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Attention Visitors and Lurkers - Please Read and Respond to this Request


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Since Dan hasn't been seen on the forum in a couple years and since the body of his post must have been lost in the transition to the new site I'm taking the liberty to update/insert a replacement post.




Welcome to the Escapees HDT Forum


If your New to the HDT forum or have been a Lurker for awhile and your considering moving up to the world of HDT's please take a few minutes to tell us a little bit about yourself and by all means don't be Shy about asking any questions that you might have about towing your 5th_Wheel with a converted HDT.



Jon, Keeper of The HDT Resource Guide





That is All.....

Edited by 5th_Wheeler
01/30/2009 - Inserting new welcome message to replace Dan's missing post.....


1999 40' Travel Supreme RLTSODB Two Bedroom 5th Wheel. TrailAir hitch

1998 Volvo VNL770, 460HP Cummins N14 Plus, 13 speed manual, 245" wheelbase, tandems, Holland hitch, Work Station, TV/DVD, Microwave, Fridge, 3,000 W Inverter, Sink, PTO hydraulic kit - Retired USAF Lt Col


"If it wasn't for people like that, people like us wouldn't look so good."

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I've been watching it for a couple of months. I'm waiting on my wife to retire and then we'er looking for a toy hauler. Original plan was to pull it with our F250 PSD. After watching this site will seriously consider a HDT. Left leg AK amputee so watching the threads on autoshift closely. I've sure learned a lot from reading all the posts.


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I have been lurking for a couple of months. Of course I didn't find this site until just after I had bought a new ford crew cab diesel. I currently tow a 30' fifth wheel with it. The next truck will certainly be an HDT. Like the looks of the Pete 387 but the interior of the 770 would work better for the family.


Thanks for all of the informed posters on the board. This is one of the sites that I visit every day.

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Been lurking for several months and started to geet the bug. Had the opportunity to meet and talk to a few HDT owners in Quartzite and really got interested. My TH is 39' and GVWR is 16K. While my Dodge pulls it fine I keep worrying about stopping. Starting to get serious now and looking for the right rig.

I am not sure that is how I meant to go, but I think that I am where I meant to be.

Betty & Jim

98 Volvo 610 Cummins N14 "T-Ruk"

375/425HP 1550FP Super 10

05 KZ Sportsmen Sportster 37KX2 Triple Slide

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DDAN - you may or may not have meant anything by the partial quote of my original post - but in doing so it makes even ME think I was flaming owners.


So, at the risk of ticking someone off because technically I do not meet the "never posted before" requirement for this thread

- or ticking someone off (again) because I started a new thread (lose-lose proposition)


in all fairness, here is the REST of what I said, verbatim.




To that end, be reminded that for those of us who ARE looking, what you as owners do or don't notice about a particular and potential truck to purchase - is INCREDIBLY informative...to the point that for me at least, much of what I have learned about what TO and NOT TO look for in a truck has been from your responses to an ad like the one above.


The "I like this -don't like that - watch out for that" responses that you make when someone links a truck for sale........is truly like going shopping with a group of knowledgeable friends - where everyone has an opinion and something to offer that you may/may not have considered.


And I, for one, am grateful

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German Retiree, ex Sailor, ex Human Resources Mgr. Living in Ireland Co. Kerry. (some good flyfishing in this part of Europe…). Since more than 2 years a dedicated “lurker†of the HDT – Forum. Dreaming of exploring your country (fulltime) with a 5th Wheeler pulled by a HDT. Hopelessly admire the USA since boyhood time

when a GI popped up the top of his Sherman-Tank and presented me with the first piece of chocolate (a bar of HERSHEY’S) in my life… He just had occupied the “Vaterlandâ€â€¦


During my school days I was a permanent visitor of the “AMERICA HAUS†in Heidelberg. Later, I had the privilege to travel the USA several times. (That was when I fell in love with the American way of driving – remember the pony cars of the seventies – a CAMARO or a DODGE Charger with 427 cu in and 10 times the horses of my VW Beatle… Boy oh Boy, those were the times…) In the past 40 years I never managed to stay longer than 3 ½ month in your country – and one would need much, much more time to roam all the good places. (and cast a line on your beautiful rivers…)


I “click†on to the HDT Forum nearly on a daily basis and enjoy the discussions…

Dieselddan, KAYRIVERCITY, Spooner, ‘Nuf Truck, Toterman, Themisfitking,

Larry Zeigler, Jack Mayer, Dave K. …. sorry I can’t remember you all…. and my

secret COE-hero fppf Tim are more or less “household-names†on this side of the Atlantic.


I know, a truck should look like a Peterbilt 379 or a Kenworth W900 (long hood, small cab, min. 120inch sleeper, chromed stacks the size of a chimney and Donaldson Air-Cleaners on both sides... ah, and for the real man an 18 speed unsynchronized gear box!)


But as a more “softy†European I would tend to a FL ARGOSY (class 7) single drive, wheel base not more than 200inch, propelled by a big yellow C15 and perhaps

an automated ZF AS-Tronic 12-speed gear box to handle the torque… well and last

but not least disk-brakes on both axles to safely stop the beast within the shortest possible distance.


I hope my thread wasn’t too long and many thanks again for all the invaluable information regarding HDTs and the associated RV-lifestyle.




