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  1. Single and add hitch, stay tadem and extend chassis to add hitch. Your choice. Get an jackalopee from Henry. Brake controller or air over hydraulics. Depending on your state what you will need to do for title. You will need fenders also if no bed.
  2. I wasn't required to do an air leak down test when I took driving test. Mine was in Livingston, TX
  3. We had problems with flooring rotting in our DRV. What I found was no sealant under the trim. Trim was put on dry and sealed afterwards.
  4. First time I researched one I decided against it. It just isn't in the same league with Henry's ET. There is no bucking and very smooth ride. Nothing moves in our Teton with the ET.
  5. I would never be concerned about a CC chassis. Nor a NH or SC.
  6. I have never seen valves exposed. Didn't intend my post to sound that way
  7. You bring up a good point. I missed that 57'. Hope it is a typo. I was under the impression 53' was the max. I could be wrong.
  8. That is a long unit, 53'. You will be limited with rv parks. No unable to find but limited. My tanks not heated. I have single pane. I have seen the drainage line hookup and pipe exposed on a lot of campers.
  9. We prefer king. It is a personal choice. My wife is a very active sleeper. I move very little. She needs the king bed.
  10. We have seen 40's at night. Our mini splits have kept us comfortable.
  11. It is cool to the touch. Surprised me how cool. I can walk on it barefooted in the hot summer. It is siicom so no more dicor on it. Henry's does sell a caulking tube for any touch ups needed like changing out a vent, etc. I'm really impressed with it.
  12. I also used Henry's Tropic-cool on my Teton. One 5 gallon bucket covered it and slideouts. Also bought a gallon of same product in paste form. Went over all joints, caulking, eternabond. Used putty knife. Looks great and everything is sealed.
  13. Watched that video. Good example of shading. Shows me with two rows of panels would not allow tilting
  14. Good question Curt. There is a Foretravel for sale on their forum. Has semi rigid panels on it. He states installed 2006. Still producing full output. That what got me researching. Now he has them mounted level with acs so good distance from roof. He states they are 350 watt panels.
  15. I have driven on all my Smarts. Never hooked up winch. It includes the the 451 model also. The 453 model is wider. There was a 450 model also. So newest is actually model 3.
  16. Well, I have no desire to use them. Just after reading up on them surprised some offering same warranty as rigid.
  17. I keep hearing about flexible panels, short life and started looking at warranty. To my surprise, some flexibles has 25 year warranty. Now lots are 5 years, so one has to do the research. I can see them on very curved roofs, awnings, etc. Renogy has some flexible with 25 year warranty.
  18. what is IO and goggle? list the site for me please
  19. I use a metabo blade. Cuts straighter and faster.
  20. The Yahoo Tetoner's site is shut down. Now that site is on facebook. So will have to use facebook to get on that forum.
  21. Found this park HDT friendly. Classy Rv park, Huntsville TX. 3580 TX-19
  22. GlennWest

    Classy RV Park

    Tried before and didn't happened. Submitted.
  23. I would leave room for chains or socks.
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