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  1. There must be a reading comprehension problem on this thread. They have said several times they DON'T WANT A MINI SPLIT. They are keeping a rooftop AC unit.
  2. Shorty, Wish you were here, was going to have a sign on the side of Vicki's Explorer that said "smart car parking not allowed here" 🤣 See you next year!
  3. To get back to the original question..... Our C class has two Coleman Mach units that have worked fine for 3 years but they are the smaller, 11K BTU units. The fifth wheel has three Dometic Penguin II units that have run from April to October since 2015 and the only thing they have needed are run capacitors. I have replaced a total of 4 run capacitors and finally added Soft Starts on all three this year to see if that would help with that issue. They still cool great and are low profile. RV AC units are throw aways though and I plan on having to replace them in the next few yea
  4. Glen, the Growatt inverter is also rated in VA as well as watts. They are the same number which means they are calculating the watts using a purely resistive load. Victron's are rated in VA and the reduced Wattage rating is due to them using a power factor to give you a more realistic number. VA are VA but watts are not watts unless you know how they calculated them in an AC power system
  5. Note to self, bring plenty of garlic to hang on the steering wheels of Volvo's to keep the demons away.
  6. Dan, have 2 packages coming in tomorrow (One is the replacement Wilwood master cylinder for the '65). If they get here early enough we will be there tomorrow, if not, Saturday morning.
  7. Darryl, if you don't mind driving an old, broken down junker of a T680, you can take mine for a spin. We will be there Saturday at the latest.
  8. Not quite right. The 90% efficacy means that of the people that get Covid-19, 10% of them have had the vaccine. In the initial trials for the Pfizer vaccine, they had something along the lines of 43,000 people in the study. Half were given a placebo and half the vaccine. They had roughly 190 people that got sick out of the study. Out of those 190, 10 of them had been given the vaccine. Take the 10 number divided by the 190 and the odds of you being one of the people infected was just over 5%. the inverse of that is just under 95% and that is the efficacy number. Note that your total odds of ge
  9. Rick, looking at the picture again, you really need to paint the smart's safety cell in the same red as the truck. that swoopy stripe would mirror what is on the trailer.
  10. I knew you would come around to the dark side sooner or later, even if you do drink that muddy Irish creek water they call whiskey.. 😎
  11. We have a full wall slide in our Jayco Greyhawk 30X and have never had an issue with it.
  12. Glad to see this is going to be a simple, easy to understand, beginner type of class....
  13. A 3/4" or 1" impact will be your friend. Most shops hammer them until they quit moving and that makes it difficult for everyone. I always use a 3/4" torque wrench to put mine back on to prevent the aluminum wheel from getting cracked. If you don't have a large impact, get a torque multiplier to break them loose and then spin them off with a smaller impact.
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