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  1. My Carriage toymobile has a drip plug (dirt trap) in it's gas piping. I've hit my head on it crawling around under there. It's fairly solid attached to the frame.
  2. noteven


    One day I was leaving the fuel cardlock at a local small town (5000 pop. & 30 mi away is "local") - I'm stopped waiting to enter the highway to leave town with my little KW and toyhauler. An International Transtar Eagle COE pulling a nice toyhauler leaves the supermarket lot and stops facing me. We are both waving and looking east. Here comes a Freightliner FLD and a Mack CH, travelling together, both pulling toyhaulers. We are all waving and thumbs up... The young man's International (1980's) was done up nice, single drive, white & polished metal, toyhauler had all RV swoops and swirls removed and bright metal polished - sounded like a 400 Big Cam barking out some very basic "mufflers" as the driver jaked his upshifts. Me sez to myself: " What's the chances of 4 fully grown trucks pulling toyhaulers here of all places?! And no dash camera! DANG it!"
  3. edited - don’t have a brand of tire to recommend.
  4. Mr. Heater company offers an in line filter. They recommend it when supplying one of their catalytic heaters from a refillable cylinder vs the 1lb 'ers. I has a question - how do the oil get off the bottom of the cylinder to contaminate a vapour line to appliances?
  5. What in the wide wide world of sports would a kid be doing on top of a canoe on top of a van? as in a canoe? tied upside down on the roof racks? as in sitting on the roundy bottom? Driver hits the brakes there would be quite a puff a dust when the chile hits the ground...
  6. If your chassis is a Ford you should have a 6 speed Torqshift automatic? In my gas F-350 you can use Tow/Haul and also there is a "manual" mode that allows you to select speeds with a toggle switch on the shift lever. You can manually select a speed and the trans holds that gear - it works quite well on downgrades - to hold at around 3500 - 4000 rpm without excessive riding the brakes. It's hard to explain all the options available in a forum post...
  7. Cory - suggest giving Donvel a call and talk to them about your ideas for your truck.
  8. Jack up the rad cap and run a Kenworth under it. 😇
  9. My 1998 Kenworth has an electric speedometer.
  10. Ya it is - I think the gas valve was stuck like you said...
  11. It’s not against the law in most sensible jurisdictions to lend your private vehicle to another private individual. If it is a big long trip have the driver carry a letter of permission from the owner. Confirm your insurance policy allows someone else to drive your vehicle with your permission. Don’t tell The National Association of Hall Monitors, Tattletales, and Internet Paralegals what you are up to.
  12. North of The Medicine Line is kinda the same Vern. People are going back to old fashioned recreation- paddling, boating, hiking, RV and tent camping, motorcycling, cycling, etc based out of home base. Economy is gaining momentum. I was going to phone you we could meet at the border and set up our chairs for an international visit across the ditch... But I don’t know if I’ll get over your way ... have to start work preparing an igloo to winter over in soon...
  13. As Customer1 mentioned a receiver has ratings with and without weight distribution. Check this first.
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