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  1. Hope you can get it fixed Rick.
  2. Hope you and Deb can make it. Just let me know.
  3. Now that’s funny. Two stories to add. When I was 8 y.o and really smart, I took the dare from my cousin to pee on an electric fence. My nether regions have never forgiven me for that. Second, I did my post graduate thesis on validity of Veterinary Admission Testing (VAT) at Texas A&M University so spent a lot of time at the vet school. Got to know some of the professors there very well and as some may know A&M did some pretty exotic things with some very high priced animals. One prized stud horse was being “introduced “ to a high priced brood mare to continue a “royal” bl
  4. We have 45 rigs signed up so far for the rally with half of those being new folks. There are still 7 sites left for anyone wishing to attend. The tentative schedule is posted on the website below. It is somewhat abbreviated from previous years due to the pandemic but nothing has been deleted that is of relevance to new folks. Hopefully, you will get all the information you seek in making informed decisions. As time gets closer we may add to the schedule depending on the course of Covid and vaccine rollout. Just continuing to limit large group gatherings indoors in an abundance of caution
  5. Understand. Can tell you it saved me blowing a tire and many thousands of $$ when I lost a disk brake caliper on my trailer. Temp shot up, alarm sounded. I pulled off immediately, hub temp was 180*. If I had kept driving would have blown the tire and pretty sure had a fire. Again, please don’t take this wrong, but would try to at least budget for trailer asap. For reference, 20% of trailer fires arise from tires or wheels. Truck probably not an immediate need. Again just a suggestion.
  6. Do you intend to run tire pressure monitors? If you do then I would get weights which is what I did (I also have centramatics). TST (Truck System Technology) which are the monitors I use said definitely do not use liquid or powder and also advised beads will eventually fracture and break off tiny pieces that could affect the monitors. I think that is probably after many more miles than we usually drive but was what I was told. Some people swear by beads.
  7. I have centramatics also.
  8. Agree. 64,000 fledglings just thrown out of the home nest is unlikely to have the mindset to prepare for a future catastrophic event. That’s a mid size town. Maybe some lessons will be learned. My bet is they will just raise tuition 10% to have a “catastrophe “ plan and fund that will exist on paper only and not get implemented.
  9. Thanks Kevin. As I said they are pretty well set for awhile after the supply from Houston. They have heat and electricity in the dorm and water, so looks good for now. Hopefully stores will restock and he and his quad mates can stock up. He did say they had 30 boxes of Raman noodles, Vienna sausages, crackers, and granola bars. Shoot that’s gourmet dorm food. When I was there in the 70’s we would have eaten tree bark, grass, and dirt and WE WOULD HAVE LOVED IT. Kids are just soft now, lol.
  10. Only after we use the corn for “other” purposes. 🤫🤫
  11. John, He IS a freshman, that’s why I was begging.
  12. Usually not necessary. Are your wheels hub centric or lug centric? If lug centric sometimes the lugs will not be centered in the hub and can cause mild to severe vibration. I found out the hard way after getting king pin bushings replaced and truck nearly shook apart at 45mph. Shop checked all their work and denied responsibility. They said tires. Drove to tire shop. They pulled both steers to rebalance and check trueness. I happened to look at hub on drivers side saw lug was to edge of hole, recentered it and shimmy completely disappeared. I now have stud centering lug nuts on both s
  13. David, I have a lot of second hand recycled in trash bags, like Sondra suggested, I can send ya if you need some! Oh, I forget you live in Georgia only third hand, right? p.s. This thread really degraded quickly.🙄
  14. Seems like the nation has been chasing it’s tail a lot lately. Has been a real wake up call for me. I have enough Costco TP to last till mid century.
  15. Update: Plan B worked. His girlfriend’s parents (she also attends A&M) made it from Houston in a four wheel drive loaded with food and water. They have electricity at the University (when I attended in the 70’s they had their own natural gas power station, don’t know about now), so they are warm. He did receive notice of multiple water line breaks so may lose water for couple of days. This University has 64,000 students and was woefully unprepared. Think I would have made a trip out to the Veterinary Medicine School and taken a look at some of their prize steers. BBQ is always good
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