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  1. Didn't know he sold it! Someone will know and chime in.
  2. SMART MAN! Go get your truck, drive it home. (read that policy) Start your registration process once you own the truck. You are right, you can not tow with your current license. With either truck! IIRC
  3. So I'm thinking you have a trailer already? ?you will need to use one for your upgrade.
  4. Your drivers license covers you for driving that truck!
  5. Do they offer to cover the ins for a short time on new purchase? I wouldn't ask them, just read your policy.
  6. Not trying to be nosy, but not enough info here to get you much help. http://www.hhrvresource.com/node/56.html
  7. Who is your ins. carrier now? So you didn't answer the question - is "home" in Texas? Where are your other road items registered?
  8. MoneyMaker, are you already a Texan? Check your current policy as it may cover a new purchase for you for a short time.
  9. It did take a while to open, but it did! http://www.hhrvresource.com/
  10. Glad it worked out! Just bad connection?
  11. We are sad to hear that news! We have run into another "Santa" while camping at Hillsdale Lake in Kansas. He also knew Dave! Will miss him at the Rally!
  12. Bill, are you sure these aren't the 215/75R17.5s?
  13. Enjoy Dave! That's a great one Brad!
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