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  1. yup Even if I put it in neutral myself ,I can hear it double checking .
  2. We always take the commercial lane ,had a officer call the union on us for being in the car lane. Oh and mine goes back into gear at any speed (freedomline) I know because more then once I hit the neutral button instead of manual at hwy speeds .
  3. Always too soon Always a shock Good bye friend
  4. tears in my eyes funny
  5. hone eagle

    Balancing tires

    my centramatics 'wobble' every spring after a long idle period ,takes 20-30 kms before things smooth out. Like a out of round tire ,maybe give em some time.
  6. hone eagle


    I remember a picture of a locomotive converted to natural gas ,the fuel had to be stored in tank cars (full size) it had 3or 4 tank cars of compressed natural gas behind the locos, not what I would want behind me in a wreck. compare that to the saddle tanks of diesel ,slug under the body of the power unit, natural gas must be a order of magnitude less dense. again a matter of energy density, our forbears were not stupid when they picked gas/diesel.
  7. hone eagle


    so just a thought experiment ,imagine a group 31 (battery)size container of fuel, how far will it get you down the road? now how far will a lithium battery that size get you? called energy density ,without google just from my defective memory the energy density of electron storage is not even within 2% of liquid fuel ,so they can pass all the laws they want, the laws of physics trump them. notice how far down the road these "feel good"laws are.They know they will not have to answer for the nonsense
  8. all the extra plastic on mine got knocked off the first year, snow banks did the rest
  9. thunder bay? not much but wheat after that until you reach the rockies.
  10. Darryl&Rita we usually meet at Billr's campground in SS Marie (ontario) on our way to points further north.
  11. Nigel and I will have to have a Canadian "rally" we'll hoist a real beer for you guys
  12. Cant this year ,border closed ,2 week quarantine ,vaccine not until maybe june ,too many road blocks.
  13. hone eagle

    Bronco Sport

    miss you guys😬
  14. hone eagle

    Bronco Sport

    Al -😇 I am pretty sure all ford small engines have at least one turbo
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