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  1. Just curious what other people use. We are going to sit still this winter and have built a small deck out front. But need some lighting for when we come home after dark. Thanks in advance. Vern in a T-shirt
  2. No hose to be used on rooftop a/c unit. In my opinion. You need some coil cleaner. The kind that is spray foam. Clean the fins of any physical debris as much as possible. Then spray the fins. It soaks on the fins and removes grease and some oxidation. I then let it sit a few minute. Then I use a 1” wide paint brush with the bristles cut back to about 3/4” long. It may take a few applications to get it clean. Then rinse with soapy water and then clean water. The water should run out on the roof. If not the drain holes are plugged. Also cover the open area that goes into the roof towards the ceiling to keep the mess on the roof. You need to have a roll of paper towels or rags with you so as not to leave the mess go down over the side of the rv. This is for the cooling side fins. You must take the plastic cover off then the metal cover over the coil fins. The out fins should also be cleaned the same way. One can of coil cleaner will be enough unless things are really dirty. When done the inside fins should look like aluminum. Vern in a T-shirt
  3. Today is my day to get shot in the right eye. Two weeks ago I had to see a eye doctor. Then sent to a optical specialist. After a diagnosis of macular degeneration in the left eye he explained what was happening to my left eye and gave me shot. It has helped greatly for my left eye sight. He did explain that it is starting to happen to my right eye. So he wants to treat it. So I agreed that day to do it. My left eye has come back 60 plus percent I do believe. So it will be till mid next week that I may get to shoot again. I have been thinking of the shadow tube situation. But since that last day at the range I have only seen the sun make shadows once because of the smoke in Montana. I will make a shadow tube out of copper tubing for now. I did search for when humans made copper pipe. Some say it could be 4000 years ago copper piping was used. That was just a quick search. I do have other things to be doing for winter preparation as we are not going south this winter. Vern in a T-shirt Over the weekend I hope the wife will drive us out to that new range. Just to find it and see what it looks like.
  4. You need to call the manufacturer of the shades. They should help you reprogram the shades. If that is needed. If you look up at the outside of the shade very carefully you may find a small switch. Do not push it until you understand how and what it does. Some times the motors go bad. But you really need to talk to the manufacturer. I have worked on those shades several years ago. Also those switches I think can be removed. You may find just the wires tucked up out of the way, even under the window trim. I have found that occasionally the customer seen the switch laying somewhere in a drawer. Once they threw them away. Vern in a T-shirt
  5. Well the GITS have been really coming along in there flight training. Only a occasional one gets out of position. The fields have been harvested so food is available for practice landing and takeoff in flocks. There are a pair of swans with 4 youngsters on a local pond. I have not seen them flying yet. I do think they were later than the geese flying around in test flights. I do think the Canadian snowbird restrictions even affects the geese. I have not seen one flock up high in a trans state flight pattern yet. Or they are waiting for smoke mask to be distributed for lung protection. Or maybe they are flying blind in the smoke. Even flying in circles north of the border. Just waiting for the ok to go south for the winter. The north of the boarder flocks may have gone east of the divide for better navigation with less smoke. Be safe, Vern in a T-shirt
  6. It is so smokie in Kalispell Mt that I cannot see 1000 yards at this time . Because of wildfires. Vern in a T-shirt
  7. With the wild fires in the west leaving trails of smoke covering other states as it is in western Montana. Would it be possible to run hot water in the shower for a normal shower length of time . Then turn heat on if needed. And then off. Then turn the air conditioning on to remove the moisture and smoke from inside the .rv. Vern in a T-shirt
  8. This is a picture of shadows in the scope when I first built it and it was shiny inside. I was impressed with it then. Now I know it is bad to see light on the sidewalls of the scope. Vern in a T-shirt
