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  1. Monday morning you might consider calling and ask for Huston.... Industrial Applied Electric Address: 163 NE. Underwood Ave., Bend, OR 97701 Phone: 541-382-6636 1-800-750-6630 Fax Number: 541-382-9485 Email: mail@iaebend.com Business Hours: 8:00 am to 5:30 8:00am to 12:00 noon Sat
  2. Trim I just logged on... Sorry to hear about your problems. We are presently at our Bend hillbilly property ... One forested acre in the middle of a building crazy city. I was born in Prineville so take what I say with a grain of salt.... BY FAR the very best Industrial /Heavy Electrical Master you will EVER meet is Huston who has owned IAE in Bend for longer than you have been alive....he is nearly blind these days but don't let that fool you.... He ALWAYS save the day and his shop is stunning he STOCKS millons on the shelf..... Call me here in Bend on my cell 520.891.3695 If you get in a bind for a place to park over the fourth you are welcome to hang out at our hillbilly acre but it can be a trip to get through all the craziness of building construction here in Bend these days... Cowgirl has a horse Kamp reserved this Wednesday for a few weeks so if you need to use our Bend place call soon and I could drive over to Prineville and pick you up and bring you over here and show you the local streets to navigate Crazy Bend... Hang in there and give me a ring...
  3. I ALWAYS thought that the highly DETAILED manual for RV'$ should include the ground handling turning radius diagram the Boeing scribbles in the back page #3,721.1t Once the tail light is about 132 ft Behind the last set of wheels you can tend to get some tail swing going and then of course there is that tail flipper horizontal thingy about 49 feet wide and then those wing things that at high altitude ain't long enough but on the ground way way too long...... Now the hard part...... remembering all those darn radius numbers on a foggy rainy night...... Drive on...... don't swing your tail into the baggage carts. ...
  4. Hey Dave, You should have delayed your trip North to the grate-nor-wet...it looks like we might have a bumper crop of sidewinder rattlerzzzz this year on the South side of Last Chance Peak Snake Ranch. Don't sweat the starter,,,,,,,it's so easy to do a work-around,,,,, Back in my Bird-boy-$ave-the-world days we would fly into a really really backwater town in old Mexico that had the best taxi service in the entire world,,,,,, On final approach over town I would unsynchronize the props and the the old wreck would howl wow ,,,wow,,,,wow noise that would wake up Paccoo and he would drive the old Valient slant six out to the runway to pick us up..... sorta..... His old slant six was ALWAYS low in gas so..... We would sit in the shade while 5 gallons of gas drained from one of my top tanks into his 5 gallon can... Once the slant six was gassed up it was starter time.... Paccoo would strike the THREE wires together while birdboy stuffed the $teel fence post through the rusted out hole in the floor and would ram the starter hard when Paccoo yell ooondleey,,,,,ooondleey .. Dave it worked every time.... Drive on......don't wack the starter too gentle..
  5. Dollytrolley

    Wheel Well

    Sounds a bit hillbilly however it works very well... Old time custom trailer builder would purchase steel round stock water trough from the ag supply then cut them in half and screw a sheet metal cover to the outside face so it could be removed if needed... It was a very durable wheel well. Drive on.....keep the wheels in the wells...
  6. Dollytrolley


    Few years ago was spending a couple winters around Wickenburg AZ ...... Local mine heavy haul trucks would crawl out of mine over huge sharp rocks and then blast down I-10 on blazing hot pavement at 70 mph in the summer and EVERY truck had IRONMAN tires and they will make no bones about how GREAT they are...... We bought a set and they are way overkill in load capacity but I was AMAZED how little runout they have....they run silky smooth in spite of the fact that they are much heavier specs.... Lots of tire for the $$$$$ Drive on.......round tires ride smoothe....
