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  1. Black. Please provide update when available.
  2. Looking for a source to understand the height of bridges and overpasses from Salt Lake City I-80 East to Cheyenne Wy then South I-25 to Fort Collins. Pulling a boat that is 14 feet 2 inches. Pretty sure I am ok with my permits but need to double check.
  3. Congratulations Tom, I was parked next to you last year at the WCR and thought the guy that was looking at your truck everyday might have already purchased it, not the case. Stay safe. Dennis
  4. Use two Rear View Safety wired cameras and use them on every trip. Trailer connections made much easier and backing in general is much safer. Peace of mind and safety made this a good investment; wired system makes for clear pictures. My camera's work with no light and have speakers which are turned off.
  5. Cotreker

    Webasto bunk heater

    Most likely upgrading from 2 to 4 batteries in RV this spring. These will be AGM all new with one more solar panel. Only room for one more panel on my roof so most likely will go with a 160 watt panel, larger controller and combiner box. Already added a SOC meter.
  6. Cotreker


    I added a 65 watt solar panel to my bank of 4 sealed batteries. Clean terminals and top of batteries plus I use dielectric grease at terminals. Batteries are only 2 years old hoping for another 6 years. Big difference on starting the truck with solar, key on and fire up.
  7. Cotreker

    Webasto bunk heater

    Hey Kevin how did you fix your unit, did you have to tear it apart? Have not purchased one yet but pretty high on my "want list". Just after going from two batteries in RV to four and a second solar panel with larger controller. Dennis
  8. Is your by-pass valve open that allows you to draw pink antifreeze into the system? This could not be closed off 100% and the pump will see an open. Something to check. While pump is running walk around outside of the rig and check for water, most likely this has been done.
  9. Thanks Poohbear, 45 views and one response not what I wanted to hear but thanks anyway. As seen in my pictures of the rig this does not require auto jacks. My plans are to find something manual and either use two on the rear or go with all 4. I have a wonderful electric heavy duty 20v Kobalt impact that will extend them really quickly. The internet is our friend so I will keep looking. Dennis
  10. Interested in adding ecominical manual leveling jacks to my Semi. Done some research on a few items that are used on Semi trailers though they are overkill. The first is Landing Gears also called Jack Legs. These really carry the weight but are expensive and I would need the gear side for both sides so I can adjust each side when on uneven ground. The second manual product is called a Drop Leg will do what I want and cost much less $260 each. These are from Jost. I don't want to invest in a fully electric / hydraulic leveling system so looking for some type of a heavy duty manual system. Each jack must be capable of lifting about 6,000 to 12,000 lb's. My 36' Semi with Slide-In camper weighs about 25,000 lb's. Goal is to level some number of inches and stabilize the rig. If I find a product that does not have a long stroke I can always just put a 6x6" post on the ground to make things work. Any ideas? In my tagline is a link to pictures of my rig.
  11. Cotreker

    Hdt driveway material?

    A few years ago I built a 250 foot road over a very wet section of mountain property. I ordered Pit Run which is a combination of very large rocks and smaller rocks. At first I thought the large rocks were crazy to large but later I found they made the foundation of the road. If you just build the road with small road base the material will get pushed into the soil and you will be putting down rocks forever. Top off your road with lime or road base either crushed concrete or asphalt. Good luck, the dump truck also did get stuck and bad; it got pulled out with a 1-ton pickup.
  12. Cotreker

    BlueFire scanner

    For those that want to listen he is also a health expert so now my wife listens to him. Road Dog Trucking Radio - channel 146
  13. Cotreker

    BlueFire scanner

    Here is another unit that displays similar outputs found on Letstruck website. Kevin Rutherford has a truck talk show on XM that is really good on Friday's. $197; I want a method to view my boost and few other gauges. If you cannot measure it you can not improve it. https://letstruck.com/collections/scangaugekr
  14. Doing a little homework on pedestal surge protection devices 30amp. Most of you are most likely using 50 amp units but the companies most likely offer both. I am interested in the unit being capable of protecting for overload / underload and correct wiring at the pedestal. Which brand should I purchase? And do any of you connect this to your generator when you are boondocking, ie Honda 3000?. Dennis
  15. Update: Just came across this place that sells lots of Webasto heaters and other brands. Apucenter.com 417-736-3000 Webasto out the door for $700 pretty sure they are the good USA branded models yes made in Germany, 1 yr warranty but 2 yr warranty if they do the install. This winter we could have used one of these while snowmobiling, temps got down to -15 at night. Snow has been great the bath vanity did freeze up for a few hours.
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