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  1. Charles Darwin wrote about this issue when dealing with the evolution of groups or tribes. It benefits a tribe when its members are cooperative, brave and concerned for each other. But each individual in the tribe has a natural predisposition to be a selfish individualist while benefiting from the social virtues of other members. So how does a tribe maintain its cooperation, courage and mutual concern over time? Just thinking, Vern
  2. Last Saturday I started the truck, went and got the tanks filled up. The Aquahot storage tanks for the fifthwheel ran out of diesel fuel over night. I had mentioned the low tanks to the wife a week or so before. So since the truck was as low I like to let it get. It was time to fill up. Brought the truck home, and pumped the 55 gallon Aquahot tank almost full. Then tried the Aquahot after cycling it through shutdown cycles to fill the filter and lines. Turned it on and just sputtered a few times then it has been working since. While the pump was filling the 55 gallon drum i st
  3. Kirk did you read through those Onan manuals I sent you yet. I was hoping to find a manual on the inverter in them . But did not really look yet. Stay safe, Vern
  4. The first thing is that another shop installed the batteries. I talk to their tech that installed the new 6 volt dc batteries. He has deleted his pictures of the wires on the original batteries. On thing I noticed is the 12vdc sense wire from the chassis alternator was on the connector wire between two 6 vdc batteries to make 12vdc power. So it was seeing much less voltage than it should be seeing. That sense wire is on some HDT trucks to keep there batteries at the proper voltage. It connects on a separate post on the alternator then connects to the batteries. If you have a battery iso
  5. So a customer called me about his inverter/ charger not charging the batteries. So the batteries are 4 months old NAPA 6 volt and there are six of then connected to produce 12 vdc. A Auto repair shop installed new batteries and the unit has been used a short time since but mostly in storage. So I looked the unit and first thing I did was check the voltage on the batteries. 8.4 volts. So install charger and the at 11.4 volts the 6 batteries area pulling 22.6 amps. So let’s look past testing as I have done what I feel is needed. Now this is a Onan inverter. Yes it is a Onan
  6. How about sanding the area that will be soldered. Close gap as much as possible. Apply flux then tin with low temperature silver solder. Then form a patch of copper tubing that will cover the split and maybe3/16” more. Make it so it fits over the area freely. Then sand, flux and tin the repair piece. Install over split tubing and solder in place. Control the heat and it should work fine. This style solder gun should give you good heat that an be controlled correctly to do that job. I have used similar gun to even weld black water tanks. I have soldered odd high volume heat,
  7. It does work as I was hoping it would. Just picture posting has its own problems.. stay safe, Vern in a T-shirt
  8. So I installed a primer in a case. Then installed it in the chamber. And the firing pin activated the primer. Now I do need to test the primer in a loaded cartridge. That may be several days yet as it snowed in the hills again in western Montana. But it maybe gone til Saturday. Well my picture posting failed agin.
  9. The wooden tool I made is to reload black powder cartridges without a press. I have read where buffalo hunters reloaded there cartridges without a press. So I thought I would try it. First I needed to make a punch to remove the primer. Then it needed a centering guide. That was made out of lead, with a hole drilled in the middle to get the punch to find the primer easy. The wood base had a hole drilled to 1/2” diameter. Then I had to cut that round piece of steel off a bar for something else I was working on, so I drilled a hole to fit a cartridge in. I I have also read that if your are going
  10. Well after mannnyy hours of sanding, filing, turning and no bad words it’s a test fit. I am still thinking about the final install. Maybe Monday am. It’s once and done as the adhesive will not let go. Then test a cartridge to see if the firing pin works. That will be with a spent primer, then if it looks good try just with a new primer.
  11. In northwestern Montana they run Ken-worth / Pete’s. I will say there is one local Volvo that runs as a dump truck. And I would bet 100 percent are pre emissions versions. I was in the Pete store once in Missoula Mt and there were several older truck in there getting engines rebuilt. One logging outfit probably haas 15 old Pete’s out most day’s logging. Yea I do feel out of place up here. But I do have a Cummins N14. And no emissions to speak of. So I sorta fit in. Vern in a T-shirt
  12. Polish the contacts with 1000 grit sand paper. Test and report back. Vern in a T-shirt
  13. Just curious if you can figure out what tool this is. I get tired of polishing the barrel bore every morning, so I made something that was probably made by buffalo hunters.
  14. The bed work looks really good. Working around bad weather can be frustrating, but one does what he has to do. Enjoy it this summer. Vern in a T-shirt
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