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  1. Dave, You know if you get to Vegas hollar at me. I have to show you the progress on my truck! Have fun and safe travels to you! Later Cory Ossana
  2. That is awesome! I know I will make a trip, a real trip soon, but it just seems there are so many little things I have to do first. I wish I didn't have to work to earn money. LOL!!!!
  3. I just got an email from him he is doing great and funny as ever!
  4. I can't wait to make it to a West Coast Rally some day. Many that go there have come through Vegas and said hello to me. I think many of the people who I talk to on this are really great people and have a lot of knowledge, getting to meet them would be really nice. That goes to Covid, as a teacher I see how it devastates families here in Vegas. I can't wait to get the vaccination! Yes the "D.W." loves it too. I still remember pulling into my Farther-in-laws R.V. spot. After being gone for 4 days down to Florida and back her first words were NOT hey "Glad to see you, how was your trip, n
  5. Well I now have my 780 at home, or home being my father in laws house and he is a little pissy about it, but..... OH WELL, anyway I got it back Friday December 18, new tires and it had been getting worked on monthly since May of 2020. So lots of things done and I kept all of you readers up to date along the way. Well I took it out into Dolley trolley 's territory to the kingdom of Pahrump. It is just shy of 100 miles from Vegas, so it was a nice drive. Me, the "D.W." and the dog went for its maidenesque voyage at 9:00 a.m. went to get 200.00 in diesel at $2.45 per gallon then back home. I was
  6. Vegas Teacher

    Bronco Sport

    I have a Subaru outback and absolutely love it!!! It is a great car.
  7. I was happy that Steve got on a creeper and went stem to stern and found it to be in good condition but that is the plus of having a good mechanic. Happy Holidays.
  8. Hey Shark, good to hear from you! Hope all has gone well for you and your class "A" mine comes this summer. Happy Holidays to you and yours! Later Cory Ossana
  9. Absolutely! Where are good catalogs to look in. I need to get that 870 all dressed up. I even want to paint it and do a wrap of so.e kind thgat will span the truck and trailer pulling the two vehicles together as one. Happy holidays!!! Later Cory Ossana
  10. Sculptor happy Holidays! I hope we meet up someday on the road or at a rally! You really seem to be one of the good guys out there, with a good heart! Happy Holidays my friend.
  11. Hey Chad happy holidays, when this covid stuff is over come on back and party in Vegas!
  12. I have always read and listened to your advice, and I read all of your postings to find out good information. Happy holidays and please keep good advice coming on all fronts.
  13. I Truely hope our roads cross again in the near future! I enjoyed my visit with you, your wife and your friends. All very good people. Later Cory Ossana
  14. First and foremost to everybody and all of my friends on HDT happy holidays! I have finally completed my first leg of the marathon!!! I have all of the mechanical work done! Yippee for me. Tires and a 3 axle alignment for 3000.00 last Friday. The truck is air tight, has no lean and Will pass a safety inspection.iamnow road worthy for the first time in 3 and a half years. Now for the fun stuff......... beds, Chrome, paint, interior new seats , new stereo and a year at Jack Meyer's back near my home town in Kansas. Thank to everybody who told me it is a marathon not a race. Happy Holi
  15. Did you see Milwaukee makes a one inch impact. I am saving up to buy one of those and will get impact rated adapters to go down to 1/2 inch.
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