  7. Boy oh boy....sure glad I was never wrong..... Not having a spare KW laying around here at Last Chance Peak Geezer Kamp .....I looked around for something to test your air bag concept....... Dollymama's 1987 Hints 250 Fourtrax has two big fat round air bag looking tires at each end of the back axle.....so......I inflated them to the high limit of 3psi and blasted off to the edge of DEATH VALLEY.....in a one hour ride I ONLY saw one rattlesnake and two coyotes but the air bags worked well....not sure what size air line to use to hook them together..... No.....I have not dipped into the cheep rum.... yet..... Please advise on air line size and routing .... Drive on..... rattlesnake has the right of way..... Always....
  8. We have a winter home in N. Pahrump however we are actually Oregunn natives with too much real estate there so our rigs are tagged in Oregunn where they will turn ANYTHING into a RV for plenty of $$$$$. If you want to talk on the phone Private Message me with your phone # Drive on .........power up for the hills....
  9. For s few years I ran a enterprise where I had several offices that spanked the entire Oregon coast... At first glance highway 101 seems like a no-brainer.......THINK AGAIN..... Almost EVERY day for several years my day involved a round trip from Waldport to Lincoln City and it could be a REAL adventure MANY days...... some days it was nearly life ending.....one VERY windy foggy horizontal FREEZING rain day I was pushing a bit too FAST (25 mph) just coming down the sheet ice grade at Cape Fowlweather and OH CRAP......NO Highway 101....Zip..... GONE.... ENTIRE highway just slid right down the cliff right into the Crashing 50 foot breakers of the Pacific.... I slid way too CLOSE to the edge and then backed up and spent a couple hours in the fog trying to STOP traffic until they closed 101 .....the cell coverage was not good so often times you on your own and sometimes folks have to turn around and go get help in person...... Trust me I know WAY too much about Highway 101 winter driving...... Drive on....... sometimes Winter RV trips are better on .......Zoom
  10. We ..... Dolly momma and un-stable-stable-boy were both born in Oregon and still own way too much Oregon Real Estate in Almost every region of the state..... For the most part we have found the best route is climb to FL 380 (38,000 ft) and set the cruise control at 450 mph depending on headwinds we get there in not much more time it takes to nibble our sack lunch....of course we will burn a bit of fuel but not for too long (about 75 minutes)..... Now travel that route at ground level is a real crap shoot in the winter.....we unfortunately have tried EVERY road North and have yet to find a route Noth in the winter that is a sure thing..... Even in bad weather the turbine airplane is a far better choice......and in REALLY bad weather the airplane is a even better choice (just turn around and have lunch in Tucson...... Good luck if you decide to go North and please let us know if you find a good road because in 60 years we have not found a good route... Drive on...... sometimes the best winter route North is......South ....
  11. Grumps told me.........."Kid, if you don't start getting better grades in school........you WILL find yourself digging ditches" So......maybe Grumps was just spit-balling but..........I own a mini excavator AND a Ditchwitch 1230......both have dug a lot of ditches at various properties we own........AND........digging ditches is just another ......."degree of education" I was a bit reserved to suggest the ........"Climb-ditching" method of ditcher trenching but it can be done ........IF.......IF you realize that it is a ............."ADVANCED HILLBILLY TRENCHER OPERATION"........ Obviously with "Climb-Ditching " the trencher chain tends to pull the trencher ahead naturally and the trick is that the hillbilly-operator needs to hold the trencher back from getting too large "bite" and then you might find yopurself trenching on land or flower beds that you do not own.......... If you decide to try "Climb-ditching" you might try it a few time in a open area about the size of 10 football fields and perhaps you might tie a rope around the spark plug wire and tie the other end to your belt loop sorta like the "Dead-man-switch" on a jet ski.......... If you decide to sue me your in good company............good luck finding a lawyer that dumb....... Or...........perhaps go back to school and get better grades.........Grumps always said " Folks that got good grades in school have folks with poor grades dig their ditches"........ Drive / trench on..............of course the ditch has a curve in it.......the plans had a fold right there.......
