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  1. Oh my wheelbase is 300..see my linked picture in footer.
  2. Interested to know how long the 780 Volvo is from bumper to bumper? Also the 760? Are these details on this site? Dennis
  3. The filters are the same ones used on my China made heater that sells for $140, I love these heaters and use it in the basement of my RV when winter camping. Has cut my propane cost in less than half. Facebook has a group that shares information and good resource for fixes.
  4. Tell us what make and model your 2003 charger is; most likely you will be purchasing a smart charger. New smart chargers can be left on 24x7 and will not over charge the batteries most are capable of lead acid, AGM and Lithium types. If you upgrade to AGM budget for a new charger if you do not your old charger will kill the AGM in a few years.
  5. Solar pannel has been the best solution for me using a 75 w panel
  6. I am about to pull the trigger on new seats found Legacy Silver seats sat in them recently and they are way better than the stock ones. Understand I need adapter plates ($80 each) to mount them and do air lines. Are these pretty straight forward to install? No shipping at my Denver Kenwood dealer.
  7. Never touched the leveling arm. Is there one for each axle or only one? Picture would be great or come by it is 60 today need this really bad the east bound guy knows me by name.
  8. It only trips going East and 50% of time it does not trip. Have measured at 13' 4".
  9. I would like to change my rear end air bag height by 2 inches. Can I do so safely and easily? My A/C trips over height sensor at a tunnel I70 but only going east bound. Will my drive line still be within spec?
  10. Reminder Brad, let me know what feels good. Thanks Dennis
  11. Nice rig, please tell me about how much carrying capacity the RV can carry. Also what is the dry weight of the RV and Wet weight. RV located where? Thanks
  12. In conclusion one must purchase a really large 45 foot Toy Hauler in order to pull lots of toys and stuff around the country. Thanks for helping me understand some of the math.....
  13. Thank you, so he really is over weight?
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