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  1. If looking at used in the Cedar Creeks for bunks check their Silverback line
  2. Very true, but we really have never had anything bad from there. A friend had the do-nut filled with soft serve ice cream and said it would probably send a diabetic person into a coma ( this being said only in a joking manner as it was just that sweet )
  3. If you have the time try to plan a factory tour to see how they are really put together, in the factory where the Redwoods are built they also build the Crossroads Cameo, around the corner from there Cedar Creek and River Stone are built then not far in Howe is the DRV plant. Plus there is a lot of great tourist things to see and do while in that are and the Amish restaurants will have you gain some pounds, also stop at what a lot call the " Amish Crack House" which is really Rise n Roll Bakery with possibly the BEST donuts ever.
  4. dblr


    WE have used Duck Creek Resort but they are not cheap, very nice place across from Michigan Adventure
  5. We usually stay at Fox Den Acres in New Stanton but it could be a 30 minute driver to the park. We usually head to Kennywood from Fox Den, not sure how much farther the ball park is. You would need to use the turnpike so figure in paying the tolls also.
  6. Nice to hear you were able to get things fixed and just shows that sometimes you have to look beyond the typical rv places.
  7. Try Jacks in Mitchell, fairly large 2 location dealer which was very helpful when I stopped in just for a part last year, not sure about Sat hours especially for service, I believe there is a campground not far from there if needed. Good luck Jack's Rentals | South Dakota RV Dealer (jackscampers.com)
  8. Our unit came equipped with the Girard 2 water heater which was just ok, had a big learning curve with it but while at a rally for FROG the manufacture upgraded us to the Truma which of course we did not object to and have been very happy with it. They switched to the Truma in their build about a year or 2 after ours so that yea at that rallyr they switched 12 units as a good will offer, pretty nice in my opinion.
  9. dblr

    Upgrading hitch....

    Congrats and looks like a great job!!!!!
  10. dblr

    Turning Radius

    You have seen my set up and how long we are and I have had very little issue in any campsites in the area where you are and just think we received the same training for tractor trailers
  11. Yes the Delaware Memorial Bridge is paid LEAVING New Jersey, I mean come on who really wants to pay to ENTER New Jersey 😱, sorry just a standing local joke, couldn't resist.
  12. dblr

    My Bed design

    Looks great!!!!!!!!! I have enjoyed following along, thanks for sharing.
  13. dblr

    Help wanted:

    WE have one of the oldest free entry amusement parks in Pa called Knoebels which is also having a hard time getting employees, they are trying their best to stay operational with less food stands open and even some rides they can not staff, I hear one ride takes 7 people to operate and it is one of the most popular rides in the park. My wife and I are actually running a Forest River Owners Group ( FROG ) rally there in 2 weekends brining in 40 rigs
  14. Good info that might save someone some aggravation down the road. We just did a transfer because of a death in the family and corporate was very good in helping us complete it, no transfer fee and the dues even remained frozen which worked out great for us.
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