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  1. Thanks for the info. It will help me plan when I attempt Solar on my rolling home. Rod
  2. Pandora, Spotify, Slacker, Apple Music and Amazon all offer streaming tunes and the prices vary greatly. The one I use comes through my smart phone and then goes to many different types of speakers. I have had a few issues with "Buffering" if trying to listen through a WIFI connection, but most of the time my cell signal is good enough. If you were alive in the 70's do you remember the Audio Lab Stores that sold stereo systems and had rooms with the various components from the least expensive to the biggest and best? I would visit each room expecting to hear something different, but never did. Wound up purchasing a Marantz receiver and a single record turn table and then added the cassette player a few years later. I used that system for many years and only gave up the Marantz when I started living in my first RV. Just wasn't a good place to put it. It traveled with me though through many years of travel nursing and even made the trip to Hawaii when I spent a year there. Rod
  3. I have an antenna I raise in the air on a pole and usually get at least one of the major networks along with a large assortment of non English and Shopping type channels where ever I park. I also try to watch the major networks on my computer, but refuse to sign up for their "Streaming" if it comes over the air with commercial free than it should also stream for free is my thought. If they would ever do real no commercial viewing I might pay for it like I do my music streaming, but it doesn't seem like they do. Rod
  4. The key to keeping your black tank healthy is using a lot of water and emptying it only when very full or if you have the ability to flush it if doing a less than full empty. I don't use any chemicals. Charmin is septic safe, but does take longer to break down compared to some other brands. In a septic system it may not cause a problem, but if you have a person who uses a LOT of TP it could be a problem. Save a few glass jars and do a test of your normal tp use. Place the clean amount you typically use in the jar full of water and set it somewhere dark for a day or two. Shake the jar and see how it's either still together or all broken up in tiny pieces. It's tiny pieces you want. If it takes longer than you typically plan to stay at a location you could have the potential for a bit of a clog. The addition of human waste may speed the reaction, but I don't think anyone really wants to do that test. Rod
  5. Welcome to the Forum, I too have a residential fridge. Yes it will stay cold for a while without electric, but each model may vary. I keep an Ice tray in my freezer with a penny on top of a frozen cube. If the freezer gets too warm the penny isn't on the top when I arrive at my next destination. (Or the power has gone off for other reasons.) There are many more high tech options I'm sure but it works for me. Your refrigerator is powered by an Inverter which is hooked to your battery bank aka House Battery. The length of time your inverter will power your fridge will depend on many things and how much other stuff is also powered by the inverter or the "House" battery. Many RV's have a power line from the vehicle connection to power some 12 volt items in the trailer, mine does not. I routinely get more than 12 hours of things staying fresh in the fridge and frozen in the freezer when I travel. That does depend on the ambient temperatures, and if you open the door at any time. Opening once while disconnected from power looses a lot of cooling with the inrush of warm air and the exit of cold. If it's not powered, do not open it is my rule. Rod
  6. I have thought about removing the cabinet behind the drivers seat for a while. I'm thinking it would be a big job. The reason is, I'd like for the seat to move back a bit further and recline a bit more at times. Mine is currently totally stock except for a replacement fridge before my purchase. It would have to be moved somewhere and most likely I'd go with a smaller cooler type unit. I don't use the Dorm style enough to justify it, but might use one I could pull out and toss in the Jeep on occasion a bit more. Rod
  7. OOPs, Was getting it out for the photo the hardest part of the fix or will it be more difficult putting it back in and setting it correctly? Maybe hard to find the part? Hope it all fits back together well and you are back to the Harvest. I'm in the Sugar Beet area and the preparations for the October first event is in full speed. I hear there will be piles and piles of the beets sitting at every intersection and truck after truck loading and delivering to the local "Crystal Sugar" plant on the other side of town. Rod
  8. Kirk, I didn't do any reading or testing other than hooking it up to my truck batteries when it was sitting away from an electric connection for too long. It took a combination of that power, jumper cables from my Isuzu and the mobile battery box from the truck repair shop to get my truck started. I had just walked in asking for an estimate on replacement batteries and told them if it didn't start this time I would be in to purchase the batteries. The truck started and I got about another year from the set before I found one of the batteries with a bad cell. I now make sure I'm close enough for my trickle charger to keep the three batteries topped off when the truck is sitting. Rod
  9. Maybe would smell worse, but not sure if they would burn. That's my main worry. My Cat litter seems to be working so far. No new cones found anywhere. My cat also decided to get out of her "Harness" today and explore under the truck. That may reinforce the 'maybe not a good place to store food' sense. Rod
  10. Kirk, It is actually about Red Squirrels storing Pine cones all over my Big Truck. The above is the top of my transmission. Will have to crawl under the truck to get them out. Will not be fun. Rod
  11. Finally here is the photo I took of the switch for the gas portion of the heater. Haven't dug out the multi meter yet to check the voltage, but am feeling it's 12 volt. Other activities have prevented me from shopping for a simple timer. It will be the simple mechanical one I hope. Rod
  12. The above story got worse yesterday. I started a new topic post in the HDT section if you are interested in it. Rod
  13. https://wildfiretoday.com/2012/09/26/squirrel-causes-vehicle-fire/ Found the above news article of 2012. Glad I found them before starting out and early enough get them all cleaned out before moving next month. Rod
  14. red squirrels If you see a pile of pine cones in the woods, all chewed up and discarded, or left in piles or neat rows for future use, then you'll know red squirrels are about. You may hear the squirrels and not see them, but they're keeping a watchful eye. my internet search this morning came up different. Packrats are more Southern US and I'm about an hour from the Canadian border. I also spoke with the park office person last night and she is going to check on what her " Grandfather" may know about how to discourage the activity. I certainly heard one on Sunday when I was working on my tool box, but had yet to find the stash. Will keep a more watchful eye out. Rod
