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  1. If it’s any consolation Fulltimer my 350 is booked in for a scan by the Ford mothership. I plugged in to a trailer that apparently has a right turn stop short circuit and my brake turn signals on the flatbed and the trailer plug on the truck have left the building. All fuses intact.
  2. Dave - here is 82 pages of exhaust system data that will completely wreck the rest of your week end ... Ryker exhaust
  3. noteven

    Frame Mod

    Your truck won’t collapse if you mount a RV hitch in the area cut out behind that goose neck ball. Im with the folks suggesting selling your intact AirSafe pickup hitch and installing something easier to work with.
  4. Dolly - you just remembered me my very first visit to Mexico back in the '70's - California uncle says just park and walk across take a cab to town. The cab was about a '68 Plymouth Fury, slant 6, complete with no dashboard. Back to Caterpillar starter motors....
  5. chief - I am a self proclaimed 'lectric dummy - ask Chad and JohnT - but annyways I know you can stick weld mild steel with the amps and volts available in a single group 27 12v battery if the wire is big enough... Reliable good quality fuses are the key to a good night's sleep 🤣
  6. noteven

    Frame Mod

    edited due to going off on a class 8 tangent 🤣
  7. Most aluminum plank companies appear to have fastener systems to hold the planks - or you could drill and fasten or weld or glue ... Structural planks could reduce the amount of fabricated structure needed to support the deck. One company called "Markstaar" shows a 1"x8" x 8ft plank for approx $58.00 each or $900 for a 8' x 10' deck
  8. I think I saw some videos where Will Prouse took apart some various Grp 27 batteries to look at the wiring and workmanship.
  9. Ya the flatbed on my won ton Ford Fordor is an Aluma. They make trailers, enclosed trailer floors and picnic tables from the same plank profile. They are plenty strong for recreational haulage. If you chop holes for goose neck B&W hitches or whatever you have to stitch weld the planks because they span the deck. The sills attach with their proprietary extrusion clips. The sills are adjustable width wise with this system. They aren’t the deck to use to add ballast weight to a truck. 3 of us picked up the 84”x115” single wheel pickup model and set it on my truck. 300lbs ap
  10. Marine plywood for quietness and strength... A course aluminum is probably less cost that plywood these days 🤪
  11. Glenn if you have or can get your hands on a clamp meter check the amps on the battery cable as close as possible to the starter while someone turns the key. Lots of amps but poor cranking rpm starter is suspect. Low amps suspect cable or connection (ground). When you say your under hood was at operating temperature means the starter was warm too makes me suspect the starter. Heat reduces magnetic wave efficiencies... Ive been wrong 1000 times before 😃
  12. Like my gran pappy used to say: "Amp hours is amp hours".
  13. Ya I guy could haul logs or move heavy machinery and tow de ol RV on the week end. 60inch axle spacing lots of room to put the shanes on...
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