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  1. Howdy, I bought my insurance via Miller. My policy is with Progressive. I'm preparing for Texas domicile and have to change address to 257 RAINBOW DR. Looks like I can change address online but not sure if I have to proclaim I'm a full time RV'er now. I've been using a friends address for the past few months then my PO box. I hadn't intended to full time for sure and stumbled into it. Been a few months of not looking for a rental so here I am! I figure the 257 RAINBOW DR is red flagged and as soon as I enter that it will trigger something with progressive.....I just don't know.
  2. I have a lien so only registration and bill of sale and neither say anything about weight. I suppose it's the "sticker" that matters. BTW should I get some sort of letter from my lien holder/loan company maybe? Ya know...I've called twice and get an impatient operator who thinks all my questions are stupid so working it out here a better idea me thinks!
  3. Thanks! Online specs says GVWR 7600 lbs BUT sticker says GVWR 7300 lbs so I should be ok! Manufactured weight only 5300 lbs.
  4. Howdy again! I tow a trailer. Do I have to get the trailer inspected or just the tow vehicle for licensing and registration etc....? My rig is a Tunda and a Airstream Flying Cloud. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I signed up for Texas SKPs mail service. I'll be arriving in Livingston in March to complete my domicile process. I'll be staying at Rainbow's End. Is this where the mail is delivered? In other words when I'm there may I simply go to an office and receive my mail? Thanks!
  6. Howdy, I'm still planning on a Texas domicile but spoke with a Texan friend who mentioned some sort of business tax. I run a small online shop of my handmade turquoise jewelry on Etsy. AztexSilver if you want to see exactly what I refer to. Currently an AZ resident and file taxes there and simply pay tax on income....no extra tax because it's a business. My friends business was a bit more involved than mine but his attitude has raised financial issues I need to address before making the final decision. Any advice appreciated!
  7. Yes! I think it's an OK deal without the outrageous APR. As-is you would not see an advantage for over 5 years. As you say ~$400 gets you into a decent park almost anywhere. So to be locked in to a specific system needs more incentive in my book. PLUS...It's in-house finance. TT takes NO RISK once you sign up. Even if you default they simply sue you and rescind your access. I financed my Tundra to the tune of $36K at ~3% APR. If I default it's a HUGE expensive headache for the bank. I could hide the Tundra and they'd never get possession. Yet 3% APR assures they make a profit.....
  8. Let's go ahead and call it 17% APR.... Ridiculous! Comes out to ~$22,000 Not to mention yearly dues of at least $1000.... So over 5 years you'd pay at least $27,000... I thought last time I considered a 1000 Trails plan the APR was like 2%..... or even 0%.... Almost did it a couple years ago...The plan which was 90% of what this Adventure Pass is seemed much more reasonable...
  9. Holy cow! I have been receiving phone calls and emails about this and was pretty excited to see what it offers.... The program looks GREAT but the price? My quote on basic pass upgrade: "Get the Adventure membership for as low as $262.12 per month payable for 72 months at 16.99% APR. Based on a purchase price of $15,595." $16,000!!!!!!!! For a camping pass! Thousand Trails! You got brass! I'll give ya that!
  10. Thanks! I have a 2019 Airstream 25FB with curb weight of 5500 pounds. Maxes out at 7300 pounds. Should I get a Cat Scale slip within a few days of arriving in case an issue? I don't have one on hand but don't recall the VIN normally being attached though.....
  11. Howdy, Starting the process of Texas Domicile. I got a little confused Looks like getting the drivers license and registration the one thing that has to be planned with DPS appointments which I have done for March 3. Escapees told me step one is make an appointment which I have done. But... There's not an option for "new resident/DL/registration" and I just chose "Service not listed or my license is not eligible" option. Will this suffice or is there a specific option I should chose for such business? Reading through the guide provided by Escapees it looks like some other
  12. Problem with a shot gun is it's not a good idea to have around the campfire. Can't easily carry if the situation warrants.... I don't mind saying howdy to a fella packing at a campfire but some guy toting a shotgun will be avoided... I think most "assaults" will be when the bad guy has you outside so a good sidearm makes it very simple to be armed. If I'm locked in my RV there's very little for me to be concerned about. Grab a hand gun and hit 911 if need be. Think about it; Bad guys are not gong to come after you when locked inside. Even if a hand gun at that distance will suffice.
  13. Not sure what you're referring to... Sincerely, Arizona
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