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HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

Jim Gehlen

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Your absolutly right Jack, South not North should be my direction this time of year. We have headed South 3 times already. Once in August ended up having ECM problems and had to cancel needed trailer repair and head back to MN, once in October got as far south as Wichita before heading back to Indiana to get trailer repairs done, and this time (Nov) to KC for Thanksgiving and back to Indiana to get trailer repaired again.


Unfortunaly we will have to go back to MN as our daughter is having surgery 12/8 and if all goes well we will be out of there before XMAS.


See ya in the desert.

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Suz and I are hanging out in Tallahassee for a few weeks. Still waiting to get our front hydraulic stableizers on Mobette fixed by a dealer in Lake City. May have to stay in #3 son's sticks and bricks place.


We spent last Wed with Mike and Pat McFall who are parked at the Tally RV park just down the road. We smoked a whole hog for everyone's huge appetite.


If anyone is traveling across I-10 in this area give us a shout. Cell is 256 603-6026.


Roger, out.

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Hi Fellers and Goils,


Sharon and I are in the Yuma Az.area until Quartsite time. [the last of Jan.] Any one coming through or planning to stop awhile, give us a call and we can get together and swap some lies. TeeHee Sharon's # 916 715 3562, My # 916 716 7600

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Toterman: FYI I drove the rig and if I say so myself, did a pretty good job...didn't park it though, still a little nervous about that.


To the ladies of the East Coast Gang, I had a name tag made up that said "navigoddess". It sure gets conversation going, of course most of the men think I have mis-spelled navigator..I set them straight. PAM

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I have pics on my webshots album under the Ural Motorcycle album. They should be the ones with the "Wichita2" label.


I have pretty well figured out how to use the large ramp with the Rampage loader so that all goes well. This system is more terrain sensitive than just ramps. Still a lot of work with all the tie downs for the bike and ramp. I thought about going back to just ramps and my old winch but Santa and I are talking about a new Harley. Nothing wrong with the Ural, but as I have said, it is not a "road trip" bike.


As for the Rally. Since we want to see Alaska next summer, I don't think we'll be close enough to make the East Coast Rally. If Alaska plans change for some reason, well then.....probably.


BTW, we leave for Huntsville, AL Friday for a few days to take care of some doctor appts and to get Mobette serviced at the original dealer. Be there until about the 10th of December, then back to Tally.

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Jim and Valerie stopped by to see us today. We discovered each other as a result of an accident in the road behind our rig. I looked out our back window to see a lady in a 3-wheeled cart walking a dog on a leash beside her. All of the sudden my dogs barked at it out the window and her dog pulled toward our rig and toppled her and the cart. I ran out to see if she was OK and help her up when I looked up and there was Jim and Valerie. They pulled up in front of our rig just as she toppled. After we got her up, we had a nice visit under our awning.

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