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  1. 1995 W900L and custom toyhauler
  2. One should check into these new consumer grade “ceramic” coating systems maybe? My trailer will be a museum piece before I get all the damn sun busted vinyl decals off it...
  3. noteven

    W900 studio sleeper

    That is correct Phil. T880S. I was blabbering on about B model trucks pre 680/880/990 times. Ben - here is some video of a 1981 W900A with flat top sleeper in RV service 1981 Kenworth W900A - RV hauler
  4. My old Carriage C-Force is 39ft, 3 x 7K axles, 11ft garage, 18,000 GVWR. I think the 3x7000 axles are carrying around 14,000-14,500lbs at gross - nice % of capacity to spare. I think it is 14,000ish tare weight. It is showing it’s time in the Southwest sunshine exterior appearance wise but the interior has stood up really well. Impressing people I don’t even know is way down the old priority list annyways. It has room for lots of “stuff”.
  5. noteven

    W900 studio sleeper

    Hi Ben, W900’s are always a set forward steer able conventional truck. KW “T” models are set back axle trucks. W900S is a bridge formula construction truck most commonly seen as a mixer. W900’s were available until the EPA2005 emissions requirement with Detroit Diesel engines. Detroit Diesel had been sold by Roger Penske to Daimler AG. Paccar (Kenworth, Peterbilt, DAF, Leyland) made the decision not to offer Detroit Diesel engines mostly due to not wanting to share emissions development work with an industry competitor (Daimler: Freightliner, Mercedes-Benz, Western Star). W900B’s in std hood and long hood (W900L) can have modular sleepers - 42”, 50”, 60” inc VIT high roof - these sleepers are separate from the cab accessed through a back of cab opening. The cab can have flat glass or curved windshield and a flat roof. The Aerocab models have a curved windshield, can be one piece or 2 piece, upward sloping roof, and the sleeper is integral to the cab, with space to recline the seats. The sleepers are 62 & 72 Flat top, and Aerodyne sleepers in 62, 72, and 86 Studio. The Aerodyne sleeper trucks have the signature raised roof with windows above the cab. Many 72 Aerodynes were spec’d with the lower sofabed which includes passenger seat belts and an upper bunk. People will call these “Studio” sleepers but the Studio sleeper is an 86”. Kenworths are rugged trucks that are backed by a strong dealer network and parts support which supports their value in the used market.
  6. Yes you add pin weight plus axle weights = gross trailer weight.
  7. I think Canadian aliens can fly to the USA with a couple hundred people in a airplane. You can’t cross traveling by yourself on a motorcycle with a clear C19 test result however.
  8. Does anyone know if land travel by vehicle from Canada to the USA to attend the National Rally would be considered "essential travel" ? 😇
  9. A good rule of thumb with Kenworth or Peterbilt trucks is to check with a dealer first, especially for maintenance parts.
  10. cholla can jump eleventeen feet to stick you. I read that on the internet = true.
  11. Kirk - I would throw some Cummins approved algaecide in the fuel and otherwise do what you are doing - take it for a spin and get it right up to temperature once in a while or do what we do in Canada - disconnect the batteries and park them at -20F below in a snow bank - machines keep indefinitely in the freezer. They algae don't like it either.
  12. Are flu vaccines du jour a best guess by health officials what is the single worst strain this winter? or multi pack good pattern spread at 50 yards?
  13. I have a question about reversing climate change. Would we consider 1/2 a kilometer or the full kilometer of ice on top of Chicago to be “normal”?
  14. Just like no one likely ever ruined an engine by putting it in months of storage with clean oil in it, I haven't heard of anyone ruining a diesel fuel system by adding some approved by the engine manufactureererr algaecide in the fuel prior to storage. I personally have experienced the diesel fuel system cleaning process when you buy a vehicle that has algae and water in the fuel. The bill was reasonable but likely would have covered about 29 winters' worth of algaecide treatment. edit - the injured vehicle was a 2006 Dodge, 5.9 Cummins common rail engine. On the old engines I am around (class 7 and 9 truck, old farm machines) we shine a very bright light in the tank and use the HE Mk1 clarity tester when they are taken out of hibernation.
  15. Ya - the thread is about Gearmasters not Masters of Gears like me hahaha har har ya right
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