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  1. SuiteSuccess


    I just put 8 new Cooper tires on for $$2400.
  2. SuiteSuccess

    Soft starts

    Be sure to look at the schematic versus the written instructions for wiring. GeorgiaHybrid found the written steps were wrong on my Dometic Penguin 2 with heat pump when installing.
  3. SuiteSuccess

    Soft starts

    https://www.softstartrv.com/ You can also get from. Amazon. Only one model SSRV3T
  4. SuiteSuccess

    Soft starts

    Just installed one yesterday with help. 15,000 AC performed great with Honda 2000 watt gen.
  5. Weather supposed to be good next week with highs in low to mid 60’s and lows in 40s so remember to bring some warm clothes. Seminars are in a large tent so it can be a little chilly in the morning.
  6. Everything is a GO for the ECR starting this Saturday evening April 17. So far have 49 couples attending with more than half being new folks. Weather in high 60’s and low 70’s.
  7. Not to my knowledge. Asked same question couple of years ago and nothing came up.
  8. Some folks have been trying to use the Facebook East Coast Rally group to ask me questions and register for the rally. Please use eastcoasthdtrally.com which is our official website for registration or to contact me. I am NOT a moderator on the Facebook site and do not visit it frequently. I can also be reached at ecrcarl at gmail dot com.
  9. Great. Was gonna text you today but ran across this. Supposed to be below freezing next Thursday and maybe into weekend so take care. See you soon.
  10. Here is a pic of the hex heads with the rail not attached.
  11. For some reason can’t create a link but look up C.R. Brophy aluminum scissor steps on Amazon.com. At the top is a “cradle” bar the steps slip into. What I did is take my top step off drilled some holes to attach that bar and weld tacked the nuts to the inside of the step. I then used hex head screws to attach so I could remove it easily if I want. When not in use, I compress and store under the work station in the truck but they are pretty compact and could be stored elsewhere.
  12. I just installed a new one (Kisea Abso 2000 PSW inverter/charger) in my truck to replace my 10 y.o. Xantrex Freedom. So far have really liked it. I have a second new in the box for our coach if the Xantrex goes. Paid right around $500 a piece from Don Rowe Electronics. Thanks for bringing it to my attention Jack over a year ago.
  13. This should be an excellent talk, thanks for helping every year Randy. Without you and the other volunteers no rallies would be possible. The costs to hire an “expert” would be prohibitive and fortunately we have experts in our midst. As an aside Donna and I will be fully vaccinated against Covid. My understanding is the CDC is now saying folks that are fully vaccinated may congregate without distancing requirements and possibly unmasked. I will research this further. That does NOT mean ANY activities at the ECR will be closed to anyone, so please feel free to attend and use appropri
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