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  1. Three minutes of my life that I'll never get back.
  2. Liner clamps https://www.hoseclampkings.com/cat-140-1-151/liner-clamps.htm
  3. Run, don't walk, to your nearest Cummins dealer and have them turn up that engine. The M-11 is a decent hunk of iron.
  4. Easy ride. You should have no problems except for the usual Cincy traffic and the oftentimes congestion around Lexington. There's a decent climb going south on I-75 on the KY side just as you cross the Ohio River coming out of the city. If you've got power, don't get stuck in the far right climbing lane or you might get trapped by faster traffic. I'm sure @rickeieiowill be able to offer another perspective.
  5. spindrift

    Dream Truck

    I hear 'ya loud and clear. The first day of reduced leg room can be managed...to a degree. The second, third and fourth days; not so easy. Aim high, my friend.
  6. spindrift

    Dream Truck

    And at our age, I'm perfectly willing to pay more for extra comfort and a happy wife. 😉
  7. spindrift

    Dream Truck

    Good gawd man, you had me skeered for a minute.
  8. It looks to be a beautiful unit. I can tell you I'm seeing a greater number of the larger units on the road that have very little window space. Personally, I don't get it.
  9. spindrift

    Dream Truck

    Please, stay away from that engine. It's a Frankenstein. And yes, I'm biased.
  10. spindrift

    Dream Truck

    If you're looking at a 680, why not the 579 as well?
  11. 12/09!!!!!!!!!!!!! You MUST be a farm boy.
  12. Before too much time is spent on checking line voltage and amps, I'd check all connections, terminal ends and torque to spec any lugs.
  13. Can we assume no gen faults showing?
  14. Kudos to you for being able to get under the truck in the first place!! 👍👍
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