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  1. I used the spray on Lizard Skin several years ago on a boat project to help dampen vibration. In our application I wasn't impressed. The rubberized mat worked better.
  2. On a Smart car this is caused by the wheelbase to vehicle width dimension.. Slightly longer then wide.
  3. I am willing to bet that the "Chemicals" that are used for treating wood are manufactured overseas. With all the current happenings, demand outstripped supply.
  4. Increased difficulties finding a campsite or campground due to length? We Haven't yet in 6 years How often do you have to park your HDT offsite in overflow? Never... but if you have more than 2 vehicles you might have too Limitations driving over bridges or through city streets due to weight? The truck weighs no more than a delivery van. Limitations getting into State and National Parks? With the size of the rig your getting, you shouldn't have any issue. Difficulties navigating city streets or campgrounds with a 13' tall HDT (low bridges, narrow streets, low hanging trees etc.)? Your HDT will not be any taller than another Class A or most 5th wheels. On city streets, there are truck routes you can follow. Assuming you pull a rather long trailer, do you avoid states with conservative maximum length towing laws? No While researching, I was shocked to find 15 states that prohibit vehicles with a combined length greater than 65' (source: https://www.nexttruckonline.com/). I'm assuming the majority of HDT's with a 40' 5th Wheel would exceed 65' in length. We are 76' or so all hooked up with our double tow Smart car. Without the car, we're still 68ft How practical is it to use your HDT as an everyday driver (sightseeing, grocery getting, etc.)? We used ours for almost 5 years as a daily driver. Any additional limitations I'm not considering? When its raining you don't park up front at wal mart... and no drive thru's
  5. I think hoarding is still occurring on the staples. Meat will catch back up as processors catch up.
  6. Our Smart does the same. We bungee the wheel with just enough tension to help it return to center.
  7. Boom Mat or Fab Mat works well. Doing the doors, and floor under the factory mat helps. Re-doing the factory dog house and firewall should help as well. That's my next step when I have time. Then remove and insulate all the side walls and roof panels on the cab and sleeper.
  8. When I was building boats, we used taps and dies from McMaster Carr. A decent high carbon steel tap worked well for us in steel, aluminum, some brass, and of course FIBERGLASS. Fiberglass will dull a tap quick. But when taping and embedded 3/4 steel plate mount covered with 1/2 of glass, we could kill a 1/2" tap in 16-20 holes. https://www.mcmaster.com/standard-taps-sets
  9. I got married in Vegas once and had the reception at the Rio. Part of the reception package was to ride the sky gondola and throw beads at people!
  10. Not necessarily, We have less set up time in our 46' 5th wheel than we did in out 38' because of technology. Once in a site, we don't have to use leveling boards anymore. Just unhook and push a button. Power cord is stored on a reel so I'm not fighting that out of a compartment... this is being done while the RV levels itself. Water has a built in regulator and filter system, so you only connect the hose itself. After the RV is level, my wife pushes 4 button and the slides are out it we're done. We have set up in as few as 10 minutes from backing in a site to having a beverage in hand with chairs and awning out.
  11. You will be severely disappointed in going to a DRV from a NH. It may be the right length or floor plan, but the quality is not there. We are considering moving from a 2017 DRV Memphis (46'overall) to a 2013 or 2014 New Horizons just so I don't have to fix something every time we move.... or it rains...
  12. Sent you a PM concerning other than topic discussion. Thanks,
  13. Some of the places you get sent may not have options for a RV to stay. I check into this a year ago and it "Seems" hard to get into. There is a school in Colorado you can attend and get certified and they act as a job service for you. Not the cheapest school but the reviews are decent.
  14. With much of the new technology it can be done. Expensive but very doable. There are RV Solar Boondocking groups on Facebook that can get you in the right direction.
  15. Thank the Lord its not a Ford... blowing up on me.... I wish it was a vacation... This is just a relocate for more work. We had wanted to get up to Vegas from Chandler but all the Covid mess locked us down.
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