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  1. Been using the 12’ , 19” big boys ramps for 11 yrs no rub as long as use an offload area with bit higher on load side. Even if a rub it’s minimal no issues. Mostly with me in car driving off. Almost never winching on. May bed is a bit high with ramp storage under bed top of frame.
  2. Thanks for posting! Gives me the kick I needed to replace these things! Lol I hit my head all the time! Duh. Ordered! Arrive Monday yay
  3. 30’ 50 amp 4 prong Female to Male Extension cord and Marinco style to 50 amp male adapter used maybe once. So basically new. Hauled around a couple years. No longer needed. Heavy duty cord. $100 for both Suggest pickup or meet in central Florida. Orlando area but we are in Brooksville, Williston often. Can meet too. Shipping at buyers expense.
  4. billr


    We use TSD card and strictly truck stops. We plan our fuel stops based in best discount through the app. Companies vary but we always save more than any non truck stop. Recently the savings have been around .60 or so off cash price. But we saw well over $1 last spring. Were FJ GS users before. .08c discount. No more.
  5. Our price lock was up end of Nov. we worked with loyalty dept and the $72 increase was erased. He was able to find several options to drop the rates and we are right where we were for past two years. We lease our equipment so no changes there for us but we do have a reduction as we always had for Hopper 3 and two Joeys. The best deal was for one year right now. He said to call back during the year to see if the two year programs get better. The often do. This person was way better to work with than std CSR.
  6. We were able to change service location to chase locals over tge past month and have them available. Three changes. Was on phone with Dish Loyalty dept to get our rates adjusted after incentives ended. They took care of us and found out that Apollo has settled with Dish. So we were able to change back to the Local in Orlando and ABC was back along with the rest. He mentioned that Nextsar(I think) should be settled in Jan sometime.
  7. billr


    Like said check slacks , maybe get brakes inspected by a tech. I had glazed front drums and cracked shoes years ago , not long after we bought the truck. I had nothing to compare it to. But after replacing everything it was a new truck stopping. On our truck with trailer connection plugged I prefer the feel of the brakes with trailer brake knob in all the time. I don’t like at all with it out. I feels like I’ll never slow down. Tractor protection valve. That being said, I always try to never need the brakes allow that space to let the Jake do the job.
  8. I’m still looking here for the pics of mice with boxing gloves on! 😉
  9. billr

    Water hose help!

    I hear ya. Bit pricy I know. I will stick with them as the performance has been 100% better than any others we ever had. 12yrs plus still in use. I like two 25’ hoses. I see they are $62.50 now. I think I paid like $50 ea when I bought them. I’d still buy them now if I needed more. I sell the Camco std hoses on our CG store for $20 for a 25’. That what most want to spend and own. All the leaking kinked up hoses we see on rigs are those type. Lol
  10. billr

    Water hose help!

    Water filter store hoses custom made not crazy $. Have used these for over 12 yrs on our fifth wheel. Moved them to a park model and they are in 5th year. Using shorter hoses from them for softener etc. They hold up very well. A new set are in use now on our current fifth wheel.
  11. Thanks Mark! 1. Yes still use and refer to newbies from Facebook! Lol 2. I use IPhone primarily
  12. billr

    Almost a bad day

    Good work Jim! Sometimes you just get lucky, but picking up on the issue was skill on both your parts! 😉
  13. Call Neal Denison at Near North brokers. We use them for all our commercial goods and they can look after the import for you. They will tell you exactly what you need. https://www.borderdocs.com/brokers/brokerprofile?brokerID=3706 I know right now the border is an issue to go get it and carry back. If you can wait until the border opens, then ship to a freight location on US side and with the hand carry docs from broker you cruise right through. Might just be HST and no duty depending on commodity. Made in USA will help. Neal will advise.
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