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RDBE (for those in the know)


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For all those RDBE gals at the HDT rally, want to let you know the pictures came out well for the Calendar. As soon as we get the MDT newsletter out, I'll get to work collating and putting it together. It will be a fun project. As soon as I estimate the cost of color cartridges, paper, binding, and postage we'll have a price. Reserve early for holiday gifts. Remember this is not a commercial venture we just need to cover the cost of production. If any ladies did not get their pictures taken for the calendar, please email a px of you with your truck, the make and model, truck name if you have one, and your birthdate (no years please)no later than October 30th to dszmyt@yahoo.comand we'll be happy to include you. Will not post RDBE ladies px on the web because they are reserved for the calendar but will post some others from the rally as soon as I have a minute! FYI: dates for the MDT rally in 2007 is October 8-12th in Sedalia MO Fairgrounds following the HDT rally Sept 23 -30th. We can have a caravan! RDBE (Rigs Driven By Estrogen) Davena

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Davena, can't wait to see the RDBE calendar. You can put me down for at least 5. Let me know if you need help. Our first official meeting at the HDT Rally was very informative and we had a great turnout. It'll be even better next year. I hope all the RDBE gals will actively participate in this forum and use it to share their knowledge and experience. Safe Travels to everyone.

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Hi guys, I can't wait to see it either. I will probably want 5 also.


We are still in Wichita and it has turned COLD. Suppose to get into the 30s tonight.


We had dinner with Don and Camilla. She was at the meeting but thru the week wasn't seen cause she had been ill. She feels better now and wants everyone to comeback to replay the week she missed. icon_biggrin.gif


Our rig goes in monday for repair, out by wed. Hope so cause it's time to leave.


Looking forward to next year




PS: Welcome to the forum Davina and Pat. Hope some other gals get on. If ya have only one computer, throw that estrogen around and tell "Mr. Testosterone" to share! icon_razz.gif

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Hi Pam, Will put you down for 5! Glad the RDBE gals are starting to check the new thread! PLease give Camilla my best and glad to hear she is feeling better! Will be emailing the up to date member list to everyone and we can start sending b'day greetings via e-cards to all those who are gaining more wisdom that month! When it gets COLD, time to move on! PLease keep in touch and safe travels. Davena

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RDBE Gals, The membership packet is progressing nicely. New member #29, Pat Walworth, signed up today! I'm including hobbies, interests and activities with the member info so if any one wants to add a tidbit to share, send it on to me ASAP. dszmyt@yahoo.com or a1royalcoach@escapees.com. As we sit here in chilly NH, waiting for January when we can finally head south to warmth anad subshine, it's fascinating to watch all of you, heading from destination to destination every few days or weeks not letting any grass grow under your tires! Especially Danielle and Jack's 100 mile sprints! Safe Travels Hugs, Davena

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Thanks Larry & Billie,will save you 5. I'm sure Jack and Danielle are happy that you came to their 'short stint' rescue! We did 11:30pm Tuesday to 5:30pm Wednesday non stop to get to the Escapade, only to miss the MDT meeting by 2 hours. It was a valiant effort! Must have been the RDBE that got us there icon_smile.gif. Danielle may have to step on the pedal and help Jack get from place to place in a more timely manner! By the way,I think the night we all went to the melodrama, we missed something about trees and Danielle! Any ideas on how to keep these Testosterone guys under control is appreciated. How about an Estrogen level test instead of a password to access the RDBE thread!!!!


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You folks are real night owls, in Eastern time, it's bed time (12:30am) so I really must rest up so I can continue this tree hugging saga tomorrow! Besides between replies, I got 3 months of Calendars assembled! Need px from Jill, Bonnie, Kenne, Susan,Rosanna, and Carolyn in case any of you are checking the HDT action!Good Night All!

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Cindy and Linda, Got got your calendar order! I will need to see how many mailing addresses I have for all the Gals. Unless you're an MDT-BOF member, I will probably need one. Will be in touch. 'Real women drive trucks'!Davena

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