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  1. I engineered my deck. If you take a second to think, you'll realize the maximum load per tire is very small per square inch. My deck was designed for a 3k pound vehicle @ 150% safety factor. It is all 12ga cold rolled steel. Cross members, deck, sides, fenders, all of it.
  2. I just can't understand why there's no replacement for whats probably the most popular truck on the road; Freightliner Cascadia
  3. A very well earned THANK YOU to the Walker's and Wagner's for their hospitality (southern) as well as all the presenters for sharing their knowledge. Was nice to put faces to names. Regards -Steve Kay
  4. I'm not sure but your Tesla charger may not work. There is a handshake between the car and charger before a municipal charger turns on as there are two different types. This may be incorporated into the home charger even if specific to that vehicle.
  5. ok, thanks!!! that's what i was looking for. I'm considering the options for wiring up my Victron Quattro. Just needed to be sure.
  6. Are the two hot legs in phase or out of phase like a home is wired?
  7. Are the two 120VAC legs of a 50 Amp RV sevice pylon in phase or 180 degrees out?
  8. I don't see where CoPilot is offered for Truck or RV on a laptop. Only on an Android tablet or I-Pad
  9. Yeah wish this ran on a laptop instead of a tablet
  10. NoDirectionHome


    So the question is CoPilot... RV version or Truck version? Positives vs Negatives
  11. Could they tell if I'm using more than one device? Even with a VPN? (i'm a total neophyte when it comes to this stuff)
  12. I saw them last year at Hershey. Best cabinetry of ANY RV including New Horizons and SpaceCraft. Very smart floorplans. It would have been my choice if they did customs.
  13. Yeah, even thought of driving in a copper ground bar but, I'm too old to have come this far and survived to be knocked off by a chafed wire. I'm gonna trench a line and put in an RV pedestal. Ya can't eat the money, especially if you're dead.
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