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    Dash Cam wiring

    If your cam is on 24/7. You could catch a actor that was not supposed to be near your truck. I would take power off the cb wires and fuse them. Then let it on. Just thinking , Vern
  2. I have been thinking about going back to tying flies for trout fishing. But the rivers in Montana are closed to fishing or only allowed in the am. So I will leave the fishing subject rest. Till later in the fall and we get more rain. So the paper patching subject has really been irritating at the least. With reading and thinking about this subject. I have been doing other things in life. Yesterday I wanted to do so cleaning of old lead for bullet casting. I have found a new way to purify lead. With the help of the internet I discovered saw dust will do the job. So I tried it with sorta good success. Then put the casting stuff away. Set the rifle up on the bum cart rifle rest. Decided to study the scope only at a long distance. Only focusing on 200 yards or more. Even out to 1000 yards. My right eye will focus really good at those distances. Using two eyes with the scope is still sorta on hold. So took the barrels off the stock. Set it on the bench rest. Got about 30 rounds of ammo that is loaded with paper patched bullets. Now the last time at the range the first couple shots worked really good. Then I got the idea to put bullet lube on the outside of the paper patch on the bullet. What a lesson on what not to do. Do not lay greased bullets on anything, it may just pick up debris. Grease and a spec of stuff may just make the paper patched paper to wrinkle as rubs the rifling and not leave the bullet chamber properly. No swearing aloud. Now I have never used a paper patched bullet until this project was at the test bench. So while I was cleaning the bullets of grease and cleaning the chamber also of grease I thought of trying to chamber the clean bullets. Now I have read about not reworking the brass as it works best after fire formed. So I have not used anything to reshape the used brass. For paper patching bullets you need to have the bullet slip into the case. No crimping used. Next lesson learned, spent brass is to be handled with extreme care. 1/3 of the brass would not chamber because of my mishandling of the spent brass. So I used the depriming tool without the depriming part. Just pushed it over the loaded case by hand to shape the bullet case to true roundness. At least enough to chamber the round. Set up my press to correct all my loaded rounds. They now all chamber easily. With not bothering the paper patching. As said in the beginning of the adventure I never used this type of bullets. Nor have I talked to anybody about this subject. Tuesday is my next time at the range. But at 7 am I will be getting a tooth filled. So by noon I hope to be at the range again and feeling good to do some testing. Do I take my helper along, or not. Stay safe, Vern
  3. What model water heater do you have. some Dometic heaters have 12 vdc control relay on the back side of the unit. That relay controls the 110 vac. Or you could install one of those relays to do the job. Vern
  4. So photo was supposed to appear in the previous post
  5. So this tool was designed for another project. But I figured out how to repurpose the same tool to load a paper patched bullet in a muzzleloader. It makes getting a paper patched bullet started much better than by hand. On some muzzleloaders that are used for bench-rest target rifles use a pined tool that fits the end of the barrel, to start there bullets. The name of such tool in hiding in my brain at this moment. That part is called a false muzzle Now making this tool has given more thoughts on loading a single shot cartridge rifle. Have a good day, Vern ]https://i.imgur.com/17tZrnQl.jpg So so you can see the 45/70 cartridge case has had the primer end drilled out. Then the paper patched bullet can be push into the barrel with ease and much better control of The loading process. More thing, Vern
  6. So I am still thinking this adventure out some. But I ran into a dilemma. I cannot figure out how to load this cartridge. Makes me think I mite be falling off my rocker. I did get some white backer for targets. I also figured out the scope tube works at longer ranges . Just not at 80 or 100 yards distance. My eye will focus at long distance, just not at shorter distances. Been doing other interesting things things. Stay Safe, Vern on a side note? That cartridge has a real purpose. Just want you to think about it.
