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  1. Been a while since I've been on the forum. 'Bout a year ago, we realized I have a bad case of vertigo and me driving 68 ft, 33 tn beast may not be in anyone's best interest. Soooo, the Toy Draggin rig will be up for sale shortly. I'll be putting details up shortly, both here and the Sale forum. 2013 Barabas Smart 2014 Forest River XLR 395 Toy Hauler 2001 Pre-Emissions Volvo 770 Autoshift Tractor, Singled Mid
  2. adept99

    ECR Do-Over

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but I'd be very careful about bad mouthing Draggins.
  3. Rick, Take a look @ well pump filters. You can find them down to .01 microns some string based, some folded paper.
  4. Sorry, got to the discussion late. So is this a Snap-on thong only thing, or are the peasants and swine invited as well??
  5. Trimster; Don't recall who exactly it is, but somebody on here has a fold-away elevator made for the passenger door. Even had a video to go with it. Wasn't commercial, made for the driver or his DW, looked slick to me. Good Luck
  6. adept99

    Smart broke down

    Glenn; I have a 2013 Barabus with 30K miles that we are looking to sell. PM us with a phone # if you have any interest in that. Paul ON Edit,,,Never Mind
  7. adept99

    Smart broke down

    Not even gonna tell you what the tax folks value our 2013 Barabas at, suffice it to say it would allow us to fill the shop with a whole lot of Smart Cars and have money left. At $11K seems to me a new buggy of some sort would be in order.
  8. Ya know, that Tom feller tries to act like he fits in to the Southern lifestyle, but sometimes I wonder. Water stains on the stacks?? You gonna shine it or drive it?
  9. X3 on the foam fill - had the front tires on our Kubota filled for several years & no worries. Word of caution - the small tires weigh well over 100# each. Just sayin'
  10. Put the Toy Draggin down for 2 as well Paul & Paula
  11. adept99

    Air brake issue

    Randy; It is, after all, Charlie the Tool Man. My advice for him is to start with a large hammer and work on getting the purge valve(s) to work properly. If that doesn't work, get drunk. See ya'll at the rally Paul
  12. Pardon me for arriving late to the party, but... When we had that same problem, after several disgusting episodes, I go a really good look at the valve in question and realized that the cable had a kink which made me think that the issue was the valve because of the resistance in trying to open or close the valve. The valve is a sandwich valve. Has a flange face on the pipe side, and a flat face on the valve blade side. I bought a new cable and a new set of guts for the valve. Loosen but don't remove the valve body screws (should be 4). With a little wiggling, you should be able to pull the blade out. Minor clean up, replace the cable, install the new blade, tighten flange screws & give 'er a little test. Not exactly right, but you get the idea. This valve is a bit different than what I suggested, but it should get you aimed in the right direction. https://www.etrailer.com/RV-Sewer/LaSalle-Bristol/34466N11AB36GM.html
  13. adept99


    AAAAAAAMMMMMMMEEEEEENNNNNNN I said now AAAAAAAMMMMMMMEEEEEENNNNNNN Old time gospel...Lemme get one from the choir. Hmm - Maybe a little too much communion wine after the pie course, but happy turkey day anyway. Paul & Paula
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