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  1. The tires I run will come off the bead by themselves when they are flat.
  2. https://manage.kmail-lists.com/subscriptions/web-view?a=XT9tNY&c=01FGMV6RX6M6F2ABWF5ECJTTPP&k=0b0038c6a54a9c9ce7c7ca168bc6ce94&m=VikspC&r=GJVUgbx
  3. So sorry to hear of your misadventure. I am thankful it was a $1200 part and not a $12000 in frame.
  4. Lose a finger trying to cover the ET head with that.
  5. What I thought too, until Henry said 5/16 thick.
  6. Is it bigger than a bread basket?
  7. I recall using a baby bungee as well on my 06 780
  8. Nope, the Trinary switch is not what is needed. I don't need the fan on whenever the AC is on. More research tomorrow.
  9. Ok, I will try and make heads or tails of this and attempt to wire it in. I set the fan to start at a lower temp until I can get the AC high pressure switch figured out. Seems as though I may need to purchase the trinary switch.
  10. Thanks Darryl, so just piggy back the high pressure leg and piggyback the lead going from the adjustable resistor to the relay? Not sure how the high pressure switch works, will it provide ground to the relay and kick the fan off, I'm getting confused?
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