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  1. When I am asked what my mileage is I nicely state I did not buy the truck for mileage I did it for safety and comfort.
  2. How about at a RV Surplus store? I added links to 2 different ones below. https://bontragers.com/ https://www.johnsonssurplus.com/
  3. Thanks for the update, the distance to town is our biggest factor but I am sure it is much more peaceful then the one in town
  4. Ok great, we are always looking for places in that area as our son lives in Taos, we usually stay in the nice campground in town but their prices are getting a bit to steep. We really need him to buy a place with room for us when we visit
  5. Are you between Taos and Angle Fire? If so we saw that campground was fixing the place up looks good if it's the same place, enjoy!!!
  6. dblr

    route planning

    Have you considered the 301 route thru Md & Va? It might be a bit longer but less traffic and a nicer drive. Plus there are other options from 301you could use as well
  7. I would suggest maybe the Taos or Red River area and ride the Enchanted Circle.
  8. Sounds like things are settled for the best, glad to see it worked out and they stood up when something was wrong, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!
  9. dblr

    Road Blocks

    So far since when we left in mid June we have not encountered any issues, we drove right out I-70 to mid Kansas then dropped down thru Co to New Mexico then up I-25 into Co for one stop then onto Wyoming then up to SD across 90 now back in In. I did see the Facebook post regarding what Jim said about Chicago. Most major cities we went thru was planned midweek and if at all possible used the by-pass route around the city. We would plan to leave by 9am to miss the work traffic and usually planned around 5-6 hour drive time and it has worked well for us, good luck and drive safe.
  10. dblr

    OT: Supply Lines

    I have also heard that at least locally the composite decking is hard to get right now as well.
  11. dblr


    WE hear pretty much the same thing but I do explain to folks there are a lot more of us that do this then you think. I also get " I saw you in another park" , sorry no that was not us and we have YET to visit that state, probably someone else. We have waved to someone else passing the other direction so we just try our best to educate folks when spoke to.
  12. At Eagles Nest New Mexico then Sunday heading to Canon City Co.
  13. Both our sons have the Green Mountain and love them, small enough to be portable but in my opinion a little awkward to carry, and you can set it up to use on your phone
  14. Sounds like you have a great shop and one that seems very trust worthy, I agree with Jim on your truck being used as fill in work, that's how mine was and it works out to be a win win for both of you. Keep us posted on your updates.
  15. We have already did a small trip to Indiana with friends to pick up their new River Stone Legacy 5th wheel, now at home but plan on leaving Wed to head to New Mexico, making it a 6 night trip then in Taos for 2 weeks then still looking for places to go from there, we do try our best to practice distance and wear masks when shopping and washing our hands a lot, just like we do at home. Stay safe and happy traveling!!!!
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