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  1. Carl, try small strips or squares of carpet. Turn it upside down, place it on the floor before bringing the slide in. Works well! I believe Phil also uses some rolled carpet to do the same thing! We have those (I think Lippert) 3' x 6" plastic strips. they don't work as well.
  2. Y'all have fun this year! Be kind to each other like you always are! Newbies!!!! Don't be afraid to ask questions!
  3. Interesting video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIC7URvAqmM
  4. Thought you might like this,



  5. I just looked around it and thought it would be fine. Then I did a search for a project called Air Hitch Installation Guide. It took me to a picture of a hitch with no other info! I then looked in our current guide and found the same thing! There isn't anything showing anybody all the factors! Did the original guide get infected by the temp one?
  6. Yes, I still use it when needed and refer others to it. Used on Windows Laptop only. Not having this around anymore would be a huge loss! Much thanks to Mark for putting the time into making this a usable tool, and to Jon (5th Wheeler) for starting it so many years ago! Just thoughts here, I wonder if it could be made like a Wikipage (or whatever that thing is) so that we all aren't relying on Mark to update it??? Maybe a new thread needs to be started on this! Thanks again Mark.
  7. Proud of you grasshopper!
  8. Excellent video! My only add would be to push and probe every metal part around your bags and shocks for rust and weakness. Also test the tray that your bags and shocks sit to make sure it has not succumbed to rust. This tray has drain holes in them but are known to get clogged with road junk and won't drain enough to stop rust. Again, great video for quickly taking care of the bags. Replacing the shocks will require a lot more work.
  9. { would love to explain here where to but it would take me a few days to type it all out. 2 things..... 1. Escapees membership in Livingston, TX. 2, Look in the resource guide for a boatload of info on everything HTDhttps://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/88214-the-heavy-haulers-resource-guide-hdt-rally-site/
  10. Brad. you know me! I will always help out a brother in need! But you might have to wait another 10 to 15,000 miles before I'm able to put both hands on the project! Let's pick time to talk and we can talk about the finer points of doing that job. Email me.
  11. Cory, this is a warning!
  12. You might want to look at Paul's
  13. Well then do you see the bags on your front end? Still check rear of cab and seat.
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