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  1. Today I visited the shop and was taking a good look at the stock. I really do not what cut a new stock for this gun. This stock has a lot of history showing so I am going to use a old rv repairman trick. I think I can make it work. It’s just going to take some thinking to hide my 40 year old mistake of leaning it on a tractor. Vern in a
  2. Yesterday it was snowing just a little bit near Kalispell Montana. Just enough that the road sorta was covered. But you could see the lines yet. We needed to go to the post office that is about 1 1/2 miles away. We went the main road out on hay 93, which included a small easy hill to go over. Maybe a hundred feet high with grade that allows 55 mph speed limit. So we went south and made the left turn towards the post office. So we had a food pickup in Kalispell so we headed back to Hwy 93 and went north. In the time that we were in the post office and went back over that hill a p
  3. So back to the subject of gurgling. If you had about a 6’ piece of 3/4” clear flexible hose like you can get at a hardware store. Or a piece of garden hose the same length yo could possibly find the noise location. First thing is to try and pinpoint the area of the noise in the rv. Then put a clean end of the hose against your ear. Then move the other end around, following the noise. Maybe put the end at the air vents on the sink lines, and where the washer drains. It mite be good to do a test on a noise that you can test the hose trick on. Like a hair dryer or co
  4. The news said it was about 100 mph in Bigfork. Is was windy enough that our 18’ slides top moved in about a inch with one gust. That slide has a fridge, range, dishwasher and the sink with lots of cabinets. Wife did not see that. Yes stuff was moving around outside. Vern in a T-shirt
  5. Yesterday I purchased a cleaned and painted 55 gallon drum. Will be getting parts to hook up to the Aquahot. Will keep informed of said project. Vern in a T-shirt
  6. Well it is about time for me to get going again. I did the whiting process again a few days ago. I hope I can waddle over there today. There is some stain that does not want to come out. It is dark grey. But it looks better than before. I may clean it with lacquer thinner today to remove the mineral spirits. Then I need to assemble the stock on the receiver to make sure everything is lined up. Then Put a barrier between the wood and the metal to keep epoxy from glueing all together. Maybe glue my hip while i am at it. Just kidding. I am frustrated that I lost the t
  7. Well I am slowly get back to moving again. Since I had time to sit and think about the rifle I realized I may need to have a simple way to make sure the rifle in not tilted off to either side, when aiming. So this picture shows my thinking. My computer will not let me type under the picture. So this how’s how I am thinking about making a pendulum level. It will be on the rear side of the front scope mount, so as to be seen when getting ready to sight the rifle just at 1 o’clock from the scope. The hook part will not be there. Just straight down. I will make one out of silver. I have a
  8. You already did the basics of a mechanical problem. In the beginning of my career as a rv tech I discovered that a plugged toilet could leave a snake pass the problem. But plug up as soon as the snake is removed. Make ya think what the Is going on. I figured out how to fix that problem. So I personally did the basics as you did on my own fifthwheel. My kitchen sink would not drain. Take the trap apart after trying the plunger trick. Double sink causes plunging pumping fun. Following the flexible drain line as it is in a slide and found a clean out fitting. No
  9. With 13 years experience as a mobile rv tech I would suggest that you absolutely check to see if there is another gray water tank that is not open all the way. I have seen two gray water tanks hooked together. They were in older Motorhomes up into mid 2000. But I have discovered that pouring Simple green into anyplace there is a trap in the drain system may help clear the system. Maybe a cup of Simple Green into each trap at the end of the day. Or if you can at least let it set for a few hours. Go food shopping or something to spend the time away from using your drains.
  10. I was looking for a 55 gallon drum. Just never found a good clean one to use. I am not worried about cost of fuel now as in red dyed fuel. Then I slipped on the ice. So what I myself can do right now is physically limited. Normally I just do stuff like this all the time. The fuel tank I am using now was a old propane tank that I removed the top fitting and washed the inside out. Let it dry in the sun for a few days. Then filled it with water and welded a close nipple in the top side of the tank. Added a vent line and it works really good .Just sitting in Montana,with a sore leg caught m
  11. So sitting here thinking about my fuel line situation and have a question. Since I installed the Aquahot unit 3 years ago it has been hooked up to a 8 gallon tank with clamped fittings. My first question is could I use quick disconnect fittings to hoop up my lines to the truck fuel tank. I am going to make a set of copper fuel lines to actually go into the fuel tank and could put a threaded fitting on the copper tubing to attach a coupler on. it Second question is what kind should I use. Just plain air line quick disconnect or hydraulic ones. Now the flow is very minimal on a Aquahot.
  12. So today I am going to waddle over to the shop. I did ask for a clear path that a walker will fit through. I am planning on cleaning the whiting compound off. Take a look at what it is looking like. Probably put another coat of whiting compound on. As I visit the eye doc tomorrow for a shot in each eye for macular degeneration. Then visit the buttt doctor for my stupidity fall. I am feeling much better. I may get to my work bench today to do some minor work on the shotgun parts. I need to look at making the shell extractor fit a 45/70 case. Possibly use a metal washer and cut a piece to
  13. Since giving up on a place to shoot during the winter I have been doing some work about 85 miles away through a long valley. I always just drove through the valley going somewhere else. But since I was driving through there for several days and there is snow on the ground I spotted two possible shooting locations. So I was going to stop and look at both sites for a few minutes. But I slipped on ice at that job and since have visited a doctor and been using a walker. Today I will start using crutches and see if my speed will increase. I have been looking at state maps that show public a
  14. For a update on my episode, things sure look good. But they do not feel 100 percent yet. I can go up and down steps now. Just not fast yet. One could even say slowwwww. Going to trade the walker in for crutches today. That should help when outside. Today is going to be fun, I hope. Tomorrow at 10:00 am I will get a shot in each eye for macular degeneration, then while half blind and sore will then make a stop at doctors office for a checkup on my stupidity fall. I am so slow my wife cut my hair as I could not move that fast. Have a good day, Vern in
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