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  1. “So, if you only have one it must be visual. We let deaf people drive, we do not let blind people drive. “ You sure Phil?🤣
  2. DM, Shannon, If I put a cutoff in line, I would still have to leave it on all the time to use the charger function of my inverter/charger to keep the batteries charged and conditioned. I leave my truck on shore power through the winter and long storage periods. Are you recommending the cutoff just to disconnect for any maintenance or change outs?
  3. That makes sense. Thanks.
  4. Yes truck batteries and I’m only talking about the cables to the inverter not the myriad of other battery cables.
  5. Correct. Have a fuse but no switch.
  6. So I guess only way to “be safe” away from the batteries is a disconnect switch on the positive distant from the batteries? I’ve never had or been around a battery explosion but always on my mind when sparking occurs with terminal connections.
  7. Even though my inverter in the truck is turned off and NOT connected to shore power, it sparks when I reconnect to batteries. I try to clean my copper bus bars each year that interconnect the batteries. I always disconnect the negative cable first then the positive and reconnect positive first then negative. I tried reconnecting negative then positive as a test and it still sparked. Why is it doing this? Not really comfortable with sparking around batteries.
  8. Looks good to me, but what do I know.
  9. You can contact him on deep space lighting.com.
  10. Trimster, Hard to say. We’ve had lots of “opinions “ and you know what opinions are. Some good, some bad. Comfort Ride is not the only hitch to have failed so would you say they are all bad? I’ve re-read every reply in this post and what we’re lacking is ANY explanation or reply from someone associated with Roadmaster or Comfort Ride. I would urge someone from either or both to do some damage control and maybe transparently address this incident and proposed fixes for the future. MDT’s and HDTs are probably their primary customers. I personally, as well as several folks I know, had failure of an ET hitch. The issue was recognized, re-engineering was instituted, and seems to have solved the problem. So would I say ET’s were bad— of course not. Remember most internet reviews/discussions only discuss the bad less common the good.
  11. I’ve never had a “tank freeze” and yes, I have an automatic switch over.
  12. Road trip, road trip😊!
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