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  1. When we were doing the gate guarding gig, we had a 250gl tank for what was considered "Potable" water. I had a 3 filter system with the last filter being a Daulton Ceramic filter https://www.amazon.com/Doulton-W9220406-Imperial-Sterasyl-Ceramic/dp/B009TVD0F8 I used a potable water pump that had a 60psi (+-) pressure on it and transferred from the big tank to our onboard as needed. It takes time (and Pressure) to push water thru the ceramic filter but we used it for everything but drinking. The water came from a potable source and I'm pretty sure it was still clean at our faucet.
  2. So what are they gonna do with the billions of barrels of gasoline that will be the byproduct of the lubricant industry, the plastic industry, etc? Gasoline was a byproduct that didn't have a demand until the car industry cranked up.
  3. Several years ago when I had been smacked in the head enough, I carried one of our hatch support struts into a local NAPA. The first young counter guy said they don't carry that brand, couldn't cross reference the part number etc... Second old fart counter guy comes over and starts looking at the strut, measures the open length, compressed it (gas had long escaped), measured the compressed length, and guessed that a 20lb strength would work. Looked on the computer for a few minutes, scribbled some numbers down and disappeared into the stacks. Reappeared with 3 in his hand, all 3 we
  4. Today was one of the few days I wish I had a tandem with locking diffs and axles.... Not muddy, didn't dig, just slick as snot, hard pack clay that got rain 2 days ago.... There are a bunch that run that engine. My suggestion would be a DOT inspection to make sure the truck is at least temporary safe on the highway, and a DYNO run. The dyno will tell you the health of the engine. Is this an Escapees members truck or other?
  5. Chad- We are gonna play this kinda loose.... I'll be back in the Dakotas/Montana area again this summer. If everything goes decent well attend again.
  6. We'll come into Cincinnati on I-74 from the north. Looks like we'll run around the south side on 275, and pick up 9 at Wilder. Where are you located on Rt 9? I'm leaving Northern Indiana Saturday morning by 8, and will run interstate all the way to Cincinnati. We need to be south of Greensboro NC Sunday by 2-3ish, want to be parked by dark. PM me if you want, or 252-327-zero five three one
  7. Haven't heard anything from DT in awhile... he surviving this mess?
  8. Up as far as it can without adding swapping injectors. 400/1425 is what the last Cummins dealer said it was at.
  9. Thanks, The old M-11 we have is finicky... if we're on a long climb and have 55+mph momentum rolling, we can usually run up without issue.... BUT..... If I have to slow and drop out of 10th gear and try to accelerate back to speed..... I'm screwed and in the slow lane with the rest to the top. Kinda like if the hamster wheel is spun up, don't slow it.....
  10. Anyone drive this route? Big rig friendly? Alternative is to drive on south and run the interstate, but if this is a decent route it will keep us on a more scenic ride.
  11. I can't find the brand used in your rig. If you can get a pic of an end cap that has a model number or something on it, you should be able to google it. It might be a Shoreline" reel, most likely.....
  12. Surprised it doesn't have a bull....errr.... kangaroo bar across the radiator
  13. What kind of rig is it in? That may help with the brand and what could be wrong with it.
  14. Alie&Jim's Carrilite


    When not towing, I have found fuel cheaper than the TSD program, but its at places like Qwik Trip or a Murphys, Costco, or Sams. Pumps are slower, but sometimes 2-3 cents a gallon is worth it when you pump 200gl at a time.
  15. There are several large department stores that used (pre-covid) single axle haulers to move their stock.
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