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  1. How many hours are on said dead generator? Are you sure that the current "dead" Onan unit can't be rebuilt and resurrected? What would it cost for an actual Cummins shop to look it over?
  2. jkoenig24

    Alaska 2022

    If Covid is no longer an issue, I would like to go to AK via RV. I don't know what the date for the ECR is but, perhaps those interested could use Crossville, TN as a "jumping off" point. The WCR has been in Cauldwell ID in early June. That could be the "jumping off" point as an alternative.
  3. CONGRATULATIONS! Wishing you MANY miles and years of safe, happy motoring.
  4. jkoenig24


    I agree with Twotoes; in my opinion, generally a VERY POOR way to spend money.
  5. Gregg Shields did a very good video that compared the four main Valve models. A little time on YouTube should lead yo to said video.
  6. Expect the folks at NYS DMV to be TOTALLY UNAWARE of what Jaydvr has reported. Also, should you ever be stopped by LEOs, expect them to be similarly unaware. I'd find out EXACTY WHAT sections of VTL (or the even more arcane" Commissioner's Rules and Regulations") apply here and, have copies of all the applicable sections printed out, organized in a folder, ready to present to DMV and LEOs as necessary. A "Standard" NYS "D" Class license that has an "R" endorsement will cover non commercial vehicle weight over 26,000#. You're also likely to need an endorsement for Air Brakes. Once you add on "pulling a trailer" it gets just a little more complicated. Most bureaucrats NOT do well handling "complicated". Remain patient and present the DETAILED paperwork. Once a local employee is presented with paperwork "above their pay grade" they'll call a supervisor (or the "mothership" in Albany). If I remember correctly, Jaydrv brought donuts which might have made DMV staff more willing to do the legwork that was necessary. GOOD LUCK! PS: I found it easier to just leave NYS.
  7. CONGRATULATIONS! Wishing you many miles and years of safe and happy travels.
  8. 'certified zero scape landscape architect' What the heck IS that????
  9. I expect that somebody lodged a complaint re: your vehicle & property use. I would also expect whatever office is handling this matter to resist telling you who filed said complaint. A FOIA request might force them to release the details (which might end the investigation right there if the whiner wants to remain anonymous and withdraw their objection). Once you know who filed the complaint, you might be able to have a discussion with said person. BEFORE you do that, be sure to have "your ducks in a row" so that you're ready to answer / deflect whatever issues the complainer may have. You may not be able to change his / her thinking but, if you're 100% in compliance, you should prevail. By all means speak to your friend who is in local government. He can be a wealth of information and very useful in crafting new verbiage that doesn't throw you and other RVers "under the bus". You don't mention if your property is in a Home Owners Association. If it IS, you can be in for a world of hurt as a HOA's bylaws can be MUCH more stringent that "local" code. You also mentioned " Utah is known for its large families. Many here pull a travel trailer behind their motorhomes so they have sleeping space". Doing so can be incredibly dangerous and, in many places, simply having passengers riding inside a trailer is illegal. I believe FEDERAL regs REQUIRE a properly installed seat belt for EACH passenger. FEW RVs have that many "properly installed" seat belts so, there's a serious safety issue as well as a legal issue if ALL of the family ride inside the rig. When I owned a "stick & brick", I was lucky in that I could get my Super-C in behind my house where it was not visible from the street. The neighbors on either side had no problem with my rig being on my property either. Can you "hide" your rig somewhere in the back of your property? If you can, that might placate whiners and, keep your rig safer from parts pirates. Good luck!
  10. jkoenig24

