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  1. y'all have fun. Will be attending college graduation that week. Hopefully, can get one off the payroll soon.
  2. Full, no bueno.....we are persona non grata apparently.
  3. lockmup68

    Bronco Sport

    Bronco Sport should not have a bronco badge. It's like an escape replacement. Actual bronco is pretty capable out of the box.
  4. I have same one from Amazon. They work great. I also bought some good wire strippers and a ratcheting crimper, Makes a big difference.
  5. unigrip actually called me, cheaper in a 150 ft roll and cheaper shipping. Saved almost $200. Great customer service.
  6. They two “holes” have power, but nada on the other end. I’ll try to pull board when I have a few days of downtime.
  7. Trail fix = engineering improvement in the off-road world.
  8. Instead of taking the cables off, use a simple disconnect switch. Will accomplish same goal without the spark. Something like this is simple and comes with the cables too (can get without). https://www.amazon.com/Fastronix-Current-Master-Battery-Disconnect/dp/B00Y63TQLG/ref=sr_1_3?crid=3B8W4UNLT9WT4&dchild=1&keywords=battery%2Bdisconnect%2Bswitch&qid=1606059666&sprefix=battery%2Bdisco%2Caps%2C278&sr=8-3&th=1
  9. No corrosion that I can see. Here’s the jumper. Board is very clean, inside, and dry. haven’t pulled entire thing apart yet. On road next few weeks. Will have some down time over the holidays. and yes. I am aware of the color mismatch on the outbound. Color blind helper (didn’t know) who just traced and hooked up when I was sick, and it is all working properly. I will fix colors when I have some downtime.
  10. So back to more troubleshooting. 12v at the trailer plug on truck. Cable from truck to jackalopee good. Plug good. 12v on left side of jackalopee, nada on right side. Unplugged running lights wire from board on both sides and used a jumper wire to wire. Works fine and no breaker tripping. If wires are hooked up to jackalopee board, breaker trips. Does not tripped when jumped. Leads me to believe, break in the board.
  11. always keep water tank full. Grill as secondary cooking source if no electric/propane is out. Generator on the truck plumbed into the tanks, so can run for days and days on 200 gallons of diesel. Even with heated hose, if super cold, unhook at night and close the spigot (typically a freeze proof spigot) and use the freshwater tank, rehook in the morning. I also carry a couple of heat tapes and zip ties to keep the spigots warm. Also, carry a spigot freeze bag to go over the spigot.
  12. reviving an old thread. For my Teton Uni-grip part # ED-50468-T For the four slides, needed 112 feet of seal. They come in 30' rolls, so four rolls shipped = $801. Rolls are heavy, $141 just in shipping. HTH, Shannon
  13. roller permanently in a track that rolls out/up when slide is extended and pulls itself in when slide is retracted. Would hold it in place when traveling. No flopping around. You could secure it with pins if wanted for extra security.
  14. four years old. No corrosion, inside bunk, so no moisture. Tabs seem solid.
  15. Mr. Henry gave me a call. No relay on the running lights, just pass through, so something going on there on the board. I jumped across and all works fine with the jumper. So I tied in a jumper on the terminal strips from truck to trailer to keep me on the road. All tested and works fine now. I'll relay news to Mr. Henry tomorrow. I will pick up a relay or two to keep in spare box.
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