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  1. Just for information: my little Kenworth has a 160” WB so 8” shorter than my F350 Fordor or the previous Dodge. The visibility forward is much better and turn radius is smaller. But - it is a truck not a pickup power to weight ratio wise. It does not have the zoom factor a pickup has. But you hitch up a 9 to 15 ton trailer and it’s like, “whatever”.
  2. They are the tubeless version of the old 10:00-20 tire. 11R22.5 and 11R24.5 are the most common tire ever in western Canada, eh? Metric “low pro’s” can be a bit of a chase to find.
  3. I plan to cross on or about November 8. As I can make it snow on I15 by traveling by RV any month of the year I would like to extend my apologies in advance for the chit weather we are about to receive.
  4. Howdy Chad congratulations on your retirement. Maybe a burger and a beer this winter?
  5. ahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa
  6. rick - my dooley runs off the shelf stainless steel fenders in the wheel openings of the body. But I travel some grabbel roads on occasion. Keeps the stones, salty slush, and blow outs somewhat contained.
  7. Ya it is quite a thing - especially when you are trying to float shift on the jake to impress them pretty girls
  8. Why is carbon dioxide called “carbon” all the time? Why don’t CO2 emission tonnes actually weigh 1000kg? Or do they? Where can a person look at predictions made by scientists and reputable organizations from 10, 20, 30 years ago and check on their accuracy? Why are these predictions dismissed when they prove to be wrong? Why do people in agreement with the “crisis, emergency, alarmist” views often revert to name calling and putting down people that question the information? Or fire them or cut their funding? Why do certain media outlets now or plan to censor information that questions the “settled” science or shows different information. What science is ever “settled”? Aren’t discoveries still being made in all the sciences? But at the whole planet 40 years in the future climate level we have that down pat?
  9. An ammonia solution is corrosive? Yer kiddin.
  10. Rod the pile creation machine has an old fashioned name: it’s a piler. 😃
  11. I'm inclined to use products and methods designed for the finish and materials they are being used on - gel coat, paint, painted metal vs fiberglass or plastic etc etc
  12. Vladimir - I had a truck camper once with no outside gravity fill. Fill was accomplished by moving a valve and filling via the city connector.
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