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  1. Congratulations! You've been working hard at getting this all done and your "pay day" has finally arrived. Sounds like even the missus is happy (a mean feat in its' own right). Wishing you a vey Happy New Year, many miles of safe and enjoyable driving. Now if the powers that be can wrangle Covid-19 into submission so we can all get back on the road and have some FUN.
  2. jkoenig24

    Bronco Sport

    I read somewhere that the "new" Bronco had very little towing capacity.
  3. Wishing ALL HDT forum members a Safe & Happy 2021. May 2021 be VASTLY superior to 2020!
  4. After ELEVEN YEARS of service, I don't think those batteries owe you anything. May the next set give as good service!
  5. I had Good Sam Road "Service". The one time I needed their help, they were unavailable. I did not renew with GS. I do have AAA RV Premier Service as well as FMCA's Roadside Rescue. Having a second service gives me peace of mind costing me ~ $120 a year. I'll gladly pay $10 a month for that.
  6. Carl, IF in fact Rand McNally WAS hacked, I expect the hackers would be looking for USER ID information (credit / debit card numbers, names / addresses / emails / phone numbers etc). Personal information like that is sold on the "Dark Web" every day. As for GPS data to be "skewed", I expect that would be a real possibility. Watch your bank and credit / debit card accounts carefully for the next six months (at least). I have my cards notify me if ANY purchases are made or attempted (gas stations and Redbox kiosks often put a "hold" of about $1.00 just to ensure that a card IS active). Years ago
  7. Wishing Cory and all the HDT Forum members a SAFE & HEALTHY Thanksgiving!
  8. They left just before I left. Kevin was heading for a repair station after which I believe he was heading to TN.
  9. You mention critters building a nest. That does happen. Inspecting inside the inverter case / box, did you see anything resembling debris a critter would drag in? Is there a transfer switch / box in your set up? Eventually, connections loosen which can cause erratic behavior. It's VERY important for all connections to be PROPERLY tightened. Torque requirements are often quite modest (in the range of 25 INCH pounds or so). It's VERY easy to over torque the connections and, when over torqued, the connection is irreparably damaged (according to RV Electricity maven Mike Sokol) and, that box
  10. Youth is wasted on the young.......
  11. Congratulations on the progress! When I looked, train horns were crazy expensive (IMHO).
  12. My Super-C has an Onan 8K Quiet Diesel genset with a Kubota Diesel engine which has been trouble free over the 6.5 years I've had it (I have had it serviced three times when my rig was in for its' "annual").. Are you aware that Cummins recently entered the market with "small" portable inverter generators? They range between 2200W to 4500W. They are gasoline powered which probably means you'd have to deal with two different fuels (I understand some people would not want to deal with that). I expect the Cummins products will rival Honda and Yamaha inverter gensets. https://duckduckg
  13. " I value my life enough not to wake Jen at this hour on a weekend to fix it." You are indeed a WISE man..........
  14. Some LEDs have polarity. If these LEDs are installed backwards, they won't illuminate. If they can be inserted when turned 180ยบ, they might work.
  15. Pine trees have a shallow root system. If they're as small as you say, I doubt you'll have to worry about the tree hitting you truck (unless you have an insanely short chain / strap.
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