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  1. Definitely use it as I know that FB is EVIL Use the phone AND laptop.
  2. Campsitephotos.com Occasionally helpful site.
  3. LOL oh that's so funny
  4. Exactly Suite, a crash in an HDT, is likely to be the truck rear ending or t-boning something else. So the seat belts, if installed safely, will stop the rear passengers from illegally lane splitting and passing the driver in case of an incident. This goes for our furbabies as well.
  5. Cars get hit t-bone style, the seat belts do not tear out of the floor just because the body is being forced sideways from the force of the impact. Just because its on the interwebs............. I would mount the shoulder belts toward the windshield if mounting in the sideways configuration.
  6. Order a pair of the Donvel Valves to limit the rocking of the cab while you are in there. The other item to check is the rod on the leveling valve, likely not tight on the balls anymore.
  7. I wish you wouldn't Glenn, some of us only want to learn and occasionally be helpful, if we have experience with a specific issue. I know it can be frustrating to look for help, and get anything but. Keep in mind that the large majority of forum readers are just like you. Most won't reply out if concern what someone else may say/do, but we cannot all learn without asking the questions. I am glad you were able to get clear of the storm safely a found the significant leak and repair it. I keep a couple different size air line termination push to connect plugs in my box in hopes if I run into an issue on the road, I can cap the line and get safely off the road. I learned on this forum about the kids bubble solution being a great leak finder, and have likely since used at least a gallon.(I have run out again and need to buy more) Without this forum and the brave folks willing to ask questions, I would still be looking for why the truck would air down during an overnight stop. Michael
  8. The issue in Florida is the fifth wheel. The tyrants believe that with no load bearing hitch, it won't be used commercially. We have titled our Volvo in FL, as a motor home, but we do not have a fifth wheel hitch. We simply pull a TT.
  9. Some Jackwagon made a YouTube video. Presoak the top bolts, as much as possible.
  10. Welcome to the dark side:)
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