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  1. Roger has 800 amp at 24 volt available, and has plenty of room to car a Smart. He's somewhere around 3000 watts of solar panel. Ran everything on the DRV he had and runs everything on their new New Horizons.
  2. He hasn't gotten back to me yet. Looks like he has some interest though. Any idea of a price on the truck?
  3. Will this work?? Tried earlier on HDT & it said you could not receive mail.

    So try this from member search: $33 - 36 for the Truck, $44 - 46 for the coach, $77 - 75 for the pair.

    Paul, and thanks for the help.

  4. Not good right before the election....
  5. Goes back to the saying that there is no replacement for displacement...
  6. Missed Drinking out of the garden hose.... šŸ¤£ Glad you're up and moving and the pain is mostly eliminated.
  7. What is your Price Point and Goal for the unit? Hooked up in parks 24/7 or Boondocking? Etc...
  8. We did the same scenario but with a wire transfer. At his bank, he signed the title, I authorized the wire to his account.
  9. As others have said, do a Google Earth view. My rule of thumb is that if I see a long motor coach in the park, the we "Should Fit" on maneuvering to a site and getting into a site if the site is physically big enough to hold our RV length basis. (Truck not included) Overtime, I have also learned that if there is a long 5th wheel with 3 AC's on the roof in the google pic, then we'll fit with no issue. Here is the warning..... It's all on knowing your rig's length, width, turning limitations, and your ability to clearly communicate with your better half in a cool calm collect manner. There is also an acronym called GOAL... It stand for "Get Out And Look"..... It works wonders when used properly.
  10. Nice! Haven't been that way in a year. I agree that some of the area is not big rig friendly. Most of the parks were built in the 1950's-1970's and are sized for that era rigs.
  11. Try Vanderhaags. I would think that a early Gen 1 would fit.
  12. Thanks everyone for posting the code... I just became available to dig into my computer to find it for them.
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