  9. So I am feeling better about this subject now the scope has possibilities. This is a picture of the foam shadow tube installed on the scope. I did sorta adjust the iron sights yesterday when out shooting. That determined that the scope was shooting left 15” and 3” low. At 150’. I set the gun up in the gun rest for shooting and supported the rear on the gun. Then used the iron sights for pointing the gun on target. Looking in the scope I could see where it was pointing. I did some adjusting with leather for shims and it did help. But now I am figuring out how to make a original looking scope shadow tube. And now I know the front mount of the scope is too high. I removed the leather shim on the front of the scope to lower it. That was before I realized it was shooting to the left so far. Thinking ? So I did talk to another person at the range that gave me directions to another range. Possibly 800 yards is the farthest distance to shoot there. I do need to get a bigger target for that range. So if I can get this thing to shoot at 100 yards with the maxi ball bullet that I am using then there is more thinking to do. Long range shooting with black powder requires heavy bullets as I understand. Maybe 500 to 700 hundred grain bullets. Then will it be lubed or paper patched. Or the 700 grain bullet I designed. And my design does need more thought and work to build a consistent bullet. Different powder may cause effects of accuracy. Now if there is some time till the next post. It .just might be that the new range has not worked out. Or I am am embarrassed about this subject. On Wednesday I visit the eye doctor for the shooting eye. So it maybe almost two weeks till I get to shoot again. Stay safe, Vern in a T-shirt
  10. I went and bought a 4’x8’ styrofoam board. Going to paint it white and go back to the range. Ok ok now I have never seen a rifle scope as such in person. So I am learning. Some times I am dense, sometimes not. Look at this picture. Now this is for Darryl. I know that there was no internet back in 1855. So seeing this photo could be considered cheating. A few days ago I was watching a utube video on mounting a William Malcom scope. Aaand it said about the front mount is on the shadow tube. Yep I am dense until yesterday at the range. (Now the other day after I read about the shadow tube I looked around quick and found a piece of 1’ pvc pipe. Stuck it on the end of the scope and so what. No difference, but I did notice light coming through the transparent pvc pipe from the side ). I am guessing undensing is what my mind did. Is undensing a word. Shadow tube. So where the heck is my shadow tube. I brought along a small piece on black dense piece of foam for cushioning the barrel on the bench rest when. The photo on the last post is that pice of foam. Stuck on the door handle on our rv. Stuck it on the end on the scope. What the ————- is that black dot on the whit box. 150’ away I can see it. Looking back in this adventure I believe there is a photo with shiny rings inside the scope tube. If you look at the scope in the picture there is a brass fitting towards the front of the scope. Iiiii do believe that is the shadow tube I am missing and that brass fitting connects it to the scope. My 1/4” hole at the front of my scope is apparently leaving in shadow light. Vern in a dense T-shirt
  11. I would test pressure at exit of regulator. Make sure the connection to the gas bottle is not really tight. I have seen where a tight fitting where the line hooks to the tank be a problem. Do you have two tank, turn them both on. Do you have a bottle on both sides of rv. I have seen those regulars go bay and cause problems. Just saying, Vern in a T-shirt
  12. Ddaaaaammm scope fix Yep it fixed it. Vern in a T-shirt
  13. Wrknrvr

    Montana hd

    I would suggest looking into converting it to a Motorhome title if you are not going to use it commercially. I would say if you are going to have a bed on it and it meets the requirements then I would change it to being a Motorhome title. If the truck is 10 years old or older you can pay one price for permanent plates. It may need to be 11 years old as I have not read the specs lately. We live in Montana and have a 2000 Volvo registered as a Motorhome. Vern in a T-shirt It will take some thing on the converting but it is doable.
  14. Glade got those replaced with controllable verses. Just curious how the support cross member looked. Mine was rusted out at about ten years of age. I better look at it as it is 10 years old again. I did really paint that new member really good before it was installed. Vern in a T-shirt
  15. Take a look at this business. Flight Systems I tried to copy and paste, but it would not work. I was at that business about 2006. It was very interesting. Hope it helps. Vern in a T-shirt
  16. While waiting to get treatment for my right eye. I have not been thinking of shooting the rifle. But I decided to put the iron sights on the barrel. This is the rear sight. sothis is the front sight. Today I will try iron sights first. New white target with black center .it will only be maybe 50’ for first shot. Just see here it is hitting. Then I will try the scope at the same distance.. then if possible I will increase the distance to 159’. I was only really interested in modern guns in my teens until I shot a muzzleloader. Then I sold my smokeless powder guns all but a 22 revolver I still have. Back in the 70’s I was hunting small game with a double barrel muzzleloader shot gun that I still have. I think my left eye problem was making my right eye be in competition with the left eye. My left eye is coming back into focus fairly good. Over the winter I have two other gun builds to do. There are both going to be off the rocks idea. One I seen in the movie Jeremiah Johnson. There is only one instance of that gun. But it has been in my mind every since I first saw that movie. The other one is going to take some metal casting of German Silver. I have the German silver. In the next few weeks I will try to build a small melting forge and try casting zinc for a few times. I need to do sand casting for this experience. Never did it before. But I can tell you from experience that cutting and making steel parts by hand is very time consuming. Still thinking this scope idea. Vern
