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  1. I make no bake cookies in the microwave all the time but I havent tried fudge, I think it would be easy to over do it. I have noticed that ,what I assume is atmospheric pressure, changes the boil over point from day to day and I assume altitude would also.
  2. The.063 won't brake of course and it probably won't bend right away, probably not at all if its supported 12 inches in both directions and welded. But if you put anything heavy in it it could and I think over time it will sag, stretch really, so I think .100 is a better bet. My fore cart had 1/8 extruded metal floor that was not supported well, I think all around and in the middle. It never went anywhere.
  3. If I was ordering one, especially with higher gearing, I would look real hard at the 14 speed I Shift and or a lower geared x and over drive. I would love a granny reverse when the wife says backup 6 more inches so I can see around that tree, trailer what ever. I also prefer the look of a truck that is the same or slightly lower than the trailer roof I wouldn't count the ac as part of the trailer hight when it comes to looks. That said my 630 is a little higher than my trailer.
  4. I am in Vermont and looked into it, DMV was not very helpful. Registering as a RV is supposedly not difficult, but they finally decided that I would not be allowed to tow anything. They originally said no fithwheel but then decided not a bumper pull either. I am registered as a truck about $800 a year. As I am moving out of state I think South Dakota will be my next step. South Dakota will register by the month and as I only use it a couple of months a year I hope that will apply to me.
  5. Lance A Lott


    I am in the northeast and very seldom do I hear about tire blowouts, the only one I have ever had was in Utah on a very hot day, I routinely run tires into there teens and hardly see any whether checking. I have had trailer tires seperate the tread from the inner casing both times after a very sharp turn, in the same parking lot 2 consecutive years I wont do that again. I am starting to think the heat and sun is doing even more to adge tires than I thought it did. I am moving to Arizona this summer, with mostly new tires, so in 10 years or so I will find out.
  6. Just Google Donvel valves they will tell you which ones. I did cab, seats and axle bags. The cab ones made a huge difference the others seem worth it but I didn't get to drive it before and after, I dont remember what came up but it was a couple of weeks so harder to tell. The cab and seat ones are installed by cutting the pipe, the axle ones you remove the fitting and screw these in then put the fitting back. They are not adjustable, I think they could be made easily but am not sure it's worth reinventing the wheel.
  7. With a tandom I think you are going to want a heavier deck. A couple of removable panels would probably be enough. There is almost nothing outside the frame rails that you would need access too from the top and stuff like air leaks might take longer to remove a panel then to just fix. For the time and money you are contemplating spending you could pay someone to go under there and fix it for you and not have to front all that money lol. I put stake pockets on the sides of my bed so I was able to use 8 feet of steel and still get too 8 feet 6 inches. If you ran 16 inch wide panels, or 2
  8. A couple of thoughts, from me they will be worth every penny they will cost you. Aluminium and steel dont play well together, stainless bolts are a must and so is isolating them from each other, my opion atleast. I felt that there was realy very little that I couldn't get to with the bed in tacked so I only made access openings behind the cab so I could get to the cab airbags and shocks. I wonder how many have realy found they would have gladly paid the price and the work to have access after they built the bed and not just thought it would have been handy?
  9. Glenn my house has 3 wires coming off the transformer to the meter, 2 110 and a neutral, then a switch. The neutral and the ground are common at the meter. 3 wires going 600 feet, 0000 aluminium then a switch then to the panel the neutral and a ground are isolated at the panel. It's been this way for 35 years and I don't know if it's correct but I bought everything from the power company when I installed it. The only conduit used was at the pole into the ground. use a sliding conection, I didn't and that's a mistake at least in freezing country, and were it comes out of the ground and into the
  10. Every Milwaukee corded tool I have ever had is on atleast there second trigger. That said my friends truck shop has put there air guns away and are using the 3/4" Milwaukee I dont know if they have a 1" or not but they have several 3/4" ones.
  11. I know several people who use 1 or 2 of them or the 500 gallon tanks made for pickups in there, I will call them 3/4 ton 😉, pickups for hauling maple sap with no issues. I have a 11 foot deck on a 630 VNM singled short and it would look funny but I sometimes think I should have made it 12 or 13 feet I am thinking of making a swinging spair tire rack on the back or mount a job box to the receiver hitch.
  12. You said your planning your truck, have you considered adding a longer bed and putting the tank and some toolboxes behind the rear axle? You didn't give any description of the truck you are building, its probably in a seperate post that I missed, but someone said it's a HDT. Most folks put there hitch behind the the axle and down in the frame this usaly gives atleast a couple of feet of space for a tank, perhaps going across the truck under the frame. Nothing says that the hitch needs to be at the end of the bed. Are you planning to fill the tank at home or close to your destination? That mig
  13. I have used chain hitched to the tire, through the rim, many times to get a farm tractor out of the mud. It will work on a car or truck also. Not chain but a strap. If you have lockers it's easy if not then it takes more work. You can use 2 sets of straps, or cage the brake with the tow straps and apply the parking brake. I am hesitant to mention chaining the other wheel so it cant spin will work also. I am also very curious about the Tiger Claws, we used to put hardwood branches across the side of the tire through the tire chains it would lift the truck up out of the mud, got us out if
  14. My fresh tanks are mounted behind my toolboxes at the very rear of the truck, one on each side of the frame they are 18 gallon each if I remember correctly. I have a 40 gallon black tank mounted on the passenger side under the frame beside the drive shaft this would not work if you have fuel tanks on that side. I have not needed to get a blader tank yet but I thought I would make a 2x10 collapsible frame when and if I need one.
  15. I used 1/4 by ten flat stock for much cross members on my bed it gave me 1.5 inches more space between cross pieces, it has worked out fine so far. I singled short and put my gooseneck ball at 48", I would need to go measure to be accurate, behind the center of the axle then I decided to carry a Smart so I made a second ball 1 foot back. I saw no negative affect doing this. It is amazing how much better the trailer tracks with the hitch well behind the axle. You seem to be concerned with the trailer weight shifting the load to the rear, if I read correctly, a 6k pin weight 5 feet behin
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