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  1. My son did this on a later model pickup truck he owned and had it paid for. Simply went into the bank and asked for a car loan and it fell under the age limit of vehicles that they loan on. Actually the loan value they would loan on it was more than he had paid for it originally too. Since the interest rate was better than doing a personal loan it worked to his advantage.
  2. Something else to consider, RVs depreciate very quickly after they are bought and banks may be reluctant to loan on them especially if they do not know if the person will pay the loan back because if a lack of credit history. You did not mention if you are putting any money down on the purchase which sometimes helps as they reduces the depreciation the bank will take if you default on the loan. Usually it is much easier to get a car loan in today's banking system. Yes, you will pay a higher percentage rate due to this. Do you have anything else you can use for collateral to get a loan
  3. Our trailer is 13'4" to tip of AC units and if I remember correctly, the ACs are about 11" tall putting the body of the trailer around 12' 5" high. I also think our Freightliner MidRoof is 12'0" to the top of the roof and looks to match up pretty close to the height of the trailer. I think the Volvo 730/740 is similar in height. Unless you plan to go with a Spacecraft with mini-spilts, and want the extra height of the condos, you might might to keep considering the shorter height cabs.
  4. Also, the mirrors in the later model smart fold in, (not sure about the earlier ones). I have the dimensions somewhere for them. I was lucky that I did drawings for work so had Autocad and use that to lay out our setups. I originally planned to hinge our fairings but then did the measurements and felt it wasn't worth the hassle to remake all the support brackets behind them. Only issue I had with removing them was our truck has a turn signal on the lower part of the fairings, but I solved that by making some small panels that mounted the lights but did not interfere with the car during l
  5. As far as the side deflectors being hinged or pinned, it will most likely not work as the newer smart cars turned sideways are 106" and the dimensions from deflector to deflector will be closer to 102" and you would need to allow clearance for cab and car bounce. On our Freightliner Century Mid Roof, I ended up removing our side deflectors so I could get the car closer to the back of the cab. Also be sure to lay out the truck bed corners to allow the trailer to pivot at least 45 degrees with the straight down pin box. You may need to cut the corners at an angle to get enough clearance.
  6. For us the only thing I did today to the truck was drive it! Start of our trip to visit family and go to the ECR rally in a couple of weeks.
  7. Like the posting from California, South Carolina allows us to go to any DMV to get our plates and we always use the one in the next county over as it is less crowded and the people working there are friendlier! The only problem is, we have to pay our property taxes on the vehicles first in the county that we reside in so that means we have to go to either the courthouse or mail it in for renewals. Initial plates require two trips then, Courthouse first, then the DMV. For yearly stickers, they will give them to you at the courthouse when you pay your next years taxes or send them by mail
  8. Volvos website has some dimensions on it, have you checked there? But remember that each truck can be spec with different WB and frame lengths.
  9. It must either be raining or cold in Florida and Henry didn't have anything else to do! Just kidding! Henry did a great job of installing our ET hitch when he was building them.
  10. The campground maybe sold out but you can still come to the ECR rally. There are other campgrounds nearby that you can use. Maybe Check with Carl (host) and see if he can recommend another one. If you do decide to come and want to stay the night at the rally, we will have room in our trailer for guests. Dave
  11. Each state is different and sometimes you may need to try multiple agents as not all know how to do it. If they say you need a CDL, show them where you state rules say you do not if you are not doing anything commercial with it. We have State Farm which we had when we lived in MN. When we moved to SC the agent here did not know how to do it and had to go contact the agent in MN to figure it out. In MN we could drive it on our regulate car license as long as it was registered as a motorhome (which it was) in South Carolina I have to have a Class F license which is a motorhome pullin
  12. Yes, if you can get her to a rally that may help her decide by talking with other spouses. Especially if you are considering a larger / heavier trailer or want to bring more toys with you. We carry a porta potty in our truck, it is one of the items to help us get our Motorhome registration and the wife has used it on occasion. It also comes in handy when we are using the truck as a mini motorhome. We have a refrigerator and microwave in there also. Just be sure to map out your mission profile so that you make sure you get the key items you want with your truck so that you buy it on
  13. Did you try the resource guide? I have the state rules for our state printed out from the DMV website that shows I need a Class F license on our state (SC) but not a CDL. Can't help you in Nevada. Good luck in your search.
  14. I would wait. When they get older, you will be adding more stuff, like TVs, ipads, windows, stuff like that just so they keep occupied. Have fun.
  15. If you have an air ride cab, for kids I don't think I would put air ride seats in. Regular seats should work just fine. My wife doesn't put any air in her seat unless she is trying to block the sun. She is short and does not like her legs just hanging there. I do not think kids would weigh enough to get a better ride.
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