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  1. SuiteSuccess

    Will it fit?

    Look at this thread. We easily made a 180* turn around that corner with 60’. You should be able to make the 180 in the cul de sac then back in.
  2. Talking to Worldwide Equipment tomorrow about having them give me a repaint estimate.
  3. Gonna check on doing the same. I don’t have the manpower to remove it
  4. SuiteSuccess

    Hood Removal

    Need to get hood painted or lined. How difficult is it to remove the hood on a 2006 Volvo 780? Local paint shop doesn’t have booth big enough for semi.
  5. You are correct. The problem as you can see from the picture I posted is the trailer turns inside that radius by 3-4 feet and with a building in the way the 42’ trailer becomes the issue, not the truck. The truck could be approaching that left road straight on but the trailer is still approaching at a diagonal making the left corner of that building come into play. Luckily it was no issue.
  6. Yeah Rocky they need to design a trailer like those baggage trains at the airports. The cars track EXACTLY in the path of the tractor. No worry about inside cuts or tail swing.
  7. Anyone camped here with their HDT and could recommend two long sites? Also any specific issues in access?
  8. Found out how to measure on Google Maps with an iPhone or iPad. Directions here. https://support.google.com/maps/answer/1628031?co=GENIE.Platform%3DiOS&hl=en
  9. Thanks for your perspective Dave. I use Google Maps (Satellite mode) to look at campgrounds also. You can actually measure the site length on a PC by right clicking and choosing measure from the drop down menu. Taught that trick by GeorgiaHybrid. Can’t figure out how to do measure using Google Maps on iPad however.
  10. Chad, this is the exact nightmare scenario this situation brought to mind. I’ve had my truck over a decade and regrettably still don’t know all it’s capabilities or pitfalls. I pose these questions so I can continue to learn from other’s experience. As an example, camping trip last October took me down my first 10% grade with sharp switchbacks. I drive the Appalachians a lot but most of those grades are 6-8% and comfortable. Turns out down and up that grade was simpler than I thought but had never done it so learned from it. (Now just waiting for some smarta** to say if you can’t drive s
  11. Had options of backing down the road or actually turning LEFT out of our site and cutting the trailer tires across the grass but I posed this question to get an idea what it would take to get out of a difficult situation before it happens. For example, what if your GPS led you down a road for a mile that ended in a cul-de-sac. Could you make the turn around or do you have to back out for a mile? Just something to think about.
  12. Just got back from a several week jaunt with good friends. Last campground we stayed at was Mayberry Campground in Mt. Airy NC. Yes, Andy Griffith’s hometown. Below is a picture of our site—3rd from the top across from the building. Our site was ~60 ft so wheels were at back of site and tail overhung about 5 feet. We are 67’ when connected but we fit with truck snugged up. When leaving we had toy hauler and pickup in site above us where camper is parked in photo. For perspective the “U” turn at it’s widest was maybe 60’ width of the “U” and to complicate further a camper and car were be
  13. Not trying to adopt a “holier than thou” attitude, but why would we remove or not replace anything that makes us more visible to other drivers under poor visible conditions? As Rickeieio said, David Dixon looked over my truck and made several recommendations to increase visibility and safety.
  14. Congratulations on everything.
  15. Do you mean to isolate so charger won’t backfeed into solar controller/panel?
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