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  1. Star Dreamer

    HDT with a Jeep?

    One other option you might consider is to do a Toyhauler that can handle a jeep or other type of similar vehicle. Our Dune Sport 5th wheel can handle our smart, our SUV (shown in the picture) or our full size van in the separate garage area. This would help keep your HDT shorter.
  2. We replaced our washer jug on our Freightliner, was a pretty easy job but we did not need to replace any of the lines. On the car, if you can work with carburetors, go for the old style V8, otherwise the thing to do now a days is to but a LS motor in it with fuel injection. We installed a 5.3L in a 65 Chevy Van that has a chopped top on it.
  3. I don't think our fan clutch engages on our Freightliner at idle with the AC on. We have Detroit 14L.
  4. I think there are some older posts or maybe in the resource guide, about the coolant lines going to the sleeper that corrode and leak. You may want to check those.
  5. Some states also charge a property tax on RV's. South Carolina is one of them and can be very expensive each year. On the sales tax, South Carolina is actually pretty good as it Max's out at $500.00. Lots of different rules depending on what state you register in.
  6. We haven't used the orings on our sensors for quite some time now. So far no issues.
  7. We have a water bed at home and always had a hard time sleeping in the standard RV mattresses that came in our trailers. When we had our new trailer built, we had them put in an outlet under the bed frame and installed a sleep number bed after we got the trailer home. So far it has been comfortable and is easily adjustable. We went with a regular home style sleep number and not an RV one. Dave
  8. Does anyone know if the prices include taxes or does that vary by state?
  9. They make surface mounted pockets for table posts that you can mount to the floor. It is the same one that mounts to the underside of the table if you don't want to cut a hole in the floor. https://parts.unitedrv.com/products/round-recessed-mnt-base?variant=34725552385&currency=USD&_vsrefdom=adwords&gclid=Cj0KCQjwncT1BRDhARIsAOQF9LnH9El32RTNBYXvFQSm-sTngmEHspjKkTn-UKkqkQ4qpG4OXVrOu2kaAiLCEALw_wcB
  10. We had plans to do some traveling in March which luckily we cancelled as the wife had foot surgery just before all this stuff hit in South Carolina. We had a Rally planned in April which was cancelled but our oldest son got a new job and has to move from Wisconsin to Indiana so we did a couple of trips to help him out. First one was in our SUV and we managed to get hotel rooms when needed, rest stops were all open, fuel was no issue (we used our disposable gloves that we use for the RV dump) and had some hand sanitizer. Food was an issue finding places open but we managed by using a lot of drive thrus. Not many others out so it was easy to social distance. The second trip, we took the RV trailer, parked it in western TN at a campground for a few days, then used the HDT like a mini motor home to help him move some items. Same issues as above. At that time they were not recommending a mask to be worn. We spent a few days in Central TN at the rally campground to recover from the stress and achy muscles of helping the son move. Very few campers and again it was easy to social distance. Our May & June plans for camping have been cancelled because the campgrounds are closed, so we changed our plans and will be heading to Indiana and Wisconsin again to help our son and celebrate Mothers Day and Fathers Day with the inlaws. We do not expect anything will have changed but masks are not available around us, the disposable gloves we use are getting low in our supply and none are available around us. We did mange to find some hand sanitizer so we have restocked our traveling containers of those. Luckily the truck will only need a couple of fuel stops since it has over a 1000 mile fuel range on a tankful so my glove supply should hold out for these trips. We have the refrigerator in the trailer stocked and do not expect to have to go to the grocery store for much if anything. My feeling is we can social distance in our rig just as easy as we can at home. July events have been cancelled so we are just keeping our fingers crossed that things get better and we can still continue with our originally scheduled fall plans. Dave
  11. We have passed a Tiny Home community of about 10 or so homes in Southern Indiana and have seen some Tiny Homes on land in places like Wisconsin and Minnesota. It may be hard to find them but there are places that will allow them or basically do not have any restrictions. Some areas will allow you to build a Pole barn with a section for living quarters and a place to park your RV at inside but you will be out in the country usually. Another option might be an RV port community like Blue Heron Resort in Alabama or some of the RV homes near Crossville, Tennessee or in Florida (but these sometimes have minimum square footage which can be quite large). You may be best to get a Tow Vehicle that is capable of pulling whatever trailer you might need now or in the future. We went the HDT route about 8 years ago even though we could have used a dually for our trailer at that time but the cost of the HDT was quite a bit cheaper than the dually. We have now retired and just had a custom trailer built that would have tasked a newer dually so we are glad we went the HDT route. There are many work camping options out there assuming you like to camp. Also many volunteering options that might be of interest if you will have the flexibility to travel around. Good luck in your search and let us know how it all works out for you. Dave
  12. Star Dreamer

    ECR Do-Over

    Must be an issue with your browser. I can see them in my original post and in your quoted one. I can send them by email or via facebook if you want to see them.
  13. Star Dreamer

    Cab Seam Leak

    I have that same leak in our Freightliner Century, I will have to check that visor mount out! Thanks Glen
  14. Star Dreamer

    ECR Do-Over

    These were the HDT's at Deer Run this week. Ours: Ed and Teresa: Don and Debra:
  15. Star Dreamer

    ECR Do-Over

    We are here at Deer Run now, come on out and stop by!
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