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OUCH! This Hurts.....


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Without going into detail embarassing myself with "how" it happened, let's just say that there are a lot of places on a HDT where

one has no business sticking a finer or hand. Heavy parts, close quarters, high torque air tools, etc. all pose

a risk - even when you think you are following safe and sensible practices.


This happened 3 weeks ago. End of little finger pretty much hamburger. Bone broken above kunckle. A trip to the

local ER, 21 stiches. Billing to my insurance is currently enough to buy a full set of new Michelin tires. Pretty much puts an end to doing anything mechanical due to loss of use of left hand.


Visit to the hand doctor today and x-ray showed bone not fusing. Now, scheduled for sugery next week to put a pin in.


The thing husrts constantly. Care will have to be transfered to a doctor in Orlando after Christmas as we are NOT canceling

our annual winter trek South.


Be careful, this isn't my idea of having fun.

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Ouch.....it hurts to just look at the pic........Hope the surgery helps get you on the mend....


When I was about 20-something I put the same darn little pinking in a rather "dumb-spot" on a BIG milling machine and.......it cleaved the pinky off so fast and clean that I honestly did not feel it at first........


When I did retrieve the pinky it would plug right onto the "stub' and the bleeding would stop but I could not drive to the doc and drive so I took a clean shop rag and a bunch of safety-wire and wired it back on pretty well........


When I arrived at the ER a very young Dr complemented my on the nice "clean-cut-off" I had done to my pinky........I said "Oh thanks doc, to tell you the truth it does not hurt all that bad .....sorta a dull ache..."


Doc said, "Oh don't worry, even with a clean cut like this............it will likely take many years for the nerves to heal enough so that the finger will not be painful when it gets cold"...................It "only" took EIGHT years to stop aching when it was cold.........


Get well......


Drive on.........(be careful where you put the ..........pinky's)

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Sorry about your accident. Reminds me of years ago a company I worked for a company that had 8 independent heavy duty shops, one day we got a call to gather all the mechanics for a conferance call. Call was very short and to the point. Owner got on the phone and stated " I am not paying for any more Fing fingers!

Obviously he had purchased a few and was done.

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Not a fun injury and will take quite some time to get back to normal. One thing that will ease the discomfort is elevation. Keep your hand above your heart as much as possible. Especially for a few days following your planned surgery. Cold application for 24 to 48 hours following surgery but you could use warm applications now if you like. Will stimulate blood flow to the area. You have kept it covered a lot since the injury. If you can keep it clean and out in the air a little to allow it to dry out some it will feel better too. Keep a close eye for infection. At first sign make sure your Dr. knows and is able to treat. Most likely you have been on an antibiotic but you still need to be very careful. Make sure everyone who touches the wound has washed their hands in your presence and then put on their gloves. If they walk in with gloves on ask them to take them off and wash. May sound extreme but you really don't want an infection. Good luck with the healing.



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Randy....your finger looks like it got caught in a zig zag sewing machine.....for several back and forth cycles..... ouch !! I am sorry to hear about the complications but glad that you will still be headed to Florida. Hope the healing process speeds up and the pain subsides. We will mix up some pain relieving oral medications to help ease your pain and make the recuperation a dull, faint memory. [ Note to self...be sure blender and plenty of Tequila is in camper ]. I'll ask Ray to bring some of his "first aid kit in a mason jar", as it is suitable for external and internal application. I will be glad to help by administering ample doses of medication as needed or seen fit. You can just call me the medication specialist and know that I am willing to work overtime to make your trip more enjoyable. Looking forward to seeing you, Nancy and Oscar in Florida. Be Safe [too late], Charlie

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Oh my. Just the picture makes my eyes water.


Today's impact wrenches can make bad things happen QUICKLY. First time i used my Milwaukee cordless I got reminded I'm not as strong, or as quick, as I used to be.


And I agree a safety reminder, from someone we all regard as careful, would be a good thing.

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OUCH! Keep it elevated, etc....

I made 5 fingers into 6 once. Had a resaw blade (wide bandsaw blade) snap. When it whipped back it not so nicely, it split my right ring finger up to the second knuckle. Shop rag and electrical tape got us to the ER without spilling a drop in a white interior Mustang...


Heal well, and try to stay safe this holiday season!

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While I'm sorry you are on the injured reserve list, I'm really glad that your thumb and index finger were not directly involved which would have had a significant effect on your wire wiggling capabilities.


Seriously, glad you're (sorta) OK. Hope you can make it to ECR this year.


Paul & Paula

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Billr - I was wondering if you were actually splitting wood or using the machine as a bearing press. A log splitter with some custom blocks works real
good as a press.

Brad, Roger - you guys are 100% right on the discomfort and care. Can't do the Oxycodone or even Hydrocodone for pain. Side effects are worse than the finger pain. Tramadol and Naproxin Sodium are as strong as I can go and still be coherent.

Paul, no trouble jiggling wires but picking my nose is difficult. I now have to use my right litttle finger - no one wants to shake hands with me now <_< .


Thanks to all for the sympathy comments. They do make me feel better upstairs..... but the finger still hurts. :( Getting the pin put in so the bone will fuse should abate most of the pain - at least that is what the hand surgeon is telling me.

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