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  1. Look for information on tiny house sites. I can't remember the name but one toilet can use a pipe for the urine. Urin is sterile and will not hurt you or your property it is beneficial to your plants when diluted. Solids are usaly just bagged and put in the trash, but I understand they can be composted as well I believe the term humanuer is used. Give me a year and I will be able to tell you better we are moving to our Arizona property in August and will be turning a shed into a house for our 20 year old son it will have a composting toilet.
  2. "Hollywood Bullets" are those the ones that throw the bad guy across the room but allow the good guy or gal to be back to work the next day?
  3. One thing I have found trailer manufacturers seem to delight in using wire colors other than what they say.
  4. When ours died I found the exact same microwave at Walmart except for the vent. I just changed the case, I threw the new one on a shelf in the garage just incase I needed to return the new one under warranty. It would have been quite easy to make a new vent if needed.
  5. My seats are National 2000 they do have a retainer strap but it is so long that with them full of air they are only snug. I have it in the sliding position already. If I let all the air out I couldn't see over the steering wheel and I'm 5' 10" so that won't work. I am not adverse to a seat change but moving to Arizona, the trip with the U Haul is Saturday then the Volvo with the flatbed and the farm tractor July 1st ish then the 1 ton with the horse trailer the end of July so no time for a seat chainge.
  6. Shocks are all new, I have Donvalves, no air on the front and the seats I cant remember I will look. I don't have this trouble with the farm tractor unless I hit the roof. Lol
  7. Lance A Lott

    Neck pain

    I love my Volvo except it kills my neck. I feel like I need a neck brace, its fine until I hit a dip or pot hole bridge expansion joints can be bad as well. I also get very sore between my shoulder blades. I have driven school buses for 39 years and this never happened with them. I am wondering if it's the seat not being restrained at my desired seat hight, my bus has a strap that could be adjusted to limit up travel so I could put more air and so limit down speed. Any suggestions? I feel like some if those drivers on Ice Road Truckers who drove to fast for road conditions lol.
  8. If you are going that far bobtailing then I would weigh the rear of the truck, maybe you already have, and adjust the psi by the chart on the Michelin web site, it should ride and handle better.
  9. No rear window on my HDT and a L tank in the one ton as well, but the pipe helped a lot it was tall I could see the top over the tank and could line it up with a mark on the front of the trailer. Cameras are much easier and they are cheap. It still requires skill to follow the camera just like it does the mirrors. With the gooseneck its the 1 inch too far or short that gets you, it's not like a 5th wheel where you can bump it and know your there. And my truck hates to go 1 inch usaly 3 or 4.lol
  10. I mounted my gooseneck hitch with 5/8 bolts and I drilled them all with a regular drill motor I didn't realy notice and problems, but I did start at 1/8th and work my way up to 5/8ths. But I would have used a mag3 drillmif Imhad one.
  11. I had a pice of 2 or 2.5 inch plastic pipe I got some where with a slit in one end to slide over the ball it made hitching up much easier as long as I could see out the back window. It would pop of when I was in the correct spot.
  12. The guys poo-pooing hitch cameras because they can use the mirrors have never hitched up to a gooseneck on an angle or uneven ground that's for sure. I have to admit I have never used a fithwheel but I have used a lot of goosenecks. When I built my first flatbed I put a trench in for the hitch when I bought one it had a trench. I use 2 cameras set at 90 degrees to each other getting in and out of the 1 ton was a pain doing it with the Volvo is worse, atleast with my belly lol.
  13. I had to leave my 30 foot tt in the parking lot and pay a escort fee for my one ton flatbed. But that was several years ago. I know my boss has taken a Prevost bus through on more than one occasion.
  14. I make the Y connection have for years, but what is the Z bend for.
  15. Lance A Lott


    At 10/15k a year your 100k estimate is going to be close to 10 years away and even I start to think about replacing tires that are 10 years old. I will admit to not being a Henny Penny about tire age. Although I currently live in the northeast and it appears our tires fair better than tires in other parts of the country, I assume because the sun never shines on them, lol.
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