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  1. Phil D

    W900 studio sleeper

    That's traditionally been the case, and it still works as a general rule-of-thumb, but they now offer a T880S model for certain vocational applications (most likely the same ones for which the W900S was developed) that has a set-forward axle.
  2. In my experience, as long as you're having them filled on a regular (in-season) basis, most providers do not charge demurrage on the tank, and generally price the propane that goes into it at a reasonable, per gallon price. It's a much better deal, not to mention more convenient, than trying to keep 40# or 100# tanks full when this service is available.
  3. Phil D

    Onboard air compressor

    The two common settings for truck tractors are either 120 or 135 PSI.
  4. Phil D

    Gps for hdt

    If you're going with a Garmin, choosing a Desl over an RV model won't gain you a thing as far as routing. The RV Garmins use the same road and highway database as the Desl versions. The only difference is the POI database, with the RV models having POIs that matter to RVers, and the Desl models having POIs that matter to truckers. When you're RVing with an HDT it would be convenient at times to have both available at times, but that's not an option. I was on the fence like you are when I bought mine many years ago, I chose the RV version, and I'm convinced that I made the right choice. When I'm navigating to any given night's destination I'm headed for an RV Park, not a truck stop, and that's what the Garmin RV models provide.
  5. The Resource Guide doesn't get updated with campground information because that's not the designated repository for that data. It's for information regarding HDTs and towing with HDTs only. What you're looking for is the Heavy Haulers RV Campgrounds web site, which is located here: http://hhrvcampgrounds.com/.
  6. Phil D

    Singling the Volvo.

    One wheel and tire per wheel position has been discussed here many times. You may want to search the forum for some of those discussions in order to make an informed decision. To summarize, engineers (most notably, the engineers that work for the companies that make the hubs on which you'd be mounting those wheels and tires) hate the idea, unless it's done "right" -- and nobody that does it does it "right" because that involves purchasing new zero offset wheels for all four drive tire positions. The weight ratings of the hubs is drastically reduced when operated with a standard offset truck wheel.
  7. Best of luck on that CWI, Glenn! Maybe I'll see you somewhere down the road.
  8. Many of us with air over hydraulic brakes on the trailer can't readily "hook up" to a commercial trailer's air system. In the commercial world the convention is to hard-plumb the air lines to the tractor, with gladhands on the air lines to attach to gladhands on the trailer. In the RV world, many (and I'd dare say most) have found it more convenient to plumb the air lines to the trailer, to connect to a pair of gladhands on the tow vehicle. A tractor in RV service plumbed this way has no way to connect to a commercial trailer unless someone has rigged up a special set of hoses with gladhands on both ends.
  9. There's a reason that Volvo doesn't install nor include provisions for seat belts in the workstation benches, beyond just the cost of the belts and hardware. Lap belts are designed to restrain a human sitting so that they're facing the likely forces that the belt would impose in an accident -- forward forces, not lateral. You would be risking potentially severe injuries to your kids in the event of a serious accident, were they to be belted sitting sideways.
  10. That caught my eye, too. But in the pic in his signature it appears that he's tandem.
  11. Cory, the Hercules dealers that I referred you to earlier will also be able to give you information on the Ironman tires that Dollytrolley is referring to. Ironman is Hercules' third-tier brand, along with Dynatrac, their mid-tier brand. Their dealers typically have access to all three brands.
  12. Cory, I last bought tires (both truck and trailer) in the fall of 2018, and I'm sure that prices may have gone up since I bought, but nearly $500 each for an unknown brand seems to be extremely high to me. I don't blame you for not wanting to pay a premium price for name-brand tires that are going to "age out" instead of wear out -- I did the same thing when I bought mine. I bought Hercules tires for my truck and trailer, and on the trip home from northeastern Pennsylvania back to the Rio Grande Valley, I was well pleased with them. You might call one of the two Hercules commercial truck tire dealers in Las Vegas (according to the Hercules web site there's one north of town, and one west of town, whichever is closer to you), and see what they can do for you. Based on what I paid a year and a half ago (about $310 each, installed), I can't imagine that they'd be almost $500 each now.
  13. Phil D

    iShift Handle Problem

    Modern transmissions should always be "learning", and its programming becoming more efficient as runtime increases.
  14. EGR came with the EPA04 emission package engines, which, for most manufacturers, went into production in the fourth quarter of 2002, per a consent decree. They can be found even in some late 2003 model year trucks.
  15. Unfortunately, in my experience there are no bargains at a Kenworth dealership, either.
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