove-replace oil drain plug and filter. My Smart Car, is the Barbus model and is lower then the other Smart Car models. Dave
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