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  1. RandyA

    New Logo

    I'm really sorry to hear that you picked up "The Virus" but extremely glad to learn that your symptoms were relatively mild. Yes, we are following the birds south for the winter despite the virus. The contagion map on the Mayo Clinic's web site is showing a lower incidence of the virus where we are going than where we are currently living. Of course, other snowbirds will be arriving at the park from a multitude of other states and we have no way of knowing if they are carriers of the virus or not. Fortunately, virtually all of our group activities are outdoors. Use of masks, washing hands and disinfection of common surfaces will prevail. We can't stay hidden forever - we always take some sort of risk no matter where we are. They put headlights and seat-belts on our trucks as a caution even if we don't drive at night or expect a crash. I'm very glad to know you are getting well without major complications.
  2. RandyA


    I actually hate phones. "Social Media" does nothing for me. But - I admit there are some phone Apps that do make my hobbies and car/truck interest easier. I more often than not leave my iPhone on my dresser all day and take a quick look before going to bed. If it were not for the safety of my wife, kids and grandchildren and using WYZE on the road I doubt that I would own one. It got so bad at family gatherings several years ago that I would unplug my internet to discourage "phone" usage (Never give visiting family your wifi password!). The next step was "park it at the door" or leave, which actually made family gatherings enjoyable again. Texting on a "smart phone" has always amused me - perhaps through my obsession and activity with Radio Teletype on Ham Radio frequencies in the late 60's and 70's. I used surplus military and Western Union behemoths with more clicks and clacks than an old freight train. I still have some absolutely fantastic ASCII art done with nothing more than keyboard characters on rolls of yellowed newsprint. I really loved RTTY. Facebook offers me nothing other than a occasional car part or tool find on For Sale groups when eBay fails me. I am not ashamed to admit I have never Twittered, Instagram(ed) or Tic Tok(ed). Before I retired I spent more time on the phone freely answering questions than actually doing work that I could get paid for. I'm with Vern all the way except I spend too much time fishing and not enough catching. Maybe he will give in and let us know where the fish are biting.
  3. RandyA

    New Logo

    I have a clear plastic bug deflector on the hood of my Volvo. I recently needed to replace the banner on the deflector. I chose a new one pictured here. Now, maybe I won't get those "Have enough truck" comments. Yes, it is better to have more truck than you need than to need more truck than you have. Click For Full-Size Image.
  4. You indicated "marine grade" wire. YES, absolutely! Much of the wire available through economy outlets is aluminum with a copper outer coating. That stuff is horrible. It corrodes rapidly and spools from China that say perhaps 14 gauge are NOT necessarily America Wire Gauge. China's 14 gauge generally works out to 18 AWG. To everyone adding wiring to your truck, PLEASE use only marine grade stranded copper. Marine grade will be "tinned" over the copper and the insulation has a higher UV and water protection jacket. Definitely worth the extra price. You will save money in the longer term by not having corrosion issues.
  5. Unless you have a camper that dates back to the 80's your water lines should be PEX. Earlier systems were a gray colored plastic pipe made of Polybutylene. Some campers continued to use soft copper pipe with no-solder compression fittings. The weakest part of the PEX system used on RV's is the cheap plastic L's and similar connectors/fittings commonly used to save a few pennies. Hopefully you have brass fittings rather than black plastic - the gray plastic fittings are somewhat stronger than the black ones. The brass Shark Bite no crimp connectors are very durable. 1/2" PEX has a burst pressure of almost 500 psi at 75 degrees F. It will expand under pressure - the plastic fittings will not expand. You will not break a PEX line unless you hook directly to a fire hydrant. When the "fixed" regulators first appeared and Polybutylene pipe was used most all RV manufacturers advised a maximum pressure of 40 psi. These in-line fixed 40-psi devices were NOT true regulators but rather flow restrictions with a spring loaded stop valve that caused a drop in pressure once a water faucet was turned on. IMHO, the most sensitive part of a RV water system to high pressure is the toilet. The flush valve can easily fail at "high" pressure. Second is the water supply hose - the "white hose" that sits in the sun on a hot day with a park having 80 psi at the water connection. Anyway, I use the adjustable brass unit with a gauge as shown in the previous pics and set the pressure going into the camper at 60 psi provided the particular park I am in has that much pressure. I try to put the regulator at or as close as possible to the park connection. If the park pressure is below 40 psi I fill my fresh water tank and run my 5.2 GPM variable speed pump set to 60 psi. I have encountered park pressures as low as 20 psi and as high as 110 psi. They are all a crap shoot. BTW - the glycerin filled gauges are a better quality than what we usually buy for our regulators. They are externally water proof, made of stainless steel and brass and less likely to be damaged by freezing temps.
  6. Yes, I use it and constantly refer folks with questions to the site. 99.9% on a Windows 10 laptop I looked at the "static" site and could not tell the difference. Not completely sure what your meaning of "static" is in this case. I disagree that this forum has suffered from contributors turning to Facebook. One issue that I believe may have "hurt" the form is a lack of current contributions from Jack and yourself. Thankfully the Old Goat and Scrap still hang around and contribute. But, I understand - this forum is not anyone's life! I have read many postings in the past two years that I wondered why they were not added to the Resource Guide. My conclusion was that you were extremely busy with other needs and perhaps had lost interest since moving to a MH. Regardless, I greatly appreciate the work you have done and can honestly say that without the guide I would have been totally lost in 2009 when I acquired my Volvo. I believe there are others gathered here that would carry the torch to assist you if given the needed instructions on access and operation. I strongly feel that the guide needs to continue - even if it is static and no additional information is added!
  7. RandyA


