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  1. Sorry, I can't help you on this one. I'm pretty much old school (2001). DEF does have a shelf life. Unopened and then possibly opened. Good Luck.
  2. Try your light switches in your side panel control area.
  3. I agree, go match it elsewhere.
  4. Darryl, I'm sure you know that the rally you posted is not correct, but it does look like fun!
  5. True! And now we are all beginners again, no matter how many years you've been posting!
  6. Do a google map sat view to check out the layout, as you should normally do for any stopover or stay. Talk with the host in advance of booking it.
  7. Better to have more truck than needed, instead of needing more truck than you have! Especially stopping or slowing down on the hills.
  8. Well Rick! That's a real fair price!!!! That one won't last long!
  9. Not to start a fight, but that is exactly what should be towing these larger, heavier, longer 5ers these days. My original 05 Teton was a 39' stretched custom built with the original owner knowing he was going to carry Harley off the rear of the trailer. He had the wheels of the trailer placed 18 inches towards the rear so that he would be more balanced with the bike loaded. Yes, without the bike he had a 7,000 lb. pin weight which my hdt and hitch could handle! Tracking of the trailer was better, and it cut down on tail swing.
  10. Think about your trailer length plus 1/2 the width of your truck. So 4.25 plus 44 ft.----- you got plenty of room!
  11. So I'm thinking take the car off the bed of the truck. Now you can turn even tighter, without worry of tires on gravel, plus you will be able to jackknife in reverse if needed to pull that trailer further forward to clear anything. Load your car back when out of trouble!
  12. HERO Maker

    Neck pain

    Front shocks and bags (springs), cab shocks and bags. Which seat do you have?
  13. Like Rick, my 2001 Volvo 770 has served me well.
  14. HERO Maker

    It's Time

    Wish you both much luck!
  15. A long time ago when most of us guys on this forum were considering changing from LGTs to HDTs and having bed builders install what was needed at the time (and a lot of that has changed) and wanting a safer way to tow our ever increasing RVs around the country, a very knowledgeable DIYer knew we had problems with the commercial unit that was being installed at the time (with a major failure rate), Henry stepped up to the plate to meet the needs. I agree with the 3 comments listed after your presentation above and would caution anybody wanting to take this on by themselves, be careful! The small increase in price that has happened since it's inception (what hasn't increased?) is pretty minor compared to changes that have taken place with the truck and trailer wiring! Things can always be done cheaper (especially if I'm doing them) but then you get what you pay for and then sometimes deserve!
  16. Didn't know he sold it! Someone will know and chime in.
  17. SMART MAN! Go get your truck, drive it home. (read that policy) Start your registration process once you own the truck. You are right, you can not tow with your current license. With either truck! IIRC
  18. So I'm thinking you have a trailer already? ?you will need to use one for your upgrade.
  19. Your drivers license covers you for driving that truck!
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