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Just statistics.........

Vegas Teacher

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Don't need any more of a reply beyond yes me.........

Just curious how many people out there bought a semi without ever driving or owning one before, and were not professional drivers.

You can P.M. me if you are worried your insurance agent is cyber stalking you. 

I am trying to figure out if I am in the minority or the majority of people on the forum.

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34 minutes ago, Alie&Jim's Carrilite said:

LOL.... Thanks...... I think.....

Your welcome, for sure!   Thank you, sure beats the one ton

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Used to drive fire trucks for a hobby and inmate transport buses for a living, early in the career....an HDT wasn't that big a jump.

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1 hour ago, Hot Rod said:

True dat.  Any real farm kid can jump in and operate anything with (or without) wheels.

Me too,  the drivers Ed teacher couldn't believe how I could back.  My only farm regret was we didn't have any four wheel wagons. I can get it there but it ain't purity. Diving the Volvo  the first time was easy compared to the school bus (it didn't have 77 distractions).

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I had never owned my own before my current one.  I had driven one on the road from the cattle auction back to my uncle’s ranch once years ago and grew up driving all kinds of machinery and equipment on the ranch.

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Yes.....  I bought it in Phoenix and the next day I drove it back to Canada. 1800 miles. First time driving a HDT and first time importing a vehicle into Canada.  I didn't have the air endorsement yet and I knew that could have been an issue in Alberta. That was 8 years ago and many air leaks and minor repairs.

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4 hours ago, PaHunter said:

Drove a 57 passenger bus in to NYC for all the people commuting. 

Drove 30 years for a company that transported commuters in and out of Seattle. Seat capacities ranged from 40 to 84, plus standees. Not at all odd to have upwards of 100 on the 60 passenger models during rush hour. I don't have a rig yet, but I haven't given up on the dream yet. I have driven a class 8 truck a couple of times.

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Never owned my own until I bought but did drive for UPS for 32 years, everything from the little trucks that delivered to your house to the doubles up and down the highway, even yard trucks so backing was and still is easy for me.

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I am a farm kid. Drove my first truck before I could reach the peddles all the way. 1947 Chevy grain truck. Just driving across the field.

Farmer, Trucker, Equipment operator, Mechanic

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Yes. But I'm also a farm kid and was driving stuff since I was 8. Also did a tour in the Navy Seabees so I have played with lots of things. It was not a big leap.


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However, I have operated almost everything that can be propelled by internal combustion, wheels, tracks, floats or wings.

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Drove and worked on them WAY back in my younger days and have operated and fixed a lot of different equipment over the years. If it has wheels or tracks, I can make it go.

If it floats, I can probably figure out a way to sink it.

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