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  1. Parrformance

    Soft starts

    Took longer to gather the tools, than to add the SoftStart RV to the AC. Oh an one day shipping helps.
  2. Parrformance

    Soft starts

    Remarkable how much easier/quieter the AC starts now. Pricey but so far so good. The invertor/Generator does not change pitch now when the compressor starts👍 Thanks everyone.
  3. Parrformance

    Soft starts

    Thank you Mr. Chad, I jumped the gun and ordered a SoftStartRV, I should have been more patient. My Gen will run the ac, but it struggles on a first start on a hot Florida day.
  4. Parrformance

    Soft starts

    👍Thank you Georgiahybrid.
  5. Parrformance

    Soft starts

    I will order either the SoftStart or the MicroAire in the morning. shall I flip a coin, or is the consensus on the best option?
  6. https://www.expeditertrucksales.com/
  7. I know of at least one rapid truck couples has a YouTube channel. May be a way to see how the trucks are designed.
  8. Perhaps a bathroom could be added in the front of the box.
  9. The Panther Rapid Response trucks, are HDT box trucks with an apartment attached. FedEx runs them as well.
  10. http://join.pantherpremium.com/ The trucks like this may be what you need. Large apartment sleeper, with a box
  11. https://www.facebook.com/groups/HDTRVs/?post_id=3471151076245985 Another possible helpful link. Oh and you are right, you will not lack power with a class 8 truck.
  12. We have a recent convert from Vegas here on the forum. His name is Vegas Teacher. He is always willing to help, and has knowledge specifically to Nevada.
  13. https://www.truckconversion.net/forums/f93/registering-tractor-motorhome-4483/ Have not read this page, but might help you.
  14. Parrformance

    Brake Job

    https://www.amazon.com/Neiko-03710B-Automatic-Torque-Wrench/dp/B0017JZ846 This looks like a future purchase.
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