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  1. If you were heading east it could have been the winds, we averaged only 5.75 from Oklahoma thru Kansas and partway thru Missouri and we had heavy cross and head winds all three of our travel days. I think it was the worst I have seen in 8 years with our HDT.
  2. The Blue Trailer was Spacecrafts trailer for the show. New Horizons and DRV had trailers there too, parked just on the other side of the Spacecraft.
  3. Some individual ones: Our trailer getting ready for open house: Some others:
  4. Some from the campground area:
  5. Here are a few pictures I took at the rally. Trucks getting ready for the line up: Truck line up, from HDT group.
  6. Star Dreamer

    Volvo questions

    The 730 is a mid roof style but like Parrfromance says it could have an extended air dam on the roof. Actually legal width is 102" (8'6") not the 8' indicated by Parrfromance. With rear end gearing, you also need to look at the transmission gearing to see it is an OD or 1:1 gearing, that has to be looked at in combination with the rear end gearing. With most of the light loads many of us are pulling the lower the number the better but it won't make a lot of difference. With large fuel tanks you can shop and buy fuel cheaper which may offset the fuel mileage gain so now you can also look at fuel tank size!
  7. Star Dreamer


    I usually just refer people on Facebook to contact you here on the Escappees forum. By the way, I have not downloaded the Facebook app, I just use the website.
  8. A floor plan also depends on your intended usage. If you are not going to only stay in it a campground that can handle it and will also be stopping in rest areas or truck stops while traveling from one location to another and need access to certain features when stopping for lunch or dinner, then you also need to watch what you can access with the slides in. Things like being able to use the bathroom, microwave, refrigerator and bed with the slides in were important to us. In your plan that you drew up, are the bunks in the gooseneck area at the front of the trailer and the main bedroom with the bed in the slide is at the rear? If so you may not have a lot of height to get comfortable bunks in that area and you need stairs or a ladder to get to that area. If you ever plan to upgrade, you may also want to consider resale value, and things like TV hook ups can add to that.
  9. We are in Santa Fe Skies RV park if you are headed there. If you get here Friday, stop by and say hi, we are in D19. Have a safe trip.
  10. You wont be able to find a good value on what the truck is worth as there really are no comparisons as most are built to a specific need. The best way to get close, would be to find what similar trucks are going for on Truck Paper with similar mileage and then add or subtract for features not matching. The hydraulic smart car bed could easily add another $60-80K if you tried to have one built so if it is good working condition that could be a plus. If it has an ET airride hitch that would also be a plus. If it is not working then it is only worth what a standard bed would cost, maybe less if you want to try to repair it. The DD15 engine just came out in 2008 so you may need to check some truckers forums as to how they are. They have a good B50 life so that would be a plus. Any repair records is always a plus. We have a Detroit 14l in our 2005 Freightliner and we have 540k miles on it, 100K that we have put on it in the 8 years we have had it. Good luck!
  11. If you are still in Albuquerque, NM, we are up in Santa Fe and I think I have my Prodigy brake controller that I removed when I went I went to the Direct Link. I was able to reuse the Prodigy wiring so not sure if I have the Direct Link wiring with me. Also I can't remember if it is the P2 or the P3. Let me know if I need to verify.
  12. We hope to be able to get there next year since I have retired and hopefully more stuff is open. It is all about time with family events!
  13. We did a custom build with a company called Dune Sport. Ours was under $100k. We are liking it so far after having it for one year. We will be at the HDT rally with it. It is not in the same class as a Spacecraft or New Horizons but it has what we wanted. We have a 20'+ garage and we put the SUV (or a full size van) in the garage.
  14. I use the resource guide quite frequently and refer others to use it. Mostly I use a lap top but I have been able to use it some on my Android phone but not everything shows up. I caution people it is best used on a computer and not a phone. I have not tried your demo yet.
  15. I had gooseneck trailers and always converted them to 5th wheel for easier hook up both with our dually and our HDT. No need to climb in the bed or on the truck to hook up safety chains. Plus in some states you can ride in a trailer with a 5th wheel or only double tow if the first trailer is a 5th wheel. Gooseneck may not comply. If you have no problem hooking up and don't double tow or have any one in the trailer, then you can easily have a gooseneck ball on an HDT. Some actually have both a 5th wheel and a gooseneck ball.
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