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  1. Awe,...sleeper team expediter. Probably hit the road mid 2018. My Peterbilt used to run reefer on the lower states west to east coasts. That's why it has so little rust and corrosion for 1.9 million. I doubt a single drive would fair too well up north in the winter. Lots of perishable groceries grown in the south. And with amazon hitch'n up with whole foods etc., probably going to see a fair bit of new and interesting spec trucks up for sale in the near future.
  2. Saw this at Western truck center. I wonder what it was used for. Most single axle leasers or conglomerate owned singles are day cabs for dragging around doubles and triple vans with low gross weight. This high hp with a sleeper. Might make someone a nice HDT.
  3. Just to clarify, these are the truck batteries, not separate coach batteries? The truck batteries will pretty much always have some spark as the ecm powers up even with the key off.
  4. At 265" with a set back axle, you need to take it for a drive before you go much further. If this is your first HDT or experience in semi trucks, that length will have you calling tow trucks on a regular basis.
  5. Though they may not be of any real value, like Big5er said, if it makes you happy, then go for it. Don't look back at the decision and question it. Just look forward and be happy with your decision. I bought a few vinyl decals for my Freightliner, but have none on my Peterbilt. It's not how you have it labelled, it's how you license, insure and operate it that matters. As long as you are not making money, and have the right license and insurance, you should be good to go. If you are stopped, don't be too quick to answer questions. Think of each question before you answer it. ODOT told me once
  6. Application and licensing. If you are making money, you are commercial. This includes indirectly making money. If you are say a sponsored rodeo rider, and tow a horse trailer behind an rv. That would a "commercial aspect" and would require all commercial licensing etc. I have had many conversations on the phone with Oregon motor carrier. Use the site ASKODOT.com and they will get back to you with answers. If you leave your phone number, they may even call you for more specifics. One of my questions was regarding how they determine commercial vs. recreational. The official called me on th
  7. I'll try to provide more info later. Gotta run on errands at the moment. But start here.
  8. First thing to do is dig up all the paperwork that was signed at purchase if you have not already done so. Like so much other stuff today, the fine print is a killer.
  9. If you end up with no other leads, you can have them free for the gauges, and just whatever freight charge is. Or you can come pick them up if you wish. I'm just about 8/10 mile south of US26 at exit 57.
  10. Well shoot. I thought I had chrome bezels, but they are black. I also have the tach in matched black from the same dash if you want it. Or if someone knows how to swap bezels....?
  11. Let me get a picture of the speedo in my 377 cab and see if it is the same. It is a 1995 377. It would increase the value of your 379 by a couple hunnerd thousan miles, but I'll give it to you if it is the right style. It all worked last time I drove it. I think it shows right close to 1.5 mill.
  12. Dave, someday I hope to meet up with you and we can discuss off camera your views of 9-11 and the NSA etc. I think it's a good possibility that we may have similar viewpoints. Until then, we can tell by the attitudes of some of the replies who watches, reads and listens to the MSM and thinks it real information. Some even think it is factual. Stay safe. See ya on the road soon. Don.
  13. I have had many Eaton axle questions answered by the guys at Inland Gear in Spokane Washington.
  14. Sorry to hear about your co-worker. I have a question for you, and it IS meant with all due respect. Without disclosing identity etc. of your co-worker, how old and what if any underlying conditions did he or she have? Again, I only ask this for what many feel is pertinent to the information out there about the nature of this emergency.
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