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  1. All depends on the wiring between the switch and controller location. As you know from using the drill battery, reversing the leads to the motor reverses direction. Use this for an example: This will only work if you have 4 wires available at the switch location. If you have less, you will need relays to make it work.
  2. We've got a simple ground mount that we use in our summer local, and for travelling. It's a piece of PWF plywood, with a dish mount screwed on. A couple of bricks, when in summer locale, or water filled milk jugs for travel use hold it steady. I have seen a dish mount on a rotating light base. The dish was removed for travel. Our air stays up, as long as the temps stay up, but we travel in shoulder seasons, with cooler evening temps, so we loose all air overnight. This would affect dish aiming too much for me to bother with. We had a small TV, that we use for security camera display, that was pressed into service for the entertainment centre. It just fit, between the dash and the overhead cabinets above the window. Any bigger, and I might have had to open my wallet. Shudder!
  3. Ewww! Can you track down a guy with a laptop, to go through all the parameters in your truck? Some manufacturers have a mileage/engine hour timer for that filter. It seems that should have been caught when you got the truck inspection done at purchase.
  4. Disconnected the satellite dish from the cab. We've been using the sleeper for the last week to sleep in, and had the dish hooked up to allow a little entertainment after hours. We have a 30 amp 125/250 volt service, and used it to feed the coffee pot, microwave, fridge, portable heater, etc, etc. It wasn't the best, but was better than a tent, given the weather in a northern Alberta fall.
  5. We're currently staying in the sleeper of our Kenworth, while the suspension is rebuilt on our 5th wheel. Air BnB, cheaper hotels, bed and breakfasts, and campground cabins are all options. Unless the repairs are warranty covered, a mobile service tech should be able to deal with the black tank problems, just use the park facilities, or a Porta Potty.
  6. Most likely. I haven't been elbow deep into Volvo schematics, but KW has one there. It's basically a conductivity probe, if I remember right.
  7. Bad sensor. The shelf life of DEF is very long. Very long.
  8. Sounds like a pipeline welder, building piles sitting on the steel pipe, while piling on the bead. 😃😄😃
  9. Oooh, ooo, teacher! Waves hand frantically.
  10. That's into generator noise territory. Wow!
  11. Now, that's not cricket. Posting pics, and then changing them after the fact. My local machine shop has had a CNC press for a few years, now. Each piece off a new source is ran through the QA/QC process, to confirm that the machine knows what it thinks it knows. I believe the library of samples has grown enough that they only QA/QC previously unused material now. It is fun watching it spindle, fold, and mutilate a chunk of steel I can barely move.
  12. Prophylactic device. Now, make it in stainless.
  13. Don't know, don't have the specs of the converters, or your wiring layout. Most DC-DC converters are one way devices, but check your documentation.
  14. Just put a cheap battery in to handle the surge load. If your current converter can handle 60 amps, let it push 60 amps. Use the battery to prop up the balance, then slowly recharge. Save up for a bigger converter bank.
  15. Solar water heater gets my vote. This didn't post yesterday, for some reason.
  16. Battery short term, more converters long run. Put a cheap Group 31, or a pair of Costco/Walmart 6 volts. All depends on how many times you intend to move slides in and out, before you kill a slide motor with low voltage.
  17. That's the luggage bin, and I guarantee it had factory locking abilities. Current condition is anybody's guess. The pics aren't close enough, or enough quantity to form an opinion. It might give you a nice separate area for cargo, or be a deterrence, that depends on you. Just remember that area will be the roughest riding location.
  18. I'm too lazy to look up the wiring diagrams, but basically you want the high pressure switch to do the same thing as the temp switch. If the temp switch has +12 v on one side, and switched power to the relay, you want +12 v to the high pressure switch, and switched power to the same terminal of the relay. Other side of relay to ground. If Volvo, like Paccar, switches grounds, then ground to the switches, then out to the relay. Other side of relay gets the +12 v.
  19. Parallel with the temp switch. You want either switch to turn on the fan.
  20. Never listen to a salesman. Manual mode is only needed in very specific occasions.
  21. You know the condition of your truck better than I, but that sounds plausible.
  22. Dave, at the least, sit in them. Air base or not, the seat bottom I like won't satisfy you, or your Missus. Narrow it down, then push for air before buying. I'm assuming your truck already has air ride bases. If not, be careful to pick a new base that will fit in your truck. Not all bases will fit in all trucks.
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