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  1. What is the warning for, don't understand? I only asked a question?
  2. I have a really dumb questions does the amount of air in the tire effect your gas mileage? Like I said I know it is a dumb question I was just wondering? Later, Vegas Teacher
  3. Thanks, I wasn't sure what to call it sometimes, thanks for the clarification.🤠
  4. Great advice thanks! Yes I buy a lot used!
  5. Trying to get more computer literate. I saw the instructions for the drag and drop screen. Please send me a thumbs up or something if it came through on your end. The picture has my old trailer. I sold it on consignment last year, saving to get a new fuzion 423 or maybe even a DRV of some kind, but I know I want a trailer that has a garage that is separated from the living quarters. Does anybody know of a maker that builds a 14 or 16 foot garage?
  6. Howdy all! Well Vegas Teacher has been in the office teaching school all week. I have not had a chance to talk to everybody because at the end of the day I am worn out completely! I haven't read any posts for the last 3.5 weeks and have been so caught up in a program called "Canvas" we are using to teach with that it is like a new obsession..... Anyway on to truck/tractor stuff. I know some like to call it a truck others like to call it a tractor so, just like in teaching I try to keep all sides happy! Once again my new mechanic, Steve at True Blue Consulting and Repair is awesome!! He fixed my top sleeper window passenger side and put in a new DPF pressure valve for me. I brings my truck in and gives it a once over every day and looks for things that need to be done then sends me a list. At the end of September or first of October he is going to pull off the front wheels, replace brakes, shocks and leaf springs. My truck already rides like a new truck but it should be incredible when he has gone over everything, after that all that has to be done is tires and a 3 axle alignment and I should be road worthy. Southern Tire Mart is going to replace my tires and do the alignment. If you are traveling through the Vegas area and have a funny rattle or something just doesn't seem correct on your truck and you need it fixed up call Steve at True Blue Mechanic Phone: (702) 979-8480, he is honest and awesome. After dealing with and going through what I did with Volvo / Mac, TEC dealership & mechanic True Blue is awesome! Later, Vegas Teacher - Cory Ossana
  7. I appreciate your comment. I really like the part where you explain a highway patrol pulled up along side, read the sign and kept going. Like you I have also removed the commercial 5th and my glad hands. I think I am going to get my sleeper window taken care of next week. One project at a time. I am looking forward to the day I am out on the road with everybody else. Retirement for me is only 8 years. Like a friend told me I am down to being able to count the years on two hands, before I know it I will be on one hand. Later, Vegas Teacher - Cory Ossana
  8. Between the water and the coffee Plus the shop labor / Man hours I have made back that $40.00 I spent to get the lifetime service agreement. Shoot I have more than likely drank enough coffee and had $40.00 in bottled water alone.
  9. I live in Vegas and have a Toyota Tundra. I go off road at Lake Meade and off of the beaten path a lot in the desert. BFG KO 2's are great. Two years ago driving across 40 at Christmas I got stuck in an ice storm on the highway in New Mexico. I am happy I had them for that too. I never slipped a tire once on the ice. I have been putting KO's on my trucks since early 2000. I started putting them on the Girl friends Nissan Frontier (now wife) way back then and have loved them ever since. Plus if you buy them at Discount tire they will rotate them and balance them for a lifetime if you do the 10.00 a tire lifetime service agreement. I like this because before I leave her for vacation I go to discount and get my tires rotated and balanced. When I get to Michigan I get my tires rotated and balanced again for free, then when I get home I get my tires rotated and balance after the trip. Plus I get my air level checked about every 9 weeks all for free. I go in, visit with the people behind the desk, get a free cup of coffee and a bottle of water. Plus they are dog friendly. I take my German Shepherd in and train her while they are servicing my tires. People always ask about my training and why I am speaking German to my dog. I tell them it is for Schutzhund, but that is a whole other topic. Later, Cory O
  10. I love watching the tiny homes show. They always look like the perfect guest house or hunting cabin.
  11. Another question asked of me on this thread was how much I wanted to spend on this project (noises reduction)......... My thought is if I can get a cab that rides well, heats well, cools well and I can listen to my stereo in nothing it to much. I was in the stereo world in now, what seems to be a different lifetime for me. In college I worked for a car stereo shop back in Pittsburg Kansas. We did Dynmat work ( I can't believe almost 30 years later that stuff is still on the market, so I am going to look into that for sure. I love the idea of the Lizard Skin spray as a preliminary coating. So cost..... I am willing to spend between $2000.00 & $3000.00 to do this plus beer for my friends and a few choice words along the way LOL! I use the mechanic for all big stuff but this is in my wheel house to be able to do. Last but not least this prepares me for a second project I am getting ready to start on. I am going to redo a 1952, 2 door hard top Chevy Style Line, it was my fathers and the car we did things on together. It has a 3 on the tree and a 6 cylinder 216. It is extremely loud inside and I figure If I can get the Volvo quiet I can get the 52 quiet. One of the really neat things about this car is the 3 on the tree, It is not synchronized and you have to down shift in reverse as you slow down. The only other thing I drove more fun that that was my grandpa's 1946 ton and a half dualy that you had to double clutch...... Well School starts Wednesday for teachers in Las Vegas (CCSD - Clark County) and we have training's to get us ready for the next school year. It should be fun. Semi only has a few more mechanical issues to address. Then I get to bring it home. I am looking forward to the reunion, plus when I get it back it will be road worthy without to much worry. Believe me I know any time I get behind the wheel of a machine that big anything can happen at any time! Later, Cory Ossana - Vegas Teacher.
  12. I like the lizard skin idea. What I would like to do is completely strip the inside of my cab and spray anything I could to dampen the sound from the metal up. So begin with the metal then put a spray on additive / paint of some type, next coat the paint with a second coat of paint, then put the dynmat or some kind of sound absorbing material on top of that, fill all voids in the doors and side panels. Next replace all of the door panels with new outer door panel fabric. Lastly on floor, I heard on a truckers website some of those guys who were owner operators used R19 between a layer of dynmat and the rubber insert on the floor. I heard they also stuffted hollow areas with R19 to keep the truck warmer or cooler at night depending on the time of the year. Some stated as far as temperature change went, after turning off the key of the truck, they could simply turn on a fan and just keep air circulating around the cab and it stayed comfortable longer with the added insulation. Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I am looking into all avenues.
  13. I will do this both of you guys are correct a call to the people who run the business would be the best.
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