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  1. Thank you Mr. Henry👍
  2. Had the same issue with a Jeep driveshaft. Splines were worn at the ride height.
  3. Currently in South Carolina, South of Columbia. Heading to Blackwater Falls SP in West Virginia.
  4. There is a requirement for reflective tape up high on the back of the sleeper. The tape should already be in place on your truck.
  5. He's is thinking clearance lights on the BACK if the cab. The answer is no.
  6. Thank you Jay👍
  7. So Jaydrvr, which manufacturer do you prefer. I suspect the brittle plastic was at least 10 years old, not very many clear plastics last that long in Central Florida sun.
  8. Also when you stick your thumb through the brittle plastic window when replacing the rubber plug after visual inspection. Ask me how I know.....
  9. Parrformance

    Soft starts

    Took longer to gather the tools, than to add the SoftStart RV to the AC. Oh an one day shipping helps.
  10. Parrformance

    Soft starts

    Remarkable how much easier/quieter the AC starts now. Pricey but so far so good. The invertor/Generator does not change pitch now when the compressor starts👍 Thanks everyone.
  11. Parrformance

    Soft starts

    Thank you Mr. Chad, I jumped the gun and ordered a SoftStartRV, I should have been more patient. My Gen will run the ac, but it struggles on a first start on a hot Florida day.
  12. Parrformance

    Soft starts

    👍Thank you Georgiahybrid.
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