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  1. Nice rig, please tell me about how much carrying capacity the RV can carry. Also what is the dry weight of the RV and Wet weight. RV located where? Thanks
  2. In conclusion one must purchase a really large 45 foot Toy Hauler in order to pull lots of toys and stuff around the country. Thanks for helping me understand some of the math.....
  3. Thank you, so he really is over weight?
  4. Rick, since I have not yet purchased a Toy Hauler 5er I want to learn how to make sure not to over load in the future. Any chance you can do a spreed sheet? If GVRW of trailer is : 13,600 and Trailer current weight is 11,800 Then: 1,800 available for trailer items. Maybe I am missing something else, is it that a truck axle is over the limit? Dennis
  5. Rick, make me understand how you figured out the trailer was over weight. This is just a learning session for me.
  6. I ended up purchasing the China knock off and it runs great; about $100 for entire kit.
  7. Thank you, I watched the video and information data sheet. Sounds like a neat device. I start a new job this week so maybe I can make you an offer? Dennis
  8. Brad did you take the pictures for Randy? Found them on the resource guide. Can"t wait to get side number two done, maybe next fall.....
  9. Tell me how I learn more about this item, I have a Volvo 06' with a 10 speed manual. Will my wife be no able to drive the rig? Thanks, Dennis
  10. Congratulations on the new rig, really nice. Call ahead if you are going to the car museum near Gateway some of the land might have got sold recently???? We did the ride on a Yamaha Stratoliner with a Harley team and the roads are great, deep canyons and twist few years back.
  11. This is the weak Volvo hood hindges. Need to reduce image size
  12. Want to really cut your propane cost switch over to the Diesel Cab heaters I installed one in my RV basement last year and it supplied tons of heat. My set up was less than $100 and it is one of the Chinese makes. Mine runs off a 10 liter (3 gal) fuel cell and runs all weekend. Want to learn more check out Facebook for the diesel cab heater group. Some guys buy 2 of them to have spare parts, but these parts are now available on Amazon as is the heater.
  13. My passenger side hinge has been broken a few months until taking on the job yesterday. Thanks to Brad Dadies & RandyA write up's I was able to take this project on. This was a one person job and did take every bit of 5 hours, might have been able to faster but I used a plate of stainless because that is what I had and I figured it needed to be strong. I now need to replace my supply of saw blades and drill bits. So since this is a custom fab job I changed up the design. I bolted my plate to the hinge arm with 2 grade 8 bolts 1/4" and pop riveted the bracket to the hood with 3/16" 1/
  14. This year just will not work for us, we are picking up a 8 week old puppy the week of this event. She is a German Shepherd pure breed and I can't wait to get her. Was also not able to make the WCR due to dog issues but dog life must go on. Steve I still play with the radios (ham) but could not get the license due to Covid. Finally got lots of channels programed into them with a different cable, heck these radios even do marine channels. Last year I attended this rally and got a ton of information, sorry to miss this year. Dennis, Westminster, Co
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