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  1. Rick. Game cameras would be your best bet for that.
  2. I was wondering why you asked about the new Bass Pro shop in Chattanooga....
  3. VTC-TNT5RFE-2 Vitec 5 mega pixel cameras are the ones we use. They are hard wired to the recorder with 15 TB of storage. They can be accessed anywhere I can get an internet connection and have a very nice picture and night vision capability. The phone app is by Transcendent and offers playback capability on multiple cameras
  4. GeorgiaHybrid


    You can use any checking or savings acccount for the TSD card. It does require that you can do an ACH debit from that account however. Like most here, I setup a seperate account just for this.
  5. Heaven help us, a couple of Moosehead fans 😎😎😎
  6. LOL, Scrap is an engineer that designs and builds trucks. He was a farmer in his former life which is why I asked.
  7. GeorgiaHybrid


    Look up the TSD discount card. It is an ACH debit card that will give you a large discount at the truck stops. The best discounts right now are TA and Petro stations. Take a look here: TSD RV fuel program | Facebook To see what they offer. We set up another account just for this and keep enough in that account to pay for the fuel we buy on a trip
  8. Scrap, glad to see you are back!!! So you are back to farming and out of the truck business?
  9. I'm surprised, do you have a residential fridge? If yes, why do they have vents on the outside? Even with a RV fridge that requires vents, you would think they could seal it better than that.
  10. Our DRV has been down to zero and we stayed comfortable although the cheap heat system was supplemented at about 20 degrees with the fireplace and at 10 degrees, I gave up on cheap heat and the fireplace and cranked up the propane heater. The trailer stayed at 72 and we didn't have any condensation inside the trailer.
  11. Go with a DirectLink on a newer truck, you will not regret it.
  12. Rick, I would order another T680 in a heartbeat. In fact, very little would change from what I have, Cummins X15 instead of my ISX and probably the new 12 speed instead of the 13 speed ultra shift plus. If pushed, I would considered an ultraloft Pete but only if KW quit making the T680. Funny how different they feel inside and on the road.
  13. You should have suggested the driver use this instead:😃😃
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