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  1. The original poster both created his account from an IP address associated with a server from St. Francis, and has an email account from their domain. Those factors would seem to lend some legitimacy to his story. Since we Weekend Moderators are only authorized to close threads that contain obvious commercial or potentially fraudulent content or violations of Escapees policies, and this doesn't appear to fall into those categories, I am allowing this thread to remain open until someone from Livingston can review it and make a decision about it.
  2. As they've pointed out, many Amazon vendors also sell the direct from their own web sites. In those instances, buying from the vendor directly often gets you a better price because they're not paying the Amazon fees on that sale.
  3. As with many motor vehicle rules and regulations, the requirement for one to have a properly licensed (or not) operator to drive the vehicle to the testing facility varies by state. As with the OP's experience in Nevada, Texas also allows the owner to drive their own vehicle to the examination center for the purpose of upgrading to a class A or B Exempt license.
  4. Merry Christmas to all, and best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!
  5. A toggle bolt should work for sure, Brad. The genius that Home Depot sent out to reinstall the microwave that they sold me for my Teton was determined to use toggle bolts for the wall mounting bracket, and if they're good enough for an RV wall, they'll be great in a Volvo windshield.
  6. Hmmmmmmm . . . who was that genius that said several days ago that it might be so cheap that it's not worth testing? 🤣🤣🤣
  7. Says a fellow 2008 newbie! (Actually I was technically a rookie back then, not a newbie, having owned my T2000 for a whole six or seven months by the time that the HDT Rally rolled around) Y'all have a blast at the Rally this year! Kathy and I hope to be able to join you again one of these years, but unfortunately, this wasn't the year.
  8. Brad, you might want to check into the cost of a new one before you spend a whole lot of time trying to determine if the existing one can be tested. Sure, parts sometimes surprise us, but that's one that might not be all that expensive. Unlike emissions sensors, a thermal sensor for an axle isn't terribly sophisticated, very common, and on our older trucks, not proprietary to the OEMs.
  9. Phil D


    On my truck I consider Crossfires money well spent just for the convenience of the single inflation point. The old Kenworth-exclusive Alcoa wheels with semi-triangular hand holes were unique, but a bigger PITA than regular ol' round holes, so removing and replacing pressure sensors on those inner duals was a nightmare. All of the other benefits that they offer are just gravy.
  10. That's traditionally been the case, and it still works as a general rule-of-thumb, but they now offer a T880S model for certain vocational applications (most likely the same ones for which the W900S was developed) that has a set-forward axle.
  11. In my experience, as long as you're having them filled on a regular (in-season) basis, most providers do not charge demurrage on the tank, and generally price the propane that goes into it at a reasonable, per gallon price. It's a much better deal, not to mention more convenient, than trying to keep 40# or 100# tanks full when this service is available.
  12. The two common settings for truck tractors are either 120 or 135 PSI.
  13. Phil D

    Gps for hdt

    If you're going with a Garmin, choosing a Desl over an RV model won't gain you a thing as far as routing. The RV Garmins use the same road and highway database as the Desl versions. The only difference is the POI database, with the RV models having POIs that matter to RVers, and the Desl models having POIs that matter to truckers. When you're RVing with an HDT it would be convenient at times to have both available at times, but that's not an option. I was on the fence like you are when I bought mine many years ago, I chose the RV version, and I'm convinced that I made the right choice.
  14. The Resource Guide doesn't get updated with campground information because that's not the designated repository for that data. It's for information regarding HDTs and towing with HDTs only. What you're looking for is the Heavy Haulers RV Campgrounds web site, which is located here: http://hhrvcampgrounds.com/.
  15. One wheel and tire per wheel position has been discussed here many times. You may want to search the forum for some of those discussions in order to make an informed decision. To summarize, engineers (most notably, the engineers that work for the companies that make the hubs on which you'd be mounting those wheels and tires) hate the idea, unless it's done "right" -- and nobody that does it does it "right" because that involves purchasing new zero offset wheels for all four drive tire positions. The weight ratings of the hubs is drastically reduced when operated with a standard offset t
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