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  1. As someone who enforces those laws, all I can say is I wish it was that easy. We have plenty of laws to clear out homeless encampments like that, unfortunately we are not allowed to use them due to case law decisions and law suits from homeless advocacy groups. It is very frustrating.
  2. Yes, I got it and just replied.
  3. I have the same adapter rynosback mentioned. There are still some apps that won't allow the video to pass through it though.
  4. If you have some specific questions, I’d be happy to help. I have been lecturing on the subject for years at rallies and have designed and built a number of different systems. It really all comes down to what you want to power and for how long. Then that pesky budget comes into play. 😉
  5. Some apps prevent the exporting of the video signal through the connection port on the iPad. I'm not sure if your wife is using an app or just watching via a browser as I do not have an MLB subscription so I am not familiar with how they broadcast their games.
  6. Definitely get to one of the rallies. You didn’t say where you are located, but the three rallies are in Tennessee (ECR), Kansas (National) and Idaho (WCR). The WCR campground is also full for the upcoming June rally, but you could come in and stay in a hotel as a possibility. We always have at least one couple do that every year. I run the WCR if you want to contact me to get more information about the rally experience. I try to keep a big social component to the rally to allow people to get to know one another and share experiences
  7. I am a big fan of the B&W Hitches as well. They would be my first choice for towing with a pick up.
  8. I can get the pictures to work, but neither of the document links are working for me no matter what browser I try. Nice looking set up, by the way.
  9. I pulled out the lower bunk in my T2000 and installed a bench seat. I know this isn't an option for you with the door to the rear box being in the middle of the back wall of the sleeper. The bench seat framework is just bolted through the floor of the sleeper with large fender washers on both sides. It has been that way for 8 years with no ill effects. It is not air ride and has been used by many people as a travel seating position. No one has complained about not having air ride back there. The rear of the sleeper has more suspension built into it than the front of the cab where the sea
  10. Cory, Check out this web page from the state of Nevada. https://dmvnv.com/nvdl.htm and Page 4 and 5 of this document https://dmvnv.com/pdfforms/dlbookabj.pdf On edit, I think I misunderstood the question you sent me via text. I thought you were looking for a CA code that would let you drive your NV registered truck with your NV driver license in CA.
  11. I'm looking forward to checking out his work and talking with him as well. I have some ideas on how I want to improve my bed as a retirement gift to myself. Additionally, I sent out emails to all the rally attendees about this, but thought I should probably mention it here as well. I worked out a discount deal with a local company that washes RV's. They are giving a rally discount to get your rig washed or waxed. See my email for more details or let me know if you have any questions.
  12. I figured as much, but it was very late and I was tired when I read your post, so I wasn’t 100% sure what was going on. 😉 I don’t know anything about the Nicd batteries and I haven’t yet had time to look at any of the information in this thread. I will check into them when I get some free time.
  13. I’m with everyone else. 2/0 would be the bare minimum, but I never build to the bare minimum, so I would use 4/0 under these circumstances. I typically build all of my battery and inverter cables out of 4/0 anyway, so it would be a no brainer for me, 4/0 all the way. 😉
  14. Unless I am missing something, 4.5 lbs x 10 is 45 lbs, not 450 lbs.
  15. You are correct, CA’s overall length limit is 65’, but that is for truck and trailer combination. CA limits bumper pull trailers to 40’ and 5th wheel trailers to 48’. The specific vehicle code sections for vehicle length are 35400 VC (sets single vehicle length rules) and 35400.6 VC (sets 5th wheel rules). This is why I always recommend people look up the actual codes in a particular state rather than rely on an on line list. By the way, CA does allow doubles, but there are restrictions of no longer than 75’ overall length and no trailer in the combination can be over 28’ 5” and the fi
  16. A 5000 btu AC is a small unit. It should be able to run on a 2000 watt generator. I know of people running 13.5 k AC’s with the Honda 2000 watt generators (of course an AC that large needs a soft start adapter to allow the generator to get past the initial surge of the AC’s start up). I don’t think a 5000 btu AC will have that issue, but I have never specifically tried it.
  17. The 40 feet trailer length limit that you sometimes see on compilations of State law limits on line is typically in reference to bumper pull trailers. 5th wheel trailers use different calculations. While there are some restrictions on how long a 5th wheel can be, 40 feet is not one of them. I am not aware of any state that limits 5th wheels to 40' overall length (and I have looked - although not in all 50 states- at actual codes, not on line compilations ). I currently have a 42 foot 5th wheel and eventually plan to get a 46 to 47 foot toy hauler. There are no states that these can't be t
  18. I figured as much, but just wanted to make sure. 👍
  19. I have updated the schedule on the rally home page. Larry Joiner, the owner of Cuddy Mountain Transport, is going to bring at least one example of a custom hauler bed he has built for an HDT to Ambassador RV for viewing by the Rally attendees. Larry has been in the trucking industry for many years and his company / shop is local to the Caldwell area. Larry is an owner of both commercial and recreational HDT's. He is available to build hauler beds for HDT's and make other customizations/mechanical modifications as well. See the rally schedule for more details.
  20. It's always good to here about good customer service. I'm glad he was able to help you out.
  21. Did you mean 2/0 rather than 2 AWG. I never mentioned 2 AWG. The battery ground should be the same size as the battery cables - 2/0.
  22. Every state sets it's own length limits for non commercial vehicle combinations. What is legal in one state may not be legal in the next state. There is no reciprocity between states for length limits for non commercial vehicles. What you are proposing would be possible, but it would put you over length in pretty much every state. There would be no getting around that with the sizes of vehicles you discussed. Having said that, many HDT RV'ers are over length with their rigs. For the most part, they are not hassled. I am aware of only a handful of HDT RVer's who have ever been cited or s
  23. This will be sufficient for your system. I just wired four 310 watt panels in series on a Grand Design over the weekend and used the OEM 10 AWG solar wiring already in place. Based on all calculations, that was sufficient for the project. 8 AWG wire will be fine for your three 330 watt panels in series. The Victron charge controller will take a maximum of 2 AWG wire. That does not necessarily mean you need 2 AWG wire. As I indicated above, 4 AWG would be fine but it never hurts to go larger. I prefer DC circuit breakers like Blue Sea systems makes rather than fuses between
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