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  1. will depart Rapid City tomorrow (Monday) headed South . Going thru Wyoming to I-15 in Salt Lake City and then more south to Parker, AZ for the winter
  2. One thing I haven't seen mentioned is the RVIA certification. I've seen a couple of parks that has that certification as a requirement to enter the park.
  3. Do not take 63" feet of truck and trailer down Highway 1 between Monterey and Morro Bay, CA. There are still 40' trailers over the side there that they will never bring up.
  4. Never received a private message on the escapees site. No snow this year but its only been three days since we got here. Figure we will have a little before too long tho. Rain and possible snow predicted for Thursday
  5. Arrived Rapid City KOA, got set up and it got cold. Will be here till approximately Oct 22. Booked solid for the Sturgis rally which is the 75th year and they are predicting 500K + for this year. Should be fun. If you come up for the rally, stop by.
  6. Beaver, Utah KOA this evening. Weather sure has changed from 95+ in AZ to mid 60's here. Climate shock. Rock Springs, WY KOA Wednesday evening. Expect the weather to be either rain or ??
  7. Escaped from the Colorado River and Parker. AZ this morning and will be hiding out at the Las Vegas RV resort on Nellis Blvd for 4 days. They have recently opened up a few sites that are 100' by about 30' with plenty of room for everything including the jeep, trailer etc. Bit pricey but well worth it. Will depart here on 3/31 and head north and east to Rapid City on 4/3.
  8. Highway 2 across ND and MT has a great deal of history behind it. It follows the route of the Great Northern railroad. There is a railroad museum in Havre, MT that I donated a group of pictures of the building of the railroad thru Glacier National Park in 1926 that my Grandfather took while working for the Great Northern. It is just above the Havre underground.
  9. Departed Rapid City on October 23rd after winterizing the campground and made it to the central coast of CA in 5 days. Really don't like going to CA with their 55 MPH when towing and they do watch for it. Not to forget the terrible roads, rougher then a cob in most places. Spent 9 days in Atascadero, CA visiting kin in Fresno and other places. Today we Pulled into Emerald Cove on the CA side of the CA side of the Colorado River from Parker, AZ where we will be until April.
  10. Steve/Gail: You guys seem to be having a good time with the rallies while at the same time doing a fine job. As for 2015, according to the records I have left, it will be the 10th annual which is quite a big deal. Unfortunately we can not escape our commitments until close to Oct 25th which puts a crimp in any plans to attend. Jim
  11. We have been working at the Rapid City KOA on E. highway 44 sine April and will close the campground on October 15 and winterize all the systems on Oct 20 and head south to AZ on the 22nd. if you plan on going to the buffalo roundup, figure on being out there in Custer State Park about 5AM. Traffic will be heavy. There are bus tours available through Mt Rushmore tours. This has historically been an all day tour Weather today was 93 and will be cooling down next week into the 60's so be prepared.
  12. Once again it is time to head north for the summer. Departing Emerald Cove at Parker, AZ headed thru Las Vegas to Salt Lake City then east to Rawlins, Wyo then north and east to Rapid City KOA for our 6th summer. Sturgis will be the 74th annual event so don't expect the crowds to be too large until next year and #75. That one will be full of fun and games
  13. Into Emerald Cove just north of Earp, CA until April. No weather issues since Rapid City. Just as a matter of info, the railroad crossing on 95 between Needles and Las Vegas has been repaired for the present. Don't know how long the repairs will last but at least it is now posted at 20 MPH. Highly recommend that you not exceed that speed.
  14. Pilled into Las Vegas this afternoon and found a very pleasant 81 degrees for a couple of days then down to Parker.
  15. Having survived the Oct 4 blizzard and over 5 feet of snow, we escaped the cold in Rapid City this morning and headed south to Parker, AZ for the winter. Currently overniting in Rawlins, WY where it was 60+ today. A real nice change in weather. Will be in Parker about the Oct 28 till April.
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