  7. Well finally get time on shooting bench. But I can tell my helper is already bored. She went for another walk. So today I am going to try a new 45/70 bullet, paper patched in the muzzleloader. Helper is back. Shoot three rounds, All bullets went straight through the target. Helper is borrrrrred. We must leave. But today I did learn the bullet goes where it is supposed to. Last tine out when the old bullet hit wood sideways you could hear it hit. Things need to do before the next time at the range. 1 leave before helper gets up 2 learn to load paper patched bullet calmly. I tore the paper on one round Sunday. 3 Practice the two eyes open when shooting with the scope. On a side note, I have made two 54 caliber bullet molds for another project this fall. I am also wanting to make a furnace for melting German silver for casting gun parts. Stay safe, Vern
  8. So I have occasionally been doing shooting stuff. Really could be called stuff. More stuff doesn’t work compared to what works. But it makes it interesting. I had a thought about just buying a manufactured rifle. But that would take most of the fun away. So I did get 20 rounds of 45/70 loaded, with 50 grains of black powder and a paper patched bullet. Also loaded 20 rounds with 60 grains powder and the same style bullet. So most of the smoke has cleared so it is much nicer to be outside very long. It has been smoky for 8 weeks or more from the forest fires in the northwest. So finally at the range Sunday afternoon. Just the 80 yard range. Set the table rest up and all staff out. Put two targets on the bank. Loaded a round and squeezed first round off. 3”” high but on center. Fired another round. Too the right 3””. Go to load the next round, bullet will not chamber. .??? Look at bullet!,!!!!!!!! The paper patching has caught the rifling. So chamber the next round and squeeze it off. While looking through a spotting scope I see all the bullets went through the target straight on. So I fired one more round off. I walked down to the target and all rounds fired went straight through the target. No bullets went through sideways. When I first shot this rifle with 45 colt pistol bullets loaded in a 45/70 case, it did look like buckshot pattern. They went in all directions So it seems like I have a good bullet design and swaged to a smooth proper diameter. So after cleaning the barrel again I chamber another round sorta. Hard to get the cartridge in. Use a ramrod to push cartridge back out. Yep, paper patching wrinkled back. This subject needs some attention. Load another round. Now I feel better about shooting so calm down and now I need to figure out the scope idea. I d did say it was a idea. I have not really shot any rifle with a scope since about 1973. I always shot a scope gun with one eye. It worked back then. But not so now. I did say the scope was a good idea. How I built it may need practice with or maybe modify it. With one eye I loose some focus when I am taking my time to rest, relax and squeeze the trigger slowly. But with both eyes open I can see better. It seems to be confusing to my mind with the left eye seeing the scope mount sticking just to the right of my vision in the left eye. Will take a picture today and post it about the scope mounting. Note to self, the helper is bored. She went for a walk. I do need to address the paper patching hanging up on the rifling. Also the scope seeing problem needs to be understood. I take a look at it today and try and get a urea what to do. The muzzleloader guy now wants the bench for practice , so till next time. Vern
  9. Are you talking about the cam sensor. I had one fail a few years ago while on a trip from Arizona to Pennsylvania. It was short on power when we left on the trip. But I was trying to outrun a wind storm. I had one with me so I changed it in Dodge city Kansas. It’s been running great since then. We have Cummins n14 Hope these thoughts help. Vern
  10. Looking real good so far on your build Rick. I have been watching what you are doing. One thing I was thinking about was dirt and mud getting on top of your tool box behind the rear tires. I thought of that when I built our bed so the debris would not run down on a nice paint job. Now would be a good time to put a mud flap from the front of the box up to ride under the top of the bed. Just thinking Vern
  11. So I was thinking about the tree or the car. Well the sheet metal on the car look in really good shape. But I would say the tree is a must save. So there has to be a seam on the vehicle where sheet metal was put together. Split two seams or make two cuts where it could be rejoined during restoration. Then remove the rest of the sheet metal body. Then remove which ever axle is easier and all cross members. And anything that could keep from sliding the frame off. Then the tree is still there. And the car could be restored. Noticed how good the sheet metal looks. Just thing Vern in a T-shirt
  12. Will it move in the other direction with the controls. If so will it go out to the same place. If that is the situation then it must be jamming on something. Look at what make the pump assembly is. Then utube it to see how to operate it. It most likely reverses the pump direction to move in and out. Just thinking, Vern in a T-shirt
  13. Thinking about this picture. We drove by it in 1990. At that time it was on highway 93 South of Kalispell Montana. And I did not notice back then. Since 1990 there has been a new highway built uphill from this picture. Safe Yravels, Vern
  14. Sorry for not posting this before. So the picture was cut smaller when posted it. But it shows the brake drum to the inside. The inner bearing is just inside the brake drum. The outer bearing is at the end of the hub on the outside just next to the where the axle bolts on. Vern in a T-shirt
  15. Just curious if the age of this tree could be determined. Vern
  16. You could do that. But if you clean the studs back to the brake drum. Then you can just bolt the wheels on like you normally would. I will take a picture tomorrow. It is raining outside now. Vern in a T-shirt
  17. It could be you have a battery disconnect switch that is in the off position. Jut thinking, Vern in a T-shirt
  18. Well this will get some of us talking. Good, bad and ugly. Pick your best 4 tires on the rear axles. Install them on outside position only. Before you do this you do need to run a die over the studs all the way to the brake drum. So that the wheels will tighten up to the drums. I did say outlaw way. Now things may hit the fan on this subject. I do sorta run on the edge at times. Like you do what. When I was young I worked in a office. Suit and tie, new car. Then I fell of the cliff. And done a lot of strange stuff with mechanical things since then. At the present time I have figured out a way to make adjustable bullet mold to changed the length of bullets I want to cast. Making those bullet molds with a 7/8” threaded rod. Okkkkk now I just, I did say outlaw way. Vern in a T-shirt
  19. Pull Smart onto ramps till tread of rear tire touches them. Then winch the rest of the way up. Just saying, Vern in a T-shirt
  20. You could go to the outlaw tire scenario. Just saying, Vern in a T-shirt
  21. Sure makes you feel good when things work. Glad I could help, Vern
  22. Well for some reason unknown to me I lost the photo. After trying to type after posting the picture above. Then it posted anyway. So I am doing some touch up on small fiberglass problems. While doing other stuff I decided to touch up 4 small problems. Will post more pictures as I get things done. Have a great day, Vern
  23. We have a 2000 610 Volvo. About once every 30 starts, it will not do anything. It has done this for years. Now when I turn the key to start I hear a relay that sounds like it is above the steering column. Maybe even on the engine side of the firewall. So far I just turn the key off and try again. It has always worked that way for years. When it does it I am sorta frantic about it not starting. Just listening for it to start on the second try. Never looked at the dash to see what is happening Some day I may need to locate it. Like when it finally quits. Vern in a T-shirt
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