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  1. rdickinson

    Dream Truck

    I'd keep the 730, D13 485 I shift with the Premium shifter I had them install 'cus I couldn't depress the little button with the side of my thumb with the pin in it. 229 wb may have to be stretched, singled mid like this one, scrap the hanging locker and it's mate on the other side, lose the bunks and go with a crew cab with 4 doors. I'd go with the 630 but it ihas a shorter and narrower cab than the 700's. Fridge somewhere. Still go with a Herrin bed. Storage in the Fairings area. Heavier front axle, locker rear end, Jotto drop down chains, 8 0r 10kw onan between t
  2. Well, I guess I'll chime in on this. 4 years ago, 5 Jan I headed out from Victoria to wind my way down to Florida. That day I-5 was frozen, closed with several accidents. So I headed over to the Coast road. Weather wasn't too bad, above freezing, maybe some rain. Linda Sand made reference to driving a shorter day, I'd agree with that. Days are shorter. I'd be inclined to drive between 10 am and 4 pm before it gets dark. There are very few white lines to use a visual reference, no roadside lighting and there are climbing and descending curves. Add to that as you climb in altitude,
  3. rdickinson


    Put mine on 5 yrs ago in Florida, no issues. Only need one TPMS sensor instead of 2.
  4. rdickinson

    Engine heater

    Here is what I was told in Calgary where it gets plenty cold. Firstly, I put in a frost plug heater and added a magnetic pan heater. The pan heater fell off so maybe the epoxy method would be better. The block heater was marginal as it only heated the water in the general area of where it was installed. I found the answer was a water circulator/heater. It was installed in the lower rad hose. It not only heated the water but circulated it as well and I'm told that would heat the water enough to open the thermostat allowing water to go thru the whole engine. I also put in a s
  5. That seems more inline. Was that from a US supplier?
  6. The guy on 'Love your RV' said the package for his was about 2500ca$ for about a 30 ft trailer. Yeah, its more expensive than I figured. If the snaps could be bought, I'm wondering about slide topper material. I have some left from when mine were replaced earlier in the Lockdown.
  7. Figured I'd post this for those who may be interested.
  8. It doesn't matter if he does. Years ago there were 2 expert contributors from major tire firms. One I met in Calgary, the other I contacted by e-mail. When they posted information, members here told them they were F.O.S., so both left. Who needs it? So here is what the experts told me 10 yrs ago. In my case, I'm running Hankook 17.5's with a 4800 lb rating. Run them full pressure and you shake the heck out of the trailer. So by the time you take the trailer gross, subtract the pin wt and divide by 6, I'm running at about 75% of the capacity so the tires run at 90 psi not 110. Same
  9. Go to a battery place have them do a draw test. They'll charge them and test them. The test will tell you the condition of each battery. Also like others have said put in a battery switch. Solar charger is a good idea.
  10. Agreed, it is an RV application, check the manual, get the model from the pedestal and call your RV parts supplier. Works for me. Mine has been repaired X2.
  11. rdickinson

    Nine seat in HDT

    Peterbilt has made a stretched cab seating 7 including the driver. Look on horsetrailer world I think.
  12. Not sure if you are looking for a firm in LA, but Herrin in Livingston Texas did mine plus a number of others.
  13. Go to RDO Trucks in Fargo, talk to John Stearns if he's still there. Several others have purchased there. D16 had injector cup issues. Go with the D13. You can expect the injector harness to need replacing, at least on years prior unless they've fixed that issue. They will do a complete printout and cleanup and checkout of the truck. I was also told they could single it as well. Bring up their site, location, used trucks, make, year. Mine is an 09 and still running strong, a tad over 500k miles. Roger
  14. rdickinson

    Tire lifter

    Nigel, It's a tossup b/w 110v or battery impacts. Air isn't doable with 1/4" line coming off the trailer supply. So, re impacts, Can tire when they come on sale? They also sell Dewalt or plus a couple of other brands. This is not something that's going to get a lot of use. Electric or air would mean cords from the truck to probably behind the trailer plus to a car with a flat. . I may not have enough time to stop behind them. I can get a Milwaukee .5" big one for 360$ plus tax, no battery from Lordco. Jet has a set of torque sticks, 60 to 140 ft lbs in 20 ft lbs increments
  15. I switched the bolts out for the detent pins 2 years ago, The ramp foot still sits on the deck but the angle iron bolted to the foot sits in a stainless build out on the side of the deck.
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