  15. I posted a little bit about my most recent issue in a topic regarding "Mouse Infestation", but today I found the real issue. I have a battery minder on my batteries and move it from battery to battery every few days to weeks. Last week after using my winch I decided to hook up to the battery I use for it. I found a couple "Pine Cones" on the batteries and thought it strange. No way for them to "Fall" on that area. I took them off and hung a "Drier Sheet" in the area to discourage the storing of food in that area by what I assumed was a Squirrel or three. Today I checked the batteries again with a light and found a whole pile of pine cones in the battery box, didn't seem to be any new ones but decided I best pop the hood and see if the engine compartment was affected too and it sure was. I will attempt to post some photos of what I found. After the initial find I cleaned my cat's litter box and put a few of the "Urine" balls under the truck. Today I actually put a couple areas of cleanings from the litter box to hopefully discourage what ever animal it is that is using my truck as a food storage area. Little does it know that in less than a month the food will be moving several hundred miles away and won't do it any good. Top photo is the top of the radiator and second photo is the top of the transmission. I reached as many as I could in all the areas I have found them. Will check every couple days to see if they start coming back. Maybe I should have gathered them all and put them in a bag and in the garbage, but I just tossed them back under the trees. Rod
  16. Tossed some cat litter urine balls under the truck this morning. Maybe as good as "Ammonia". Hope I don't regret. Rod
  17. Mine is a Suburban and has what I believe is a 12 volt line to it for both the gas and electric switches. Will check voltage before making any changes. Didn't have time today with other more important jobs to do. Thanks for your reply and suggestions. Rod
  18. Could it have been an "Ultra Gauge"? I had one for my Isuzu Vehicross and was very happy with it. Many times I thought about plugging it into the port, but the truck wasn't there or something else side tracked me. Now the Isuzu is in Iowa and I'm not. Not even sure if the ports are the same. Rod
  19. I searched and found another unit called the Marcell https://www.meetmarcell.com/who-we-help/ it's a similar item and according to one reviewer may be less expensive over the long run for full time RV'ers. I do not have and am not planning to purchase either at this time. Rod
  20. Thanks to all for the replies. There are two separate switches for the heater. One turns on and off the gas portion and it has a nice red light that indicates when the gas is running or it's trying to light and the tank is empty. The other one is in a really bad place and is no longer working, and part of the reason I am currently using gas. I replaced that switch once and it worked for while but now I think the electric side of the thermostat that turns on the heat when the water temperature falls to a certain level has burnt out. The heater still works well on the gas side. Depending on which park I am able to get into at my next location will determine if I wish to fix the electric side yet or not. One park charges a little more and has no meters for electric the other one only charges if the meter goes above $50. I'm hoping to get into that park, but there seems to be a waiting list even for the winter months. My current park charges monthly for electric and my highest bill has been a little over $40 with temperatures in the 90's for most of the month. I have not tested my electric when I'm heating instead of cooling yet. The charge last month when the temps were more to my liking was a little over $20. Rod
  21. There are multiple "Mail Forwarding" companies that do the same thing. I had a bad experience with one and am no longer affiliated nor would recommend. Rod
  22. So to drag it more off topic, but in my mind still on topic, I found some "Pine Cone's" today on top of my truck batteries. They cannot fall there from the tree, so some thing carried them up. I put a Drier sheet in that spot in hopes it will discourage the "Squirrels" from coming back. Next step will be to turn my feline loose. She spent many hours under my truck before I decided to bring her inside instead of potentially causing her damage or an early end of life before I left my last location. She might also discourage any mice, (back on topic). Rod
  23. My current location has metered electric and using my water heater I have kept it on the LP Gas mode for a couple of reasons. I don't require a lot of hot water and it's almost faster to heat a pan of water on the induction hot plate than it is to wait for the water heater to heat the 10 gallons for a quick pan of dishes or a wash up, so that's what I usually do. I will turn on the water heater for the dishwasher and the shower and always plan to turn it back off when finished, but yesterday after work walking by the water heater side of the trailer I heard the water heater heating and I had not been home all day. Such a waste keeping water hot when you don't need it. Light bulb moment. How about putting one of those bathroom timers you see in most hotel/motels for the "infrared" heating bulb. Has anyone done this? I'm sure setting it for an hour in the morning would be more than enough for me to run the dishwasher and take a shower. Getting ready to look at the wiring under the switch might post a photo later of what I find. Rod
  24. Maybe true, but they usually have very small tires and wheels. My friend had a couple Vespa's first the smaller one and then the larger one for "Highway" use. He stopped riding the bigger one when he converted and purchased all of his 4 wheelers to Hybrid models. The mopeds/scooters still require oil changes and changing that size tire is a real pain. Now renting one in San Francisco for sight seeing was a great thing to do in the 80's and again in Hawaii in the 90's. Will be interesting to see how much they will price the Elio "Electric". I've been told for about $1000 I can add electric to my recumbent trike and may do that before spending any money on a Sondor's or more money on the Elio. A coworker has a small scooter he rides every day to work (about 2 blocks) and loves the 80mpg. Found out yesterday it was over 15 years old and was ridden by his daughter first, when she was 14 or so and all through her high school and college years. She is now a CRNA like her Dad. (found out yesterday they were related after working at the facility for over 3 months). Rod
  25. All living creatures have the ability to carry diseases and sometimes spread them. Is your logic to kill all? What about their ability to fight them off? It may someday assist you. If a creature is large enough to cause you harm and is stalking you for food, I agree it's a you verses them and hopefully you will survive. If you are encroaching on their domain and are killing them for pleasure or just because you don't like them then I must disagree with who is the actual bad one. Rod
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