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  1. If you are registering as an RV, can't you just insure as an RV? Tell them it will also be used as an RV and maybe pull a trailer on occasion. Just like a class A motorhome would be that has a hitch on it. Ours is insured with State Farm as an RV and can be used bobtail.
  2. We use Discount ramps 16' long version (2 8' ramps with a center support) as we need to load other items than just the smart. It works well, but does take longer to set up and tear down and needs more space for all the ramps and support.
  3. Star Dreamer


    We recently had a PM service done at Speedco. It was $327 for the oil, oil filters, fuel filter, and grease. It was cheaper that what we have paid for at Freightliner. We have a Detroit Series 60 14L so different engines are different costs. We have changed the oil ourselves but the bin to capture 10 gals on oil is quite large and installing the new oil filters with oil in them is a pain, so I just take it in for this service.
  4. If you have a typical 12k front axle, you are already close to be overloaded. It will help if your hitch is mounted behind the rear axle by taking some weight off of the front axle. While every truck handles a little differently, our Freightliner Century is singled short. Our base front axle weight is only 9780#. When we weighed at the HDT rally, we offloaded about 2k off the front axle with our Toyhauler which that day had a 6250# pin weight. Our hitch at that time was around 72" behind the rear axle. I have since done a few changes and recently weighed our setup again, this time with a smart
  5. The price sounds good for that many miles but you will want to have a good repair budget to take care of things that will come up like air bags, shocks, brakes, tires, airlines, connectors, valves (a lot of the little items that add up) plus a budget for an engine rebuild and transmission / clutch rebuild just in case. Otherwise it is just a gamble, may last forever, may not.
  6. We have a friend in Western Australia that drives Road Trains. I will have to ask him if he does any river crossings. This is his truck. https://i.imgur.com/JVVgu7Bl.jpg
  7. Glad you had a great trip and turned the DW over to the dark side! After 8 years of having our HDT and having our smart car for 2 years, we are getting ready to do the first trip with it up on the truck bed pulling our new trailer with our custom van in the trailer. Smart is loaded and I will be hooking up the trailer today and loading the van Saturday when to rain has stopped. I will try to get some pictures.
  8. Star Dreamer


    The TA Petro by us near Florence SC is showing a .63 discount which is one of the highest discounts I have seen.
  9. I understand it is an issue with the column mounted ignition switch and the earlier models did not have it column mounted.
  10. I found this on the smart car forums. https://www.smartcarofamerica.com/threads/key-stuck-in-ignition-2016-key-lock-solenoid-stuck.157037/
  11. Star Dreamer

    Hitch question

    If you use the 5th wheel pin to gooseneck ball with the commercial hitch, like mentioned previously, you need to lock the pivoting so hitch does not move plus you need to come up with a place to hook up the safety chains that are required when you have a gooseneck ball.
  12. Sounds like we are one of the few that had diesel fuel issues but mainly it was due to the design of the trucks fueling system. We had a 2003 Chevy Duramax pickup and it's fuel system was designed before the 2007 fuel change. The newer fuel wreck havoc with the fuel injectors such that we went through about 21 injectors (8 were replaced under warranty). The fuel system filters would not catch the crap that was in the fuel and the high fuel pressure and the crap destroyed the injectors. We finally had to pump all our fuel into an auxiliary tank and then use a dual filter system to pump into the
  13. A couple of items: A new mattress in the sleeper area or proof it was replaced recently. Any maintenance records are also a plus. Seats with arm rests are important for long drives.
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