    Soft starts

    I've got both of the AC units on my Super-C upgraded to SoftStart. No more "CLUNK" when the compressors kick in. The AC's seem to be running quieter too.
  11. That's what wives are for; give her a boost to get her up there.
  12. Did you drill holes to install “stuff”? If so, AND there are NO LEAKS, then don’t mess with “taking stuff off”. Price it accordingly for what you’ve added. You WON’T get back what you’ve put into it. That’s just a simple fact of life. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!
  13. My understanding is that 65' is the "Magic Number" re Over All Length (OAL). There may still be a state or two with a 60' OAL limit (KY ?). As already mentioned, LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers) generally have NOT been interested in RVs (whether powered by HDTs or something else) UNLESS there is some other factor involved (ie accident, stuff falling off your rig etc). With both CA & UT looking to go after BIG RVs for emissions, I fear it's just a matter of time before some politician decides / realizes that RVs are ripe targets for "enforcement actions" (ie tickets). I've seen more than a few Weigh Stations that are placarded by GVWR rather than by Commercial status. I've seen at least one Weigh Station placarded "requiring" vehicles weighing 8,000 pounds or more to enter said Weigh Station. Heck, that number would require many (most?) pick up trucks to pull in. Right now, I doubt that's being enforced BUT, states could just be planning for the future. With the HUGE deficits being run up, politicians and all levels of government WILL be looking for ways to increase revenue. LOTS of things that in the past, did NOT get much attention, are likely to get a closer look. My big fear is that, with all the "newbies" entering the RV lifestyle, MOST do NOT get ANY RV driver training (or even realize said training exists and, that they NEED it). A spate of major accidents could bring unwanted attention to RVers. I regularly recommend to RV newbies I meet to find and attend an RV Boot Camp as well as tell them that RV Driver Training Classes exist. Most were clueless about these learning opportunities.
  14. "He called tonight to say Texas A&M cafeterias are out of food, and can’t get trucks in." That's what Freshmen are for; eat them first........;)
  15. Another case of "What Goes Around, Comes Around". Glad you were in compliance! Also glad to hear you're being "extra safe" re Covid. I'm being extra safe in northeast TN. Maybe next year will be close to "the old normal".
  16. I just tried it. It opened fine for me on my MacBook Pro via Safari browser.
  17. jkoenig24


    There are currently parts of the country (often major metropolitan areas) that CANNOT supply the electricity they need NOW. Building new electric generating infrastructure is always filled with controversy. Even when "forced" through, building new generating facilities takes LOTS of time. Where exactly will proponents of "all electric" vehicles get the electric power that would make this ambitious goal, which require LOTS of additional electricity, possible? I look at this as "Pie in the Sky" sound good, wishful thinking that has a minuscule chance of coming to pass even years after their lofty 2030 goal. In the aviation field, there has been a concerted effort to remove lead from AvGas (100 Octane Low Lead gas used by piston powered aircraft). We're talking DECADES of effort here and still, YEARS to go (if, in fact, it EVER happens). One thing that I constantly amazed at is that there seems to be zero effort at harnessing TIDAL energy. Tidal electric generation might only help coastal ares BUT, coastal areas are where the majority of people live. The tides are very reliable. There must be some way of harnessing Tidal energy, especially as there are virtually no downsides like nuclear waste, smog etc. If some billionaire directed carefully controlled funding toward the goal of capturing tidal flow I believe that could be achieved long before we actually reach Mars. As for HYDROGEN powered vehicles, can anyone say "HINDENBURG"? As far as I'm concerned, it's NOT a case of will an explosion occur but WHEN will it occur. I'd say that LNG has a MUCH better chance of widespread success as there are many city busses & garbage trucks that are so powered. As to Carl's original question, I SERIOUSLY doubt that HDTs and MDTs are in any danger by 2030 (or even a decade after that). MILLIONS of them on the road; far too many for easy replacement or "transfer" to run on electricity vs diesel fuel. Just my $0.02
  18. Sad news indeed. Rest In Peace Dave.
  19. Watch some wag pipe "sweet air" into the intake......
  20. Congratulations! You've been working hard at getting this all done and your "pay day" has finally arrived. Sounds like even the missus is happy (a mean feat in its' own right). Wishing you a vey Happy New Year, many miles of safe and enjoyable driving. Now if the powers that be can wrangle Covid-19 into submission so we can all get back on the road and have some FUN.
  21. jkoenig24

    Bronco Sport

    I read somewhere that the "new" Bronco had very little towing capacity.
  22. Wishing ALL HDT forum members a Safe & Happy 2021. May 2021 be VASTLY superior to 2020!
  23. After ELEVEN YEARS of service, I don't think those batteries owe you anything. May the next set give as good service!
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