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  1. If I ever saw a rig identical to mine it would spook me out
  2. I read somewhere that the LCM will 'learn' the new conditions (might of been a u tube vid) search for a 'number of starts' or just wait a bit like Nigel suggests
  3. hone eagle

    New Logo

    I like it!
  4. The less lifting the better ,mine were low and behind the drives - backbreaking. They are now beside the car ,same height .Wish they were under the car, beneath the car tires. next time
  5. always thought they looked good in blue
  6. hone eagle

    VNL Hood Repair

    my struts are new and if you push it and let gravity take over it will slam shut and lock,I lower mine never letting go and slowly lower it to contact -it will not lock however . I then walk from side to side and with the palm of my hand push and click/latch it .the small cracks at the hinges have never increased in size in the 8 years of ownership.
  7. hone eagle

    VNL Hood Repair

    once it is fixed -stop letting it slam to close/lock- lower it slowly and walk around and click it shut right to left. fibreglas is infinitely repairable but why do it constantly
  8. What Rick said ,don't have to post when he reads my mind.🤐
  9. ha do it right the first time, ultimately cheaper .
  10. Nice ! A cushioned hitch(air or rubber) should be on a 'list', (the list never gets smaller).Listen to Henry ,if the air in the trailer bags is approaching 70 psi -they might as well be solid there just isn't enough room for bigger/squisher bags - your choice . Down the road from you is a campground owned by a long time ontario HDT'er he has his finger on the resources and what's easy or not because of your location, wait for the season to slow a bit and call him. When you get a chance get your campground into the resourse guide as a good HDT stop - on the transcanada etc etc.
  11. same happened here ,once the contractor found he to wait a day or so for 2x4 s ,They swore 'never again' the store told me contractors now buy enough wood for the next 3 houses and store at there own yard ......... and starts a cycle of shortage. just in time will be forgotten for a while ,in every industry
  12. Crap - don't be a stranger if possible come see the group ,it would be like missing a finger or something.
  13. D12 with 3:73 12 speed freedomline,for the last 7 years I have got from low 8 's to a little over 9. Wind is a factor and your ground speed, one of the best runs ever was coming back from Fl this spring , Even thought I way exceeded my usual speed a flag stiffening tail wind had my avg at 9.2. that was a full tank(s) from Macon to Detroit,got home with a 1/4 left. I use the lie o metre because i checked it and its close enough for my use
  14. FYI a recent tragedy - the fiero museum in midland mi was flooded 2 weeks ago remove your hats and bow your heads😢
  15. words of wisdom? Humm there is always a newer, better, ...... anything ,and if you get it the satisfaction only last a short while ,usually only a year. There is always a bigger,stronger,tougher competitor. try to find contentment in what you got ,better by far then the millions of pick-ups out there of any age and type . Most important paid for, and gets you there to enjoy our environment.The rest is just chasing 'style' - futile and expensive.
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