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  1. I may be wrong in my thinking but if my truck was built to weight 38k on the rear and 12k on the front, when working, then that's approximately 30 percent on the front so I strive for nothing less and I dont like a heavy front light rear that's too much like bobtailing I think I am about 40/60 now when loaded. This seams to give me good traction, decent ride and good handling. I am singled short 182 inch wheel base.
  2. Vern if you used a electric diesel pump with boat tank fittings you could just flip a switch for a few minutes each day and your trailer tank would stay full. No need for a return line that way. I think they make a valve with a float in it for use with a bed mounted tank that is gravity feed this would stop you from over filling your small tank. If you used a pressure switch it would even turn off the pump. A 2 wire flat plug between the truck and the camper and you could put the switch in the camper or atleast next to the tank if you wanted to watch it.
  3. Glenn I am not an electrician but I have run my house, shop and barn with a 200amp service for 35 years. I used 0000 aluminium direct underground no conduit 1000 feet from transformer to the pole. I moved my house another 150 feet 34 years ago and spliced the cable. 5 or six years ago it just stopped working on one branch I had to splice it again. It looked brand new when I dug it up, the brake was not at the splice it turned out to be over a ledge, I did put the new wire in conduit over the ledge. The 0000 aluminium is hard to bend but it was less than 2 a foot at Home Depot the last time I
  4. Lance A Lott

    Dream Truck

    I would presume, no first hand experience with one but that's what I would like I think, that with it down it would ride like a tandom with it up it would turn like a singled short and, in my opion only, might have more traction especially if the tandoms don't have lockers. I singled short and it may ride a little ruffer, hard to tell as I added the deck when I singled, but now my needs have changed and I am about as long as I can get without adding a tag, I will live with it a couple of more years before I decided.
  5. If you put the 1x4 tube under the angle it will stick down and be very difficult to weld as it probably wont fit tight into the corner of the angle. Perhaps use 1x 1/2 flat backed up by the 1x4, I am assuming the floor will cover it, you probably won't need the 1x4 you could use 1x1 instead of 1x1/2. You could also replicate the ramp rack with steel welded into the bed this would at strength. 1/4" deck by its self would probably hold a smart I will try to send you some photos of what I did.
  6. If the tire is more worn in the middle too much pressure if it's more worn on both sides too little pressure worn on one side alignment, cupping shocks. Just general rules of thumb.
  7. I made a angle iron tray on fixed wheels my door folds down to become a shelf to slide it out on. I thought about heavy drawer slides as mine is a Yamaha 6500 but when this route instead. I made the front and back solid and the inside 3/4 high, so far it has stayed dry and I open the door to run it. I use chains to support the door when its a shelf and ajust the opening to a couple of inches when in use, so people don't walk into it with there shins. With a smaller unit I might forgo the sliding rack.
  8. I mounted my bed metal to metal so far no noise or rust, I couldn't hear it from the truck anyways.
  9. I understand a lot of the condensation comes through the wire, that would happen no matter the box unless the ends fo the cable are sealed.
  10. Cluttered? The ones I have are just a waterproof box could be bolted down.
  11. Kirk if you are looking for educational purposes check out Handy Bob's Blog he has lots of RV experience. Also http://www.mobile-solarpower.com
  12. I have a gooseneck so I use 2 cameras on magnets one in front of the ball and one to the side of the ball, easiest I have ever found, I prefer to hitch by my self a helper is way harder than the cameras. When done I put those cameras a way and plug in the 2 cameras ment too watch the horses behinds in the trailer and the ones in the cars.
  13. I understand that safety chains are not required with a fifth wheel but should they be used anyway. I pull a gooseneck and they are required with them, on my HDT they will be almost worthless as the front of the trailer will hit long before the chains become tight as they are too far up the pole, something I intend to change, but the trailer and truck would stay together. I wonder how heavy the chains would need to be with some pulling close to 40k trailers.
  14. If you use a tire, mounted and inflated, as a pulley near the tree you can pull a small tree. There are lots of videos showing how and how not to do it. If you can back very close to the tree there will be little chance of ot flying. The wheel pully trick would make a front pull work much better I think.
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