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  1. Bullet design testing.. With the weather causing difficulties getting to the range I have been thinking about a bullet design . So I used a short piece of barrel off the original barrel to make a bullet. Set the piece of barrel on top of a colt 45 bullet mold. If they shoot good and do not want to keyhole the target I will spend time at a machine shop to correct the problem of the colt 45 not staying aligned with the bore. I have set screws to center the colt mold, but the steel barrel apparently does not expand as much as the aluminum colt mold. So the colt 45 mold is hard to keep centered on the barrel mold.. since the colt 45 part of the mold does not always stay centered I thought I could change the design on the front of the bullet. Some people use pointed bullets. Some use flat nose. Some use round nose. I know using a powered drill is cheating. But maybe an old apple pealed could be modified to shape the bullet differently. When my eyes get back into proper focus I will try to get out to shoot again. Vern in a T-shirt
  2. Well since the weather in our area has seen some snow my trip to the range has been postponed until yesterday. So loaded everything in the Jeep along with the wife. So it has snowed more to the north of us. Our snow is all gone. But there is snow in the mountains. Since I get poked in the eye today, yesterday was my best chance to shoot. Well the farther we went on the paved road the more snow was on the side of the road. Then we turned on the gravel road headed towards the range. Stopped and looked at the situation of the road. Decided to go 400’, decided to turn around. Slush turned to ice and with 5 miles of mostly uphill travel to go . Ok ? So I finally decided to join a gun club as I think I have this rifle to the point to shoot fairly accurate with the scope. But need some distance to try it. So check one local gun club. They apparently just opened a 200 and 300 yard range. But those ranges are now closed. So I thought I would check another club out a little drive but I will do it. According to there web site they are not accepting new members. So last night I started to check on google maps and find a open area on public land. I did soot one not very far away. I just never went on that gravel road before. At least my eye sight has really has improved. When it first happened I was really concerned. Especially when I could not see the target through the scope even at 75’. But I could see it when not looking through the scope. Remember the shiny nickel on the back of the scope with a hole in it. If I can drive tomorrow I am going to find the new gravel pit just west of us. I do have a new thought on the scope for testing but need more info before showing what I am working on. Vern in a T shirt
  3. My intention of this post is to give people my thoughts as inviting a mobile tech into your space. I have worked as a mobile rv tech at the North Ranch escapees park for the last 5 winters. So with the (500’ to covid post) I want to explain how in my normal operation of doing rv repair work I could have spread covid quite far. Normally me and my wife would shake hands and maybe even hug our friends up hear in Montana before leaving to come to the North Ranch for the winter. So now if I would have left Montana after shanking hands with the Covid positive neighbor, then traveled directly to the North Ranch. Now normally when we pulled in several people would stop by before we even shut the engine off in our truck. Shaking hands and hugging. This space is for you to think about what I could have done to many friends.(. ) just give you a idea how popular I was at that campground. Heck the dogs would drag there owners to my lot to get petted. They knew that I liked puppies and would give many pets during the day when I was not out working. One day last year I counted 36 puppies stopped by in one day for a pet. Several were repeat petting customers I am sure? When this covid thing first appeared in the news I had thoughts of how many different people I would see in a day. So of course some people were talking about it. I was at a customers lot talking to them and the covid thing came into the conversation, there neighbor was there also. The neighbor said well I have been to Wuhan China. I said when, she said several years ago. At that point I thought how far and fast this could go. Two years before we stopped at the south rim of the Grand Canyon in early November. Probably 75 percent of the tourist were from Asia. They would fly to Vegas for gambling then take a bus trip to see the canyon. I quickly finished a few simple jobs and told other customers I was leaving. Stopped the mobile rv business. In years past I have worked on hazmat jobs and other unfriendly Biological work environments. So if you invite a mobile rv tech to your place, be careful. Vern in a T-shirt