  12. Hey Big, Your comments reminds me of a gig I was on a few decades ago hauling venomous snakes from South America to a medical research joint in S. Florida. We had to overnight Merida Mexico and on those days in order to over fly Cuba I had to file a international flight plan thru the embassy of Norway because the USA had no formal relationship with Cuba .... As I was filing the flight plan à missionary pilot ask of I would perhaps help him file as well and perhaps he could have me help him transition Cuba airspace..... After helping him get filed we walked out the the aircraft and he had signs in the windows that said "Aircraft Carries NO DRUGS" I suggested perhaps he might NOT want those signs in the windows when he pulls into Customs at Key West ....he said oh no I love those signs..... I led into Cuban airspace and then Cuban control ask us to separate 20 miles so I dropped back..... Due to my drop back he landed ABOUT 20 minutes ahead of me in Key West ......I cleared Customs in 30 minutes and when I was taxinging out all of the seats and most of the interior panels of the missionary aircraft was scattered across the Customs ramp .... I wonder if indeed they did NOT find any drugs..... As for my cargo... . The customs guys did NOT want to pet the venomous snakes and sent me on the way..... Drive (fly)......on......be careful who reads your signs
  13. Was hatched in Oregon some moons ago and seems like been on every paved road and 99% of the unpaved roads and have flown aerial natural resources survey over every sq. mile of Oregon more than a few times. ODOT if you ask deep into the agency will mutter that once a RV operator exits the ONLY two freeways (I-5 / I-84) then the roads tend to get fairly narrow and often twisty and steep. Now a bunch of folks here on the forum will say so what .....heck Kalifornia has some steep and twisty roads and so does other Western states as well..... What tends to make things a bit dicey in Oregon is........POWER POLES........Ouch......these are .......POWER POLES but in most states the power poles are poked into a hole in the ground and stand upright with wires strung between the poles........in Oregon many of these ONE HUNDRED TEN FOOT poles are loaded onto bunks on the back of a log truck and it makes for a .......Oh Crap moment when ever you meet one of these rigs coming around a corner and the tractor is in his lane and his trailer is in your lane on a twisty secondary lane........ Sometimes a flag-car will flag you down before the corner but some roads just have warning signs about pole trucks and then if a RV meets the pole truck in the corner then the Law of the LUG-NUTS is applied (the rig with the most lug nuts move forward and the RV gets to back up)...... You see asking the average triple-tow RV operator to back up a narrow twisty road is going to get ugly in no time so Oregon with good reason just does not allow triple-tow RV operations. Some highways in Oregon don't even allow commercial B trains. For the most part Oregon loves RV's but many of the highways are not very well suited for RV's and especially large RV's Drive on.........Keep your eyes peeled for .......Pole Trucks
  14. Teach, Tons (pun intended) rock and mine guys in the Arizona use IRONMAN tires and they contend that NO other brand at any price even come close when you are pulling out of hard rock mines over rocky roads out to I-10 then running 79MPH on 119f days with BIG load. Maybe you don't need 18 ply tough tires but I paid $300 per tire in Pahrump mounted so it might pay for you come on over the pass to save some $$$$$ We replaced some 5 yr Michs on the motorhome last year and even though are a HEAVY DUTY tire 18 ply they ride very nice and are very low noise. I checked the runout before installing them and they were VERY VERY true, I was amazed. I checked balance on the rig and they ALL were very well in natural balance as well........very well crafted tires. Trust me rock haulers know a LOT about tires and tire prices...... Drive on............Keep those tires ......round
