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  1. Thats great information. Thank you very much. My mechinic verified all grounds to dash cluster were good. checking those other grounds out sounds a real good lead as well. Thanks for all the help. JB
  2. My mechanic has checked all cluster connections are good on this 15k milage cluster. he is supporting a ground issue as well. The ecm under the hood is working as it should, not throwing codes. We think there must be a second eco for the inside the truck for the cluster but can't find it. Anybody know anything about a second icm. There are 2 driver display fuses. I hate to take it to a dealer as my experience is the age of these mechanics is younger than the truck. Any and all thoughts appreciated. JB
  3. Our first real electrical gremlin has invaded our truck. I started the truck and every warning light came on. Shut down, caution, red light on temp, fluid levels etc. Turned it off and they went away so I took a drive and noticed my temp light was on and my gauges worked sporadically. No speedo, fuel, temp etc but I did have air pressure gauges. I subsequently got the truck back home hooked up my VMSPC (silver leaf electronics) and all pressures and temps were good even though my dash lights and gauges said differently. Shut down light was still on but truck never shut down and it had plenty of time too. I used my power probe to check all the fuses and they are good. Now my speedo pegs at 80 instead of powering up on start and then dropping back down. My computer says the truck is fine but it will drop out and then reconnect. Always before when it dropped out I had to close the program and re open. I disconnected the ground lead to the battery over night hooping that would clear it up but no luck. Does anybody have any ideas. Any and all information greatly appreciated. Safe travels John Bagley
  4. thanks for all the input! I really appreciate it.
  5. thanks Randy. That makes sense now that I think about it. JB
  6. I want to change out my lead acid batteries for lithium. My current setup is below. Xantrex Freedom MS 858 inverter charger (battle horn batteries says this will charge my batteries if I set it on gel 2) Xantrex c40 PWM solar controler 4 100 watt solar panels 4 golf 6 volt cart batteries Below is the system I am looking at installing. 3 battle horn 100ah batteries victron MPPT 100/50 solar controller victron BVM 702 or 712 battery monitor My questions is have I left any out or am I buying something I do not need? All input is sincerely appreciated. JB
  7. is it just me or does this price seem kinda of high?
  8. bags

    new headlights

    We have owned our truck for 11 years and 60,000 miles and have gone to great links to avoid driving at night as we knew the VLN headlights sucked. On our last trip our luck ran out. I had to drive the last hour and half in a really dark November night. That was a real white knuckle pucker experience. As soon as we got home I naturally got a hold of David Dixon, Deep Space Lighting and ordered new headlights.They seemed expensive until about 30 minutes into my dark November night. I installed one today and what a difference. I only got one installed as for some reason I only used penetrating oil on one headlight and not the other and could not get the 3 screws cluster off on the other. All the parts look like quality and it was an easy instal even for my mechanically challenged self. Good job David. Travel safe JB
  9. bags

    Looking for David Dixon

    Thank you very much. I emailed him. JB
  10. David, would you PM me please. Looking for new headlights. Thanks JB
  11. As far as I can tell only 1, but I only have one plug in. Thanks JB
  12. Thanks guys, I think I found it. My nose told me to pull a switch cover and when I did I saw a spark. We had the backsplash replaced a couple of years ago and the tile guy put the switch back in with the connections touching the foil insulation. I pushed the foil back pressed the little CS clip back into place and no more sparks and hopefully smell. As we all know smoke smell in an RV gets your attention in a hurry. Stay safe JB
  13. Thanks Randy. I appreciate your input. I am just wondering why I did not have a problem on shore power. As far as I know the inverter mimics shore power. I am still in a park with shore power and did not move the rig. I just put in new batteries and was testing out my boon docking abalities. I just unplugged and turned on the inverter. My xantrex says I am pulling between 10 to occasionally 25 amps. Am I wrong about the MSW inverter? I have no hot or warm spots. I have a real good nose and just catch riffs of smell. Smells more like wood than wire smell. Thanks JB
  14. Transfer switch looks good. Tightened all the lugs
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