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  1. Kirk if you are looking for educational purposes check out Handy Bob's Blog he has lots of RV experience. Also http://www.mobile-solarpower.com
  2. I have a gooseneck so I use 2 cameras on magnets one in front of the ball and one to the side of the ball, easiest I have ever found, I prefer to hitch by my self a helper is way harder than the cameras. When done I put those cameras a way and plug in the 2 cameras ment too watch the horses behinds in the trailer and the ones in the cars.
  3. Lance A Lott

    Hitch Failures

    I understand that safety chains are not required with a fifth wheel but should they be used anyway. I pull a gooseneck and they are required with them, on my HDT they will be almost worthless as the front of the trailer will hit long before the chains become tight as they are too far up the pole, something I intend to change, but the trailer and truck would stay together. I wonder how heavy the chains would need to be with some pulling close to 40k trailers.
  4. If you use a tire, mounted and inflated, as a pulley near the tree you can pull a small tree. There are lots of videos showing how and how not to do it. If you can back very close to the tree there will be little chance of ot flying. The wheel pully trick would make a front pull work much better I think.
  5. Trimster I put mine above the frame over the fuel tank. I put 1/4" by 10" plate on edge and made 2 tubes for the ramps. I made them 10 tall as I removed the pins from one set of 3 and put half with each full ramp. This also gave me plenty of room over the tires, I have a 4" tall toolbox over the tires so you could get away with 6" on my 630 Volvo. I was going to cary a Spider before getting a Smart. I built most of my beds frame from 1/4" plate it is very strong and takes up almost no space. I have been very happy with it.
  6. The green Flexzila hoses are realy good I get them at Tractor Supply but I would think they have them elsewhere. I also use there air hoses. Not cheap and they dont as tore like the retractable ones but light years ahead of any other I have tried, they stay soft and flexible and I dont think you could kink it.
  7. I very seldom had a spotter I due injoy the cameras but they arnt necessary.
  8. Not at all, 2 cameras mounted 90 degrees to each other works perfectly.
  9. The second one just came down a steep hill and used the slide outs as parachutes.
  10. If you remove the hose that goes to one curent 30lb tank and attach the hose from 1 100 pound tank in its place the switch over valve should work as normal. You can probably just rap the long hose around the 30lb tank if you decide to move the trailer so that you don't have to change over. Mine will slowly empty the full tank if I remove the empty one to go fill it so I attach a spare tank while I am gone to town. Even an empty one will work, but as you have 2 100 tanks you could just attach to the second one. Funny thing at our local station its $1 more for 100lb fill than for 5 20lb fills but with the inconsistent amount people put in tanks I think I get more in the 100lb fill. Every year I question that decision 100 pound tank seems to way 180 this year last year it was only 175 lol.
  11. Lance A Lott

    Engine heater

    I use the block heater in my Cummins powered school bus, I only plug it in if it's going below 10 farenheit, then it's on a timer 1.5 hours and you would think it was 75 out. I have started buses at 20 below farenheit without plugging them in, I do not recommend it, the one I am thinking of was an International 444E if memory is not all lost. I use them a lot on the farm tractors about 1 hour and they whip wright over.
  12. Glenn I know nothing about aquahot but I had a 5.7 Cummins and it had far more useable power than the v10 fords that I had the misfortune to drive. Mine was the mechanical injection and I changed the torque plate what a difference.
  13. Thank you I have the restictors for the rear and the cab bags I have considered the front kit. I may look into it more.
  14. Lance A Lott

    HDT add ons

    On my black tank that I installed on the truck I used a extra port at the top and installed a 1/2 inch pcv pipe with an elbow and a capped length going down to the bottom of the tank for support a small hole in the cap so it can drain out I drilled several small holes in it. I can attach a hose to it for cleaning, I keep a short section of hose with only a male fitting and the other end cut off to slip on the end of the wash hose often provided at dump stations and yes you have to be careful not to get wet. I plan for a bladder tank in the future if I find I need more storage, I think it could even go under the Smart. A couple of fresh blader tanks could go on the deck beside the hitch or under the Smart as they will be empty and put away for the return trip. I use the same 1" hoses that I fill the tank with to empty it.
  15. Does anyone have experience with Donvalves front airbag kit?
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