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  1. Just move batteries to heated area.
  2. Only comment I see him make on generator is the neutral. But I will not have the neutral hooked up from ulility lead in wires. So if generator is hooked up, no neutral. The way the adapters are formed should have power to both legs. Generator should work with the reduced power of generator. Only reason I be concerned about a generator is a snow/ice storm like we had this winter in Texas. Solar would not have worked. If for some reason it doesn't like the generator, I could wire in a bypass.
  3. Ok, the inverter doesn't state pass thru. States if solar not enough, it will pull from grid as needed. Also will work without batteries but I will have. It is an all in one unit. mppt built in. They actually recommend an autotransformer for it if spilt phase needed. They sell one but it is 5k only. So I would need 2. Same cost as Victron 100 amp So going to get the Victron unit.
  4. 30 amp unlikely. Never have in all these years. But am considering a small generator.
  5. Planning on the Victron 100 amp Autotransformer. Inverter output 240v. Autotransformer makes neutral for 120/240. I don't hook-up neutral on shore power
  6. Temperature calculator is fine for residential. We travel so I see no way to figure that in.
  7. I am getting conflicting info on this. I don't see a problem but others do. On a 240v output inverter we use neutral for L2 line input. Autotransformer makes new neutral. Some are telling me this won't work with shore power. Thoughts.
  8. My figures was on 4000 watts of solar. Run 2k to each unit. But Growatt also has a 8k unit and checking it out. So this may change.
  9. That is right on leaving valve. Someone likely messed with it.
  10. I will have 2 units so 2 mppt controllers. Split panels and carry less than 40 amps each. That will be 230ish volts so #10 wire work. 2 of them down vent pipe work easy.
  11. So you saying you never see the rated vmp from your panels. See that is what I was wondering. So if I am just a few volts over???
  12. Sorry about that. Who knows installed your Hitch? I had same problem. Shop had removed the angle iron and bolted hitch to bottom of truck rails. I had to correct it.
  13. Lower the Hitch then. Messing with the leveling valve will upset the Hitch function. What type of pinbox do you have? Can it be changed and lower camper?
  14. Don't adjust the leaving setting. Adjust pinbox to level.
  15. Actually done some more research they are referring to VMP with VDC. VOC can be right much higher. I may just run two lines down splitting my array. Will have two mppt controllers anyway. Might as well use them.
  16. So the VOC does make a difference. Interesting. Know inverter states vdc and we have VOC and VMP on panels. VOC being highest.
  17. If a controller is rated at 450 vdc and my array is 454 voc and 411 vmp, would I have a problem? Know I will never see full output from panels, 4000 watt like 3700ish watts. Is voc and vmp less also?. I could run two strings but would like one. The Growatt units have built in controller. I am contemplating 2 5k units. The 12k inverter weight (170ish) is just too much for me. Now I would have two controllers so splitting array I could feed each. I know most here don't like that high a voltage but it is common in residentials. I will be running residential panels. With these voltages I can use
  18. I installed Bludot air over hydraulic on my Teton. It works great. No problems. Only drawback I can see no dually pickup can tow my unit now. But my pin weight fairly much rules that out anyway.
  19. Yes, it can be paralleled with another but I never will. 85% efficiency. According to Average Joe youtube video 9 watts on power saver mode. Not sure what that does yet or if I can run it like this. 175 pounds, might call you to help me mount it. Lol
  20. Decided to go with a Growatt 12k unit. It is a low frequency unit with 2 mppt controllers built-in. Does 120/240 also. Overkill but shouldn't run hard at all.
  21. 2500 and DRV don't add up. They are heavy. 3500 minimum.
  22. I agree but I no longer have 240v. Put mini split on step up transformer.
  23. Well compared cost and actually 1 12k unit is less cost. It is also 120/240 volt. Low frequency also. Sure don't need that much but it won't be worked hard, lol.
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