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  1. billr

    What have I done...

    Love the truck! Great job on the bed! Nice floor plan on the Trailer! Congrats. While you’re at Morryde , ask them to replace the stock bearings with Timkin USA bearings. It’s an option they offer on the IS install. You won’t regret it.
  2. There is one for sale on the DRV owners group for sale FB page you need to be a member there. But I sent seller a msg to look here for you. 😊
  3. I know you poured your all into getting this truck ready to go! Sorry to hear you are selling. Good luck on the sale and also and most of all, the best in your health! Bill
  4. I’ll just add that we have Hopper 3 and two wireless Joeys. Works great. Also traveler with DPH 42. Transfer equipment to house as well with outdoor dish antenna. Hopper 3 is the best!
  5. If they haven’t been off for a long time, might have to use the Hot wrench.
  6. billr

    Brake Job

    FWIW I picked up a Milwaukee 1/2 drive fuel impact at Home Depot. I was in need to get wheels off and this fit the bill at $250. I already had 5 Amp batts. I know it’s not the higher rated impact of a 3/4” but it’s perfect for my use. It pounds off the lugs with over 1000ftbs and able to tighten them without over torquing but real close when torqued checked. Came in handy on the Morryde suspension I had to replace. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Milwaukee-M18-FUEL-18-Volt-Lithium-Ion-Brushless-Cordless-1-2-in-Impact-Wrench-with-Pin-Detent-Tool-Only-2766-20/302675406?MERCH=REC-_-pip_alternatives-_-313511878-_-302675406-_-N&
  7. If you can route all three cables from traveler to inside to the switch then yes inside for sure.
  8. Roof time sorry... Check the connections of the phone like cables. Corrosion is possible. They are under the return plenum. Where all cables and power wiring come in from ceiling up into unit. Had same fault before no resets fixed. Found totally corroded connection. Mine was on the # 3 AC rear, but had no zones showing and E1 fault. Fixed connection and was good.
  9. Yes not bad job. Seats a bit awkward and heavy. An extra pair of hands are good. I used the adapters and they were perfect. At least the ones I got were. No issues. Air lines easy push pull.
  10. 4 ea Brand New in boxes with screws (extras too) Chrome Hub covers to fit 17.5” Hi Spec Aluminum wheels. Will fit most later model DRVs. Held on by two screws. $25 each plus exact post shipping. These are $48 ea online.
  11. billr

    Pack Bearings

    Exactly, if you want to.
  12. I think it’s a similar deal.
  13. We put in Sears Elite 80 seats about 9 yrs ago. Replaced the stock Nationals that were shot. Night and day. We like them. Best price we found was Kenworth Atlanta. They were like $1300 a set. Although 9 yrs ago. 🤔
  14. Call the guy. He will be sure you get right ones sized to the location. I installed on cab bags first then got them for the rear bags and Air Hitch bags. I noticed a difference in the cab for sure. It slows the reaction on hitch up and down a bit.
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