  15. Interesting.......... Kirk in the OP ask about 2020 travel plans and wondered how the Covid-19 situation might change folks travel plans / patterns...... Wonder why this thread is headed for the padlock.........help me out here .....being a geezer i tend to drool in my oatmeal a bit...... Linda, You bring up a fairly good public example with the Sully pilot example. The less known information that the public has not been privy to but is somewhat addressed in the movie is the huge amount of controversy that the accident investigation brought to question many of the Situational Awareness decisions made by Capt. Sully AND the Crew...... Having considerable "Party-Of-Interest" NTSB, Insurance, and Legal Firm accident investigation "experience" I will state as a matter of fact that NO MATTER how well a Pilot OR Crew performs in a emergency, once the investigation starts GOD would be hard pressed to escape the "investigation" with a passing grade. Now of course the movie Sully is......a movie.....however having been in s few equally grim situations in aircraft I will say that the movie does a fair job of bringing some of the better features of Professional Situational Awareness to light of day for the public IF the public pays attention and grasps the S A features as the events of the situation unfolds. In the start of my "Aerospace-life" I was dirt poor.......I could not afford a aircraft with a ........engine......so........I scrounged up a........WWII wrecked training GLIDER......I repaired the GLIDER and then a couple of us.......fools took the repaired wreck out to a remote part of the desert and using the Army Air Corps Glider Manual sorta muddled into the basics of flying and landing the GLIDER .......WITHOUT a instructor........NOT a great IDEA ...... Obviously we were NOT disadvantaged with a marginal instructor that might impart bad habits or marginal opinions upon us unwashed-bird-boys (poor instructors would appear later in my professional-pilot life)...... Anyhow the WWII manual was a wealth of Situational Awareness information as only a war-time manual could impart on a couple of fools that were stupid enough to try to teach themselves to fly without formal instruction....... A few features of our poverty likely saved our hides from the get-go and the number #1 item was the fact that since we did NOT know how to FLY we had no use for a tow airplane so ……..by the “Manual” we used the auto-tow Loooog-cable method to launch the glider into flight….. It is a sad fact of Aerospace-life that the closer you get to a aircraft the more potential danger you are exposed to and IF said aircraft is moving or recently moving sometimes the danger moves off the far right side of the chart….. Anyhow, somehow we survived the self-taught GLIDER “School-of-hard-knocks….and landings” and eventually did get more than our fair share of formal instruction. Obviously I wold NEVER EVER advise ANYONE to try to teach themselves to fly……...However IF anyone has the overwhelming urge to learn to fly I ALWAYS recommend that they first learn to fly Gliders / Sailplanes FIRST. You see in flying a Glider / Sailplane EVERY flight has a “engine-failure” so a power plant failure in a Glider is NOT an emergency at all…...likewise a aborted landing and go around is not a option in a glider as well so the Situational Awareness in a glider tends to have different factors than in powered aircraft…..under way with normal power. You see Sully, Crew and passengers took off in a very state of the art airliner and in just a few minutes found themselves in a …….marginal GLIDER…….with vastly limited options for landing areas….. A modern airliner has HUGE resources of information (and misinformation) available to the pilot and crew however in the Sully-flight the emergency check lists had no real information for a power-off landing in the Hudson River so……..Capt. Sully and crew utilized Situational Awareness and EXPERIENCE to craft a viable solution to a Very Grave situation. Once in a while in my “checkered-past-aerospace-life” I have been in as bad and a couple worse situations that Capt. Sully was in on the day of the Hudson incident. Situational Awareness has saved my hide many times. While I seem to have hit a few nerves here with …...Situational Awareness, it should NOT be construed as a TOTAL SOLUTION to the pesky life critical situations…….actually Situational Awareness is a powerful tool that can be very HELPFUL IF……..IF…..properly utilized within it’s …..LIMITATIONS. Often when humans are confronted with situations that are LIFE THREATENING it IS COMMON that humans may DENY the or downplay the threat. IF one does NOT be truthful about the KNOWN and KNOWN UNKNOWN’s of factors of a given situation then Situational Awareness as a tool is vastly degraded and may become “Infected with misinformation” to the extent that I may become a threat factor instead of a useful tool. IF you are unable to rigorously practice truth when confronting a LIFE THREATENING SITUATION it is unlikely that Situational Awareness will be useful in assisting you in dealing with the situation(s). Perhaps in a future post I might comment on a few parts of the Capt. Sully incident that the movie was unable to address. Drive on……..Best to stay truthfully …...Aware…...of your …….Situation
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