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Cindy -- We've gone 'by' The Ranch a number of times, but haven't stopped in yet. There's a possibility we might meander in that general direction sometime after the 1st of February, after we get our truck back from Larry Herrin. We've been thinking about going towards the Gulf coast of Texas, but also weighing the possibility of visiting Alabama where the Mayers and other HDTers might be. Still waiting to hear on dates for that.


We have property in west central NM, and we'd sure like to spend some time there possibly this spring, so there's a definite chance we'll be through your neck of the woods at some point.


Can't wait to meet some of you all!



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We will be in Summerdale until at least the end of Feb, then start heading west. We have yet to decide if we are going to Moab to Jeep in April, or going to Padre Island National Seashore - Bird Island Basin to windsurf during the end of March and April. We need to be back in Woodland Park at the beginning of May, unless they are snowed in.
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Guess what Jack! You are in the company of another Testosterone Buddy that is FREQUENTLY found lurking on the RDBE thread and reveals time sensitive and of course confidential RDBE info ie. logo! This is now getting serious and may require some definitive action. Perhaps a cosmetic trimming of the fingers at about the knuckle level! Attractive, don't you think! We could then paint the well rounded knuckles with bright purple nail polish! (aka When I get old I'm going to wear purple!)Or a color of your choice. First offense- written warning rolleyes: The RDBE Mistress

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To All RDBE Gals! Join me in wishing Danielle Mayer a very very Happy Birthday today!


PS She may need a supply of purple nail polish, and of course a dozen beautiful roses from Jack the lurker! My best wishes for a wonderful day today and in the coming year! Hope to see you in January, Davena

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Jack and Danielle, We should be arriving at Bushnell on or before the 11th of January so we'll see you there! Our A1 went to the shop today for cosmetic surgery!


Also we are all signed up for the East Coast Rally, but can't get there till Monday. We have site 363 opposite Mark and Diane!

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Hi gals!


It was harder to drive up the courage to post this than to operate our Volvo...by the way, this is Susan (cruisin' with JRoger) Haddix.


Can't wait to get a calendar!


We're in Tallahassee for the winter...welcome travelers!


Hope all have a safe and estrogentle holiday.


Susan Haddix (Cruisin' Susan)

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