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  1. Normally I would say "those sure were the days...." (hinting of how great they were). Glad those days are gone. Experienced them, but glad they are gone and behind us.
  2. Yep. The longer the spread, the better the ride. Have you looked much at the M9xx series military 6x6 rear suspension systems? I'd be curious what your thoughts are. It's not a physical walking beam, but the characteristics are similar.
  3. People..............if only you knew the shenanigans the governor of this once great state pulls on the once great people of this once great state.🤬
  4. Yep. That option sounds best for your situation IMO.
  5. Ok, so with this thread question fresh in mind, I had to get some diesel this morning. Today, april 24 2021, at Cornelius Oregon, Fred Meyer fuel station, (Fred Meyer is a division of Kroger) I asked about pumping my own fuel. I was told I can pump my own diesel, but not my own gasoline. Cornelius is west of Portland a short distance, so north western Oregon.
  6. Just watched this youtube video on what may be the best ever mouse trap. Your choice whether to terminate the mice or........
  7. Unfortunately,....or fortunately, depending upon how you view this.🎸 I can't really ad anything useful, but I do want to follow this thread to learn as I can. I wish all the best for your recovery. I guess one thing I do know, is since you are going under the knife as they say, make certain to heed the written directions for body cleansing prior to going in. I do know it is very important for infection fighting to make certain you do everything you can to be as clean as possible going in. My gf will be going in for cancer surgery on the 20th. I plan to make certain that I to am as clean
  8. The "best" suspension design for mobility off highway is the walking beam design. Single spring per side, whether it be leaf, elastomer or air, and both axles tied together via beam on a single pivot, is not only superior off road, but also uneven terrain in a delivery lot or paved camp ground with dips and bumps. Does'nt ride very well, but will get one further into trouble.
  9. It does. However, the anti-lock "computer" has to know that the park brake is released, so there is a connection there of some type. Upon re-start, should the ecm or separate anti-lock device need to run some sort of self-diagnostic, I can't help but wonder if said device would momentarily glitch and begin release thinking that the wheel sensors are showing movement of some kind? Since this only seems to happen upon warm re-start, perhaps some component is holding a charge or some sensor is faulty and sending a false reading. The ecm knows the engine temp at all times. I dont know. I'm j
  10. This truck will have anti-lock brakes.? So there will be an electric connection between the brakes and likely the ecm, or an electrically charged anti-lock system. If it were my truck, I would attempt to locate the anti-lock system and inspect all wire connection and routings. I am not a truck mechanic, but I have to wonder since this appears to only do this upon a re-start, perhaps some sort of anti-lock feedback or wiring component holding a bit of electric charge might be the culprit.?
  11. I'm looking for the tv show version. I never did have the opportunity to see one of his movies.
  12. Hey all. Any of you folks watch any of those shows? I'm looking for an episode in particular that I am having trouble finding, and hope that someone here may know of the episode and can point me to it. I do not recall which show it was on, but likely outer limits or Alfred Hitchcock. It started with the mother of a young boy telling him to clean his room or she would throw all of his stuff in the garbage or something like that. A "troll" appeared to the boy and convinced him to put all of his belonging into a car, and they would drive off to a barn and wait for many years, then return to town
  13. And here is Gregg from rv haulers showing how to use it on youtube.
  14. Bought one if these (pet loader link to pet loader site) a few ears ago for my then nearly disabled heeler mix. Spinal passage narrowing was causing mobility issues. I bought it and made sure we could use it, then a friend suggested k9 chiropractic. WOW, the bone cracker was amazing and Oso never did "need" the pet loader. R.I.P. little buddy. But the pet loader is an amazing system.
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