Folkert +++

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I think I have made just a few posts on this site but I lurk frequently and for long periods at a time. My GF refers to my HDT obsession as an "addiction". I probably visit this site no less than 5 times a day. I am looking to buy an HDT in the near future but my number one stumbling block is being able to register the trucks that I tend to like as a MH/RV in So Cal. I tend to like the trucks with the smaller sleepers as I am unmarried and have a trailer setup for sleeping and towing my Jeep already. I have yet to figure out how to squeeze in all of the accoutriments necessary for the "motorhome" designation into one of these smaller rigs. Anyway, there, I posted and confessed my lurking addiction. thanks for all the great info I have gotten so far!!

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Hello to everyone. I've been lurking for a long time. I currently have a '99 FORD F-350, 4 x 4, crew cab, diesel and know it's limitations. I came across this site and have been dreaming ever since. I have really appreciated the information and knowledge gained. Someday I would love to own an HDT.




C D Kramer

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We have been lurkers here for about a year. Wish we would have know about this type truck before we got our one ton. Still want and will get a HDT when we can. Not real sure what we are going to be looking for 770/610. It is just me and Cathy. Children have already left home.

Steve & Cathy

Gallion Alabama

37ft KZ New Vision (toy hauler)

2000se Goldwing Trike

U.S. Coast Guard (retired)

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LongGone said:

So I'll re-open this discussion by inviting all of the other lurkers to say howdy and to tell us about your interest in this discussion.


1999 40' Travel Supreme RLTSODB Two Bedroom 5th Wheel. TrailAir hitch

1998 Volvo VNL770, 460HP Cummins N14 Plus, 13 speed manual, 245" wheelbase, tandems, Holland hitch, Work Station, TV/DVD, Microwave, Fridge, 3,000 W Inverter, Sink, PTO hydraulic kit - Retired USAF Lt Col


"If it wasn't for people like that, people like us wouldn't look so good."

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Greetings, We are Lurkers, We have been around for several months. We are looing to full time in a little over a year. The input of this forum has encouraged us to consider a HDT. So I am very thankful for all of your conversations. I actually have been lurking on a number of forums and it has been better than reading a book on RVing. Thanks again everyone.

2003 Volvo VLN630
2016 38 RS3 Mobile Suite
2010 Smart behind the cab


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Good Evening,


My name is Don and I have been following this site for almost a year. I am also following a lot of members WEB pages to gather additional details. My wife “Jo†and I feel a 5th wheel will give us the space we need to travel and see the rest of this country. I am sold on using a HDT as a tow vehicle but I have additional convincing to talk my wife into this (wish me luck). I retired over two years ago and we are getting ready for the next phase of our life.


Thanks or all the information,



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Hello Everyone,

I figured i'd lruk around to see what this site had to offer. I'm a fulltime rv'er and have had my CDL before joining the ranks of the full timers. Since being accustomed to driving a Big Rig and seeing all of the med. duty trucks pulling rv's behind them. And tearing up my 1/2ton van more than i'd like to mention. I figured that gtting a class 8 would be my best option. Mind you i've never seen one prior to my becoming a full timer and thusly have only seen one at a campground in Davenport,Ia. Also many people think pulling an rv-trailer behind a class 8 is ludicrous. Hell I told my father about the idea and he thought i should go in for therapy. Now the jokes on him and all the other nay-sayers now that i've been able to show and share all of the sites i've run into with pics of class 8's pulling a trailer behind them. I feel wonderful that I'm not whacked and flying solo in this endeavor. I'm lookng to get a Freightliner or Volvo to pull my unit and even though many shave the rear axle off the rigs, I'm more apt to leaving it on and putting a flat-bed unit on the frame to haul my van everywhere and have my trailer in tow. And yes i'm just looking at tag trailers for now. thanks gang for all that you do. I look forward to seeing you all down the road. Once i get my unit I'll look to post pics so y'all can blast that Highway horn when we see each other on the blacktop. TTYL

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Hi,my name is Jim I also have been reading this forum for months now,I turn it on the first thing each morning and check out all the posts and come back to it numerious times each day. I have to say I am very impressed with the wealth of knowledge that you all combined have. I am a little ahead of some of the lurkers here as I already have a pretty good tow rig for now, a 2000 Ford F-650 crew cab with Cat power,7 speed, air brakes, and a custom tow bed that a friend and myself built. I know that there is a forum for MDT's and I should be over there but there does not seem to be much going on over there so I spend my time reading the HDT forum, some day I hope to move up to an HDT, but for now I do a little camping and hauling my grandsons jr. dragster to the races here in the Northwest.

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It's official now; I had to register! I guess I'm no longer a lurker!


I,too, must check this board four or five times a day. The information and commrodary you offer is invaluable. As LongGone alluded to, those ads illicited responses that gave us "wannabes" tidbits of info. Hidden treasures. Like shopping with a group of experts.


However, since the fiasco about Marjon posting too many truck ads, "Stop ad spamming" I've noticed the commrodary is lacking; things are not the same. Is it just me?


Looking back in the forum, Marjon very clearly identified his posts. He used labels such as "A couple of nice trucks" or "Repo'd 770." How is that different than what he's doing now and why is it so offensive? Oh, that's right, let's not have more than one a day! Why is that? Are we limited on the amount of entries.


What a shame!


Flame away!

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Lurker largo del tiempo también.


Hemos estado siguiendo este foro por varios años y amamos lo que usted Amercians loco ha hecho con el excedente que el camino HDT acarrea.


Miramos adelante a seguir en sus pasos una vez que dejemos Tiawana y crucemos la frontera para ensamblar a nuestra familia en Las Crusis, NM.



Cáigalo y muévase encendido con su vida y apenas siga el flujo.
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