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  1. Off2YNP

    HDT Rally

    Nice pic, Jim! I'm glad it didn't last long, though.
  2. Truth!! These are an investment turned baaad - they became pets. Lol
  3. We love what you guys offer at the rally and really enjoy it. We won’t make it this year yet. Boo. 🙁
  4. I’m sure Sheri has already shown you that Taco and Salad love acorns. Lol enjoy!
  5. See ya'll tomorrow, Saturday! We will park in the not-so-cool kids area - since we strayed from the pack with our new setup... haha
  6. Thanks, Dave! I'll pass it on to hubby. Looking forward to seeing you and Newt!
  7. Thanks for asking for the details: Where: National HDT Rally at Hutch, in the 4H Building across the street from the main building. When: Monday, October 15, 10am – 11:25am CST What: Using Social Media to Share Your Travel Stories, presented by Alicia White As you travel, you’re bound to experience exciting adventures and your family and friends want to hear all about it. In this seminar, you’ll learn easy ways to share your travel stories through social media and identify which one works best for you in expressing your experience. With a focus on using video as a tool,
  8. Hey, folks! If you will be attending Monday's seminar "Using Social Media to Share Your Travel Stories", please bring your cell phones with you. We will be doing a little exercise with it. Feel free to bring your laptops to take notes or follow along. It's going to be fun! See you soon at the 4H Building across the street from the main building.
  9. Hey, ladies! For the social and craft time the set aside for us, we will be making bird feeders and charm bracelets. For the bird feeders, please bring a pair of craft scissors with a sharp point or exact knife (used to cut plastic). For bracelets, if you have round nose pliers for jewelry making, please bring those. I only have a two. All other materials will be provided. If you do not wish to participate in these crafts, feel free to bring your own project OR just come and chat and visit with the other ladies. We will be in the 4H Building across from the main seminar building. I
  10. Oh my word! This is so heartbreaking. Sending our prayers to the Dixon’s. Alicia and Rick
  11. Yay! Congratulations, Dave! I know you’re jumping with joy!
  12. Just come back to our shop and we'll get you set up with some more gadgets. HUGS to you and Newt! Alicia
  13. Todd: we are not full timers so we travel, set up for a couple of weeks, move on and then back home. I think if we set up in one spot for more than three months a 5er would be a good option. We came to this realization this January when Rick had to set up and get the Jeep off the tuck in the rain near San Diego. Our knees were killing us from the weather and our cats and dog had enough of being transferred back and forth from the truck to the 5er over the few days of travel enroute to our stop. When we came home we immediately looked for and found our new home on wheels. (Atypical of our p
  14. I was going to say skip it if it doesn't have a WDW ----- Weiner Dog Window ----- but it looks like it does. BUY IT!!! Add a few more gauges. There aren't enough! Oh, and I like buttons and switches, you need a few more of those too...
  15. Howdy! You'll soon grow to like all of us - even the grumpy ones. It's a great cult... errr... I mean, CLUB to be a part of. And please start a new thread with your pics so we can all enjoy them! Happy and Safe Travels!
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