  8. RandyA


    FYI - My Mom is 94. Still lives independently, drives, does not wear glasses or hearing aids and seems to have all her marbles. Truth is, she is in many ways in better shape than me at 74. She has taken good care of herself since day one. I just wish I had taken better care of myself a half century ago - something you cannot tell an 18 year old and have them listen to and respect what you say. If you are 18 you will live "forever", Covid masks 😷 and seat belt laws are a government violation of free expression, the Covid virus is a fake, alcohol 🍺 to the point of passing out is "normal". Marijuana and similar "light" drugs will do the body no harm, spending hours in the sun to get a tan is healthy, I can quit tobacco any time I want attitude, Big Macs πŸ” for lunch and dinner, sugar πŸ₯€ out the kazoo in soft drinks and foods are the norm, watching hours of TV or being on your "phone" πŸ“±or computer all day, piercing body parts and covering your body with tattoos, and 150 db sound systems πŸ”Š are all OK. But they are afraid of lead paint, immunizations πŸ’‰, tap water, cars with no air bags, and rabies. I love my grandchildren, but........😢 P.S. - I'm not at all opinionated.
  9. Really nice device also shows speed and RPM too. I was going to sell mine but became so attached I decided to keep it. Anyone with a crash box just starting out can do much better with the Gearmaster. It takes awhile to learn the idiosyncrasies of a HDT gear box and they sure do help! Love mine still after 10 years!
  10. RandyA

    Trailer skirting

    Never had any visitors.
  11. RandyA


    We filled the pool in 3 years ago. Wife does some massage, but not like a pro. Jacuzzi jetted hot tub helps to relax. Surgery went well and I am now functioning without back pain or strong meds. Need to be careful as it takes a year or two for the vertebra to fuse. More concerned about my &%$# prostate. This getting old is getting old but still better than the alternative - I think.
  12. IMHO, New Horizons seems to be the leader. Others I would consider are Space Craft, LUX, DRV. I consider our Keystone Cambridge to be "luxury", but it is not made any more like so many of the nicer, well built units that disappeared in the 2006-2008 economic crash. For someone currently tent camping a new pop-up would be luxury. A very hard term to define without goals and price point.
  13. RandyA

    Trailer skirting

    ??????? I'm not following you there unless you mean using more propane to heat the trailer without skirting.
  14. RandyA

    Trailer skirting

    In 1989 I lived in a 22' Wilderness travel trailer from January until May. Yes, it was a cold Virginia winter. My skirting to keep the cold winds out from under the poorly insulated underbelly of the unit were bales of straw, which at the time were $1 per bale. They worked extremely well and it was easy to size them as needed and remove one if necessary. I would not hesitate to use them again if I had to experience a winter other than the ones we enjoy in warmer Florida.
  15. There was a time when Trailer Life was more than it is (or was) today. I have some older copies I saved - they are at least twice as thick with content compared to the current publication. I am not a great fan of Marcus Lemonis, Chairman and CEO of Camping World Holdings, Inc. or what he has done TO (not for) the RV community. I have no desire to read about PUPs, motor homes or travel trailers. My interest lies with 5th wheel units, their features and evolution. This new magazine may be a hodge-podge of stuff with many pages of little interest to the average reader. I regret that Mr. Lemonis has taken this position - which I am sure is to cut his publication cost and apparent declining readership of his current magazines. This cookie cutter one size fits all approach is happening all too frequently. Thank goodness we have a good, focused and well written RV magazine in ESCAPES. He killed Woodalls and now he is killing Trailer Life and Motorhome. What's next?
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