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  1. Let’s 540 PTO, JD fittings vs. ISO? What’s that? Cuddy can’t hang!
  2. This is what your farm talk sounds like to normal folks!
  3. https://www.blackstone-labs.com/
  4. Look up Parrformance on YouTube. He is a member here and already has a video on how to do it. Word to the wise. Be sure and open the hood before jacking on the cab or you could crunch it.
  5. Glen, Look for some of the primarily tire dealers like Matlock or Best One. They do auto services also. Never had one in our area refuse.
  6. Well our color is Ginger. So the tiles in our trailer are Shaw Easy Style 042VF in Ginger. Five Spice was close but more grayish. Also had a long talk with their head flooring installer. Been doing this for many years. He said basically these type tiles are not really meant for RVs. The glue to hold them best remains semi-liquid and elastic to prevent bubbles and bulging but becomes almost fully liquid in temps above 90* thus why we’re having tiles let loose between tows in the summer heat. He said that is why single sheet vinyl or linoleum was originally used in trailers. Interesting perspective. BTW said they are great for cool indoor locations like kitchens or restaurants for which they were designed. Guess another case of RV industry form over function.
  7. Ok Chad’s style and numbers are correct. Now trying to match color…either Portobello or Five Spice. Luckily local business has samples and taking a tile this afternoon to match. $90 for box of 12 tiles ($7.40 per tile). Will post what our particular color is. Thank you e everyone for the help.
  8. Thanks. Thanks. Yes in the kitchen tiles have shrunk leaving gaps exposing plywood subfloor. Carpeted area ok. Also glue is just not sticking especially when trailer is hot. Tiles are coming up and glue is liquified. Recommendations on heat resistant glue?
  9. Yes I knew that. Just sometimes go to Kroger or Walmart and rather than turning truck around to fill other tank just want to fill one or put X gallons in one tank. For example wife had $.50 per gallon off at Kroger up to 35 gallons so only put 35 gallons in drivers side. Didn’t want to mess with 17 one side the turning around for 17 on the other side. 😁. Lazy I guess. Just wanted confirmation of what I thought was true.
  10. Chad, Pretty sure we have the same. Here are some close ups of ours and they look like yours. Appreciate the info.
  11. SuiteSuccess

    Fuel tanks

    Am I correct that if I fill just one tank, it will equalize with the other given time? Also any issues doing this if I don’t want to completely fill both tanks and want to save some time?
  12. Need to replace some floor tiles in our 2017 DRV Mobile Suites 36DBRS3. Talked to DRV and they want $15 PER tile. That’s a bit steep. BTW won’t give me manufacturer or style number. Anyone have a source or style number? Otherwise just gonna pull one up and go to flooring stores and try to match.
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