  4. Trying to understand what to do if you know covid19 is only 500 feet away. So I have known my neighbor for over 50 years. We are both originally from Pa. but both ended up in Montana through the years. So since this subject came to the US, I have stopped 95 percent of my work. Only do one type of repair work that does not require me to go inside the rv for. We have been extremely careful where we go. And at what time. We use to go out to eat every Friday night. Go to parades, rodeos and generally do what we wanted. But with a serious underlying health concern from years ago we still really understood the possibilities of a normal infection being a problem. So my neighbor has a machine shop that I would visit a few times a week to do stuff. Or work on his rv or household stuff. We helped each other. He was the opposite of us in that he would still go to church. Eat out in restaurants His wife works at a dental office. He sorta went quiet about a week or so ago. Saturday the ambulance was at another neighbor to pickup the lady that lives there. Still not sure 100 percent about her reason for ambulance trip. Late Saturday he texted me about what happened to her . I told him a possibility of a fall? He texted back he tested positive on Wednesday for covid. More than frustration, Vern in a T-shirt
  5. Do your 12vdc lights work when disconnected from shore power. If not then the battery disconnect is turned off . Hence now 12vdc power to operate the fridge. Vern in a
  6. When we were in the process of downsizing I stored a backhoe on eBay. Never paid 1 cent in storage fees. The old backhoe has been stored for 15 years. If I ever want a backhoe again I may get one out of eBay storage. Vern in a T-shirt
  7. If all else fails. It could be enclosed. I am surprised it is not enclosed. It could be a custom build and that was not in the deal. Curious if anyone else as good info on these units. Vern in a T-shirt
  8. One thought is to mount it like front mounted generators in Motorhomes. The ones that slide out. Just have it slide out to the side. That will give a good idea how they do that. Also for the venting underneath, look at a metal panel with louvers in it. Face them to the rear. Another thought is a bigger fuel tank. I used my 2 1/2 gallon tank for a number of years. Then started doing more off grid stuff. Pain in the blank keeping fuel in it. Then installed a 20 plus gallon tank. While your are at it, maybe you should build it so a onan unit would fit. Just thing, Vern in a T-shirt
  9. So today after doing a bunch of other stuff in 25 degree weather I got to work on my scope. Since i discovered the rear hole on the scope is probably too big, I had to think of what one would do on 1870. Where could I find something with a small hole.. thinking,,,,,,,,, Buttons have small holes. Plug all but one and sure makes the scope more precise. At least it acts like it. So this what I thought off. More thinking. Now with the offset hole in a collar, one could use it for windage adjustment. More thinking about subject. Also need to paint with soot and tongue oil. Tomorrow am I think I will solder disc in the collar. I do wish I could get a picture through the scope to show you the view. Vern in a T-shirt
  10. Good luck with your recovery Dave. Just be careful during your recovery and slowly get in motion. Like no climbing into that truck for some time. You can think of the feeling when you first start your engine. Big smile. But take your time and do it properly. One day at a time, Vern
  11. If you are really desperate to do a temporary/ permanent fix. If the seal itself is still good, I have cleaned the rust and dirt out of the gripping area and the part it grips to. Then glue it in place with Goop. If you do this be ready to shim gasket in place and clean any mess you make with the Goop. As it will stick to most anything. Just Thinking, Vern in a T-shirt
  12. My thoughts are to pay attention to what is happening on this subject. So we normally head south for the winter. Sometimes would go from Montana to Florida or Arizona. Once we went to Florida then three weeks later we were in Arizona. Sometimes we went to Pennsylvania also. So just thinking about what one would need to do for your time to get a vaccine. Say June next summer. Well we were thinking of going to Alaska. Now what do we do. The reason I started this post is to alert people as what we may need to do if your travels may be interrupted by your appointment. Just thinking, Vern in a T-shirt
  13. So I was thinking about where you would get a vaccine if you are on the road. Would you need to be at your legal address area. I have no idea about what will be required. We are and going to be at our legal address. Until when is in question. So I think( which gets me in trouble at times) that this is something you may want to at least think about. Wether you want one or not that is up to you. Vern in a T-shirt
  14. Today the weather was about 7 degrees this am so planned to stay home and do things that I want to do.. was looking at Montana vintage arms website. Just looking at stuff and it hit me. The rear of my scope has a 1/4” hole in it. I was impressed with that size hole. Now not so. Was reading about rear sight holes on cartridge rifles. Well I need to rethink that 1/4” hole. just a tad big I believe. So I found a Colt 45 cartridge, that did not have a primer i it and looked trough that hole. Yep that 1/4” hole is toooo big. Sooo I was thinking outside the box as one would say today. So tomorrow I am going to install a adjustable nickel in the rear of the scope, Sorta just thinking, Vern in a T-shirt
  15. Something I found years ago may help. If you look on both sides of the firewall, on the engine side. There should be 3 ground post on each side of the fire wall. Remove and clean all surfaces. This is on a Volvo cab of your vintage. Just by chance, Vern in a T-shirt
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