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  1. While looking for a kit or parts to redo my exhaust, I was surprised at what I could source off of Amazon.
  2. Where can you find the used bleacher boards? Looking online and not finding much....
  3. Swap it out. Our starter on out old Cummins did that on a Friday, on Sunday it left us.... Doing the swap, or actually watching the guy do the swap, we optioned for the gear reduction starter. Been fine for 3 years now.
  4. Looking good! Let me know when your done... I have a 23 year old RED paint than could use some luvin....
  5. My old M-11 Cummins runs on 3. The battery box can hold 4 though. In cold weather, 2 batteries is barely enough to spin it over.
  6. Different methods...Different people.... Some folks may be able to borrow a forklift and a pallet, others have hung out of a tractor front end loader, others build elaborate scaffold, yet others will pay for someone else to do that part. Me, I gently lean a stepladder against the back wall of the cab, and stand near the top, then do the same on the sides. The front gets tricky.... I may have put a ladder over the valve cover and climbed up from there....
  7. I had L3-L4 stabilized. Had lost motor control of my right leg due to the sciatic nerve being crushed. The day of the surgery I was wheelchaired in....3 days later I walked out. PT had me up 12 hours after surgery, on a stationary bike the next day, and home after that. Take the meds religiously, don't be a hero and try to go with out the meds.
  8. So going to a rally is the best idea if you can make one. There will be a showing of many different configurations from home built to manufacture built- RVH Lifestyles, Herrin, etc. As far as deck designs, plan for the future. Smart Cars are no longer imported. Most folks are going a little longer on the truck bed to accommodate a lengthwise vehicle. In doing this, what many people have learned is that moving the 5th wheel hitch more than 6ft behind the rear most axle causes undesirable towing behavior in the 5th wheel. Plan your truck bed to accommodate your future needs.
  9. Not sure about that closed shoulder no grip design after my January experience.
  10. Hi Jeff, Jim Roach here. Most of the older trucks that were originally purchased and converted by past Escapee members were kept in excellent condition. The Facebook crowd has kinda killed the knowledge base with all the keyboard warriors thinking that they're always right. The original HDT crowd here is/was full of engineers, mechanics, problem solving folks that knew how to take a problem apart, ready a diagram and repair the issue. You need to go on Mark and Dale Bruss(s) site and download all the Gen1 Volvo info. Its a wealth of knowledge. http://www.dmbruss.com/
  11. RVH Lifetstyles would be a place to look and Jack Mayer the guy to talk to about ordering a truck. They have a build sheet that they use that adds all the RV friendly options and removes "Trucker" features.
  12. It is interesting technology. I'm assuming that it doesn't affect the engine by increasing any backpressure.
  13. Because once you buy that auto shift... you won't have a glare supply anymore..... at least from the shifting issue....
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