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Direct tv diagnostic code 14-757

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I moved a Direct tv HD DVR model HR24-500 from my house into a RV (which I have done several times without any problems). This time I got a diagnostic code 14-757 which says Internal storage error detected. A problem was detected reading your internal storage device. The resolution says to reset the receiver and if you still have a problem replace receiver.  I moved it back to the house and still had the same code. Called Direct Tv and they said I needed a technician to do something to the receiver before it would work again. Has anyone had this problem and know a fix for it. I tried a HD receiver model H24-100 from the house and it worked fine. 

 Thanks Rick

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Had something very similar, went to start up our HR24-100 DVR box and couldn't get past "refresh" stage.  Every time I tried the refresh, the box would lock up.  Short story is I had to have a DirectTV guy out to look at it, it was determined it was shot and he replaced it with another one!  Luckily for us he happened to have the exact same box with him!  All is good now.



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Replacement, in my experience, is about your only option.  I think it's a hard drive failure.

Aiming my HD dish is getting harder all the time.   Even the directv azimuth doesn't match between using coordinates and the zip code.  And my receiver doesn't respond quickly enough when I do find the signal.  I've left the dish , gone back inside, and by that time the receiver was indicating a signal.  

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