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  1. Hi, Full time RV'er based out of Livingston TX, currently in NM. Anyone here using a credit union they like? Can I apply online? I'm self employed and want to take my business banking with me. I'd love to see if they can offer me a lower APR on a business credit card or line of credit. Established business, 765 FICO, no derogatory credit marks or red flags. I'd bring my cash savings over with me. I'm a real good bet to do business with! Thanks!
  2. Frankly Dan... you're getting yourself all worked up over something that's none of your business. The idea someone can lay out there life situation in a few paragraphs here and you actually able to grasp the challenges is ridiculous. As others have numerated there is a long list of "what about's" the court takes into consideration so they are quite relevant to the discussion. You'd make a lousy juror since you're tunnel vision preconceived notions are antithetical to the entire legal process. I refuse to judge someone on there motivations for being excused from jury duty. I've explained about 1% of the challenges I face and assume others have similar details. My objective for this thread was to determine if I can vote or if it will bring an unwelcome burden to me I'd have less control of. I'm doing OK but Covid has offered a lot of challenges for my business. I have to make plans week to week instead of relying upon one big event to stock up and make connections. Just finishing my 2020 taxes I had over 3000 miles of EXTRA travel to fill the gaps due to cancellation of EVERY gem show in the USA for a year! So now you know about 2% of my situation...and that will have to be it.
  3. Simmer down Dan.... No one said any of these things you're alluding to. Life is unpredictable especially for RV'ers. Covid ring any bells? It was in all the papers last year! I was heavily impacted and being in the west much of 2020 wild fires and other events made for an interesting year. 2020 was the year of "What about!" I'm sure Polk county weighed the pros and cons of encouraging domicile and I betcha revenue played a MUCH larger role than expanded jury pool. I've was in Polk Co 3 weeks and I left over $2000 behind! I frequented restaurants and several other LOCAL businesses. I have a feeling this is what they had in mind.....
  4. Of course I sound like a jerk because I applied YOUR logic! Try to work it out on your own! So I wonder why you never serve since there's no prohibition for LE serving on juries and they keep skipping you? I mean they always say the jury pool is pretty shallow and to never make the cut and have to blame it on being a former LE....ya gotta ask what else may be the issue! Interesting..... That along with the above tells me all I need to know about you!
  5. OK, Let’s apply your method to YOU! Seems to me your shirking your responsibility by quickly flashing a retired LE badge and being safely home before 10am. Even though being a retired or former LE does NOT prohibit one from serving on a jury! You probably focus on your LE experience specifically to get out of jury duty! Probably ramp it up if it looks like you make the cut! Probably dress the part etc…. Seriously LE serve on juries ALL THE TIME! There's no law or statute against LE of any sort serving on juries. Would only be an issue if magnified by the prospective juror to the point of being a nuisance! That must be it! I probably sound jerk don’t I? I think so as I made a judgment on you with limited information. I have no idea what level of LE you were and how far along you go in the process. Perhaps your excused by one of the lawyers for being former LE. Lots of scenarios and details I don’t have privy nor right to. I think I'd be beyond a jerk to respond as above. So I’ll refrain from making assumptions and accusations about you.
  6. Do you shut down your business for 3+ weeks and drive 1000+ miles or do you live in Polk Co.? I'm betting not....
  7. Well.... Voting is a right. There should be no obligation or financial penalty for registering to vote. I've read a few articles about how people like me who reckon a too great a financial hit DON'T register to vote as a result of this. This effects many self employed like myself and there's been some serious discussion about this. Google "jury duty, poll tax" or similar phrases and you'll find some interesting takes on this.
  8. Hi, Where I've lived in the past the jury pool is selected by voting registration (which is Unconstitutional IMO! It's a poll tax!). My situation now is full timer RV'er self employed. If I got selected and could not avoid it would absolutely cost me several $1000 in lost wages. Nature of my business requires daily hands-on attention and any down time I ever has telescopes out several weeks of lower income. Does Polk Co. chose based on registered to vote? If so I may not be able to register to vote..... Thanks!
  9. Hi, Using the Escapees checklist here in Livingston I was completing my Texas domicile and called Loring and Assc. about affidavit of domicile. They said not necessary.... Didn't even ask my situation.... They charge $160 for this seemingly simple bit of paper work so leaning towards their advice BUT I'm leaving town in a few days and better make sure I do it right and not have second thoughts! Should I do the affidavit? What are the advantages? Thanks!
  10. Hi, I'm currently with Progressive via Miller. I've found Miller difficult to get in touch with. They never answer the phone and call back maybe a day later. So I've been having to work with Progressive directly. I was told I'm paying a premium as Miller gets a commission which they are not earning in my case. Progressive honors this and despite Miller not helping wont give me a break for me doing all the work. I think I can get a better rate. Any advice on other insurance companies I can shop around as a full time RV'er? Thanks!
  11. Howdy, I bought my insurance via Miller. My policy is with Progressive. I'm preparing for Texas domicile and have to change address to 257 RAINBOW DR. Looks like I can change address online but not sure if I have to proclaim I'm a full time RV'er now. I've been using a friends address for the past few months then my PO box. I hadn't intended to full time for sure and stumbled into it. Been a few months of not looking for a rental so here I am! I figure the 257 RAINBOW DR is red flagged and as soon as I enter that it will trigger something with progressive.....I just don't know...... Should I call up Miller of Progressive or just use the online address change? Thanks!
  12. I have a lien so only registration and bill of sale and neither say anything about weight. I suppose it's the "sticker" that matters. BTW should I get some sort of letter from my lien holder/loan company maybe? Ya know...I've called twice and get an impatient operator who thinks all my questions are stupid so working it out here a better idea me thinks!
  13. Thanks! Online specs says GVWR 7600 lbs BUT sticker says GVWR 7300 lbs so I should be ok! Manufactured weight only 5300 lbs.
  14. Howdy again! I tow a trailer. Do I have to get the trailer inspected or just the tow vehicle for licensing and registration etc....? My rig is a Tunda and a Airstream Flying Cloud. Thanks!
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