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  1. AirGlide (230 and 460) is a 4 link suspension meaning the axles travel parallel to each other in the up and down axis vs a slight arc. The u joint angles stay parallel. The sway bars are connected to the axles with a flat spring steel connection that allows the axles to track side to side a little bit so they “steer” a little so the truck tracks better on rutted pavement etc. Thes suspensions put power down to the ground without all the frame jacking and wheel hopping and shuddering drama.
  2. remember to wear your fixin sneakers because All hydraulic lines Of Any Type must drool oil on your shoe.
  3. Kenworth AirGlide AG230 (single) AG460 (tandem) AG690 (tridrive) is a pretty decent air suspension if it is the flat spring steel links on the end of the sway bars style (vs the earlier "wishbone" style). Folks that have to slang name everything call it "8 bag" even though it has 4 air springs (not bags like the exploding accident safety dealies) per axle not 8. Bob tail it will articulate over at least a frozen horse tird vs most air suspensions that will spin you out on a bottle cap... Driver controlled locking diffs are the key to happiness if you are messing about off pavement
  4. noteven

    Onboard air

    Yes a 2014 will have ABS. There will be an ABS light that illuminates during the system self test when you key "on". Reason I asked is if a truck is pre-ABS and is a "tractor" the brakes operate differently if the trailer supply valve is off or on.
  5. noteven

    Onboard air

    Nwcid - does your truck have ABS?
  6. noteven

    Onboard air

    For 1. - I use a glad hand adapted to air line quick connect couplings. I connect to the trailer supply (usually marked red) and push in the red valve on the dash to supply dry air. The other glad hand is the foundation brake supply which is pressurized by the foot valve and or trailer brake control in the cab. 3. Truck tires especially drive tires are likely no where near maximum load in rv service. I use the load and inflation tables published by the Tire & Rim association. My truck is a single drive/dual wheel. Tires are at 70psi. which is minimum for the weight. You are free
  7. The best part about watching RV backing operations is the sheer number of hand, arm and verbal communications that are employed....
  8. Darryl speaks wisely about flotation. Airing down is a technique as well. You can drop one wheel/tire from each rear dual position and enjoy the traction benefits of tandem drive without sticking rocks between the wheels. Acceleration and braking will improve a bit with less unsprung weight at the wheel ends, maybe mpg a bit too. If you do that still order aluminum inner wheels they sell for more $ on the take off market than steel and cost not much from the factory. And the wheel studs will be long enough if you choose to make it a dually again.
  9. noteven

    Rally Trucks

    It’s just a guess but I think the concept of “no charge spectators money” that is customary in rally world wide might be the reason? I’ve had a chance to watch the Parker 425 off road race in AZ. It’s a “like”. But it is not a rally.
  10. noteven

    Rally Trucks

    It’s that time of year Rally trucks
  11. Yup I would not hesitate to store water in my tote if I had a light blocking cover.
  12. I use a re-purposed diesel exhaust fluid tote at my "summer base" camp (gee I'm still here in January) to transfer water to my trailer fresh water tank. I don't store water in it because it allows too much sunlight to pass into the water. One of these would work for longer storage if you could cover it with a sun blocking cover. The water I put in it to transfer is sanitary, and I am careful to completely drain it. I sanitize it before use in the spring. It sits in a freezer all winter. So anyways the main thing to consider is blocking sunlight, plus using water from a clean
  13. noteven


    If they are too busy to sell you parts that’s just dumb.
  14. Anyone ever tow a goose neck / fifth wheel style stock/ horse trailer? Axles where they belong not half way up the trailer chassis, center of gravity low to the ground. They tow like they are on rails, don’t weathervane around in cross winds, and ride very well.
  15. edited to remove blah blah blah...
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