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  1. Howdy Cory, My post was in jest but should you ever decide to do such a thing I am sure you could supplement your income as folks such as "I" are to gimped up or lazy to do the job themselves, "me" I fall into both of the above categories. Dave
  2. Howdy Cory, Lookin great, seeing as you are young and have all this excess energy how about I drop my truck off you to polish it up, call me when it's ready to pick up. Dave
  3. Howdy spindrift, There are some of the "super trucker" things that I really like, for example when I ordered new seats for the Pete, I went with the LOW seat mounts, I don't care what anyone says or thinks the low mounts make the ride so much more comfortable, when I am in traffic I raise them up to where I can see over the "Hood" when I am droning down the interstate I drop them down to where my legs are MUCH more comfortable. Don't need or want an extended shifter, and the monster pipes to me just look so out of place. I bought the type of truck I now drive because I LOVE the "lo
  4. Howdy Darryl, I have looked at all those places, can't find what I want, I guess I'll have to make some calls and see if I can get to a human being rather then a recording or some on line chat robot as "I" am getting nowhere on my own. Dave
  5. Howdy rpsinc, I understand what your saying and honestly pity anyone who is in business who is trying to make a profit without ripping off their customers. I would wager that much of this is dictated by government and not by the person providing the service, such is life in the land of the free. Dave
  6. Howdy All, If I drove a Volvo, I wouldn't have this problem, trying to find a "STOCK" replacement exhaust system for a Peterbilt 379, is next to impossible. I swear I have spent many HOURS on line looking for a stock 5 inch diameter exhaust system and have come up with nothing, 6", 7", 8", 10" can be had darn near anywhere. I finally gave in and checked with the local Pete, shop, yes I was sitting down and I still nearly passed out when they quoted me a price on the stock 5 inch system. On the quote there were no part numbers, just said system so you can't cross reference anything. Th
  7. Howdy All, Thanks for the replies, I remember back in the mid 60's I had a Chevy that would do this every now and then, drove that car for years never did fix what ever it was, just rap the starter with a tire iron or hammer and it would stop running. As this has only happened once I am not going to be to concerned about it unless the smack it fix no longer works if it starts to happen on a regular basis I'll take it to a shop no way I can get my gimped up self under there and lift that starter out if that's what it takes to fix it. Dave
  8. Howdy All, Thought I would put this question to the group, while pulling up to the dump station waiting in line in Quartszite, after shutting the engine off the next time I went to start the engine the starter motor ran but it did not engage the ring gear on the flywheel. No scary noises, no damage done, it just ran, turned the key off, still ran, got my ball peen hammer out of the tool box tapped the outside of the starter motor it stopped running. Turned the key the starter engaged and all was well. I have driven the Pete, over 40,000 miles in the last three years, started it countle
  9. Howdy All, I'll second the suggestion of a transmission with more gears, on of the things I hated about the 10 speed Auto-Shift, was the gap between 9th and 10th. Now with the 18 speed Auto-Shift, there is a forward gear for any situation it really makes a difference when stuck in traffic or when driving in the mountains, up or down the grade. Oh and having three speeds in reverse is great, low reverse makes backing to the pin or tight maneuvering much easier. Dave
  10. Howdy KJ, One of the things important to "me" is the look of the whole rig. My first HDT was a singled Freightliner Columbia, a great truck and one I would still be driving if we hadn't bought the Smart Car. I bought the Freigthliner as a turn key truck, it did a great job of dragging the trailer but I just never liked the "look" of the combination, the condo roof line didn't match well with the roof line of the trailer. This is an old photo of the Columbia and the then brand new toy hauler trailer, towing it home for the first time. To "me" the look of the lower roof
  11. Howdy KJ, "cardboard" is your best friend. As a long time fabricator, I long ago learned to use cardboard mock ups to to see exactly how much space things take up and how best to lay out what ever it is that needs to be mounted, carried or just put someplace in particular. Draw out on the driveway or garage floor with chalk the proposed outline of your truck bed, make a cardboard representation of your Smart Car's, foot print, the hitch and area needed to insure that when the Smart Car is loaded and you are hooked up to the trailer everything will clear when you put the truck 90 degrees
  12. Howdy KJ, I understand your wanting to be short but unless you plan on boondocking on two track forest service roads or putting your rig into very old State forest campsites in "my opinion" your over thinking this. I also tow a 44' 10" trailer and I do need a few acres ( not 40 ) to turn my rig around as my overall lenght is 72 feet but I have been able to get into many spots that leave the spectators scratching their heads wondering how the heck did he do that. The shorter your tractor the chopper the ride, having had a Freightliner that was singled and shortened mid, "I" much pre
  13. Howdy Jon, I like the "Classic" look that's why I bought and ( bilt ) the Pete, the huge pipe to me just look so out of place. I would not give up the heat shields nor the grab bars so when the money hits the counter I am leaning toward just going down to the local Peterbilt store, giving them the last six of my VIN number and getting another stock setup that way I know it will fit and be made of good quality materials. The one complaint I have and it's a major issue for the wife unit is lack of good grab bars in the cab itself; on the drivers side you can grab the steering wheel on
  14. Howdy All, Where we live about 50 miles northeast of seattle ( way to close to that nut house ) there is still a lot of logging and rock-gravel hauling being done, 5 operating gravel-rock pits within 20 miles of our home. When it comes to hauling gravel-rock it's about 50% Pete's, 25% Kenworth's, 15% Mack's and 10% others have NEVER seen a Volvo hauling logs, gravel, rock, or heavy equipment in this area. A while back on another thread folks were discussing the single axle Pete's hauling hay in california, until reading that thread I had never given them any thought or even knew the
  15. Howdy Darryl, Nah, I'll pass. I do like the look of the 6 inch pipes anything larger to me just looks out of place, Still want more chicken lights and chrome but the pipes have to come first. Dave
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