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  1. Came across this one today. May fit the Bill on what you are looking for. https://www.truckpaper.com/listings/trucks/for-sale/200235683/1997-kenworth-w900
  2. tyates007

    VIN location?

    As noted above I just called the local dealer
  3. tyates007

    VIN location?

    I called Kenworth and have a new door sticker coming. Should be here next week. That will satisfy the inspection. The last 6 are several places in the truck just couldn’t find the full VIN.
  4. You will enjoy the geyser in Soda bit is a cold water there is a little restaurant there as well worth a visit for lunch.
  5. tyates007

    VIN location?

    I called them Friday about this. Sounds like a good way to go.
  6. tyates007

    VIN location?

    We just moved back to Idaho and I need to have the truck inspected so I can get Idaho title and registration. I can not for the life of me find the vin#. Sticker on door frame is faded so number is not visible. There is no plate at the bottom of the windshield. I had the truck inspected in Washington when I bought it 7 years ago so I know it is some where. Truck is 2000 KW T2000. Any ideas?
  7. That turned out very nice
  8. Brad whatever you decide to buy make sure you go sit in them before you purchase. Bigger dealerships will have lots of seats that are plumbed with air so you can see how they feel. I was pretty set on the elites a few years ago. When we went to look my wife fell I love with the Bostrom Wideride with memory foam and a bunch of other stuff. At that point wouldn’t have mattered if I wanted the elites or not. Anyway you can get a really good feel before you purchase.
  9. tyates007

    Volvo Dinette?

    PM sent. Thank you very much for your help
  10. We have a Solitude 377MBS. We purchased new 3 years ago. Prior to that has a DRV Mobile Suites that was very high quality, especially running gear. Fit and finish and even overall construction is not as heavy or nice as our DRV. However, for our family the setup was very nice. We have pulled it several thousand miles and enjoyed every minute of it. I will second Grand Design customer service. They are outstanding. We have had very few issues but have yet to pay a dime for any of them. I do not have an issue doing repairs. Grand Design has provided new parts such as water pump and even a new pin box head when I had issues with the rubber dampeners that came factory. I would purchase their product again. We are in fact considering a momentum 397 right now. I should also note that we lived full time in ours for 6 months last year with a family of 5.
  11. tyates007

    Volvo Dinette?

    I did not. Would appreciate anything you have. Thank you
  12. tyates007

    Volvo Dinette?

    Thanks for all the replies. Should be fun 😁
  13. tyates007

    Volvo Dinette?

    Thanks for the pictures
  14. tyates007

    Volvo Dinette?

    I had not thought of that. Thank you. Table will be custom sized I suspect. I will check to see what my options are for fold down hardware and mounting.
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