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  1. For tensioner, pulling, alternators that have multiple manufacturors, you might find it best to hit FleetPride. They've always done ok by me. I then go to dealer.
  2. spindrift

    $105.00 Mistake

    Don't send an F350? Whaaaat??!!
  3. Good question...and I don't know the answer but if I were a betting man, I'd vote yes. No one needs an unnecessary stop by an LEO.
  4. spindrift

    Soft starts

    An embarrassing question... Do you have to purchase one softstart for each appliance that creates a large inrush at start-up?
  5. spindrift

    Soft starts

    Holy Cow!! You only posted Thursday night.
  6. spindrift

    Soft starts

    Thank you all. Looks as though I have another project to complete.
  7. spindrift

    Soft starts

    Manufacturer and model, please.
  8. spindrift

    Soft starts

    I expect that we'll be in locations that only provide 30A service. With our larger RVs, I'm thinking that a soft start for my A/C units would be a wise accessory to consider, especially in our summer heat. Have any of y'all installed one and has it performed as advertised?
  9. spindrift

    Volvo for sale

    They were advertised in Truck Paper. You might have more luck with that search.
  10. spindrift

    Volvo for sale

    Just saw that three (3) 730s are for sale through Bruckner's Truck & Equipment. Two are located in OKC and the other is in Amarillo.
  11. And I'll add 4statetrucks.com to the list. 5" is available. But honestly, Dave, isn't this the best time to upgrade to an 8" system?! 😁
  12. spindrift

    Dream Truck

    Nah...I saw the same pic in your first post. For all we know, that could be the dealer's lot. 😉 Can you post a vid of the interior on this here thread?? Regardless, very purdy. Looking forward to seeing the final product in Texas some day.
  13. spindrift

    Dream Truck

    I call BS! Pics or it didn't happen.
  14. spindrift

    Dream Truck

    Congratulations! Now tell us more...namely, what sold you?
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