  17. The pressure should be about 10.5 at the very least . Much rather see the pressure at 11.5 when in operation. If you try your furnace what happens to the pressure. Go to Bryantrv.com and see what the operating pressure should be. You may find out how to adjust the regulator. If it does not move when adjusting. Then replace it.. Vern in a T-shirt
  18. My shock bolts were rusted tight in the shocks. So with 4” grinder I cut the bolts off on the shock side of the mount. Shut mouth from dirt and rust. It also kept bad worlds muffled. It was not fun and no one stopped to help. So bad words may have slipped out. Just not loud enough for the DW to hear. Vern in a T-shirt
  19. You may need a bad word dictionary to accomplish that project. While your at it go to the next chapter in the dictionary and change the shocks. That’s what I did. Note to self. Soak all connections for 1 week for time to study book. That’s what I did,,,, Vern
  20. A few days ago I put some dicor lap sealant on some blue styrofoam. It has not disturbed the styrofoam. So this is to seal the styrofoam to the fiberglass body where I can. I do have lots of other stuff to be doing. But we are supposed to have 39 degrees on Monday night I think. Rather get started early and figure out what I want to do. Before the grass turns white. Vern in a T-shirt
  21. So I had some time this am to look at the scope to barrel alignment. Now there is a machine shop about 300’ from our location, but I have been trying to do this as years ago. So I just happened to be looking at adjusting the scope for right to left. And the sun was just at the correct angle to see the shadow line on the barrel from the scope. I could see the rear was too low. I wish I would have noticed this natural alignment tool before. Like when I was making the scope mounting brackets. Also the leather sticking up is on the wrong side. But it shows how I am using it to adjust scope right or left. If I get this rifle to shoot on or near target I may file both mounts for the scope to correct the mounting problem. I do have a few days till I can shoot again. The trigger guard is have a browning finish put on it now. Safe Travels this fall, Vern
  22. At least I have an excuse for por looking workmanship. Vern
  23. Well goof news and bad news about the firing range testing. The doctor says I can still shoot guns. But the doctor is the one that did shooting yesterday. Left eye had a problem that developed in a very short time. I am probably wrong on the short time call, but it seems that way. So I got a shot in the left eye for macular repair. I go back next week for the right eye. It is just starting to have a problem. So I may go to the rifle range today if my right eye will focus correctly. I believe that my right eye was possibly being confused with the left eye in focusing. Probably wrong about that but about a hour after sunup I will test focusing with scope. There is a 1000 yard range west of Missoula Montana. About a 2 hour drive from where we are. I am thinking of at least visiting it this next few weeks. Even if my eye sight is still not real good. I do have a open line of sight to some vehicles at about 1000 yards away. Also there is a concrete highway barrier at that distance. I measured it the other day . It is 32” high. So with looking at it I can see if the wavy line in that barrier straightens out. Or not. May just go fishing, Vern in a T-shirt
  24. So yesterday I had a frustrating day in the morning. Will not say why. Got home and needed to do something fun. So I got the rifle out and decided to make a trigger guard for it. Did some marking and grinding on some flat iron. Drilled a few holes and taped some threads. Got a propane torch ( I know they did not have propane torches in the 1800’s) out and bent the steel to the basic shape I wanted. I am going to make sure it fits the rifle when screwedin place then grind to the shape I want it. Then the rear end gets curled back towards stock. I am thinking of building a small propane forge this fall. Vern in a T-shirt
  25. First news is eye doctor appointment tomorrow. Will post results on that subject when it is known. Now to the rifle scope. Last time at the range I tried to adjust the scope. I cut the leather that the scope sits in when at it’s lowered position. Adjusted the leather to push the scope in the correct direction. It needed to move the line of sight of the scope to the left. Now I have fired a few rounds. Guns barrel needs cleaned. You think I can find the brush that fits the cleaning rod that I have. DW is along and we have other stuff to do today. So we leave. So Sunday afternoon I looked at the rifle. So I cut the leather while at the range last time out. Rotated the leather to shoot to the right. Yes I did. Looking at the cut angle on the leather??? It was moved to shoot farther left. if you look at the picture you can now see the cut leather is on the correct side. What can I say, Vern
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