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  1. Hey my friend just sent me a picture of a gen 1 Volvo at a KOA in Pennsylvania. Looks to be singled short and I think it is pulling a fusion 423 but I could be wrong. If you are this person go say hello at the front desk to Sharon Bond. She is a great friend of mine, Vegas teacher, she is a work camper. Later, Cory Ossana Vegas Teacher.
  2. Hey have any of you guys seen the latest Purge Movie? A Western Star 5700 Semi was in that movie and had more than just one scene. How many of you knew a Semi Engine and grill were bullet proof LOL!!!! A farm family owns this truck and they use it in the movie for different things, I won't spoil the movie for anybody who wants to see it. Anyway Thought I would give it a mention. I am going back to Kansas, leaving on Sunday from Vegas Midnight, I love night driving, no traffic and it is much cooler. It is supposed to be 117 degrees tomorrow in Vegas. Later, Cory Ossana - Vegas Teacher
  3. I know where Rockford is!!!
  4. Are you close to big rapids, my wife graduated from Ferris State.
  5. First day would be from Vegas to Salt Lake City. Second would be Salt Lake to Omaha. Third would be Omaha to Morley Michigan, it is about 75 miles north of Grand Rapids Michigan in the Southwest part of the state. We would stay with my wife's family for a while. The trip from Michigan down to Kansas takes about a day. My home town is Pittsburg Kansas, I grew up about 45 miles from where Jack has RVH life styles. I am about 150 from where the National HDT rally takes place. Going back to Vegas my first leg would be to Gallup New Mexico then into Vegas. That is how we drove with a normal trip, but I have not recalculated with semi. We have also done straight through trips rotating drivers and sleeping in the back of my 4 door tundra or with the seats down in my outback too. But I am not sure if the big truck will slow me down or how much it might.
  6. My first big trip across country will be this summer. I am going to be driving across the Midwest from Vegas to Michigan and South back to my home state of Kansas. Route will be 15 north to 80 east, will take 80 west back to Chicago where I will head south and the head toward 70, 70 to K.C. and 69 south to Pittsburg Kansas. Then 44 to Tulsa then drop south to Oklahoma city catching 40 all the way to Flagstaff then 95 back into Vegas. The whole way I will be running bobtail and staying at truck stops when we get tired. Would really like any and all advice anybody can give me. I am a little nervous. Later, Cory Ossana - Vegas Teacher P.S. Schools out for summer!!
  7. Absolutely! I am looking for a place to get some good "Mud Bugs" here in Vegas. How do they taste compared to shrimp?
  8. Excellent Advice my friend. I hope someday we meet and get to have a beer together!
  9. I did not think of that, I guess "Uncle Sam" gets his fair share too. Cory O
  10. Thanks I did not think of that! Appreciate the advice I will do that. Cory O
  11. You know when the "D.W." starts to saying things like "wouldn't it be nice if........." funny how things change LOL. Seems like what we like as guys changes. I have been married for almost 18 years now (July 26, at 2:30 p.m.) but I still remember the week I moved all of my stuff from my apartment I had here in Vegas into her 1800 square foot house with 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. It was crazy, I took all of my stuff in the front door and I kept seeing it go out the back door before I even got it all organized. She had bought the house 3 years before I ever met her but wow, was it a rude awakening for me. The same stuff at my apartment looked great but now way was it showing up in her living space? ;-( Later, Cory O
  12. When you go to see Jack, over in Dennis Kansas you are 45 miles from Pittsburg Kansas, my home town. If you like fried Chicken you have to go to Chicken Annie's or Chicken Mary's. If you like to fish or hunt you have to go to John's Sport's Center ( I worked there as a kid) If you like good lunch meat you have to go to Pulluca's Grocery store in Frontenac Kansas. Frontenac is attached to Pittsburg. If you are a steak person go to Jim's Steak house. If you like great Italian Sausage and want to take some home, go to Ron's IGA, go to the meat department and ask for Charlie, he will get you the best Italian link sausage, it was my great grandfather's recipe that he uses, still today. My great uncle taught Charlie how to butcher. I am going back this summer to see Jack also. I am more that likely going to drop my truck off with him for the year to do "fill work" on. I live in Vegas and go back to S.E. Kansas to see my family in the summers when school is out here in Las Vegas and make a trip up to see my wife's family in Michigan. Later, Vegas Teacher
