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  1. It is 5 am where I am at. 5:30 I looked at the clock again. Is there a 110 volt fuse on the board. I would replace that fuse. Then follow 110 volt with a volt meter meter. First thoughts of the day, Vern
  2. Yesterday I finally have the lock and trigger assembly able to fit in the stock. The lock is not by my hands. The triggers are going to be modified for this rifle. I have had both the lock and triggers in the stock and the trigger does operate the lock. The trigger mechanism is a set trigger. For much lighter trigger pull. I have started building my own lock. But wanted to try the rifle at a range. I will finish my own lock later. So I am having trouble finding where to shoot the rifle at more than 100 or so yards. I will keep looking and asking. There is still some work to do on the bullet mold I want to use. I have also been researching using paper patched bullets. I do still have my best long rifle with us. So I may take it out some day to shoot also. Lots of stuff to keep busy this summer, Vern
  3. My first great experience rving was by foot hiking around the Adirondack mountains back in the 70’s. Caught my first native trout on that trip. Next real surprise was to go to Talladega nascar race in Talladega Alabama There about 35,000 rv’s show up for that race back about 2011. That is hard to vision that many rv’s at one place. It is hard to pick the best from the years being on the road. But in the situation we are in now with Covid. I apparently have quit a bit of time to figure out tha best wheel power trip. I can tell you my wife’s worst nightmare wheel trip was to take our truck and fifthwheel (wich I is 73’ long) into Palo Duro canyon. After we were at the bottom she would not speak. She even tried to hitchhike out. And let me drive out on my own. Lots time to think, Vern
  4. If you have any health concerns and need to purchase your own health insurance I would search all options. That was our biggest problem. But we started to full time in 2005. Health insurance has changed a lot since then. We are now on Medicare. My wife does the medical research. But there maybe differences in the plans in different states that could affect your decision. Whether it is regular health insurance or your move to some Medicare plan. The other decisions for us was after we figured out the insurance situation. Just my pennies worth of thoughts, Vern
  5. Is it restricted to wheel power or could it be foot powered. Vern
  6. I will wave when I go out again. Yep it sure looks like sitting still maybe the thing to do till spring. Then reassess then situation at hand. But I am free. No more people stopping by while I am working on my stuff. Many moons ago I cut ice out of a pond and made an igloo. It was neat looking at night with lights inside. Hope that fridge is working, Vern
  7. We have not traveled since March 23rd. And we are not near any well travel highways or interstate highways. So I am curious how full the truck-stops are. Sorta using that info as for how the economy is doing. Yesterday at the local Costco the upper storage shelves were maybe 3/4 full. They are rationing paper product at this Costco. Also canned veggie stuff is very limited. The other thing is the new car lots have about 60 percent of the capacity filled. Local big camper dealer has apparently sold lots of units, but replacement units are not showing up. However In northwest Montana the local workers are busy with work and visitors are swarming to Glacier NP.. we are hiding for the duration of the present situation. Planning on sitting through the winter in Montana. Stay Safe everyone, Vern
  8. Wrknrvr

    HDT with a Jeep?

    1. I did not stretch the frame. 2. With the Jeep tilted there is room foe a generator plus there. I carry oxygen/acetylene torch bottles ,argon bottle, two gas cans, 25 gallon gas tank for the generator, 2’x2x2’’ aluminum storage box, several buckets with stuff ,one with 100’ number 10 wire gauge extension cord, some times a extra cheap generator there also. And a 26” wide tool box from a roll around box. Plus more stufffff. So there is more room than u think with the Jeep tilted. There is 16” full width storage with three doors under the rear of the bed. Anyone that has seen my truck knows there lots of room for stuff. But ya know I have been wrong before. Vern
  9. We were there this am just after they opened for old timers. They are good on mask and people are really good at the distance thing. Two weeks ago i noticed the upper shelves were not fully stocked as before. Not much in canned vegetables. This day the wife was along and she saw that they were not full either. Also controlling paper products again. Next time I will wave if I see you, Vern
  10. Wrknrvr

    HDT with a Jeep?

    I am busy today but tomorrow am I should be able to give a good explanation. Vern
  11. Wrknrvr

    HDT with a Jeep?

    Look to the left Vern
  12. Second coat of Tounge oil. Hanging out to dry. I have almost all parts made and finished ready to assemble. I have been watching eBay for a period lock for this build. There was one on eBay but it was too small. As I have already cut the inlay for a modern one. Vern
  13. 40 and 1/2 years and the stock has been stained. The stock is curly maple and has been stained with boiled down coffee as the stain. I am trying to do this build the way it could have been done back then. I have read about using vegetable oil for the finish. No I am not going to finish it with veggie oil. But I did stain a piece of pine wood and will test veggie oil finish on it. Apparently they did finish furniture that way back then. Now on the subject about distance shooting? So far this subject has sorta eluded me. One rancher I know does not own property that I would feel safe about shooting there. So the other week we were driving along the Clark Fork River. There are some tall cliffs along the road. Although the cliffs are across the river. I have thought about asking the reservation near us if there any place I could use. But the reservation is even closed to al recreation for the time being unless you are a member. Also thought about shooting from one mountain to another. There are some steep mountains north of us that could work. As I still have some finishing things to do I have mor thinking to do on that subject.
  14. https://www.trainingmask.com/how-training-mask-works/ Just a thought, Vern
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