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  1. Check the "yellow pages" for RV transport companies that move new units for the manufacturers.
  2. Had the King Cruise control that has been sitting in inventory installed. My little Kenworth with dools is geared for the Salt Flats - it's missing about 1050lbs-ft of torques but talk about go downhill or with a tail wind 🤣. Like having cruise.
  3. The only other thing it could be is climate change.
  4. And if you can get a good grass fire going via the gossip telegraph of social media and "the news" about something being in short supply and never again going to be available like cars or pickup trucks... folks roar out and finance in a new one because, you know.... I got one before the price went up....
  5. See Robert - now you have a "I tailgated a reefer and tricked the system" escape story
  6. What Steve said ^ I got a "Report to Scale" electronic sign motoring southbound down I-15 south of Pocatello at the Inkom Port of Entry, ID scale. I floored the little hummin Cummins in my KW with dools and ran for it while a handy cow truck on the scale blocked the windas. I escaped to UT... at least that's my internet drama/campfire/happy hour story.... What likely really happened: my BIG RIG RV doesn't have the you don't need to stop at scales commercial transmitter dealie picked up by the white antenna hanging over the highway ahead of the scale so my BIG RIG triggered the "you get your butt into our scale" sign when I stayed in the travel lane. Enforcement people on duty looked at their cameras and screen system because there was a cow truck in front of their windas and said, "It's just another one of them hobby trucker RV tourists Norm." "But I escaped...." -that's my bs story... But If enforcement people at the scale want to have a chat with you, they can, and will hop in a vehicle with flashing lights and expect you to stop when they pull in behind you. They can also request you demonstrate road worthiness, insurance, correct driver license etc. I expect most of them can see with their eyes the rig is not "overweight". They are used to what tires look like on heavy working trucks. I have no signs, sayings, stickers, dee cals, numbers of any kind on my truck. So the official needs to decide if I'm a ghost sneaky commercial RV mover/hauler guy that's made it this far without the correct required commercial markings on my truck - or a private truck on private pleasure tour travel not subject to reporting to scales under normal circumstances to have my axle loading weighed and my load dimensions and attachment looked over. So far they've all decided at least 100+ times I'm a hobby trucker. I've even had a couple officers on patrol comment on the rig in a positive manner. Oh and I almost forgot when I got yapping away: My province's registration is "Private Truck" so the registered GVW box is blank. So that would be my fall back explanation if ever I was stopped and asked why I drove by: "I don't have a registered GVW"
  7. When I travel I take all the keys with me. I learned the spare key in the kitchen drawer 754 miles away isn't useful. Tow companies and locksmiths prefer the term "opening a lockout" vs "breaking in to" 🤣
  8. Papewhite seems to be what me is leaning to...
  9. Good info thanks. A question on the Paperwhite - can manuals and such technical data available in off be downloaded to it?
  10. Which Kindle device should someone like me who regularly uses 4 features out of 2000 available on a device look at buying? I have the Kindle app on an iPad mini but I don't like reading for extended time on that screen.
  11. It could be the KENWORTH
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