  13. You are the "Little Johnnies" I do not call on as Freshmen in my Biology class because I know if you are given a chance to talk you will say something not quite appropriate for class, then I will have to turn around toward the whiteboard / chalk board and laugh, compose myself and have a private conversation with you in the hallway, where I say that was funny but not in class!!!! 😞 Yep sorry that 300 foot trailer would be hell to back into a parking spot, or turn anywhere. But you guys should have seen the lady driving that big Ram! It was the only thing that got me through the 2.5 hours. I saw a lot of "Freight Shakers" and "K - Whoppers" plus more white Volvos then I could count. Why is white a popular color for them? I found my new truck color, I am going to have my truck painted. It kind of this aqua / sea green. Put a few metallic flakes, pin striped flames on the hood and doors then have a couple of German Shepherds painted on the side. Man I will be styling in my 780. We are debating on selling our rental property this summer and putting part of the money toward getting the semi bed / pain / and restoration done completely. Later, Cory O - Vegas Teacher
  14. Link to story and news clip: https://www.8newsnow.com/news/local-news/live-vehicle-fire-closes-i-15-nb-before-primm-use-other-routes/
  15. Hello all! We were driving home from L.A. yesterday and making good time until we were coming down the mountain at the state line at the California Nevada state line. For us to go approximately 5 miles it took over 2 hours. People were driving crazy the were driving over on the shoulder to get around traffic. I had to laugh, two cars in front of me was a person in a Ram 3500 with about a 300 foot goose neck, flatbed. Every time somebody would try to get around they would pull out onto the should and make them drive off of the shoulder onto the soft pack dirt. It was the only entertainment my wife and I had but it sure was funny. One person blew out a tire, one just got stuck I just laughed. The Mini Van in front of me would get right up behind the trailer and I would get right up behind the mini van. If they would have just stayed where they were, everybody would have gotten around it faster. Anyway from the clips I saw on the news it looked like the trailer caught on fire at the very back end. It looked like the drive was able to get the semi off of the trailer and pull forward. I would love for some of the experts out there to take a look at the footage and see what there opinion was. I thought maybe it was a novice driver coming down the grade you drop from about 8000 feet to about 3000 feet over a 10 mile stretch. I was thinking maybe the brakes heated up or locked and caught on fire starting a fire in the trailer. Interested in reading your thoughts on this matter! Later, Cory O - Vegas Teacher
  16. That ceramic spray is incredible stuff. I wish I would have had it as a college kid detailing cars to pay my tuition back in Kansas.
  17. I just took my generator to the shop to get fixed. Carb, was all gummed up and I had old gas in the tank that was causing the problem. $165.00 later runs like new, I am not 100% sure it was worth it on an 10+ year old generator but the "D.W." said no on buying a new one, So I said "Yessss Deeaarrr" and paid for a clean up and repair. Later, Vegas Teacher - Cory Ossana
  18. What part of Michigan do you live in? My wife's family is from the Grand Rapids area, they now live in Morley. We make it up to that part of the country about once every 3 years in the summer. I went once and only once at Christmas, I have never seen so much snow. Later, Cory Ossana - Vegas Teacher
  19. I love it! Where did you get that?
  20. When it comes to doing stuff like you are doing the best guy to talk to on this forum or private message is Jack Mayer at RV Life Styles he works these trucks every day and has done a countless number of beds and E.T. Hitches. I drove to Dennis Kansas and visited with Jack last summer. He is a stand up guy. I live in Las Vegas but my home town of Pittsburg Kansas is just 30 minutes from his town. Later. Cory Ossana - Vegas Teacher
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