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  1. Youngest says the advantage of these types of devices, they don't have a microphone like Alexa or Google products. You still have the app on your phone, along with all that entails, but one less microphone in your life.
  2. The axle will have a tag on it, with the manufacturer, weight rating, and the serial number. Give the info to your parts supplier of choice. They can order an exact replacement that way. Sometimes, you get lucky, and an off the shelf axle will suffice, but not always. For your trailer, disk brakes are likely overkill.
  3. Talked to youngest son, he thinks it's probably something like a Sonos speaker. They have versions with WiFi built in, an app to control it for your phone. The speaker will play whatever playlist it's tuned to, until the battery runs out or the WiFi signal drops, without using the phone app.
  4. He's streaming music, via his phone, then Bluetooth to the speaker. Hard to guess what he's using to stream, but most assuredly using Bluetooth. Rereading the post, he may have a streaming speaker. Doesn't involve the phone.
  5. Entirely friendly. Your air dryer maintenance has been mentioned in the past. It's your choice.
  6. Here we go again. You still have an air system, that needs care and attention. If you skip over it, you'll end up paying in the future. Either when you have to replace extra parts due to rust, or when sale time comes, and the buyer catches your skipped maintenance.
  7. That was some good troubleshooting. Often, the solution is only obvious after a lot of time, skinned knuckles, and pure chance. The winner is often the one who sticks with it long enough.
  8. Change it. Rubber seal is likely shot. If your rear suspension is going down, you may have another leak you don't know about.
  9. Something sketchy in the system. What about cycling the key? Instant alert, or does it have to sit a while before the buzzer kicks in?
  10. They always make me jump, too. Even when I know that it's going to happen. Used to work a couple plants with yearly UPS services scheduled. A room full of batteries, a couple thousand connections between batteries. Every year, take the system offline, remove every connection, clean all surfaces, test every battery, reconnect and torque every connection. Any spark was a jump-inducing event. 2 guys, 2 days each, plus a third day documenting everything before handing over to bring it back online.
  11. Bleed it all the way down. Will it ever come on, without shutting off the key? Once the pressure is zeroed, cycle the key Off/On. Does the buzzer start instantly, or does the pressure have to sit low for a while (overnight, a week, a month) until you get around to starting the truck again? You should have 2 pressure switches, that run parallel, to control the light and buzzer. 1 switch fed from the wet tank, 1 from the dry tank. Either/or switch will control the indicators.
  12. Winterizing valve in the wrong position? I'm thinking the flow sensor, in the inlet of the heater, is seeing a small amount of water moving backwards inside the inlet piping, towards the lower pressure of the cold water lines.
  13. You need a visual, as well as audible warning signal. How low dose the pressure have to drop before the buzzer kicks in? Or, does the key need to be cycled to initiate the buzzer? Either way, it should come on and off with the warning light.
  14. Short answer; capacitors charging.
  15. Younger, slightly better memory. It's a big internet when you're looking for something that you know you've seen. I only remembered it because I was there about a month ago, looking for new tech updates.
  16. David's blog website, RVNerds
  17. 1. At the least, disconnect the battery after charging it fully. Whether you bring it in, or not, is dependent on the temps expected. We see -40 and leave ours outside, with a 15 watt solar panel attached. 2. Not needed, if above followed. 3. Make sure all water lines and the hot water tank are drained. Some people use antifreeze for the lines, we use air. Use RV antifreeze in the drains, to winterize the traps. Pull the battery out of the smoke detector. Countless RV's in storage with a "Chirp" to tell an absent owner of a low battery. By spring, the battery's dead and forgotten. Good time to give the RV a good cleaning and inspection, with repairs as needed.
  18. You're thinking of our government supplied health care. Canadians need to purchase extra insurance for trips out of country. The rates for additional insurance have either ballooned, or it's unavailable. Depends on mitigating circumstances, as insurance always does.
  19. That rear gear indicates a direct drive trans, no OD. Not really an issue, just 2 different schools of thought on fuel efficiency with direct drive vs. OD. Rest assured that truck was spec'd to haul heavier loads than you'll pull. The D13 has been a good engine from the get go, both for mileage, and lifespan. The APU is either a bonus, or a negative, depending on how you view it. Not a hugely popular brand, parts and service may be hard to get. APU's are typically louder than an inverter generator, or a Class A motorhome generator. They typically provide heat and AC to the truck cab, vs. a seperately mounted gen. The rest of the ad is mostly fluff. Hydraulic power steering? Must have been paid by the word.
  20. Smokin'! Wish I'd done lights similar.
  21. Is the 3.8 burning rubber yet? Had a factory Bonneville ssei that was a banker's hot rod. Used the NA version in a couple engine swaps, too. A potent performer for the size. Straight pipe that big diesel. We used the old stack tip for a turn down when I put the exhaust under the bed, but I chickened out on straight pipes. I didn't even put the muffler on backwards, like I would have done in the past. The interior baffles were very reminiscent of a Thrush muffler.
  22. Quite similar to US rules, no Canadian citizen will be refused return to Canada. Length of quarantine, location of quarantine, or even if a quarantine is required are not guaranteed, and are event specific. There's no guarantee for the return of personal property, either, so the RV may be intelligible for return to Canada. As far as any vaccine, we're so far down on the list of eligible recipients, I won't hold my breath to have one within the year. To think otherwise is folly. Any vaccine in the US, we'd be even further down the list, properly. ETA: There's a reason we spent retirement money to buy a townhouse, and hunker down this winter. It's name is Covid19. The uncertainty isn't worth the short pants and sandals.
  23. That's part of the selection process, Calgary to Great Falls isn't a bad flight, but it's 5 hours plus, driving. 3ish hours driving in Canada gives time to clear Customs and get the notification paperwork in place. A shorter flight, along with a shorter drive, could result in a paperwork hang-up, meaning your RV sits on the north side of the border.
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