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  1. What is a lot lizard? Are they dangerous, or do they pose a threat??
  2. I think you are right, HDT RV haulers are pretty cool!
  3. Were you prior Military, stemming from your location?? I have spent a winter and a summer in Alaska for Military training myself, and I have to say that Alaska is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, and I have been to plenty of places, including Russia.. Spent a day is Seward, Delta Junction, Anchorage, Fairbanks, and a few other places out in the middle of nowhere! The only thing that got my attention, were the wild Wolves, Moose, Bears, and Hell's Angel's... But I can definitely see myself with a HDT RV Hauler and a Toy hauler in Alaska.. In fact, it is on my bucket list!!
  4. Hmmm, interesting, A kenworth HDT RV hauler.. ( and a new one I might add)!! You own a Kenworth T680 amongst a biased group of Volvo's owners, as your weapon of choice.. How do you like it as an HDT RV hauler, and what propositioned you to fly against the winds of the common minds?? LOL
  5. You have a Beautiful Set up Jack, no denying that!!! That's a pretty good point you made about the Motorhomes being just as big as your rig in terms of blocking the view.. However, why are people so biased towards Motorhomes vs HDT RV's?? Is it jealousy, envy, or are they just being grumpy that an HDT RV setup might be a bit more clever than their setup?
  6. Hello Roger, Do you ever get the (beat down) question "your truck burns more fuel than mine does" or "your truck has more exhaust fumes" than my smaller truck does?
  7. I have to admit, those trucks are cool as heck to EVERYONE!!
  8. I love happy endings, Thank you for sharing that!!
  9. Hello my fellow brother's and sisters of the military, or Civilian counter Partners! Love to hear some stories about your "BEST" duty station assignments, or the absolutely WORST!! I will have to say I cant just list one for my best or worst... Mind you, the locations listed below had VERY beautiful landscape.. But the bases themselves as far as the base operations and family accommodations, were either very good, or Very bad!!! BEST: Camp Lejeune N.C, Okinawa, Japan Camp Pendelton, Ca WORST: Iwakuni, Japan Waldbrol, Germany Aviano Italy
  10. Well needless to say, the water tastes better here now...LOL
  11. Some people just "LOVE to HATE", but I believe that it is all the better on your part! My personal theory is: "if someone gets angry or jealous of you by doing absolutely nothing wrong, then you are absolutely doing something right"!! Very nice rig, sir!
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