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  1. I90 in MN on the east side of the state had a very bad section that would cause chucking of a trailer being pulled and you head in the truck just kept bouncing back and forth. Luckily that stretch of road was repaved about 10 years ago and is much better. We just took I90 all the way across from South Dakota and didn't really experience any bad stretches but there was road construction at places which is typical of many states in the summer time.
  2. One thing to think about if you plan to use the trailer with slides in while traveling from one location to another is access to important items like bathroom, bedroom, kitchen (refrigerator and microwave), etc.. with slides in. The two floor plans you noted block access to some of those items. Also I could not find their warranties online so check to make sure that using them for full time use is still covered. I did not think those were very big units buti did not see what axles they use, capacity and brand, and the carrying capacity was not very large. Remember that it has to be able to handle water & propane weight along with all your personal items.
  3. Is your trailer registered as an RV or a trailer (like a cargo trailer or utility trailer) ? If like a trailer, then do you really have two RVs?
  4. We use to live in MN with our HDT and they do not require RVs to stop. We just went thru SD and MN a couple weeks ago and even though lighted signs show truck to pull in, we never do. So far in the 20-25 states in 10 years with the HDT we have been in, I haven't seen any that said RVs (except for agriculture stops). We keep waiting for them to pull out after us but hasn't happened yet.
  5. Hmmm, we recently had our microwave trip our inverters circuit breaker, twice now, and come to think of it after reading this post, I recently have a power strip plugged into an outlet on the other side of the kitchen. I may have to remove that power strip and see if we do not have that issue any more too.
  6. I can easily carry a 14' canoe in my Toyhauler as it handles a 17' Full size van. Do you have a rear window in your 5th wheel that could've changed to an opening window to be able to put canoe inside the trailer?
  7. This website still seems to be working correctly. https://eastcoasthdtrally.com/
  8. I have seen smart cars on the back of MDT too.
  9. Also try to get the number off the part you are trying to replace as they can just look it up by part number or cross reference chart if they are a good parts person. Problem is now most just want to enter it into the computer. I recently went to get spark plugs for my smart car and one of the questions they asked was does it have an electric motor, LOL. If had an electric motor, I wouldn't need spark plugs!
  10. Does the lift use a battery operated remote or a wall mounted switch? If it is a remote, try replacing the battery in the remote. It is also possible that the remote control board has failed and you would need to locate that to determine if it can be replaced. Many of the lifts use a linear electric actuator to do the motion and as mentioned are usually 12vdc. I just had to replace a remote control board on a system I use as the actuator would not lower but would raise up. I was able to reverse the wires to get the actuator to lower temporarily.
  11. I just had them do an overhead adjustment on our Detroit 14L but we were not blowing oil out. Are you sure it needs an inframe? Have you contacted a Freightliner dealer to see if they would do it? Maybe also try Fitzgerald Truck Service
  12. Most do not have electric, but it is more about your battery juice and inverter size and how long you can go without being plugged in. Most of the HH locations are only for one night so solar doesn't work at night anyway.
  13. We have used Harvest Hosts locations quite frequently with our HDT. I do verify that they have a large parking area and if it is a grassy area, I look for alternate locations in case it rains. This location was on grass but due to possible heavy rains coming in that night, they asked if I could park on some nearby concrete. I said I would be happy to and even mentioned if they moved a stand by their volleyball court, I could keep my driving over grass to a minimum when leaving and they moved the stand.
  14. Has the truck been modified to have RV plug wiring? I thought that year Volvo had a computer to monitor the lights. Any possibility that is messed up?
  15. Could be one of these or multiple of them or other stuff. Tires out of balance, bent drums, wrong drive line angle, driveshaft out of balance, bad u joints, Etc...
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